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									Volume 24, No 4                                                                                                                Fall 2010

Prescott Public Library and Friends                                             of the         Prescott Public Library

                                                       Left to Right: Edi Taylor-Richards, Jim Hamm, Marla Karlin, John R. Carter

S   urprisingly, with the public computers in use all the time, not
    every library patron knows how to use one. That’s where the
volunteer computer mentors shine: they help people learn the
                                                                            her friend in the same town where they had grown up. She left
                                                                            happy. Probably hasn’t touched a computer since,” Mike says.
                                                                              John R. Carter, Sr. has been a mentor just short of a year, but
computer and navigate the Internet. And they enjoy doing it.                has spent 20 years helping others learn how to build and use
  Five of the mentors respond to questions about what they do. They         computers. What do patrons want from him? “Everything. Right
are listed in order of years helping library patrons. Some mentor on        now. The silver bullet. After one hour, they realize that there’s
Personal Computers and some on Macintosh computers.                         more to learning about computers than they can absorb in one
  Edi Taylor-Richards, over 10 years a mentor, says “The majority           session. I always enjoy the look in their eyes when the light comes
of patrons are interested in learning email or using the Internet           on and they get what they came to learn.”
to apply for jobs. A lot have specific question about finding                 When asked about their patience level in teaching people new
information or on using such sites as Craigslist.”                          skills on the computer, John quips: “The interesting thing to note is
  Jim Hamm, a mentor for four years, started with PCs and now               that most mentors have infinite patience with their students and no
mentors Mac users. He says people want “help with forgotten                 patience with their spouses. There are very few students who drive
passwords, how to set up email addresses and help learning more             me to my limit of patience. I barely get past the first sentence with
about their Mac.” He remembers one elderly man, hard of hearing             my spouse before my blood pressure rises. What gives with that?”
and seeing, who knew nothing about computers. The gentleman                  Edi says she is not patient by nature, but is able to turn it on
had property in another state and wanted to sell it by having it            when she is mentoring.
listed on eBay. “He couldn’t remember how much he paid for it,                Mike has a lot of patience but emphasizes listening more: “I try
how much acreage, or how much it would be worth now.” Jim                   to listen to people to get what they want to know. It’s so easy to
got on a website, located a realtor near the gentleman’s property,          put someone into overload by telling them more than they can
called the realtor on his cell phone and explained the situation.           absorb all at once. It’s amazing how savvy people can get when
The realtor said he would help the man sell his property.                   they’re learning at their own pace.”
 Marla Karlin, a mentor since April 2008, says she helps patrons “with        “I didn’t realize I had patience until I became a computer mentor,”
account set up and use of email, surfing the Internet, filling out online   says Marla. “It’s easy for me to exercise patience in a student/mentor
applications and photo downloading and viewing.” Marla meets and            situation. Virtually every student I’ve had has tried his or her best
mentors people from all walks of life: rich, those less fortunate, young    to learn. Computer novices need constant reinforcement. They
and old, people with disabilities, military veterans, retirees, working     deserve tolerance and kind words from their mentors.”
people.” It’s a fulfilling experience for me,” she says.
                                                                              “I just enjoy helping people with their Mac,” Jim says, “They are
 Mike Kalmanash, has been a mentor a year or so. He says, “Most             so appreciative of free help. And this is a way to give something to
people want Internet help or email help. Some are more specific:            our community.”
Craigslist or filling out a job application.” He helped one elderly
                                                                             So how did the mentors learn computers?
woman who wanted to see if she could find an old friend who had
gone to the same high school. “We did a people search and found              Mike has been involved with computers for years because he
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                     MeMorials and Gifts
MeMorials                                                  MeMorials
In Memory of:          Donor:                              In Memory of:                      Donor:
Hilton Barry           Eileen Barry                        Elizabeth (Lillian)
Gary Flynn             Quentin & Evelyn David,             O’Sullivan Hill                   Joe Hill
                       Troy & Stephen Hoover,              Bob Horn                          Elizabeth Couvreur
                       Stephen & Margie Jones,             Ian Jablonski                     Steven L. Jablonski
                       Debbie Kaahanui & Family,           Mary Kernan                       GFWC The Monday Club
                       Meredith McKee &                    James A. Simmons                  William & Barbara Kiger
                       William Manny,
                                                           Maury Swanson                     Don & Evelyn Lanzinger
                       Retired Seattle Police
                       Officers Assn.,                     Bill Wright                       Stephanie Wright
                       Jim & Loretta Rivera,
                       William & Kathleen Thrift,
                                                           Ann Alexander                      Bill & Annabelle Pedersen
                       Frank & Joyce Zembik,               Don & Barbara Beckley              Professional Writers of
                       Brad Borden,                        Robert Behnke                        Prescott
                       Sherri Guenther,                    Robert & Mary Bricker              Salvatore & Patricia
                                                           B. William                           Scaglione
                       Maggie Hiller,                                                         Jeri Smith-Fornara
                                                            & Thelma W. Dunn
                       Gary Holt, Jill Kangas,             William & Ann Hannig               Pete & Barbara Stewart
                       Ross McDowell,                      Gayle A. Heron                     Ann Tewksbury
                       Lori Pulver,                        Sandy Hester                       Veronica Wilson
                                                           Gary & Marcia Jacobson             Tony Zimmerman
                       Sherrie & Walt Unger,                & Adam Jacobson                   Phillip & Peggy Zink
                       Sheri Wold                          Vincent & Arlene Maressa

                          tellinG Her-story
                M      any in Arizona have heard of the General Crook Trail and some have hiked portions of it.
                        Few have ever heard of Arizona Women’s Heritage Trail and fewer have walked it.
                 Many know about the history of men building Arizona. Few know the stories of women who built Arizona.
                 “The women’s stories need to be told,” says Marjory Sente, a member of the Arizona Women’s Heritage
                Trail Charter Coordinating Council. “We try to show the contributions women have made to the history of
                Arizona. We have real trails and a virtual trail.”
                  According the heritage trail literature: “”Women have made major contributions to the development of
                Arizona, but their stories are missing from our history. The Arizona Women’s Heritage Trail will link women’s
                history to historic sites throughout the state, to educate the general public about women’s leadership, promote
                women’s history, and increase state tourism. This project will also create curriculum, driving and walking
                trails, tourist maps, a website and publications.”
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The Roundup                                                                                                  Fall 2010
                     froM tHe library director
                     W       ith the library expansion four years
                             in the past and plans for a branch in
                     north Prescott indefinitely on hold, I’ve been
                                                                        Last month I heard Prescott College President Kristin Woolever
                                                                       address the topic “Prescott College 2020: Who Are We and Where
                                                                       Are We Going?” Dr. Woolever kept things simple, engaged her
                     feeling somewhat adrift when it comes to          audience, and inspired me to come to you for help.
                     long-term planning.
                                                                                    It’s your lIbrary.
                        Not that your library has just been running
                      in place. We’ve added all sorts of new
                                                                             Please helP me shaPe Its future.
programs and services- downloadable audio books, the library            What is it about the library that made you join the Friends or
café, lecture and film series, book clubs, chamber music, and the      become a volunteer? What do we do well? What about the library
list goes on. Use of RFID technology has revolutionized check out      do you love?
and check-in of library materials, and by early next year, a 9-bin      What could we do better? What’s missing?
sorter will further automate the check-in and sorting process. We        What changes would you like to see in the next ten years? What
have solar panels on the roof, we harvest rainwater, and thanks to     is your vision of the library of the not-so-distant future?
the Friends of the Library, the Library Lizard, Library Lion and         Your responses will be a first step towards developing a shared
Beyond Words mural beautify the library exterior.                      vision of who we are and where we should be going. Once there’s
   What’s missing is a plan that goes beyond next year. Without        a vision, we will find a way to get there.
goals and a timeline, it’s hard to move beyond the urgency of day       I look forward to hearing from you!
to day concerns and events. So, I believe in planning ahead. On
the other hand, when I hear terms like needs assessment, focus         Toni Kaus
groups and master plan, my first thought is a bunch of people are      Library Director
about to waste a lot of time creating a document that will collect
dust on some shelf.                                                    928.777.1519

       do you Play cribbaGe?                                                            GeoloGy club
           Nobs? fIfteeN 2? a PaIr for 4? Go?
                                                                       The Central Arizona Geology Club started meeting at the Prescott

I   f you know what these strange phrases mean, then you are            Library in the spring of 2008 with a simple goal: to learn, share,
    clearly privy to the world of cribbage, and                                        and enjoy the science of geology. The group,
we’d love to have you join our inter-generational,      these two artIcles             now in its third year, has very little structure: no
congenial group of players. Many of us started          are the fIrst IN aN            dues, no officers, and no board of directors, just
playing in our teens, while others have learned        occasIoNal serIes of
                                                                                       monthly meetings and periodic outings. The club
more recently, but we all come together for fun                                        began with an email list of 35 names made up of a
                                                      ProfIles of clubs that
and a good, friendly game of cards.                                                    mix of local geologists and geology “enthusiasts.”
                                                        use lIbrary meetING
                                                                                       That list has now grown to over 150 with a wide
  Our ‘Open Cribbage’ group plays doubles,           rooms. Please coNtact
                                                                                       range of interests and experience.
partners, and three-handed cribbage.                 me If you would lIke to
                                                                                         My husband Harry Allen and I, both with
  Play is not organized, so come for one game, or   see your GrouP INcluded
                                                                                       geology degrees from Indiana University, have
stay and play as many games as you’d like. Our           IN a future Issue.
                                                                                       been coordinating the geology club activities.
only requirement is that you have the basics of               Toni Kaus                We have been surprised at the amount of interest
the game down because we don’t teach how to
                                                                                       within the community and the willingness of
play cribbage. The afternoon is for beginners and
                                                                    geologists from around the state to come and talk to the group.
up, and we have many advanced players in our group as well.
                                                                    Geologists love geology and they love to share. Whether they
  If you have a cribbage board and cards, bring them along. Even are talking about the origin of the Grand Canyon or a dinosaur
if you don’t have a board, come anyway! We usually have plenty fossil you can see they are excited about the profession and want
to share.                                                           everyone to be a part of that feeling.
 We play on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, from                  The first speaker to the geology club was Prescott geologist Ed
2pm until the Library closes, in the Elsea Room.                       Wolfe talking on “The Current Eruption of Mount St. Helens.”
 Please join us for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon of cribbage!         Almost 30 people were in attendance and walked away impressed
 For more info, contact Laurie, 717-1633, or Betty, 771-9857.                                                   Continued on Page 6

The Roundup                                                                                                             Fall 2010
                                     Kate rinzler’s Gift
                             A   ll gifts are important. Sometimes
                                 the act of receiving a gift makes an
                            indelible impression on those working
                                                                         Carolina. In the 1970s, she developed the children’s folklore area
                                                                         of the Smithsonian’s Festival of American Folklife. At the end of
                                                                         the video, Kate talks about cancer as a great teacher, “It teaches
                            with the donor to consummate his             you to look at life and consider options and pathways that you
                            or her wishes. In late May I received        would never have considered before cancer.”
                            an email saying that local artist Kate         “Only the best of teachers can call cancer a great teacher,” I
                            Hughes Rinzler was ready to give her         thought.
                            batiks to Prescott College and the
                                                                           Our activities took on the form of a “potlatch,” as Toni and
                            Prescott Public Library. Some research
                                                                         I, with Kate’s encouragement, took turns selecting the batiks
                            and several emails later, I had a more
                                                                         our respective institutions would receive. The works that Kate
                            complete story. Kate has in her will
                                                                         gave us are from her present phase of batik painting inspired by
that both organizations are to receive their choice of her batiks.
                                                                         17th century Taoist painter K’un-ts’an whose paintings evoked
  However, after a long battle with cancer, Kate has decided to          memories of mountain hikes in Ojai, California, where she grew
give us her works of art now rather than later. Kate wants the           up. She subsequently produced landscapes and animal paintings
remaining time of her journey through life to be a good experience.      inspired by other Oriental artists, including the mythical folk
She says, “It’s not the length of the journey, but its quality that is   leopard/tigers of Korea, called horangees and then went on to
important.                                                               produce Southwestern landscapes.
  Kate invited Toni Kaus and me to her home to select the                  With each selection, Kate told a story. Flash Cascade was based
batiks. To prepare for the visit I read a short bio from her web         on a sepia print of a 19th century Nevada landscape that Kate
site, reviewed a series of interviews that Prescott College student      found in a book. And Saguaro Falls features details reminiscent of
Marlene Koncziewicz did with Kate in 2008, and was supplied              Sabino Canyon near Tucson.
with stories by Toni about Kate and the magnificent exhibition
                                                                           One by one, Kate turned over the trusteeship and stewardship
of her batiks at the Downtown Library. They looked luminous
                                                                         of her batiks to the college and the library. And Toni and I were
hanging in the north windows. Yet, I was not adequately prepared
                                                                         so grateful to hear Kate’s stories, because they make each batik’s
for our afternoon with Kate.
                                                                         highlights brighter and colors richer.
  From the first greeting, I knew we were visiting with an artist
                                                                           As for the future, Kate hopes to wax and dye at least one more
par excellence, and with a teacher, very much engaged with her
                                                                         batik. The Library and College will exhibit these magnificent
life’s passions. Kate invited us to watch a video that she and fellow
                                                                         works and make every attempt to allow them to continue Kate’s
artist Jacob Devaney are preparing for her website. In the video
she talks about her career as a dancer, teacher, puppeteer and
batik artist. Living in Los Angeles in the late 1950s – 60s, she          Kate is teaching us about making life’s journey with grace and
choreographed and danced with Fanshon Bennett, directed New              beauty. Thank you for the gift of your batiks and your love for this
Dance Theater, and was a member of Bella Lewitzsky’s Dance               community we call Prescott.
Associates, one of the foremost modern dance companies in this           Marjory J. Sente
country. Kate participated as a puppeteer and puppet maker in            Prescott College Interim Director for Development
Peter Schumann’s Bread & Puppet Theater in Vermont and                   Friends of the Prescott Public Library Board Member
directed a Native American children’s puppet theater in North

The Roundup                                                                                                                Fall 2010
telling Her-story, continued
  “Former Governor Janet Napolitano served as the charter
Honorary Chair, and is now Honorary Chair Emeritus, with
Governor Janice Brewer currently serving as the Honorary
Chair. Both governors have supported the organization’s goals
of expanding Arizona women’s history,” Marjory says. “We’re
going area by area. The first trail completed was a walking tour
in Tucson, sponsored by the Women’s Foundation of Southern
Arizona. The next project was a driving tour of Phoenix and
Central Arizona. We’re trying to highlight women in that area.
On the tours a number of women’s clubs are noted, an elementary
school, residences, churches, club buildings – any type of edifice       Visitors from Caborca, Mexico with the Prescott-Caborca
where women made their contribution to Arizona history.                  Sister Cities Association were thrilled with a tour of
 “Up here, (In Prescott) part of what I’m doing is trying to             Prescott Public Library Wednesday, July 21. Sister City
nominate women and organizations who should be part of a                 members make annual visits between citizens of the cities
walking tour or a driving tour,” she says.                               of Caborca and Prescott to promote the international
 Some Prescott women have already been nominated and accepted            exchange of friendship and culture.
on the Heritage Trail. They are Sharlot Hall, Viola Jimulla, Patricia
McGee, Frances Munds, and Martha Summerhayes.                         ComPuter mentors, continued
 “The first women who became part of the trail are household used them at work and just picked up expertise as he went along.
names,” Marjory says. She is now working on the next nominations     Years ago, Edi’s workplace got one of the first IBM PCs and she was
to the trail: the Monday Club, the Sisters of Mercy (who founded charged with learning how to use it and has used them ever since. She
Mercy Hospital), and Mary Catherine Lieb Brooks, the first white was in charge of a computer network and user support for an office of
woman to live in Prescott.                                         300 users and has taken seminars and classes over the years.
  Marjory is giving a talk at the library on Sunday, October 24 at   Marla used her first computer in 1978 when she went to work at
2 p.m. “The goal of my talk is to introduce people to the Arizona  a community newspaper. She learned on the job and now after her
Womens Heritage Trail and tell them about women already on the retirement in 2007, still uses the computer daily.
trail and those who have been indentified to be nominated – and          For five and a half years, Jim learned to use PCs and for the
to seek other names.” She also is seeking people to do research.       last four and a half years he’s used a Mac. His learned through a
  “Why am I involved? I believe in Her-story and the women’s combination of reading books, being involved with the Prescott
                                                                       Computer Society and Prescott Mac Users Group and from friends
stories need to be told. They are absolutely incredible women who
                                                                       who mentored him.
can be role models. Also, as a recent resident of Arizona (six years),
I’m fascinated in learning about the place I call home. I think we’re    John is self taught since 1979. He followed up his own teachings
only getting half of the story, when we read Arizona’s His-story.”     with programming classes in college.
  Once the tours are established in Prescott and Yavapai County,       The mentors don’t help patrons learn how to play games on the
then the concentration will move to the rest of the state. “By the   computer. But, at home they play various games, including spider
year 2012 (Centennial year for Arizona), we hope to have real solitaire, FreeCell, Sudoku, mahjong, poker, and music.
tours and virtual tours established throughout the state.”             Some closing thoughts from Mike: “The library does the
  In conjunction with all the state activity for the trail, there is community a great service by having such a great computer setup
                                                                     for the public to use. I love to walk by and see people using them
a traveling exhibit which has been well received in sites around
                                                                     for all sorts of things—playing games, shopping, doing research,
Arizona. The exhibit will be at Sharlot Hall Museum from
                                                                     and sending emails. I’m glad to be a part of all this.”
September 18 through January 2.
                                                                       And from Jim: “I am so appreciative of the Prescott library: how
  “I’m encouraging people to go see the exhibit as it is very well
                                                                     nice it is, the services offered, how nice all the employees are, and so
done and provides a flavor of what we are trying to accomplish,”
                                                                     supportive of making computers available for the public to use. The
Marjory says.
                                                                     library didn’t have a Mac, so I asked if they would purchase one for
  Even though the Arizona Women’s Heritage Trail should be me to use in mentoring, and they did. I not only use it in one-on-
mostly in place by 2012, Marjory says it will go beyond the one mentoring sessions, but also use it in my ‘Basic Mac’ classes held
Centennial because “women’s history continues.”                      downstairs in the big meeting room. Love our library.”
Claudette Simpson                                                    Claudette Simpson

The Roundup                                                                                                               Fall 2010
                                   WHat is tHe PoWer of MeMoir?
                        T      oday, memoir is the “reality TV” of the
                               literary world, but with a twist. The
                            twist begins when the writer realizes she
                                                                            Also this fall, I will be presenting four lectures/mini writing
                                                                          workshops starting in October in the Founders Suite on Fridays
                                                                          from 9:30–11:30 a.m. Creating a Memoir Project can be
                              has something to say—more than just         attended as individual lectures or as a series. The topics include:
                                   the story that happened; more than     October 22nd—Getting yourself organized; October 29th—
                                              the personal narrative      Consider your project’s scope; November 5th—Unlocking your
                                               that    is     rehearsed                                        memories and November
                                              again and again when                                             11th—Start          writing…
                                            connecting       with                                               creating your writing life.
                                           others. The spark                                                     Registration can be done
                                          of a great memoir is                                                   online through the PPL
                                      when the very personal                                                      website or as a walk-in at
story reveals the less-than-attractive self, capturing the essence                                                the Ask a Librarian Desk.
of what has been learned. Life has hardships, difficulties, joys                                                    Maureen VanWalleghan
and everything in between. A memoir explores all the spaces                                                         “Finding Your Memoir”
surrounding events and in between events, to finally answer a                                                        workshop facilitator
pivotal question—for the writer (and by proxy the reader). It
doesn’t matter the question—every memoir may be looking at
a different question, but it is the questioning, the musing of life
that makes a memoir move beyond autobiography into the secret
place where one lives with the writer as he struggles through his
life, with all its foibles.                                               geology Club, continued
  In reading a memoir, the intimately personal becomes universal
                                                                          by his amazing photos as well as the fact the Mount St. Helens is
to all. When reading history, the world events are contextualized
                                                                          still erupting long after the first explosion in 1980. Since then the
a certain way, depending on who is doing the writing. But when
                                                                          club has had speakers from around the state including Lee Allison,
one reads a memoir, how the individual swam through those world
                                                                          the state geologist from Tucson, Paul Lindberg, noted mining
events becomes so much more tangible. Vietnam, World War II
                                                                          geologist from Sedona, and Dave Gillette, curator of paleontology
and landing on the moon, all incredible world events—and when
                                                                          from the Museum of Northern Arizona. Wayne Ranney, author,
seen through the eyes of a stay-at-home mother, a little brother of
                                                                          lecturer, and former teacher at Yavapai College brought in the
a veteran or a widowed father the perspective of history changes.
                                                                          largest audience, filling the Founders Suite with a standing-room
Suddenly, the world events are a backdrop and the individual living
                                                                          crowd of one hundred for his talk on his updated publication on
takes center stage. The reader is carried to another place beyond
                                                                          the Geology of Sedona.
the world events and into the intimate lives that make up the
everyday. It is that tangibility that makes the memoir so popular.          The geology club augments its meetings with field trips to
                                                                          different areas. These are usually one-day trips led by geologists
  Individual journeys through life’s experiences take on a deeper
                                                                          to see the rocks of Sedona, volcanoes in Flagstaff, and interesting
meaning when the musing or retrospective voice of the writer
                                                                          sights around Prescott. Last spring there was a two-day trip to the
invites the reader to understand and/or experience the writer’s
                                                                          Holbrook area to see sinkholes and deep earth cracks.
navigating process. A death in the family, a sick child, a year long
wedding engagement suddenly let the reader consider her own                 The Central Arizona Geology Club meets monthly from
life and choices. The “what would I have done?” question begins           September through May, with no meeting in December. At
a possible personal exploration and consideration into the reader’s       6:30 p.m., Tuesday, September 14, in the Founders Suite of the
life. So much can be gleaned when looking at another’s life with          Downtown Library, Bill Parker, park paleontologist, will speak
a microscope.                                                             on “Triassic Park - The Geological and Paleontological Story of
                                                                          the Petrified Forest National Park.” For more information on the
  This fall at the Prescott Public Library come and explore the
                                                                          meeting schedule and upcoming field trips check the club blog
genre of memoir in two exciting venues. Prescott College Master’s
                                                                          at or contact
student Carly Rudzinski, is leading a memoir reading workshop
entitled, What it Feels Like for a Girl: Capturing the
Feminine in Women’s Holocaust Memoirs on Sundays                            The club welcomes everyone with an interest in geology, whatever
3–5 p.m. in the Bump Room from now until December 5th. The                their level of knowledge. Meetings are always open to the public.
workshop is underway, but it’s still possible to register by emailing     Debbie Allen
Carly at

The Roundup                                                                                                                 Fall 2010
        WHat did our readers                                                           neW Volunteers

         read tHis suMMer?                                                            elcome to our new volunteers! Thank
     EVERYTHING, and they shared their                                                you for your service as a volunteer at
                                                                                      Prescott Public Library.
            favorites with us.
                                                                                                  elsa aurora
 At Ease with the Dead, by Walter Satterthwait (1990). In
essence, this book is a successful homage to Tony Hillerman. A                                 Books on Wheels
PI out of Santa Fe is on the trail of some stolen Navajo remains.                               sabrina batiKH
Much intrigue and violence follows in a well-worked story filled                              Circulation Services
with understated humor.
                                                                                                 sue crabtree
 Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life,                                            Youth Services
by Anne Lamott. (1995). In this light-hearted book, Lamott uses
a hilarious and practical approach to teaching you how to write                                  MartHa ellis
better. And how to start and stick with it, even though doubts get                            Circulation Services
in the way.                                                                                    carlos Marcano
  Dog on It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery by Spencer Quinn.                                         Adult Services
(2009). Meet one smart canine detective Chet, and his partner PI                                 louise WeeKs
Bernie Little. Chet, the book’s narrator must extricate Bernie from                              Adult Services
a mighty tight fix in a climax that fans of classic mysteries are sure
to appreciate.                                                                                   Jean zareMba
  Getting Unstuck, by Pema Chodron. (2005). This book                                         Circulation Services
goes way beyond being a simple self-help guide. Chodron writes           Thank you to our 150 volunteers, who dedicated over 14,200
in a very simple, straightforward way, but each paragraph packs a        hours of service from January through July, 2010.
wallop. Getting Unstuck offers sound, beautiful ideas on how to           We are currently in need of Book Sale volunteers to help sort,
cope with anything in life that you just plain don’t like.               price, and shelve materials donated to the Friends of the Library
  Tales of the City, by Armstead Maupin (2007). Tales                    Used Book Sale on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings.
reads like an out of control cable car careening around the streets      Ability to bend, stand and lift is required.
of San Francisco with more twists and turns than Lombard Street.          For information about Book Sale volunteers and other current
Begun as a serial in the San Francisco Chronicle, Tales became a         volunteer openings at Prescott Public Library contact Teresa Vonk,
bestselling novel and also a critically acclaimed PBS series.            777-1504 or
  More Summer Reading Program Reviews can be found online
at Click on Books & More, then on
Reader Reviews.                                                                WelcoMe to our neW
Margaret Espinoza                                                             friends of tHe Prescott
                                                                                  Public library!
                                                                                                Mirandy boutet
                                                                                                  steVe HarMs
                                                                                           Walt & sHirley HoWell
                                                                                          Gary & Marcia Jacobson
                                                                                                 adaM Jacobson
                                                                                                 JoHn sulliVan
                                                                                                    sue tone

        Sponsors                                                                               tony ziMMerMan

The Roundup                                                                                                              Fall 2010
    doWntoWn library eVents for adults
 Programs are in the Founders Suite unless otherwise noted. All programs are free and open to all. Call 777-1500 for more information.

Weekly events:                                                           friday, sePteMber 17, 4 P.M.
                                                                         Third Friday Chamber Series. Enjoy the sounds of the Dolce
Monday tHrouGH saturday.                                                                      the Nielsen Quintet for Winds,
Sign up for a Computer Mentor. Call the library to register for Woodwind Quintet performingfor Winds. Also, the Madri-Gals
                                                                OP. 45 and Deslanders Quintet
a free, one-hour session of computer instruction.                        Women’s Choral Group will sing for your enjoyment. Hear a
Mondays at 11 a.M.                                                 free concert by local chamber players and special guests the third
Conversational Spanish. Check your English at the door and Friday of every month.
brush up on your Spanish! Whether you are heading south on
vacation or just don’t want to lose your ability to speak Spanish,
                                                                   tuesday, sePteMber 21, noon.
join us for an hour of conversation and camaraderie. Basic Spanish
                                                                   Music for Lunch. La Bella Flute Quartet entertains library
                                                                         audiences throughout the lunch hour. Bring a brown bag or
language skills needed.
                                                                         purchase a treat at Cafe Libre and enjoy this lunchtime concert.
saturdays at 2 P.M.                                                  tuesday, sePteMber           M.
Drop-In Chess. Players of all ages and skill levels are invited to Mexico—Prescott’s 21, 6:30 P.Neighbor. Educating the
drop in and play chess. Chess sets are always available to check out
                                                                     Children. What could be more important to a child’s future than
for use in the library.
                                                                     an education? Local educators explore their experiences with
tHursdays at 2 P.M.                                                  Hispanic children and share the strengths and weaknesses of these
Open Knitting and Crochet. Bring your projects! Area knitters students in the classroom and the educational system. This 2010
and crocheters are invited to bring their yarn and needles, and join Community Discussion Series is brought to you in partnership
us for Open Knitting & Crochet weekly in the Elsea Room.             with the Arizona Humanities Council, the Prescott-Caborca Sister
                                                                     Cities Association and the Sharlot Hall Museum.
septeMber, 2010
                                                saturday, sePteMber 25, 11 a.M.–4 P.M.
sunday, sePteMber 12, 2 P.M.                    and sunday, sePteMber 26, 1–4 P.M.
Canyon Country Community Lecture Series. Gunnar Thumb Butte Festival. The Mad Linguist presents a line-up of
Widforss: Painter of the National Parks is presented by Alan Petersen.   original music, poetry, dance and theatre experience. Performances
Gunnar Widforss spent thirteen years creating an unrivaled body          by Jonathan Best, Delissa Miles, Rita Cantu, Mad Women Poets
of work documenting the beauty of the American West. In his              and more.
commitment to the truth and beauty of his subject, Widforss may
be viewed as one of the greatest artists to paint the West, and his      sunday, sePteMber 26, 2 P.M.
obscurity is a paradox. The Grand Canyon Association, KNAU               PFAA Reader’s Theater. See Spoon River Anthology with Director
and the library partner to present these popular lectures.               Herb Voss. Spoon River, by Edgar Lee Masters is a compilation
                                                                         featuring characters based on real people that Masters knew or
tuesday, sePteMber 14, 10 a.M.                                           heard of growing up. Join the Prescott Fine Arts Association’s
Tuesday Morning Book Group. For September, we are reading                Reader’s Theater in the retelling of their stories.
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson. Join us for a
lively book discussion each month. Look for flyers announcing            tuesday, sePteMber 28, 6:30 P.M.
upcoming titles.                                                         What is National Novel Writing Month? What is NaNoWriMo
                                                                         all about? Find out who these marathon writers are and how to get
Wednesday, sePteMber 15, 6 P.M.                       started. Have tons of fun. Get your questions answered, and get
AHC Community Book Discussion Series. Read The Chosen practical novel writing advice.
by Chaim Potok and discuss your views. Books are provided by
the Arizona Humanities Council and can be picked up at the Ask october, 2010
a Librarian desk. Join the Community Book Discussion, offered
in partnership with the Arizona Humanities Council.
                                                               sunday, october 3, 6:30 P.M.
                                                        Mexico: Prescott’s Distant Neighbor. Corridos of the US-
tHursday, sePteMber 16, 6:30 P.M.                       Mexico Border: The Stories and the Music. Dr. Celestino Fernandez
Third Thursday Star Talk. Cloak-and-Dagger Stars—Maybe. of the University of Arizona, is a writer and teacher of this
Fr. Chris Corbally explores Lambda Boötis stars seem to be part          popular musical-poetic bardic art. A mainstay of the Mexican and
of the Sun’s generation, however, they masquerade as an older            Mexican-American popular culture it is used to document history
population of the Galaxy. What gives them their unique spectral          and interpret real life occurrences. Find out how to get a corrido
characteristics?                                                         of your own or one written for someone else.
                                                                         tuesday, october 5, 6 P.M.
                                                                         To Kill A Mockingbird. Come celebrate the 50-year anniversary of
                                                                         this Harper Lee classic with memorabilia from Monroeville, Alabama,
                                                                         the home of Harper Lee, discussion and light refreshments.
                                                                                                                  Continued on Page 9

The Roundup                                                                                                               Fall 2010
                                          eVents for adults, continued
Wednesday, october 6, 1 P.M.                              Wednesday, october 20, 6 P.M.
Wednesday Poetry Discussion Group. Join Dr. Janet Preston AHC Community Book Discussion. Enjoy a collection of short
to enjoy and discuss great poetry in an informal setting.                 stories by author Rudolfo A. Anaya in Cuentos Chicanos. Books
                                                                          are provided. Join the Community Book Discussion the third
Wednesday, october 6, 6:30 P.M.                                           Wednesday each month.
Novel Outlining Techniques. Writing 50,000 words in 30 days is
daunting, but can be easier with a bit of pre-planning. Many methods      tHursday, october 21, 6:30 P.M.
of outlining will be shared. This workshop welcomes all writers.          Third Thursday Star Talk. Cosmic Evolution: An Introduction
                                                                          to the Sciences of Astrobiology with David Koerner, Department
friday, october 8, 10 a. M.                                     of Physics and Astronomy, Northern Arizona University. Join the
Archeology in Prescott. Fred Kraps of the Arizona Archeological Prescott Astronomy Club for talks on hot topics in astronomy and
Society will explore the sites, tools and information left by those who   space science. Free. 777-1500.
lived in Yavapai County long before the current residents arrived.
                                                      friday, october 22, 9:30 a.M.
sunday, october 10, 2 P.M.                            Creating a Memoir Project: Getting Yourself Organized.
Canyon Country Community Lecture Series. The Civilian “Finding Your Memoir” workshop facilitator, Maureen
Conservation Corps at Phantom Ranch: A Lasting Legacy with Pam            VanWalleghan will work with memoir writers who wish to have
Cox. The Civilian Conservation Corps not only brought hope to             support in developing their memoir. Come for one session or all.
America during the Depression but was instrumental in restoring
our national parks. In this program, you will hear stories of the men     sunday, october 24, 2 P.M.
of the CCC and learn about the lasting legacy that was left behind.       Women’s Heritage Trail. Who were the women that made
                                                                          Arizona history? Names you will know are already part of the Trail
tuesday, october 12, 10 a.M.                                 including: Sharlot Hall, Viola Jimulla, Patrica McGee, Francis
Tuesday Morning Book Group. October’s title is Last Kingdom, Munds and Martha Summerhayes. Many other Arizona pioneer
a 9 Century work of historical fiction by award-winning author
                                                                          women will eventually find their names here too.
Bernard Cornwell.
                                                                          friday, october 29, 9:30 a.M.
Wednesday, october 13, 6:30 P.M.                                          Creating a Memoir Project: Consider Your Project’s
“Just for Grownups” International Film Series. Experience                 Scope. “Finding Your Memoir” workshop facilitator, Maureen
Jaffa, an absorbing and touching film by director Keren Yedaya.           VanWalleghan will work with memoir writers who wish to have
This movie is in Hebrew with English subtitles.                           support in developing their memoir. Come for one session or all.
tHursday, october 14, 10 a.M.                                             saturday, october 30, 11 a.M.
Café Socrates. Joel Thomas will facilitate discussions encouraging        National Novel Writing Month Kickoff Party. NaNoWriMo
participants to articulate, explore, and further discover their           is just around the corner! Join us at the kick-off party. Come for
singular philosophy of life, and to develop and contribute their          the inspiration, excitement, added motivation and to meet your
unique talents and potentials.                                            fellow participants.
tHursday, october 14, 6:30 P.M.                                noveMber, 2010
WORDS Book Group. The group is reading Three Cups of Tea by Wednesday, noVeMber 3, 1 P.M.
Greg Mortenson, and the discussion is open to everyone.        Wednesday Poetry Discussion Group. Join Dr. Janet Preston
friday, october 15, 4 P.M.                                     to enjoy and discuss great poetry in an informal setting.
Third Friday Chamber Music Series. Hear music by local friday, noVeMber 5, 9:30 a.M.
chamber players and special guests every month during the free Creating a Memoir Project: Unlocking Your Memories.
Third Friday Chamber Music Series.                                        “Finding Your Memoir” workshop facilitator, Maureen
Monday, october 18, 10 a.M.                                               VanWalleghan will work with memoir writers who wish to have
Meet Your Master Gardner. Master Gardeners from the                       support in developing their memoir. Come for one session or all.
Yavapai County Extension office discuss gardening in Prescott,            saturday, noVeMber 6, 11 a.M.
with how to increase the possibility of successful gardening when         NaNoWriMo Write-In. Join us for a write-in where the sole goal
preparing your garden.                                                    is to write as many words as possible. Leave the Internal Editor at
tuesday, october 19, noon.                                                the door and enjoy the writing process.
Music for Lunch. Meet Rian McGonigal and enjoy his brand
of classical guitar. Local musicians entertain library audiences
throughout the lunch hour. Bring a brown bag or purchase a treat
at Cafe Libre and enjoy this lunchtime concert.

                                                                                                                 Continued on Page 10

The Roundup                                                                                                                Fall 2010
                                         eVents for adults, continued
sunday, noVeMber 7, 2 P.M.                                 tuesday, noVeMber 16, noon.
Mexico: Prescott’s Distant Neighbor. The Fabric of Mexican Music for Lunch. Join Tom Flowers and his harpsichord for
Culture and Traditions with Dr. Ricardo A. Carreras, of Embry            lunch. Local musicians entertain us over the lunch hour every
Riddle Aeronautical University. Woven into the fabric of                 month. Bring a brown bag or purchase a treat at Cafe Libre and
philosophical, historical, sociological, and economic inspiration,       enjoy this lunchtime concert.
Mexican culture and tradition have indelibly marked Arizona.
Emphasizing how the designs and patterns of this fabric have been        Wednesday, noVeMber 17, 6 P.M.
influenced by religion, the arts and geography, Carreras brings          AHC Community Book Discussion. Animal Dreams, the wildly
together the streams of Mexican cultural variegation.                    popular Barbara Kingsolver novel, is the story of the month. The
                                                                         discussion is open to everyone and books are provided by the
Monday, noVeMber 8, 10 a.M.                                              Arizona Humanities Council.
Making the Most of Your Healthcare Dollars. Peggy Nies,
Director of West Yavapai Community Health Center, will present           tHursday, noVeMber 18, 6:30 P.M.
some of the healthcare options available around Prescott. See how        Third Thursday Star Talk. Spirit and Opportunity: The Mars
local services can help bridge the gap between the cost of health        Exploration Rover Missions. What a run for the Rovers! Dr. Ken
care and insurance or Medicare reimbursements.                           Herkenhoff, lead scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey
                                                                         Astrogeology Science Center discusses fantastic photos captured on
tuesday, noVeMber 9, 10 a.M.                                             Mars and the latest scientific yield instruments on mobile robots.
Tuesday Morning Book Group. Wildly popular, November’s
title is The Help by Kathryn Sockett. Open to all, join us for a         friday, noVeMber 19, 4 P.M.
lively book discussion each month.                                       Third Friday Chamber Music Series. Hear music by local
                                                                         chamber players and special guests every month during the free
Wednesday, noVeMber 10, 6:30 P.M.                               Third Friday Chamber Music Series.
“Just for Grownups” International Film Series. Alamar,
directed by Filmmaker Pedro González-Rubio, weaves a compelling saturday, noVeMber 20, 11 a.M.
story about teaching his son about their Mayan heritage. This NaNoWriMo Write-In. Join us for a write-in, where the sole goal
movie is in Spanish with English subtitles.                              is to write as many words as possible. Leave the Internal Editor at
                                                                         the door and enjoy the writing process.
tHursday, noVeMber 11
Prescott Public Library Downtown And Gateway                             sunday, noVeMber 21, 2 P.M.
Branch Closed For Veteran’s Day.                                         PFAA’s Reader’s Theater. Red, White and Blacklisted. Ernest
                                                                         Giglio directs the story of Dalton Trumbo who became famous as
friday, noVeMber 12, 9:30 a.M.                                    one of the “Hollywood Ten” when he refused to answer Congress’
Creating a Memoir Project: Start Writing…Creating Your questions regarding his political affiliations. Presented in partnership
Writing Life. “Finding Your Memoir” workshop facilitator, Maureen with Prescott Fine Arts Association and the Prescott Library.
VanWalleghan will work with memoir writers who wish to have
support in developing their memoir. Come for one session or all.         saturday, noVeMber 27, 11 a.M.
                                                                         NaNoWriMo Write-In. Join us for a write-in, where the sole goal
saturday, noVeMber 13, 11 a.M.                                           is to write as many words as possible. Leave the Internal Editor at
NaNoWriMo Write-In. Join us for a write-in, where the sole goal          the door and enjoy the writing process.
is to write as many words as possible. Leave the Internal Editor at
the door and enjoy the writing process.                                  DeceMber, 2010
                                                      Wednesday, deceMber 1, 1 P.M.
sunday, noVeMber 14, 2 P.M.                           Wednesday Poetry Discussion Group. Join Dr. Janet Preston
Canyon Country Community Lecture Series. Preposterous to enjoy and discuss great poetry in an informal setting. This free
Lake Powell, by Gary Ladd. In 2005, Lake Powell had fallen 145           program is open to all. Copies of poems will be distributed at
feet from its full level and had lost two-thirds of its volume. During   the gathering.
the past five years, generous spring inflows have raised the level
of the lake by sixty-five feet. Against this backdrop of dramatic        sunday, deceMber 5, 2 P.M.
recent changes in lake levels, and its history of controversy over       Mexico: Prescott’s Distant Neighbor. Being Mexican-American
the flooding of the free-flowing Colorado River in Glen Canyon,          in Prescott. What is it like to immigrate to another country? Hear
award-winning landscape photographer Gary Ladd will present a            the stories yourself. Listen to the joys and challenges of recreating
visual overview of Lake Powell, a place he regards as a curiously        traditions in a new place, while trying to overcome the challenges
interesting and astonishingly photogenic.                                of language and cultural barriers. Share their experiences of
                                                                         becoming members of our community.
Monday, noVeMber 15, 10 a.M.
Meet Your Master Gardener: Planning Your Perennial
Garden. Master Gardener’s from the Yavapai County Extension
office discuss gardening in Prescott and how to plan your perennial
garden for maximum “Wow.”                                                                                        Continued on Page 11

The Roundup                                                                                                                Fall 2010
     eVents for adults, continued                                                             in tHe VieWerie:
tuesday, deceMber 7, 5:30 & 7 P.M.                                         septeMber
Stars of the Season Family Planetarium Program. Brian                      n   Daughters of the American Revolution. The General George
DeWelles of Starlight Planetarium Productions returns with his
mini-planetarium to show us the winter skies and constellations.               Crook Chapter of the DAR will create a display based upon
Seating is on the floor and limited to 25 per program, so reserve a free       the U.S. Constitution.
space for each person in your family starting November 15.                 n   Penny’s Purses. See what Penny’s Purses is all about, and how
                                                                               they help support the local women’s shelter.
Wednesday, deceMber 8, 6:30 P.M.
“Just for Grownups” International Film Series. Movie                       n   Prescott Creeks. Meander through an exhibit on the creeks
title to be announced. Enjoy award-winning international films                 of Prescott.
each month.
tHursday, deceMber 9, 10 a.M.                                              n   Contra Dance. Find out how you can join the fun of Contra
Café Socrates. Joel Thomas will facilitate discussions encouraging             Dancing with this colorful exhibit.
participants to articulate, explore, and further discover their
singular philosophy of life, and to develop and contribute their           n   Mountain Spinner’s and Weaver’s Guild. October is National
unique talents and potentials.                                                 Spinning & Weaving Month. Celebrate by seeing an
                                                                               astounding display of tools and finished work by the artisan
tHursday, deceMber 9, 6:30 P.M.                                                from Mountain Spinner’s & Weaver’s Guild.
WORDS Book Club. Title to be announced. Join us in lively
discussions of a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction.                  n   Prescott’s Sister Cities. Prescott–Caborca Sister Cities
                                                                               Association and Sharlot Hall Museum highlight our Sister
sunday, deceMber 12 2 P.M.                                                     City and the Dia los Dios (Day of the Dead) celebration.
Canyon Country Community Lecture Series. A Photographic
History of Navajo Country around Kayenta and Monument Valley is            noveMber
presented by Harvey Leake. In 1910 John and Louisa Wetherill               n   Mountain Artists’ Guild. Join Mountain Artists’ Guild
with partner Clyde Colville opened their mercantile operation                  in celebrating creative energy in Prescott. MAG will be
in the Kayenta district. Hear the stories and see the historic                 showing artwork, providing information on local artists and
photographs from the Wetherill’s great-grandson, Harvey Leake,
as he shares a bit of his family’s history in the Navajo country of            future events.
the early twentieth century.                                               n   Prescott Gem & Mineral Club. From rocks to minerals and
                                                                               from gems to jewelry, see the wide variety of finished projects
tuesday, deceMber 14, 10 a.M.                                                  our local rock hounds undertake.
Tuesday Morning Book Group. The December book is Lucky
One by the best-selling author Nicholas Sparks.                            n   Heritage Park Zoo. Prescott’s very own Heritage Park Zoo
                                                                               will tempt you with what’s happening at Heritage Park
tuesday, deceMber 14, noon.                                                    Zoological Sanctuary.
Music for Lunch. Join local musicians as they entertain library
visitors over the lunch hour. Bring a brown bag or purchase a treat        If your group or organization would like to book the Viewerie,
at Cafe Libre and enjoy this free lunchtime concert.                          please call Margaret Espinoza at 777-1509.
friday, deceMber 17, 4 P.M.
Third Friday Chamber Music Series. Local chamber players                   Clan Tynker on the Library Lawn for
and special guests play for audiences every month during the free          Tsunami Tsunday on June 20
Third Friday Chamber Music Series.

 Fine-tuning the Rattlesnake Rack

The Roundup                                                                                                                  Fall 2010
                                      sPecIal eveNts for youth
                                       For more information call the Youth Services Desk, 777-1537.

                    oNGoING eveNts                                     Friday, October 8, 1:00 pm Art Days at the Library—
                                                                       Honoring Work Take a brisk walk through time with presenter
Tuesdays, 10 a.m. Toddler Storytime Stories, songs, and                Doris Piatak, exploring the ways different artists have portrayed the
gentle activities selected for ages 0-2. Founders Suite.               world of work and creating a project to take home. This program is
Thursdays, 3:30 p.m. Page Turners Storytime A read-aloud               presented by the Prescott Art Docents, for ages 6-11, and advance
program for ages 6-10, with a different theme each week. Some          registration is required. Registration begins 30 days before each
sessions include a craft inspired by the stories. James Children’s     session. Call the Youth Desk at 777-1537 or visit the online calendar
Activity Room.                                                         at James Children’s Activity Room.

Fridays, 10 a.m. Preschool Storytime Stories, fingerplays, and         Saturday, October 9, 10:30 am Fancy Nancy Party Meet
activities for ages 3-5, with different themes each week. James        Fancy Nancy’s fairy godmother, make a fancy craft, and enjoy
Children’s Activity Room.                                              some fancy snacks! Open to all ages; registration is not required.
                                                                       Founders Suite.
            sePtember sPecIal eveNts                                   Friday, October 22, 1:00 pm Art Days at the Library—
Tuesday, September 14, 3:30 pm After School Crafts Kids                Finding Art All Around Us Join presenter Linda Wheeler for
from 5-10 are invited to make fun craft projects to take home.         a look at the ways three artists view nature, and make a project
Registration is not required, and supplies will be provided.           to take home. This program is presented by the Prescott Art
James Room.                                                            Docents, for ages 6-11, and advance registration is required.
Friday, September 24, 1:00 pm Art Days at the Library—                 Registration begins 30 days before each session. Call the
Viewing Nature through Magic Eyes Join presenter Denise                Youth Desk at 777-1537 or visit the online calendar at www.
Preble to explore the camouflage art of Bev Doolittle, and make James Children’s Activity Room.
a project to take home. This program is presented by the Prescott      Monday, October 25, 3:30 pm Eight to Eighty
Art Docents, for ages 6-11, and advance registration is required.      Intergenerational Book Club Kids in grades 3 to 4 can
Call the Youth Desk at 777-1537 or visit the online calendar at        partner with a grownup to read selected titles and take part in fun James Children’s Activity Room.              activities. The book club meets every other Monday, and each
Monday, September 27, 3:30 pm Eight to Eighty                          session includes a fun twist on a traditional book discussion. This
Intergenerational Book Club Kids in grades 3 to 4 can                  session will be all about Poppy, by Avi. Call the Youth Desk at 777-
partner with a grownup to read selected titles and take part           1537 for details, or to register. James Children’s Activity Room.
in fun activities. The book club meets every other Monday,
and each session includes a fun twist on a traditional book
                                                                                   November sPecIal eveNts
discussion. This session will be all about The Unfinished Angel,       Friday, November 5, 3:30 pm Paws to Read with Toby
by Sharon Creech. Call the Youth Desk at 777-1537 for details,         Kids from 5-10 are invited to drop in and read with Toby the
or to register. James Children’s Activity Room.                        Therapy Dog! Children can choose a book they like and spend
                                                                       some special time reading with Toby and his handler. After their
             october sPecIal eveNts                                    reading time, kids will receive a “Tail Waggin’ Tutors” reading
Friday, October 1, 3:30 pm Paws to Read with Toby Kids                 certificate. James Children’s Activity Room.
from 5-10 are invited to drop in and read with Toby the Therapy        Monday, November 8, 3:30 pm Eight to Eighty
Dog! Reading to dogs is a great way for young readers to hone          Intergenerational Book Club Kids in grades 2 to 4 can
reading skills and gain confidence. Children can choose a book         partner with a grownup to read selected titles and take part in
they like and spend some special time reading with Toby and his        fun activities. The book club meets every other Monday, and
handler. After their reading time, kids will receive a “Tail Waggin’   each session includes a fun twist on a traditional book discussion.
Tutors” reading certificate. James Children’s Activity Room.           This session will be all about Each Little Bird that Sings, by
                                                                       Deborah Wiles. Call the Youth Desk at 777-1537 for details, or
                                                                       to register. James Children’s Activity Room.

The Roundup                                                                                                              Fall 2010
                            sPecIal eveNts for youth, coNtINued
Friday, November 12, 1:00 pm Art Days at the Library—
Flurry of Fall Join presenter Joyce Haas to examine and
                                                                                         december sPecIal eveNts
compare the ways various artists paint the fall season, and                 Friday, December 3, 3:30 pm Paws to Read with Toby
make a project to take home. This program is presented by the               Kids from 5-10 are invited to drop in and read with Toby the
Prescott Art Docents, for ages 6-11, and advance registration               Therapy Dog! Children can choose a book they like and spend
is required. Registration begins 30 days before each session.               some special time reading with Toby and his handler. After their
Call the Youth Desk at 777-1537 or visit the online calendar at             reading time, kids will receive a “Tail Waggin’ Tutors” reading James Children’s Activity Room.                   certificate. James Children’s Activity Room.

Monday, November 22, 3:30 pm Eight to Eighty                                Thursday, December 9, 3:30 pm Visit with Mrs. Claus Join
Intergenerational Book Club Kids in grades 3 to 4 can                       Mrs. Claus for stories, fun, and the inside scoop on life at the
partner with a grownup to read selected titles and take part                North Pole! Great for all ages. Founders Suite.
in fun activities. The book club meets every other Monday,                  Wednesday, December 22, 10:00 am or 1:00 pm Cookie
and each session includes a fun twist on a traditional book                 House Decorating Families and kids of all ages are invited to
                              discussion. This session will be all          decorate graham cracker houses at the annual Cookie House
                              about The Best Christmas Pageant              Decorating event hosted by the library’s Teen Advisory Group
                               Ever, by Barbara Robinson. Call              (TAG). All supplies will be provided; advance registration is
                               the Youth Desk at 777-1537                   required and begins November 15. To reserve space, call the
                                for details, or to register. James          Youth Desk at 777-1537.
                                 Children’s Activity Room.

                                      Tippy T. Rex dressed up as Poseidon in June.

                                         sPecIal eveNts for teeNs
     Prescott Public Library teen events are open to kids and teens in grades 6 and up. For more information about teen programs, call 777-1506.
Tuesday, September 21, 3:30 pm Teen Advisory Group                          Tuesday, November 16, 3:30 pm Teen Advisory Group
(TAG) Help plan the library’s teen Halloween event! If you are              (TAG) Help plan upcoming holiday events and assemble graham
interested in joining TAG, please see Youth Services staff for an           cracker houses for the children’s Cookie House Decorating event
application. James Room.                                                    in December. If you are interested in joining TAG, please see
                                                                            Youth Services staff for an application. James Room.
Wednesday, October 13, 1:30 pm Teen Advisory Group
(TAG) Come enjoy a hauntingly good time with games,                         Thursday, November 18, 3:30 pm Teen Book Club We’re
dancing, and “creepy” treats. Costumes optional. Founders Suite.            reading Three Cups of Tea: Young Readers’ Edition in conjunction
                                                                            with our Pennies for Peace event. Copies of the book are
Tuesday, October 19, 3:30 pm Teen Advisory Group (TAG)
                                                                            available at the Youth Services desk. Founders Suite A.
Help organize an upcoming book discussion and fundraiser. If
you are interested in joining TAG, please see Youth Services staff          Wednesday, December 8, 1:30 pm Celebrating the Season
for an application. James Room.                                             around the World Come taste holiday treats from different
                                                                            cultures and learn something new about countries around the
Thursday, October 21, 3:30 pm Teen Book Club Book
                                                                            world. Founders Suite.
swap! Bring a book to share with other teens and check out
some of the newest teen books in the library. Activities and                Tuesday, December 21, 3:30 pm Teen Advisory Group (TAG)
refreshments provided. Founders Suite B.                                    We’ll be wrapping up the Pennies for Peace project and having
                                                                            a mini holiday celebration. If you are interested in joining TAG,
Wednesday, November 10, 1:30 pm Pennies for Peace
                                                                            please see Youth Services staff for an application. James Room.
Kickoff Event Get involved! This is the start of an opportunity
to help raise money for kids around the world. Founders Suite.

The Roundup                                                                                                                       Fall 2010
                                    Kids enjoyed sh
                                  parties and cr
                                                 aft programs ov
                                Splash” summ                     er the summer
                                              er reading pro                    as part of the
                                   prizes, and th            gram. 748 chil                    “Make a
                                                  ey logged more            dren signed up
                                                                 than 3,200 hou             to read and ea
                                                                                 rs of reading d           rn
                                                                                                 uring the eigh
                                                                             week program                       t

                 To celebrate all of
                                     PPL’s summer re
               staff members vo                        aders, library
                                  lunteered to be sp
              a Splash” closing                      lashed at the “M
                                party on July 24                       ake
                was a Pitchburst                   . The main attrac
                                   contraption that                   tion
                     staff members’ he                dropped water on
                                        ads if kids threw
                                                          a ball and
                                    hit a target.

The Roundup                                                                                       Fall 2010
                                                                    tHeraPy doG to
                                                                     Hold readinG
                                                                  ProGraM at Prescott
                                                                     Public library
                                                                  A     ny kid can tell you that learning to read is
                                                                        hard work and takes lots of practice. The new “Paws to
                                                                  Read” program at Prescott Public Library will give children a chance
                                                                  to practice their reading with the best audience of all—a patient,
                                                                  cuddly Therapy Dog. “‘Paws to Read’ will meet at 3:30 p.m. the
                                                                  first Friday afternoon of each month during the school year.
                                                                    Public libraries throughout the United States offer reading to dogs
                                                                  programs to get kids excited about reading, and build their confidence
                                                                  about reading aloud. Prescott Public Library is pleased to move into
                                       from 12-18 had
                                  fun all summer long in the      this new type of program with “Paws to Read with Toby.”
                                “Make Waves @ your Library”         Toby is a three year old border collie who recently completed
                                summer reading program.           the Therapy Dog certification program through Therapy Dogs
                                153 teens took part, and they     International ( Therapy Dogs go through
                                 submitted nearly 300 book        extensive training and testing to ensure that they are friendly, well
                                  reviews! Teens also enjoyed     behaved, and ready to work with the public. Toby is an especially good
                                   special events hosted by the   fit for this program because he is a library dog through and through.
                                    library’s Teen Advisory
                                      Group (TAG).                  Toby’s handler, Library Director Toni Kaus, will accompany him
                                                                  during his visits to the library. “Toby loves books,” says Toni. “In
                                                                  fact, he is the only dog in Prescott with his own library card!” Most
                                                                  dogs are not eligible to get library cards, but unlike most dogs, Toby
                                                                  has photo identification. When the idea of starting a “Paws to Read”
                                                                  program came up, getting a library card for Toby seemed like a good
                                                                  way to remind kids what a great resource a library card can be.
                                                                     “Paws to Read” is open to children from 5-10, who are invited
                                                                  to drop in and share one-on-one reading time with Toby. While
                                                                  waiting for their turn to read, kids can color dog pictures and
                                                                  select books from a special display. After their reading time, kids
                                                                  will get a “Paws to Read” bookmark and certificate to take home.
                                                                   For more information, contact the library’s Youth Services
                                                                  Department at 777-1537.
                                                                  Amadee Ricketts

                                     Prescott Public library locations and Hours
DoWntoWn                                 roWle p. siMMons                                book Drops
215 East Goodwin St                      coMMunity center                                 Emptied daily, except Sunday
Hours: Mon, Fri, Sat: 9AM-5PM              1280 E Rosser St.                              Fire Station 71, 333 White Spar Rd
Tue, Thu: 9AM-9PM.                         Book Pick Up, Book Drop, Internet and          Fire Station 75, 315 Lee Blvd
Wed: 1-9PM                                 Puzzle/Paperback Exchange                      Fry’s, 3198 Willow Creek Rd
Sun: 1-5PM                                                                                Fry’s, 950 Fair St
(928)777-1500                                                                             Goodwill Store & Donation Center,
GateWay Mall branch                                                                       1375 Iron Springs Rd
3250 Gateway Blvd.                                                                        Prescott Public Library Downtown,
Hours: Tue-Sat: 1PM-5PM                                                                   215 East Goodwin St
Closed Sunday and Monday                                                                  Drive by book drops in alley and
(928)777-1530                                                                             Lower Level parking lot

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