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SCHOOL                           EVENT/ACTIVITY                 DATE              TIME       LOCATION                     CONTACT PERSON
Seymour Special School   Making print and sensory books on      1 September   9.30 - 11.30   Seymour Special School:       Ms Phyllis Wolfe
                         “The Outback” for a community                                       (Multi-Purpose Room)          Ph: [03] 5792 2209
                         display                                                             Tallarook Street
                                                                                             Seymour 3660
Currawa Primary School   Book Sharing with pre-school           31 August                    Dookie Pre-School            Mr Brendan Watty
                         children                                                            Isobel Pearce Pre-School     Ph: [03] 5828 6581
                         Poetry Recitals                        30 August     Morning        at Shepparton East
                                                                                             Currawa Primary School
                                                                                             Ridge Rd,
                                                                                             Dookie College 3647
Ardmona Primary          Literacy and Numeracy with elderly     Between 28                   Shepparton Villages          Ms Tania Broadwood
School                   citizens including a performance of    Aug-1 Sept                                                Ph: [03] 5829 0273
                         “Blossom Possum”
Tallarook Primary        Tallarook Young Authors Afternoon      30 August     2.30 - 3.30    Tallarook Primary School     Ms Rhonda Cole
School                   Tea                                                                 Main Road,                   Ph: [03] 5792 1752
                         Family Maths Games Night – Perfect     28 August     6.00 - 7.30    Tallarook 3659
Mooroopna Secondary      Author visit by Simon Higgins: talk    1 September   All day        Westside, Mooroopna (talk)   Ms Jan Rabl
College                  and workshop                                                        Mooroopna Secondary          Ph: [03] 5825 2344
                                                                                             College library (workshop)
Mooroopna Cluster c/o    Numeracy trail                         Between 28    All day        Mooroopna                    Ms Simone Higgins
Mooroopna Secondary                                             Aug-1 Sept                                                Ph: [03] 5825 2344
Nathalia Secondary       Writing, planning and charting         29 August     All day        Nathalia Secondary College   Ms Marlene West
College                  stories with author Simon Higgins                                   Cnr Pearce and Chapel        Ph: [03] 5866 2331
                                                                                             Nathalia 3638
Wallan Secondary         Literature Circles with students and   Between 28    Morning        Wallan Secondary College     Ms Robyn Niclasen & Ms
College                  parents                                Aug-1 Sept                   100 Duke Street,             Sharon Fellowes
                         Numeracy workshops                                                  Wallan 3756                  Ph: [03] 5783 4335
Grahamvale Primary       Book character parade; Author Doug     28 August     All day        Tallygaroopna Primary        Robyn Mitchell
School - MARC Van        McLeod workshops                                                    School                       Ph: [03] 5821 4219
                                                                29 August                    Invergordon Primary School
Cathedral Cluster c/o    Community Reading Day- 340             1 September   Morning        Alexandra PS                 Ms Jill McLean
Alexandra Primary        students dress as book characters,                                  15 Webster Street,           Ph: [03] 5772 1006
School                   process down the street stopping at                                 Alexandra 3714
                         designated shops where the shop
                         keepers read to them and say why
                         reading is fun.
Seymour Cluster c/o      “Poetry comes to Life” with author     1 September   All day        Seymour Technical High       Ms Anne Douglas
Seymour Technical High   Robert Trickey- the art and                                        School                      Ph: [03] 5792 2200
School                   mechanics of writing poetry                                        Loco Street,
                                                                                            Seymour 3660
Mooroopna Park           Maths is Fun: PE games; Singing        All week      All week      Mooroopna Primary School    Ms Vicki Soule
Primary School           about Numbers; Smarties maths;                                     Macisaac Rd,                Ph: [03] 5825 3856
                         Number dress-up day; maths                                         Mooroopna 3629
                         challenges for families and teachers
Benalla West Primary     Maths Games with the school            30 August     Afternoon     Benalla West Primary        Ms Bryony Lepoidevin
School                   community                                                          School                      Ph: [03] 5762 2418
                                                                                            Clarke Street,
                                                                                            Benalla 3672
Wilmot Road Primary      Production and performances of         All week      6.00 - 7.00   Wilmot Road Primary         Ms Lauris Doyle
School                   short plays                                                        School,                     Ph: [03] 5821 4953
                         Literacy and Numeracy Family           30 August                   84-90 Wilmot Rd
                         evening                                                            Shepparton 3630
Peranbin Primary         Maths in Literature                    28 August     All day       Violet Town campus          Ms Kerrie Boddenberg
College                  Maths Fun Fair                                                     Tulip Street,               Ph: [03] 5798 1431
                                                                                            Violet Town 3669
 Yea Primary School      Inventions Involving Maths             All week      All week      Yea Primary School          Ms Meg Dallas
                                                                                            23 Station Street           Ph: [03] 5797 2724
                                                                                            Yea, 3717
Tatura Primary School    Canvas Creations – literature          All week      All week      Tatura Primary School       Ms Rosemary Hepworth
                         expressed through art                                              Albert Street,              Ph: [03] 5824 1684
                         Numeracy BIG Books                                                 Tatura 3616
Seymour East Primary     Literacy and Numeracy Family Trivia    1 September   5.00 - 6.30   Seymour East Primary        Ms Fiona McCarthy
School                   Night                                                              School: The Smerke Multi-   Ph: [03] 5799 1705
                                                                                            Purpose Facility
                                                                                            Delatite Rd, Seymour
Numurkah Primary         Literacy and Numeracy Fun With         1 September   All day       Numurkah Primary School     Ms Faye Holmes
School                   Our Buddies                                                        Quinn Street,               Ph: [03] 5862 1426
Wallan Primary School    Literacy and Numeracy Family Fun       29 August     Evening       Wallan Primary School       Ms Jenny Loorham, Ms
                         Night                                                              46-48 Queen Street          Jeanette Rudd & Ms Julie
                                                                                            Wallan                      Andrews
                                                                                                                        Ph: [03] 5783 1232
Benalla East Primary     Maths in the Community: Senior         All week      All week      Benalla Community           Ms Debbie Hazell
School                   school to play games and cards with                                Benalla East Primary        Ph: [03] 5762 1646
                         elderly citizens; Middle School to                                 School
                         explore maths games and songs
                         with rural school children; Junior
                         School to visit local kinder to play
                         games and read stories
Cobram Primary School    Whole School Theme: linking            All week      All week      Cobram Primary School       Ms Carole Mann
                          literacy with numeracy                                                                      Ph: [03] 5872 1374
Upper Plenty Primary      Author Bernadette Kelly – Turning      All week      All week   Upper Plenty Primary        Ms Kim Tierney
School                    an Idea into a Book                                             School                      Ph: [03] 5783 1358
                          Parents Having Fun with Number
Wandong Primary           Our Ultimate Story: story that grows   All week      All week   Wandong Primary School      Ms Robyn Beer
School                    Numeracy Dress-Up Day                                                                       Ph: [03] 5787 1232
                                                                 31 August
Melrose Primary School    Developing Writing with Paul           During the    TBA        Melrose Primary School,     Ms Jane Scott
                          Stafford                               week TBA                 Wodonga                     Ph: [02] 6059 1955
Nathalia Primary School   Community Book Picnic                  31 August                Nathalia - main street      Ms Debbie Inglis
                                                                                                                      Ph: [03] 5866 2677
Benalla Primary School    Cartoonist workshops with Richard      During the    TBA        Benalla Primary School      Ms Alison Schneider
                          Galbrath                               week TBA                                             Ph: [03] 5762 2676
Broken Creek Primary      Community Maths Games and              30 August     Evening    Broken Creek Primary        Ms Ruth Dohrmann
School                    Activities Evening                                              School                      Ph: [03] 5764 1253
Merrijig Primary School   Community Maths Games                  31 August     Morning    Merrijig Primary School     Ms Carole McCluskey
                                                                                                                      Ph: [03] 5777 5559
Chiltern Primary School   Parents Supporting the Learning of     During the    Evening    Chiltern Primary School     Ms Wendy Walton
                          Literacy Workshop                      week TBA                                             Ph: [03] 5726 1421
Broken Creek Cluster      Literacy Challenge Day                 30 August     All day    Numurkah Secondary          Mr Jeff Blackley
c/o Numurkah Primary                                                                      College                     Ph: [03] 5862 1426
Thoona Primary School     Literacy & Numeracy Performance        1 September   Evening    Thoona Community Hall       Mr Ashleigh Campbell
                                                                                                                      Ph: [03] 5765 2233
Yarrawonga Primary        Real Life Maths: problem solving;      All week      All week   Yarrawonga Primary          Mr Tony Andison
School                    games and quizzes; parent                                       School                      Ph: [03] 5744 3104
                          information session
Wangaratta Primary        Maths is Real and Fun: games,          All week      All week   Wangaratta Primary School   Mr Mark Waters
School                    poster making; problems for the                                                             Ph: [03] 5721 2658
                          week; chess competition
Euroa Primary School      Real Life Maths: family fun day and    All week      All week   Euroa Primary School        Ms Trish Spencer & Ms
                          guest speaker Doug Williams                                                                 Angela White
                                                                                                                      Ph: [03] 5795 2212
Seymour Primary           Bedtime Stories                        30 August     7.00pm     Seymour Primary School      Ms Lynette Ryan
School                                                                                    library                     Ph: [03] 5799 1055
                          Maths is Everywhere                    31 August     7.00pm     Seymour Primary School
                                                                                          Multi-Purpose Room

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