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Kissimmee Main Street Sentinel Kissimmee Main Street Sentinel


									                              Kissimmee Main
                               Street Sentinel
     October 2007               Preserving the past... Shaping the future

   Kissimmee Main Street

Donnita Dampier
Melissa Bancroft
Vice President
Abby Homer
Past President
Kate Brown
Sherry Marcoe
Jeremy Lanier
Economic Restructuring
Committeee Chairman
Michelle Jones
Organization Committee
Mel Welch
Promotions Committee
Anda Chance
Design Committee Chair
Thom Schmitt
Vic Clevenger
Eric Peguero
Jessica Newman
Executive Director

Kissimmee Main Street
Program, Inc
320 E. Monument Avenue
                                                          Kissimmee Main
Kissimmee, FL 34741                                      Street Benefactor
Phone: (407) 846-4643
Fax: (407 931-1329
                        LONG LIVE THE LORD AND LADY LOAF
By By Vic Clevenger, Director * Fresh Eyes Consultants, LLC

                                                What a time was
                                                had September 15th.
                                                The Fourth… 23rd
                                                Annual       Meatloaf
                                                Cook-off was a great
                                                success.    Hundreds
                                                of people came out
                                                to enjoy an evening
                                                of entertainment and
                                                meatloaf. Event goers
                                                were treated to the
                                                sounds of Alan Byrd
                                                from McCree Inc. who sang and played his guitar throughout the

                                                                     If you were not able to attend not only
                                                                     did miss great music and dancing but a
                                                                     variety of craft vendors. They were selling
                                                                     everything from flower pens to woodwork
                                                                     to cabinets. A popular new addition to the
                                                                     event included a food and drink themed
                                                                     juried art show which Kissimmee Main
                                                                     Street partnered with the Osceola Center
                                                                     for the Arts to host.

                                                                     A new highlight this year was the crowning
                                                                     of the very first Lord and Lady Loaf.
                                                                     “Lord Loaf” Larry Walter and “Lady Loaf”
                                                                     Sherry Hopkins, along with our other
                                                                     “Loaf” contestants; Nancy Hubbard, Karen
                                                                     Giel, Sherriff Hansel, and Commissioner
                                                                     Shipley, raised a significant amount of
                                                                     money for Kissimmee Main Street’s efforts

to help promote and revitalize our downtown. Look
for Lord and Lady Loaf to show up at other festivities
throughout the year. Thank you all and Congratulations
… I think.

As always, the highlight of the evening was the Meatloaf.
We had 15 contestants with a variety of great recipes.
Event goers purchased taste tickets and agreed with the
judges, this was some of the best meatloaf they have
been privileged to eat. When all the dust settled or
should I say when all the pans were empty, the winners
to the Fourth… 23rd Annual Meatloaf Cook-off were:
1st Place – Gina Clark, 2nd Place – Elizabeth Makinson
Fahey, and 3rd Place – Kirk Haslam. Congratulations!

As we wind down and look over our past year of events
                     there was a great increase of awareness of downtown Kissimmee that may not
                     been there before. More and more of our neighbors came to enjoy the events, stop
                     by some of the shops and renewed their commitment to Kowtown aka Kissimmee,
                     Florida. However, one cannot rest in the glories and success of the past. They
                     must press on to the future, one that is bright and full of promise.

                     This bright new year of promise begins October 27th with NIGHTMARE OFF
                     BROADWAY. There will be trick or treating at the downtown stores, games,
                     a haunted house and casket race. So mark it on your calendar and come …
                     Experience the EEERY Phenomenon.

                 Support our Business Members
        Gold                             Bronze
                              Lanier’s Historic Downtown             Osceola County Historical
Olde Kissimmee Realty                 Marketplace                             Society
Osceola County Library        Downtown Kissimmee Area                   Broadway Station
        System                          Council                      Breck’s Gourmet Cookies
        Silver                    Makinson Hardware                   Franklin, Hart & Reid
                              Fresh Eyes Consultants, LLC                  McCree, Inc.
 Rich-Haven Interiors              Cunningham’s Inc.
MicroKey Software, Inc.             Kelley Properties
                                Osceola County Property
                               A NEW HOME FOR A 1915 HOUSE

By Lucie Ghioto
Historic Preservation PlannerKissimmee Community Redevelopment Agency

I  n December of 2006, the City of Kissimmee made arrangements
   with the owner of 617 Mabbette Street to have the historic house
situated on the property donated to the Community Redevelopment
Agency (CRA) in exchange for its relocation. The building, known
as the J.A. Barclay House, was originally constructed in 1915 on
the corner of Bryan Street and Beaumont Avenue, where the new
county courthouse now sits. It was relocated to Mabbette Street
to make way for the county building and has sat vacant on the property since, becoming increasingly deteriorated.
It needs extensive work to return it to its original 1915 appearance.

On Saturday, September 29th, after much preparation and coordination between the CRA, the relocation contractor,
T.A. Youngblood & Sons, Osceola County, the Kissimmee Utility Authority, and Brighthouse, the house began
its ½ mile journey to its new resting place on the corner of Aultman Street and New York Avenue. The entire
relocation took approximately five hours, beginning at 6:30 a.m., and took the house north on Vernon Avenue,
                                          across the County facility parking lot, and across Aultman. After a few
                                          close calls with tree limbs and some tight turns, the house finally came
                                          to rest, unscathed on its new lot.

                                             Now situated on site, a new foundation will be constructed underneath
                                             the building and CRA Staff will begin preparations for restoration of
                                             the structure’s exterior. Once restored, the building will be sold for
                                             single family residential use, in keeping with the character of the area.
                                             This is one of two major restoration projects being undertaken by the
                                             Community Redevelopment Agency in its ongoing effort to promote
                                             historic preservation in Kissimmee.

                                      SUSAN ’S COURTSIDE CAFE
                                      WITH MICHELE AND MEL
By Michele and Mel Welch

W      hile attending an American Cancer Society Relay
       for Life meeting last week at Susan’s Courtside
Café, Mel and I had the opportunity to try out something
                                                              Like I said, we’ve been into Susan’s Courtside Café
                                                              many, many times. Susan will make you any kind of
                                                              coffee you want. Mel is strictly a no nonsense black
new. We’ve been to Susan’s numerous times since she           decaf coffee drinker. I on the other hand love to try
opened her café, but normally just for a quick cup of         different flavors. My favorite is hazelnut, which Susan
coffee or a snack.                                            gladly made for me that night; not just one cup, but an
                                                              entire pot. I think I drank the whole thing.
Since this was an evening meeting and whatever we
decided to order was going to be dinner for both of           I found out on one of my recent visits that Susan’s
us, we chose a pizza. Nothing too out of the ordinary         Courtside Café will make up gift baskets to meet any
there, except that this pizza was out of this world. I’m      occasion. They can include different coffees or wines
just glad that Mel was really into the meeting because        and a variety of other items. Just ask Susan for a
that left more pizza for me. Susan’s pizza is cooked to       rundown on what’s available.
order; the dough is rolled out, sauce is applied and then
the toppings. We had Bob’s Special, which included            Whether it’s for a leisurely cup of coffee or for lunch,
salami, pepperoni, bacon, peppers and onions. What a          dinner, or a snack be sure to stop by Susan’s Courtside
combination! It was terrific.                                 Café. We assure you, you won’t be disappointed.
                              FLORIDA COMES TO KISSIMMEE

By Vic Clevenger, Director
Fresh Eyes consultants, LLC

“YAWN!” is a sentiment usually heard at many conferences.
However, during September 12-14 there was a very different atmosphere.
It was three days of Facts, Fun and Festivities for those attending.
Government officials, Main Street directors, and citizens from around
the State converged upon Kissimmee for the Florida Main Street

The seminars were top-notch learning experiences. The speakers were
from a variety of backgrounds and places. There were marketing
experts, city planners and a host of others sharing ideas that will
enhance communities throughout our Sunshine State. National speakers
enlightened the attendees about making a difference no matter the size
of the community. Everyone commented on the professionalism and
information delivered.

Kissimmee’s hospitality stood the test as our visitors explored our town.
They arrived from every part of Florida to shop in stores like Lanier’s and
the Shore’s. Visitors have to eat, so they chose restaurants like Tarantinos,
Azteca’s and Broadway Café and Art. Others just trekked through our
downtown on one of the tours offered. The most fun however, was
venturing in and out of the buildings and streets looking at the sculptures
that are scattered throughout the downtown area.

A conference would be incomplete without a welcome reception and an
awards banquet. On Wednesday evening, all the pilgrims to Kissimmee
enjoyed great food and entertainment in the Historic Downtown
courthouse. Everyone was amazed at the pristine condition of such a
valuable piece of history. The climax of the conference took place in the
Community Center with the awards banquet. This CRA sponsored event
was first class all the way. Several awards were given out, the most going
to Kissimmee Main Street which received eight.

Many expressed this year’s conference was the best thus far, setting the
bar high for next year. If you have not been to downtown lately, stop by
and see why Florida wanted to come to Kissimmee. You will be glad you
                                            MERCHANT MEMO
Downtown Retailers Keep Sunday Hours                              are Lanier’s Historic Downtown Marketplace, Broadway
                                                                  Station, Andrus Furniture, Ann Teeks, Comics Colliseum,
The holidays are quickly approaching and shoppers are             and Robinsons Diner. With stores planning to stay open
getting in the mood to hit the stores. In preparation for the     on Sundays through Christmas, there is sure to be plenty to
holiday season, Downtown Kissimmee retailers have decided         do for those visiting the downtown area on Sundays. And
to try something that has rarely been attempted in the past -     soon City Centre, the new mixed-use condo building in
staying open on Sundays. Never has the downtown business          downtown Kissimmee, will be completed adding a number
corridor contained so many retails shops and restaurants.         of new businesses and residences to the area. There will be
With all of the positive changes in the downtown area,            even more for locals and visitors to do and see on Sundays in
and the addition of new building projects bringing more           historic downtown Kissimmee.
people to the community, it only makes sense for shop
owners to expand their existing store hours to include            Jeremy Lanier • Lanier’s Historic Downtown Marketplace •
Sundays. Among those expanding their business hours     

                                    CONSTRUCTION JUNCTION
By Jeremy lanier • Laner’s Historic Downtown Marketplace
                                     Historic     Downtown        At the opposite end of
                                  Kissimmee is bustling with      Broadway, Broadway
                                  the sound of construction       Plaza LLC has begun
                                  workers, cement trucks and      construction on a 1910
                                  moving cranes. With five        building housing several
                                  big construction projects in    retail businesses on the
                                  progress, Broadway Avenue       first floor and apartment
                                  is a hotbed of continuous       residences      on    the
building activity. From the Sprint building on the corner         second. The building, with four first floor units located at
of Broadway and Drury Street to the former “Unicorn Inn”          100, 102, 104 and 106 Broadway, is being remodeled into a
building located at the intersection of Emmett and Orlando        retail condo building giving business owners the opportunity
Avenue, once bland building facades are being remodeled           to own their locations, much like a residential condo
into smart, trendy exteriors.                                     building. With two floor units already sold to retail tenants,
                                                                  this project promises to be an eye-appealing addition to the
The trend began with the introduction of the City Centre          downtown business district.
project, a 31 million dollar condominium project located in
the heart of the downtown business district. A joint project      Finally, a historic structure located at 8 South Orlando
of the Parsons Group and Schoolfield Properties, City Centre      Avenue, formerly the site of the Unicorn Inn, has been
has proven itself to be the largest project of its kind in the    completely remodeled into an office building. With
downtown area and a magnet for other construction projects.       new siding, architectural accents and paint, the building
With Nature’s Cafe’ as an anchor tenant and a variety of          has become an attractive welcoming beacon to those traveling
residential amenities, including expansive floor plans and        down Emmett Street to the downtown business district.
private balconies with breathtaking views of Lake Toho, City
Centre has set the pace for future development.                   In the months to come, as these projects are completed, the
                                                                  downtown corridor will continue to blossom with attractive
In recent months, the rehabilitation of a historic structure at   new facades. And as already has been proven with previous
403 Broadway has begun. Prather Properties began the              construction projects, new development will most surely
arduous task of remodeling the building, locally known as         bring new businesses to the downtown community. And
“The Bicycle Station” building, into a restaurant complex.        with the introduction
Slowly taking shape, the building is sure to ignite pedestrian    of new businesses,
activity in this less active section of Broadway.                 providing residents
                                                                  and visitors with
Down the street at 418 Broadway, the communication                plenty of activities,
company Sprint has begun to upgrade their once bland              historic downtown
structure. With decorative arches and detailed architecture,      Kissimmee         will
the building will soon compliment the other rehabilitated         continue to flourish.
properties in that area of the downtown.
                                                         WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR YOUR
       Special Events in                                        DOWNTOWN?
Historic Downtown Kissimmee                               Show your support through
                                                         membership and volunteering!
          Nightmare Off Broadway
             Saturday, October 27th
                                                     Member(s) Name:______________________________
                   6pm – 9pm                         _____________________________________________
        See event ad first page for details          Business Name:________________________________
              Gallery One Artists
                 Fourth Fridays’                     Mailing Address:__________________________ ____
                  Art Reception
                                                     City: _____________________ State:____ Zip:_____
        September 26, 5:30pm - 8:00pm
                7 Darlington Ave.
                                                     Business Telephone:___________________________
                Admission: Free
  The gallery members’ art will be on display.       Home Telephone:______________________________
   Live entertainment and light refreshments.
        Downtown Business Association
                 Farmer’s Market                                        VOLUNTEER
                                                                  p Promotions p Organization
      Every Thursday in Toho Square from
                                                                   p Economic Restructuring
              7:00am until 1:30pm                                          p Design
...come and visit the best farmer’s market in town
          with fresh fruit and vegetables                           MEMBERSHIP LEVELS
          offered from local merchants.                                p Student – $15
                                                                      p Individual - $35
                                                                       p Family - $50

          Broadways Best                                                   BUSINESS
  September Window Display Winner                                       p Bronze – $200
                                                                         p Silver - $350
        Rich-Haven Interiors                                              p Gold - $500
          21 W. Monement                                          p Platinum - $1000 and above
                                                                         NEWSLETTER                                          p Email p Mail
                                                                  KISSIMMEE MAIN STREET
                                                                 IS A 501(C)3 ORGANIZATION

                                                     Please check a box and return form to Kissimmee Main
                                                     Street. If applying for membership return with annual dues
                                                     made payable to Kissimmee Main Street Program and
                                                     mail to:
                                                                       Kissimmee Main Street
                                                                       320 E. Monument Ave.
                                                                        Kissimmee, FL 34741

                                                     OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND PAY ONLINE
                        Kissimmee Main Street
                        320 E. Monument Ave.
                        Kissimmee, FL 34741


                       R                                    Welcome New and Renewed
              S E Y RE!                                  Kissimmee Main Street Members:
        RT I        E
   D VE ESS H                                                 Makinson Hardware
  A SIN          LL
            CA -46433
                                                                 Julia Longcope
              846      ILS                                     Broward Strickland
       4 0 7 - D E TA
              R                                                 Jim & Linda Swan
                                                                Chris & Kim Grieb

                                                                Welcome New
 SHOP LOCAL!                                             Downtown Kissimmee Businesses:

                                                                      Salon 115
                                                                   115 Broadway

                                                                Tony Touch & Geny
                                                                  119 Broadway

    SUPPORT YOUR                                             The Cake Design Studio
 HISTORIC DOWNTOWN                                               324 Broadway

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