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					                                      Baby Egg Project

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Congratulations Mom and Dad! You are about to become the owner of one or perhaps two baby eggs.
Your baby egg is very special. He or she will take constant attention and care during your week long trial
“Parenthood”. From the beginning, you are one of the most influential people in your baby’s life. It is
your responsibility to meet all of the needs of the baby, from feeding, diapering, sleeping, to child care.
On thing we have learned in psychology this semester is that parents are an important influence over a
child in the early formative years of his/her life. Good parenting can affect future personality and
emotional well being.

You will be a parent of a baby egg for one full week. Today, the stork will surprise you will a little
package of joy, and you will be responsible for the child until Monday, November 15th. By completing
the assignment, you will find out about the responsibilities, emotions and developmental issues that
accompany parenthood and child development.

There are many things you will be required to do as a baby egg parent. You will receive points for each
requirement you complete satisfactorily. Your Parent Portfolio will be due on Thursday, November 18th
and should consist of the following items:

   Safe Home Environment (10 points)
    First and foremost, you baby needs a safe place to live. You need to create an appropriate
    carriage device to safely transport your child throughout Sprayberry.

   Best Dressed Award (5 points)
    Give your child an identity by adding facial features, hair, clothing, etc. Remember, your child is a
    reflection of yourself!

   What’s in a Name (10 points)
    Give your egg a name and research the meaning of the name. Explain why you chose this name.
    Check out the website:

   Birth Announcement (5 points)
    Design a creative birth announcement for you child. Neatness and creativity will be noted.

   Parental Safety Quiz (5 points)
    Go to and take a parental safety knowledge quiz.
    Print out your results and include them in your packet.

   Daily Schedule (10 points)
    Interview a mother or father about the daily activity schedule of a newborn (under 3 months). Write a
    24 hour schedule, including all necessary care of the child. This schedule should be very accurate and
    detail every aspect of a newborn’s 24 hours of care
   Stages of Development (5 points)
    Complete the handout on Piaget’s and Kohlberg’s stages of development. I will give you the handout
    in class on Tuesday. You need the completed handout in your packet.

   Article Review (15 points)
     You need to find an article on child development and type a two paragraph summary (double-
spaced). The article should reflect your views on child development. You need to include your article
with your review in your packet. Check out

   Discipline Plan (15 points)
    You need to create a detailed discipline plan for your child. This should include your philosophy on
    discipline and you need to relate your ideas to developmental milestone we discuss in class. Your
    plan needs to start at age 1 and continue through high school. One page in length.

   Child-Proof your House (30 points)
    Investigate the costs of a nursery and other equipment for your new baby. Decide which items are
    essential and which are luxury items. The following websites will help you in your research. You
    need to include the price and manufacturer of each item.
    Crib                                Cloth diapers                           Bath equipment
    mobile                              rattles                                 clothing
    High chair                          Bedding set                             Sleepwear
    dresser                             diaper bag                              stroller
    Changing table                      Toys                                    Infant carrier
    car seat                            crib sheets                             baby book
    Pacifiers                           Blankets                                bassinet
    bottles                             baby tub

   Responsibility of Being a Parent (10 points)
    One page reflection about the responsibility of being a parent. Discuss how it changed your lifestyle
    and daily activities. This should be completed after the egg has been seen by DFCS.

DFCS Visitation
On Monday, November 15, a representative from the Department of Children and Family Services will be
here to inspect the physical condition of your baby egg. The points will be distributed as follows:

Minor Injury: 15 point deduction.
You must include a report of the how the injury occurred and investigate the costs of a doctor’s visit

Major Injury: 20 point deduction
You must include a report of how the accident occurred and investigate the costs of an emergency room

Death: 25 point deduction
You must include a report of how the accident occurred and investigate funeral costs.

Egg Not Turned In: 50 point deduction

Impostor Egg: 50 point deduction

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