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					NON-PROFIT YARD SALES!                                           RESIDENTIAL YARD SALES!
AT LIBRARY PARK STARTING AT 9 A.M.                                 1.    5 BRIDGE STREET: Household & yard goods;
   1. BATH DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE:                                         we’re downsizing!
      Household items, books, toys, misc. From 8-1                 2.    26 CENTRE STREET (Little Bambinos):
                                                                         Mayfair extravaganza – 30% off sale, fun activites,
   2. BATH SUNRISE ROTARY: Some antiques,                                mother’s day drawing.
      assorted yard sale items: glassware, kitchenware,            3.    99 COMMERCIAL STREET: Multi-family
      books, clothes et al, 50/50 raffle - revenues go to                adult & child items, books, etc.
      local, national and international charities.                 4.    111 DUMMER STREET: Moving sale!
   3. BETA SIGMA PHI SORORITY: Home items                                Furniture, kithenware, clothes shoes. Great quality
      and baked goods.                                                   & name brands!
   4. CARE NET OF MID-COAST MAINE:                                 5.    10 EAST LANE: Multi-family, furniture, books,
      Children’s and household items – we may have                       collectibles, dishes & antiques.
                                                                   6.    352 FRONT STREET: Antiques, china, pottery,
      what you are looking for! Snacks, too!                             tools, shutters, desk furniture, pictures, glassware,
   5. CORLISS STREET BAPTIST CHURCH:                                     lamps, material and kitchen items.
      Baked bean dinners to go for camp scholarships.              7.    6 GRAFFAM WAY: Moving sale! Household
   6. ELIM COMMUNITY CHURCH: Vegetable                                   goods, rugs, toys, tables, books & much more!
      and flower seed sale – seeds from Fedco.                     8.    29 HARWARD STREET: Clothes – men’s &
   7. A FAMILY FOR ME: Informational display                             women’s, dvds, PS2, many games, home
      only. Community awareness of the need for foster                   accessories.
      and adoptive homes in Maine.                                 9.    77 HIGH STREET: Sunfish sailboat, clothes,
                                                                         7X16 garage door, hardware, 55 gallon drums, tons
   8. SAGADAHOC PRESERVATION INC: Coloring                               of stuff priced to go!
       books, maps, ornaments, info about SPI.                     10.   485 HIGH STREET: HUGE multi-family yard
   9. TEDFORD HOUSING: Eclectic mix of gently                            sale. 8-1, Furniture, appliances, books, educational
      used and new items.                                                materials, toys clothes and more!
   10. WOMEN, WORK & COMMUNITY: Sales of                           11.   833 HIGH STREET: Households, kitchen ware,
       Coffee By Design. My Mom’s coffee and bake goods to               books, furniture..
       benefit Woman, Working and Community.                       12.   906 HIGH STREET: Clean Out the Barn Sale:
   AT THEIR OWN LOCATIONS                                                Lots of stuff, furniture, chairs, windows, Sirius
     1. BATH CHURCH OF THE NEW JERUSALEM:                                radio boombox, kitchen misc & more.
         Corner of Middle and Winter: Multi-family church          13.   969 HIGH STREET: Sublime confections from
         yard sale. Housewares, linens, gadgets, books and               “Royal Icing” Maine’s finest scones! Exquisite
         more!                                                           baked goods. Custom Orders Taken.
     2. BATH UNITED METHODIST CHURCH: 340                          14.   1037 HIGH STREET: Original Olive Metcalf
         Oak Grove Ave.: 8AM-NOON, Church family sale.                   Art, household items, jewelry-vintage.
         Antiques, furniture, household items, tools, books.       15.   420 MIDDLE STREET: Household items, kids
         Hotdogs! Free magazines! Free gifts for children!               toys, clothes, & furniture.
                                                                   16.   904 MIDDLE STREET: Toys, kitchen, house
     3. BIG BROTHERS, BIG SISTERS: Front Street:                         items.
         Bake Sale/Yard Sale, Bean Bag Toss, Face Painting!
                                                                   17.   995 MIDDLE STREET: Household items, infant
     4. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB: 894 Washington Street:                        & toddler clothes, toys, books, clothing.
         Misc. Yard Sale + Homemade Bake Sale.                     18.   60 NORTH STREET: Eclectic items for all ages!
     5. FRIENDS OF SEGUIN ISLAND: 72 Front                         19. 24 SPRING STREET: Downsizing, furniture, antiques,
          Street: Seguin lighthouse memerobelia; books,                odds and ends.
          prints, mugs, clothes, etc. Support non profit           20. 31 STACEY STREET: We want to simplify and need
                                                                       your help! Household goods, furniture, bikes, useful &
          Friends of Seguin Island!                                    useless items.
     6. GREATER BRUNSWICK LA LECHE                                 21. 44 SUMMER STREET (Kismet Inn): Antiques,
          LEAGUE: 980Middle Street: Children’s and baby                dishes, tea cups, glasses, mirrors, linens. An assortment
          clothes, toys, books household items to support LLL!         of find goods.
                                                                   22. LIBRARY PARK (WASHINGTON STREET):
                                                                       Homegoods; decorative and useful!
          MAINE: 108 Centre Street: Special items on sale          23. 1201 WASHINGTON STREET: Furniture, glassware,
          plus our usual stock at 25%-75% off.                         record albums, tools, cabinets, & assorted stuff.
     8. PROJECT GRADUATION 2010: First                             24. 1217 WASHINGTON STREET: Moving sale.
          Federal Savings Parking Garage off Commercial                Household goods, snowtires, furniture.
          Street: MHS Class of 2010 is trying to raise             25. 1419 WASHINGTON STREET: Household furniture,
                                                                       lamps, clothing, “cleaning out the barn”
          funds for their substance free graduation                26. 46 YORK STREET: Two family sale includes
          celebration. Your help is needed!                            furniture, videos, toys, & various knick-knacks
                                                                   27. 24 WASHINGTON: Good stuff ready to move along.
                                                                   28. 1016 WASHINGTON STREET: Small furniture,
                                                                       antiques, baby stuff.

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