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Kristen’s mother is going to have a baby.
 They get lost going to the hospital and
  end up at the zoo. They keep getting
 different baby animals until the gorilla
has a human baby. Kristen gets the baby
 and takes it to her parents. The gorilla,
seal, and the alligator come and get their
                babies too.
                 --- Conversation Questions---

(1) Tell me the little girl’s name in the story.
(Answer)    Kristen.
(Follow Up)    Name some animals you see at the zoo.

(2)   Imagine you were Kristen, how would you feel about having a zoo
      animal as your baby brother?
(Answer)      Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     Tell me your favorite animal.

(3)   Assume you were Kristen’s parents, how do you think they felt
      getting zoo animals every time?
(Answer)      Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)      Have you ever been to the zoo? Which one?

(4)   Suppose you went to the zoo like Kristen did, would you be brave
      enough to get the baby from the gorilla?
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     Estimate how much the gorilla weighed.

(5) Define “jealous”.
(Answer)    To envy someone.
(Follow Up)    Name someone you have been jealous of. Explain why.

(6) List in order the baby zoo animals Kristen’s parents brought home.
(Answer)     Alligator, seal, gorilla.
(Follow Up)     Name where these animals usually live.

(7)   Look in the book on page 6, tell me what the baby alligator does to
      Kristen’s parents.
(Answer)      Bit them on the nose.
(Follow Up)      What would you do with the baby alligator?

(8) Name what the baby seal is doing on page 14.
(Answer)    Taking a bath.
(Follow Up)   Name what toy he has in the tub with him.

(9)   Search in the book and tell me what the baby gorilla did to
      Kristen’s parents.
(Answer)     Grabbed their ears.
(Follow Up)     Where did they put the baby gorilla?

(Follow Up)

1.   List as many zoo animals as you can think of.

2.   Draw your favorite animal in the story.

3.   Write a different ending to the story.

4.   Write about a time that you have visited a zoo. Tell about
     the animals that you saw there and what you did. Describe
     in detail your favorite animal.


1.   Have pictures of different zoo animals. Ask the child if they
     would like to have a zoo animal for a brother or a sister.
     Tell them we’re going to read Alligator Baby.

2.   Have pictures of human babies. Ask the child if they have a
     brother or a sister. Ask them if they would trade them for a
     zoo animal. Tell them that today we’re going to read
     Alligator Baby.

3.   Have some toy zoo animals. Ask, “What would you do if you
     had to live with a zoo animal?” Let’s read Alligator Baby and
     see what Kristen does.

Book Title: Alligator Baby
Author: Robert Munsch                              Illustrator: Michael Martchenko
ISBN: 0-590-34195-2                                # of Text Pages: 16        AR: 3.3 LEX: 580L
                                      Building Oral Vocabulary
 2             knocked              3              jealous            9           chandelier
                                        Prediction Questions
 1    Tell me what you think happens next?
 4    Do you think they will get the right baby this time?
 9    What do you think Kristen does?

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      Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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