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Youth Entrepreneurship


   - Presentation notes -

                                      By: Peter Kenyon
                                    Bank of I.D.E.A.S
      (Initiatives for the Development of Enterprising
                                 Action and Strategies)
                            Ph:    61 – 8 – 6293 1848
                           Fax:    61 – 8 – 6293 1137
Importance of Leadership
   „Given the task of rejuvenating a
region and the choice of $50 million,
 or $2 million and 20 committed local
leaders, we would choose the smaller
 amount of money and the committed
  (McKinsey and Company (1994) Lead Local Compete
 Global: Unlocking the Growth of Australia‟s Regions)
„In times of change it is the
   learners who inherit the
  future. Those who have
     finished learning find
 themselves equipped to live
  in a world that no longer
          (Eric Hoffer)
  “Leadership and learning
   are indispensable from
         each other”
(John F Kennedy, prepared for delivery in Dallas, the
         day of his assasination, Nov, 1963)
Here is Edward Bear coming downstairs
Bump Bump
On the back of his head, Behind
Christopher Robin.
It is, as far as he knows,The only way
of Coming downstairs, But sometimes he
feels,That there is another way,
If only he could stop
For a moment and
Think of it.
        Image Removed
         Photo & Quote
‘Continuing to do some thing and
   expecting the same result’
(Einstein’s Definition of Insanity)
      My Passion
• Healthy communities
• Healthy economies
• Active contribution of
  young men and women
    5 community
 actions to support
social and economic
  by young people
  Action One:

Change our ideas
 and paradigms
regarding young
„Younger people need more
  opportunities to create
 and implement their own
  ways of increasing the
   community‟s options,
  viability and quality of
               (Rural Women‟s Advisory Group, (2001)
The Success Factors Managing Change in Regional and Rural Australia)
Historic View Of Young
    cause problems

    have problems

    are problems
SOCRATES (500BC) - „Our youth today now love
luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for
authority, disrespect for older people. Children
now days are tyrants, they no longer rise when
elders enter the room, they contradict their
parents, they chatter before company, gobble
their food and tyrannise their teachers. They
have execrable manners, flout authority, have no
respect for their elders. What kind of awful
creatures will they be when they grow up.‟

ARISTOTLE, (300 BC) - „When I look at the
younger generation, I despair for the future of
PLATO - „Of all animals, the boy is the most

PETER THE HERMIT, (1274) - „The world is
passing through troubled times. The young
people of today think of nothing but themselves.
They have no reverence for parents or old age;
they are impatient of all restraint; they talk as
if they alone know everything, and what passes
for wisdom with us is foolishness with them. As
for the girls, they are foolish and immodest and
unwomanly in speech, behaviour and dress.‟

DISRAELI - 'Youth is a blunder'
„The youth of the present day are
   quite monstrous. They have
  absolutely no respect of dyed
         OSCAR WILDE

„Youth is such a wonderful thing.
  What a crime to waste it on
  Latin word from which
    the word teenager

It means „grief, strife and
 'We don't like their sound.
Groups of guitars are on their
          way out'
    (Mike Smith, DECCA A&R Manager, turning
            down the Beatles, 1962)

'The rest of the group is fine
 but the singer (Mick Jagger)
       will have to go'
(Eric Easton, taking over as manager of a pop group.
      The group was The Rolling Stones, 1961)
    „When I was a boy of
 fourteen, my father was so
ignorant I could hardly stand
 to have the old man around.
But when I got to be twenty
one, I was astonished at how
much he had learned in seven
          (Mark twain)
„Inside every older
     person is a
  younger person –
   wondering what
 the hell happened‟
      Consider These Facts
Alexander began to conquer the world at
                age 20
 Mozart composed his first symphony at
               age 6.

  Einstein wrote his first paper on the
     theory of relativity at age 16.

Joan of Arc lead 3,000 French knights to
victory in the Battle of Orleans at age 17
 Ivor Evans designed the
Australian flag at age 14.
Image Removed

Photo: Ned Kelly
‘Craig’s labour
 of love helps
         Image Removed
Photo: Melbourne Treasury Building
Young People should never be
   seen as a burden on any
   society, but as its most
        precious asset‟
 (Kofi Anan – Secretary General United Nations)
Paradigm Change Regarding Young Men and Women

 Problem                     Problem Solver

 Client                      Change Maker

 Recipient                   Co-Participant

 At risk population          Leadership asset
 to be dealt with            to be cultivated

 Tomorrow‟s                  Part of today‟s
 Leaders                     Leadership team

 Adult in the                A citizen today
    Unique Contribution By Young
          Women and Men
 Fresh perspectives
 Great collaborators
 Make the dollar stretch
 Passionate about issues, eg,
 environment / sustainability
 Impatience
 Attract the attention of the media
 Best know what other young people
  think and want
 „Youth are the leaders
of today, not tomorrow.
    We are assets, not
   liabilities. We are
solutions, not a problem
      to be solved‟
    (Sooraya Mentor, South Africa)
   Action Two:
Create meaningful
youth participation
and empowerment
        Lead On
Objective: to find ways of
engaging, informing and
connecting young people to the
business and broader
community, thereby exposing
them to what is possible in
their community.
       Lead On Outcomes
 •Community interconnectedness
 •Enhanced community capacity
 •Strengthened personal capacity
  (confidence, awareness, ability to engage
  in conversation with adults, enterprise
 •Significant community development
 •Employment / career opportunities
The „Lead On „ name evolved from the notion
  of what each opportunity „Leads on to‟.
    R U MAD?
Are You Making A

- An Initiative of the Education
          Foundation -
    Three Levels of Madness
Level One –   Commit to a mad day
Level Two –   Create a team or year
              long mad project
Level Three – Establish a MAD
              student foundation
    Image Removed
Hawksedale Town Entrance
 Sign ‘Small School Big
         Image Removed
        Newspaper Article
Hawkesdale - ‘Toilet to put town on
            the map’
     Image Removed
Hawkesdale Toilet – before
Image Removed
Kawakawa Toilet
       Image Removed
Hawkesdale Toilet – Architects
   conceptual after shot
       Image Removed
 Hawkesdale Toilet – before &
Architects Conceptual aftershot
       Image Removed
Hawkesdale Toilet – After shot
  with community in front
  The young people of Dowerin are
ENTREPRENEURIAL, and use their
  own CREATIVITY for improving
 their town; they are MOTIVATED
to do new things and they are also
    SPECIAL as there is nothing
ordinary about Dowerin. The young
  people of Dowerin will INSPIRE
 others to keep our town alive and
 they will create OPPORTUNITIES
    for the future generations.
       Image Removed
C.R.E.A.T.E Dowerin – Students
     in front of ‘Tin Dog’
        Image Removed
       Newspaper Article
C.R.E.A.T.E Dowerin - ‘New dog
already rusted on to community’
Hoggetts Group
   Image Removed
Hyden: Mallee Villas –
Youth Accommodation
  Image Removed
Hyden: Skate Park (1)
  Image Removed
Hyden: Skate Park (2)
„It is an important
 message to young
 people that they
 can do wonderous
     (Greg Darnieder)
   Action Three:
   Enable all young
   people to learn
enterprising skills and
  “ Enterprise is not seen in the
    narrow terms of simply self
   employment or small business
development; enterprise should be
   taken to mean willingness and
 ability of young people to take a
 pro-active, self determining and
  flexible approach to influencing
  and shaping their own futures.”
          (David Turner)
    Defining Enterprise Skills

 “Enterprise skills are generic and
  transferable skills necessary to
design, manage and review action.
They are the skills necessary for
     individuals and groups and
communities to create and manage

           (David Turner)
       The 12 Enterprise Skills
   Assess strengths and weaknesses
   Seek information and advice
   Make decisions
   Plan time and energy
   Carry through an agreed responsibility
   Negotiate successfully
   Deal with people in power and authority
   Solve problems
   Resolve conflict
   Cope with stress and tension
   Evaluate your performance
   Communicate (verbally and non-verbally)
              (according to David Turner)
(Creating Rural Entrepreneurial
 Attitudes Through Education)
  “We as parents and as teachers, must feel
the guilt for some of the demise of the rural
  communities. Too many of us have been in
 the business of encouraging our children and
   our students to study hard so they can go
    and get good jobs. We have not worked
     hard enough to help them explore the
     possibilities of returning to their home
communities some day, not in search of jobs,
but in search of entrepreneurial opportunities
      through which they can offer jobs.”
 (Dr Edwin Nelson, Director , School / Community Revitalisation
                   Program, Nebraska, USA)
    Curriculum Themes of the C.R.E.A.T.E.
(I)   Understanding change
(II) Knowing oneself
(III) Being enterprising
            - enterprising individuals
            - enterprising businesses
            - enterprising communities
(IV) Exploring our community as a place of opportunity
            - auditing the community
            - appreciating its uniqueness, assets and
            “windows of opportunity”.
(V)   Experimenting with social and business
      entrepreneurial ideas
            - idea generation and critical thinking
            - social entrepreneurialism
            - understanding the world of business
            - testing enterprise options
  Action Four:

enterprising role
             Image Removed
Elvis Parsley – Yellow Car / front of shop
      Image Removed
Elvis Parsley – Gold Jacket
           Image Removed
Elvis Parsley – Banana Microphones
  Image Removed
Jah Roc – Flour Mill
          Image Removed
Jah Roc – Gary Bennett & David Paris
     Image Removed

Jah Roc – Table (Postcard)
     Image Removed
Tom O’Toole in baking room
        Image Removed
Tom O’Toole & staff on opening day
              Image Removed
Tom O’Toole & current staff out front of Bakery
          Image Removed
Crowd scene inside Beechworth Bakery
   Case Study Beechworth Bakery
The Bakery:

• Employs 74 people, and another 46 at
  „Beechworth Bakery at Echuca‟
• Turns over $5.6 million plus per year
• Took $30,000 over the counter on one day
  (Easter Saturday)
• Attracts over 700,000 customers per year
• Offers 200 products
• Seats 300 customers
• Has won the most significant Regional
  Tourism Award in Victoria 3 times
    Action Five:

   Support young
entrepreneurs with
practical assistance
1. Information and skills
   related to rural
   business success
          Image Removed
Front Cover – ‘Good Enough Never Is’
 Tom‟s Recipe for Making Dough
1. Love cash flow
2. Practice positively outrageous customer service
3. Banish the bland and dare to be different in
4. Recognise, excite and extend staff
5. Network and cross promote with other
6. Be idea obsessive
7. Be passionate and avoid the dream takers and
   energy suckers
           Image Removed

Cartoon – ‘Please wait to be tolerated’
                  Image Removed
Beechworth Bakery – Sunday Band on upstairs verandah
         Images (2) Removed
Beechworth Bakery – Kids making dough
           Image Removed

Beechworth Bakery – Cappuccino Voucher
2. Mentoring

3. Networking
    Image Removed

Operation Livewire Logo
Summary of actions to enhance enterprising
 attitudes and behaviours by young people

 1.Change our ideas and paradigms
   regarding young people
 2.Create meaningful youth participation
   and empowerment opportunities
 3.Enable all young people to learn
   enterprising skills and attitudes
 4.Highlight enterprising role models
 5.Support young entrepreneurs with
   practical assistance
  „There are only two
lasting bequests we can
 hope to give our young
people – one of these is
   roots, the other is
       (Hodding Carter)
„Give me a place
 to stand and I
 shall move the
               Contact Details

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      Ph: +61 8 6293 1848   Fax: + 61 8 6293 1137

            14 Bird Rd, Kalamunda WA 6076

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