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					                                   Chapter 1

                        Northern and Southern Renaissance

   1. Niccolò Machiavelli

   2. Johannes Gutenberg

   3. Donatello

   4. Filippo Brunelleschi

   5. Henry VII of England

   6. Lorenzo Valla

   7. Pico della Mirandola

   8. Raphael

   9. Michelangelo

   10. Leonardo da Vinci

   11. Desiderius Erasmus

   12. Cosimo de’Medici

   13. Girolamo Savonarola

   14. Pope Julius II
15. Pope Alexander VI

16. Giotto di Bondone

17. Jan van Eyck

18. Hubert van Eyck

19. Leonardo Bruni

20. Sandro Botticelli

21. Louis XI of France

22. Lorenzo the Magnificent

23. Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca)

24. Isabella d’Este

25. Lorenzo Ghiberti

26. Jacob Burckhardt

27. Baldassare Castiglione

28. Montaigne

29. Lefèvre d’Etaples

30. François Rabelais
31. Charles VII of France

32. Cesare Borgia

33. Jacob Fugger

34. John Colet

35. Thomas Aquinas

36. Hans Holbein the Younger

37. Jan Hus

38. John Wyclif

39. Thomas à Kempis

40. Albrecht Dürer
Identify the authors of the following texts:
   1. The Book of the Courtier

   2. Oration on the Dignity of Man

   3. The Prince

   4. Gargantua

   5. Praise of Folly

   6. Don Quixote

   7. Decameron

   8. Manual for a Christian Knight

   9. On Pleasure

   10. Utopia

Identify the creators of the following works of art:
   1. Last Supper

   2. Statue of David

   3. Primavera

   4. The Birth of Venus

   5. Pietà

   6. Mona Lisa

   7. Portrait of Henry VIII

   8. The Sistine Chapel

   9. Foundling Hospital, Florence

   10. Journey of the Magi

   11. Florence baptistery

   12. Madonna and Child
   13. Medici Chapel, Florence

   14. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

   15. The Peasants’ Wedding

Identify the following concepts or events:
   1. Quattrocento

   2. Cinquecento

   3. Virtu

   4. Humanism

   5. Popolo

   6. Reconquista

   7. Hanseatic League

   8. Oligarchy

   9. The Hundred Years’ War

   10. Habsburg-Valois Wars

   11. Neo-Platonism

   12. Secularism

   13. Mannerism
   14. Perspective

   15. Signoria

   16. Republic

   17. City-state

   18. Condottieri

   19. Council of Constance

   20. Peace of Lodi

   21. New Monarch

   22. Black Death

   23. Babylonian Captivity

   24. Great Schism

   25. Council of Pisa

Match the following event with the correct date:
  1. Peace of Lodi                                 1414
  2. End of The Hundred Years’ War                 1516
  3. Utopia was written                            1378
  4. Imperial sack of Rome                         1498
  5. Death of Savonarola                           1418
  6. Charles VIII invades Italy                    1494
  7. Start of the Great Schism                     1453
  8. Death of Jan Hus                              1485
   9. Start of the Council of Constance           1450
   10. End of the War of the Roses                1527

   1. Compare and contrast the northern and southern Renaissance.

   2. Identify four New Monarchs and explain what characteristics made them
      different from their predecessors.

   3. Define the term Machiavellian and using specific examples identify four
      people who exhibited Machiavellian traits.

   4. How was the Renaissance a rebirth?

   5. Make a case for the Renaissance being the start of the trouble for the
      Catholic Church.

   6. How did the politics and politicians of Italian differ from politics and
      politicians elsewhere in Europe?

   7. Discuss how secularism created a new way of examining the role of man

   8. Compare and contrast the lifestyle of a wealthy Italian to a commoner in

   9. What was the role of Women in Italy during the Renaissance and did the
      rights of women progress or regress during the Renaissance?

   10. Specifically, what happened in Italy to facilitate the Renaissance?

   11. Identify four patrons and then discuss the role of the patron in Italian

   12. What was humanism and why did Renaissance humanists place such a high
       value on humanism?

   13. How did the Renaissance differ from the Middle Ages?

   14. In Castiglione’s The Book of the Courtier what were the ideal characteristics
       of a courtier?

   15. Discuss the role of the papacy during the Renaissance. Identify at least three
       popes from the period and give specific examples of their behavior.
16. How did the economy of the later Middle Ages led to a revival of the
    European economy in the fifteenth century?

17. Why was Florence the birthplace of the Renaissance?

18. Distinguish between what was expected of a young man and what was
    expected of a young woman during the Renaissance.

19. What were the causes of the sack of Rome in 1527 by the Holy Roman

20. What was the role of women during the Renaissance?