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					           Justice Marshall’s
         The Hero Principles
            Special Report for Men

The One Tool that lets you STOP working on your
 relationship... and finally unlock your woman's
    Natural Attraction, Sexual Desire and
               Deep Appreciation.

                   by Justice Marshall


     We both know why you’re here - You’re struggling in your marriage or relationship.
Something’s not clicking. Maybe it’s one big problem, maybe it’s a bunch of little things.

       I'm about to share with you the single most powerful tool I know to end your
relationship drama and create the kind of ease, understanding and connection (yes, that
includes sex) you want with your wife or girlfriend... no matter what the circumstances.

      This tool has become a foundation of my work as a relationship coach for men.

      I discovered it through decades of my own relationship trials and tribulations.

      Then I refined it to serve the men in my programs and private practice... men like you.

      I’m happy to report that it works with or without your spouse’s cooperation,
participation or approval. It works even if only YOU use it.

       It works in perfect combination with the other relationship success principles I teach...
and it works on its own.

                Altogether, how much has your relationship drama cost you?

        How much time... suffering... money... worry... disappointment... lost sleep?

                                     I’ll bet it’s cost you a lot.

        Please take a moment to feel the price you’ve paid.
        I want you to be intimately aware of the suffering you’ve experienced.
        I want you to remember the pain...

        Because while you truly can end your relationship drama starting right now...
        you will be challenged along the way, and you’re going to HAVE TO WANT
        CHANGE BAD ENOUGH to make it stick.

So here it is my friend - How to End your Relationship Drama forever and unlock your
woman’s Natural Attraction, Sexual Desire and Deep Appreciation...

                    Take Full Responsibility for
                        the quality of your
                     Marriage or Relationship.

      This means not blaming, shaming or criticizing... her or yourself.

      It means putting an end to complaining and excuses.

       It means letting go of who is right and who is wrong, taking a deep breathe, letting
go of the past, and taking the powerful position of “Yesterday’s gone... What can I do
NOW to get the results I want today?”

      Take a moment and let that sink in. Can you grasp the implications?

      There's simply no room left for being a victim when you choose Full Responsibility.
You are committed to finding the opportunity in every difficult situation.

       Taking Full Responsibility is the #1 Key to ending the old cycle of Drama and
Disappointment and getting new results. It’s how you stop dodging the ball, step up to the
plate in your full power as a man, and hit the home-run that gets the cheers.

        Taking Full Responsibility is also the instant antidote to the Blame Game and the
endless nights of Talking it Out, Silent Treatments, Shouting Matches, and suffering
through all the rest of that Power Struggle BS that we’re all intimately familiar with. The
truth is, none of that stuff will ever get you what you want anyway...

      Here’s why:

      She doesn’t CHOOSE her feelings for you.

       How your spouse feels about you and relates to you (in other words, her attraction,
desire and appreciation for you) is based on subconscious data... NOT on rational choice.

       Think about it - No one really WANTS to argue and create drama in their marriage or
relationship. We don’t WANT to yell at each other, or get divorced, or cheat, or fall out of
love... not consciously anyway. We tell ourselves and each other that it just happens. We
make up elaborate, confusing explanations to tell our kids. But the truth is... We don’t usually
know WHY we behave like we do in our relationships.

       I “worked on my relationship” for years. I studied books and articles about “how to
communicate effectively.” I went to couples counselling and tried to negotiate with my wife
for her trust, tenderness, and respect. But none of this worked, and now I know why -

      It all failed to address the primal, subconscious, make-or-break decision making
process that goes on every second in her feminine Heart, Body and Mind.

 She’ll finally melt... and stop pushing you away
       Beneath her conscious awareness, she experiences deep anxiety and fear that makes it
hard for her to open herself up sexually and emotionally. This fear and anxiety is what keeps
her closed, protective and hard.

       When you take Full Responsibility for the quality of your relationship, she will begin
to visibly RELAX. Her fear and anxiety will fade and give way to a deep respect and
appreciation for your courage and skill. She’ll feel cared for and satisfied in a way that will
allow her to stop pushing you away and finally melt into your arms... which is what she’s
really wanted to do all along!

         Taking Full Responsibility is your natural calling as a man... it’s your True
         Hero Nature. And when you fulfill this calling, it will automatically begin
         to unlock the Natural Attraction, Sexual Desire and Deep Appreciation
         she’s been hiding from you.

         At the core of her being, she desperately wants to adore, respect and
         appreciate you fully. She wants to lavish you with the sweet nectar of her
         sensual gifts.
                                   She will soften towards you.
                                   She’ll naturally become more...
                                  But it’s up to YOU to lead the way.

     Only when you show her through your ACTIONS that you are man enough to handle
ANYTHING she throws at you, will you truly win her Full Love, Sexual Openness and Deep

       When you, as a man, commit to taking Full Responsibility for the quality of your
relationship... you tap into a powerful underlying force that will automatically uncover the
buried attraction, love and respect that is already present and trying to come out. It’s
like gravity or electricity... You don’t have to fully understand how it works to be subject to
its laws or to benefit from its power.

      "That sounds great, but how do I actually DO it?"

      Here’s where the Power-frame comes in...

       The Power-frame is a single sentence that you say to yourself when you bump into

   ”The purpose of this challenge is to help me
    uncover my True Hero Nature and lead my
  woman into Full Love and Deep Appreciation."

                        Use the Power-frame to help you take Full
                        Responsibility any time you find yourself...

                           • slipping into reactive mode
                           • feeling anxious
                           • angry about something she said or did
                           • fighting with her (or about to start)
                           • sad, depressed or overwhelmed by
                             relationship challenges
                           • wanting a different experience

      Remember... The real opportunity facing you in any situation is always essentially the
same - take Full Responsibility for the quality of your relationship.

       This means -
• meeting your challenges head-on with an open heart...
• being the best man you can possibly be, even in the face of adversity...
• staying present even when you're hurt, angry, sad, scared or anxious...

      Think of it as a Life and Relationship workout. If you work these muscles a little bit
every day, they will grow quickly. You’ll get stronger, more capable, more attractive.

                                                      Imagine working out
                                                      with dumbbells.
                                                      Essentially you are
                                                      choosing to stress your
                                                      muscles so that they
                                                      grow stronger.

                                                      I'm asking you to act as
                                                      if your relationship
                  challenges exist to fulfill a similar purpose... To make
                  you stronger, better, more capable.

                  If you will accept this, and act accordingly, her feelings
                  and behaviour toward you will change... quickly and

      And before you know it...

      HER Feelings and Behaviour will change...
            right before your very eyes.
       Make no mistake - if you will practice meeting your fear, anger, and all your
challenges and circumstances head-on, taking Full Responsibility for your behaviour... She
will respond beautifully. Here’s an example:

        Full Responsibility and the Power-frame: A True Story

              One of my clients (we’ll call him Gabe) was returning home
              from a long family road-trip. Everyone was exhausted. It
              was dark and cold. The kids were cranky. Snow was piled
              on the roads and driving was difficult. Half a block from
              home the car got hopelessly stuck. Gabe felt his blood start
              to boil. Just then his wife started shrieking, “Honey - back
              up... You’re getting us stuck!”

       In an instant Gabe felt the impulse to snap at her. It pounded in his
chest and flushed his face with heat. But he didn’t snap. He had learned to
use this familiar sensation of tension rising in his body as a trigger. But
instead of being an old, unconscious, destructive trigger that made him
automatically lash out or shut down... it was now a reminder to use the
Power-frame. He told himself, “The purpose of this challenge is to help
me uncover my True Hero Nature and lead my woman into Full Love and
Deep Appreciation.”

       He used the Hero Principles - Body Breathing practice to ground
himself so that he could confidently take Full Responsibility for
whatever he chose to do and say next. He calmly confirmed to his wife
that the car was indeed stuck. He suggested that he help her and the kids
get into the house with the things they needed, and then he would come
deal with the car on his own. They were both still tense, but the edge was
softened and she agreed with the plan. It took him the next two hours to
get the car moved half a block and parked in front of his house.

       When he came in, his wife apologized for her grumpiness and for
blaming him for getting the car stuck. She thanked him for dealing with
the situation without getting mad at her. She got him dinner. They had a
glass of wine, then fell into bed together tired but happy... a far cry from
the old days when an event like this would have caused a terribly rift and
ruined many days.

       The next morning Gabe woke up with his wife stroking him and
they made love for half an hour before the kids woke up. That day at work
he got an email full of warmth and gratitude from his wife, thanking him...
just for being him.

        Brother, there’s a new possibility ripening for you. If you will answer your true calling
as a man and step into your True Hero Nature, you will be on the way to building a more
fulfilling life and relationship than you’ve ever imagined.

      Thanks for your time, and I hope to talk to you again soon.

      All My Best,

      Justice Marshall

      PS - Full Responsibility is the first of seven principles that are the foundation of The
Hero Principles relationship coaching and training programs that I provide to men, women
and couples. In these programs I go full-depth into the mechanics of male/female dynamics
AND how to leverage these natural laws to help you lead the relationship breakthrough you

    Beginning with Full Responsibility, you’ll learn a new Hero Principle every
    week to help you take charge and create the natural attraction, fulfillment, deep
        understanding, ease and respect you want in your marriage or relationship.
              You’ll also get videos, interviews, exercises and targeted support.
      With my no risk “Pay-it-forward” system, you pay ONLY the amount you
    choose, based on the value you receive. No money or credit card number up front,
                   no pressure tactics or hidden agenda... guaranteed.
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