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          AFFILIATES, SPONSORS, ETC. [EXAMPLE: Stacey McBride-Irby or Mattel.]

  All Black Doll Affair [BDA] members must have a criminal background check in order to
participate in any Black Doll Affair – those fun and philanthropic! The Criminal Background
     Check paperwork is located at: http://www.meetup.com/black-doll-affair-atlanta-

 Breaking any of these rules could result in suspension of your membership or your membership
                                  could be immediately revoked.

             We reserve the right to edit and make changes to these rules at any time.

    Thank You for following the rules of our playground [Playground is the ;ocation of any/all BDA]
                                           Dana Hill, Founder
                                          The Black Doll Affair

          The Black Doll Affair Movement / www.blackdollaffair.com / Playground Policies!
Welcome to the Black Doll’s Playground!
• To reiterate the Founder's Rules of the Playground, Playground Monitors [PGM] across the country, will now hold a monthly
Meet & Greet called Playground Monitor’s Playground Party! In short, the Playground Party! A fun way for PGMs to meet
their new Dolls, greet their vintage Dolls and bond as sisters, all dolls should come out to this party. Go to our calendar in the
Black Doll House and place your YES RSVP!

• Playground Policies Party is NOT MANDATORY for new Dolls to board our movement. However, if the opportunity presents
itself, to meet and greet Dolls and to be a part of organizing our movement in your neck of the woods, it is HIGHLY
RECOMMENDED THAT ALL new Dolls attend this party!

• After reading these rules and before attending the Playground Monitor’s Playground Party, check out the video-story of
The Black Doll Affair, as told by our Founder in the Black Dollhouse at: http://www.blackdollhouse.com

•Perpetuity Photo/Video Release: When you join the Black Doll Affair, for as long as you’re a member AND after if and when
you leave, AS A BLACK DOLL, you give us perpetual permission to use your name and likeness in video and photography, in
any/all Affairs pertaining to our social club and movement! Without consulting you or getting permissions, you authorize The
Black Doll Affair and or its assigns to record and edit into his/her Video/Photograph and related materials your name, alias,
likeness, image, voice, interview, and performance. The Black Doll Affair may use and authorize others to use all or parts of the
Video or Photograph. The Black Doll Affair without payment, royalties or commissions to you, shall own all right, title, and
interest in and to the Video or Photograph, including the recordings, duplications, to be used and disposed of without
limitation as The Black Doll Affair shall in sole discretion determine and I hereby waive any rights of compensation or
ownership thereto. Black Doll Affair Member’s Child: As a member of The Black Doll Affair, you hereby give permission for
video footage and images of your child captured at any/all Black Doll Affair playdates, philanthropic Affairs and or special
events/tapings or photography sessions, to be used solely for the purposes of Black Doll Affair promotional material and
publications, and waive any rights of compensation or ownership thereto.

New Renewal Policy: Effective October 1, 2010, Black Doll Affair Memberships will run from the date a Doll
joins in a calendar year, to exact date of the next calendar year.

                       You’ve got Questions, we’ve got Answers!
What is The Black Doll Affair and how many chapters are there? It is a mistake to think of The Black
Doll Affair in "Chapters" we're a movement intended to make pit stops across the world! Headed up by leaders
called Ambassadolls, The Black Doll Affair has satellite offices called Playgrounds. Many people mistakenly call
these playgrounds, Chapters. They're not. Chapters are divisions and divisions are dividing. If our Black Dolls

               The Black Doll Affair Movement / www.blackdollaffair.com / Playground Policies!
are working as individual neighborhood units, our movement will slowly chug along whistling, "I think I can, I
think I can!" There is POWER in numbers. In the spirit of President Obama's campaign slogan, "YES WE CAN", to
CHANGE the way black girls are perceived, more importantly, they way they perceive themselves, The Black
Dolls must come together and join forces! United we stand, divided we fall. When a new passenger boards our
movement and becomes a Black Doll [Joins] that is to "Band Together" with The Black Doll Affair.

With Black Dolls from all over the country, most of our work is done in organizing online in the Black Doll
House, our online domain at meetup.com. Then, we get on trains, planes, buses, in automobiles and on
skateboards to meetup in a particular state or country. Once there, we Band Together and move into the
community to remind a black girl of her beauty with our signature Black Doll Affair Programs!

What is BDA? Black Doll Affair

What is the website for BDA? www.blackdollaffair.com

What is the website to get into the Black Doll’s Clubhouse, also referred to as the Black Doll’s Dollhouse
at Meetup.com? www.blackdollhouse.com

Why do I have to get a background check? To protect our members and the children that we come in contact
with, in consideration of the fact that we meet most of our members as strangers on the Internet, and many of
our playdates are in private homes or in intimate quarter, and we’re a woman’s organization, we ask our
members to undergo criminal [not financial] background checks. At the rate of $17 per Doll, we work with an
investigative company called: MetsCheck.

How often do I have to undergo a background check? After having that first background check, we do not
have a frequency rate of how often our members have to undergo a background check. We reserve the right to
request a background check at any time. For example, should an incident of fraud in the Dollhouse present itself,
or should some information come to light, we will exercise our right to request that a member undergoes
another one. Ambassadolls and other leaders within our organization must have background checks annually.
Without a background check, YOU ARE NOT Officially a BLACK DOLL Affair member and therefore CANNOT
participate in our Affairs.

    1.   For a member to be eligible for a gift of philanthropy or participate in a Black Doll Philanthropic Affair
         that discloses a member’s private information and or identity, to The Black Doll Affair, the recipient of
         the gift must also disclose their identity to The Black Doll Affair via a mandatory criminal background
         check. Example [but not limited to] of such type of Affair would be our annual Secret Santa Gift
         Exchange where Dolls mail gifts to another dolls private residence.

         2. After paying for your criminal background check your file is placed into our database as "Pending
         Paperwork." Once paid, immediately send [email, fax or mail] your paperwork to Metscheck.
         After 30 days from payment, "Pending" status expires from our systems. If your file expires, the entire
         process must begin again. This includes resubmitting the FULL filing fee.

What is Black Doll Public Appearance Gear? Also referred to as “PAG” this is our BDA t-shirt, wristband, black
skirts, shorts, dress, leggings, jeans, fabulous hair and makeup. Public Appearance Gear also means wearing a
smile. If you’re in a bad mood or not feeling the Affairs of the Black Dolls, turn around and go home or don’t
leave the house at all and change your RSVP to NO.

When to do I have to wear Black Doll Gear? Whenever we schedule a Black Doll Affair in Meetup… or
whenever you’re asked to do so.

When can or should I place an RSVP for a scheduled Black Doll Affair? Whenever, you see something that
you’re interested in participating, just go to the Affair located on the calendar and place your RSVP [reservation
to attend]. Yes, or No tells our organizers if you will or will not attend. Rarely, do we give the option for maybe,
as our organizers cannot make plans on you maybe or maybe not being there. If your plans change and you
can/cannot attend, IMMEDIATELY go and change your RSVP accordingly.

             The Black Doll Affair Movement / www.blackdollaffair.com / Playground Policies!
How often to I have to attend Black Doll Affairs? As often as your schedule allows, we look forward to seeing
you on the playground. There is not a set amount of time you must allocate to us. Black Dolls are volunteers, so
volunteer for a philanthropic affair or come out and play at a playdate when you can. Last but not least, if you’re
going to be absent from the playground /our affairs for an extended period of time, DO send black dolls to us in
Atlanta. This ensures that you’re living up to our motto of “Be a Doll, give a doll!”

How much is it to join BDA? In honor and recognition of the year that the original Doll Test was conducted
[1940], we’ve set our annual membership at $40.00, with annual renewal of $11.00

What is the address of the Atlanta Headquarters? The Black Doll Affair PO Box 672671 Marietta, GA. 30006

What is the Atlanta Headquarters Telephone number? 404.660.7363

Can I send unsolicited advertisements or email greetings to other Black Dolls? Spamming via greetings or
message Board is Not tolerated and is subject to membership termination.

How do I become an Ambassadoll or leader within BDA? The Founder and /or Playground Monitors will
select you. Don’t call on us, we’ll call on you.

I’m getting a lot of email from BDA, what’s the best way to manage this? Create an email dedicated ONLY for

Is it OK to Gossip about other Dolls? – Zero Tolerance. We are family and we don’t play that!

What if I know that a member is doing something that goes against BDAs standards of role model
behavior or rules and regulations, can I tell, or is that gossiping? Sharing information THAT is helpful or
harmful in preventing our movement from moving towards its goals is not gossiping. If I witness bad or
inappropriate behavior in the dollhouse or on the playground, how should I handle that? On the
playground immediately contact your playground monitor. In the dollhouse or clubhouse at meetup,
immediately report the behavior or breaking of any of these rules to the Founder or an Ambassadoll by clicking
on their photos. Or you can call the dollhouse direct our telephone number is located at:

What should I do with that email that comes to me after each of our Affairs scheduled on Meetup that
reads: “How was {Fill in the name of the recent Meetup/Playdate or Affair} “Rate this Meetup? “After each
scheduled Black Doll Affair or Playdate, Meetup will send you an email titled Rate the Meetup. All Dolls should
respond to this email and give his/her feedback.

Can I take photos of children at our Playdates? No. With a signed Parental Photography Permission Slip from
the authorities on location, ONLY Ambassadolls or Playground Monitors are allowed to take photos of children
at our Affairs. Prior to posting a photo of a child at a playdate, our leaders must send a copy of that photo and an
accompanying release form to the Playground Monitor or Atlanta Dollhouse.

If I take photos of our members at a BDA affair, how long do I have to post the photos? Please post with 24
Hours of the affair.

Where and what is the BDA Doll Dictionary? A file of terms and jargon created for Black Dolls by Black Dolls,
check out our ever growing Doll Dictionary at: http://www.blackdollaffair.com/glossaryofterms.pdf

Can I create a campaign at work or in my church for dollraising? Promoting & Fundraising on our behalf
first requires the Founder’s or Playground Monitors approval in writing. And all promotional materials must be
approved in writing in advance and under NO circumstances should you use our name, likeness solicit members,
sponsors or host an event/ affair [no matter how big or small] with our approval in writing.

What are the slogans of BDA? Black Doll’s slogan is: “Be a Doll, give a doll. Black Doll Affair’s slogan is” We’re
pretty...philanthropic.” Terms are located at:

What does this mean: “It’s more than one way to “Be a Doll, give a doll” or be “Pretty… Philanthropic”?
Showing up at playdates and affairs is one way to be active, the other is to join us on pitstops around the
country, participate in online national initiatives or if you never join us send dolls to us our headquarters.

             The Black Doll Affair Movement / www.blackdollaffair.com / Playground Policies!
How much should I put aside to fully allocate per month towards BDA? Budget accommodations… - our
playdates cater to ALL budgets.

What happens if I write a check to the Black Doll Affair and it is returned unpaid? Insufficient funds checks
are subject to a $35 minimum fee and any/all other applicable bank fees. Your check writing privileges will be
terminated and your membership may be terminated.

Does the Black Doll Affair offer refunds? No refunds only credits, this includes on merchandise and Affairs.
This does not include on merchandise or refunds where NO REFUNDS are announced “no refunds allowed.”

Is the Black Doll Affair a 501C3? No. Like your country club or your gym membership, the Black Doll Affair is a
for profit club. Our Affairs are rooted in philanthropy and so to some degree, your doll purchases can be
considered gifts and gifts enjoy tax breaks. YOU SHOULD CONSULT YOUR ACCOUNTANT OR CPA for full details
of how much of the dolls you purchase annually can go towards gifts, donations and tax breaks. Presently, we’re
implementing a non-profit arm of our organization called the Black Doll’s Foundation. Stay tuned for this
exciting announcement!

What types of Dolls should I buy and where? “So In Style Barbie Dolls” [S.I.S.] are the official black dolls of the
Black Doll Affair! The exact same price as local retailers, S.I.S should be purchased at:
http://www.blackdollaffair.com/affiliate.html The benefit of buying these dolls online with us, is Stacey
McBride-Irby is our Honorary Black Doll and the African American designer of these dolls. More importantly
and the reason why we requested to become a Mattel affiliate, is Mattel can measure EXACTLY how many of
black dolls are sold in this country through The Black Doll Affair! In consideration of both facts, our online
boutique is the PERFECT way to show, literally, our support of Stacy and the fact that blacks do want and buy
black dolls! Outside of http://www.blackdollaffair.com/affiliate.html, Black Dolls should pour into their
communities and purchase black dolls at local retailers. Those toy black dolls should range for girls ages 0-2, 3-5,
6-8, and 9-13. Dolls, should send family and friends to our online black doll shop to buy these dolls as well!

I want to promote us! Can I send a press release to my local media, create a flyer or send an email to my
Facebook friends using “our” [BDA] name? Black Doll Affair Trademarks and Intellectual Properties SHOULD
NEVER be used without permission in writing from the Dollhouse. NEVER create a flyer, promotion, business
card, email, etc using our trademarks and intellectual properties.

Men in the Dollhouse [BDA Online club @blackdollhouse.com] The Dolls love and appreciate the men
[called Brothas, it don't matter if you're black or white ;-] that support them. While we welcome men on board
our movement in our Facebook Clubs, The Black Doll House at Meetup is for Dolls Only. Men, Brothas, are
allowed to enter The Dollhouse by personal invitation only. This invitation can only come from our Founder. At
any given time, for any reason, without notice or merit, the Founder can end the welcome invitation. Men
currently in the dollhouse have been grandfathered in. However, they must remain active in order to retain their
membership or they can remain on a stay of merit if the Founder deems.

Can I welcome New Dolls that join us in the blackdollhouse at Meetup or should that only be done by
leaders and Ambassadolls? Every Doll can and should welcome and greet new members.

What’s considered a Conflict of Interest within BDA? Any type of behavior that is NOT indicative of a
rolemodel and any type of behavior that goes against our rules and policies. If you’re not sure, then don’t wear
our t-shirt while doing something questionable and if you’re not sure, ask your pastor or grandmother what they
think! Now that you’re a role model, rid your life of any behaviors not indicative of a rolemodel and if you’re
doing something that isn’t reflective of a rolemodel… don’t do it in our T-shirt / gear!

What are the Colors of BDA? Our colors are Black, Pink, and White! Black for our skin color, Pink for our
femininity and white for our Porcelain Dolls and Pals!

What is the Black Dolls Cocoa Café Bar & Lounge? Located on our message board in the Black Doll’s
Clubhouse / dollhouse at Meetup, this Thanks to Ambassadoll Kendra Dixon, your Daily Head Coffee-Maker /
Bartender, we now have a cafe' lounge in cyberspace! A place in space, where we Black Dolls can come by to just
hang out, have a drink, a bite to eat, chat with each other, unwind after a long day, moan or "wine". Join us and
tell us about your day!

             The Black Doll Affair Movement / www.blackdollaffair.com / Playground Policies!
What is considered a Security Violation in the Dollhouse at Meetup? Dollhouse Security Violation: A
Security Violation in the Dollhouse at Meetup and or at or during any/all Black Doll Affairs, is any willful act that
breaches and or impedes on the safe security and privacy of The Black Doll Affair, its members and or its
associates, sponsors, affiliates, etc. This could be using a false personal or financial identity, prank calling,
stalking, calling in on conference calls as an uninvited or unannounced guest, giving false or misleading
information verbally, on the playground at a Black Doll Affair and or in the dollhouse at Meetup.com via email,
message board, profile questions, scheduled Affairs, etc. More, removing your profile photo and leaving the
black square there with a question mark, purposefully answering the profile questions erroneously and
providing us the wrong legal first and last name. We welcome Dolls changing their profile photos, just make sure
that you check to make sure that a photo has been changed appropriately after doing so. As sometimes, Meetup
will leave the profile photo blank, but store backup photos of you. At all times your PERSONAL photo must
appear on your profile, along with your Legal Name. Periodically, we change up our profile questions, so every
now again, check your profile and make sure it’s up to par and make sure your answers match the latest
Please help us to maintain a healthy and vibrant community by reporting any illegal or inappropriate

We do count on the community to alert us to issues, so your assistance is greatly appreciated. If you receive
inappropriate communication (either online or offline) or if the behavior of a member is giving you cause for
concern, please report this activity to us.

Abuse of the site and other members can come in many forms, including the use of rude and offensive language,
sexual solicitations, posting inappropriate comments or vulgar images, scamming, misrepresentation of identity
or posting marketing solicitations.

All complaints are treated in confidence. At our sole discretion, we may warn or delete any member's profile
where allegations of inappropriate behavior have been reported.

All members need to be active and supply a current photo to be members The success of this group
depends on the participation of our members. If you have been inactive for 60 days or more (have not visited the
site or attended an event), your membership may be revoked. Also, a current, clear photo must be posted as
your primary photo at all times (you must be alone & recognizable in the picture). For Security purposes, all
profiles without photos will be removed.

We love playing with Black Dolls,

The Black Doll Affair Team

             The Black Doll Affair Movement / www.blackdollaffair.com / Playground Policies!
When joining The Black Doll Affair you agree to the following…


Our BDA Return Policy- located at blackdollaffair.com

The Black Doll Affair® Programs & Playdates are catered to black girls at every age. The mission for our
philanthropic affairs and programs is to remind black girls of their beauty by providing donated black dolls
and tools to uplift their self-esteem. Our mission for our playdate affairs/programs are for entertainment
and recreation purposes and to bond The Black Dolls [members] as a family. The Black Doll Affair® is not
a vehicle or platform to segregate races or be used by individuals, groups, organizations or companies to
demonstrate their individual political, social or other views of separatism or racial segregation. The Black
Doll Affair® is a multicultural playground open to all races, men and women.

As a participant, you agree to be photographed, videotaped and grant The Black Doll Affair®, permission
to put the finished footage/photography to any uses that it may deem proper including marketing,
advertising (print, radio and television) and PR related activities. You hereby release, discharge and agree
to save harmless The Black Doll Affair®, its affiliates, employees, officers and directors from any liability
or claimed liability in connection with the aforementioned use of your photograph, name, likeness or
performance, including but not limited to any claim you have or might have for invasion of privacy,
misappropriation and/or defamation.

1.Membership Cancellation: Without any/all obligation, The Black Doll Affair®, Incorporated reserves the
right to cancel, remove from mailing list, revoke membership, deny permission to participate to any
individual, group, company or organization that does not fully comply with any/all Rules of Governance.

2. Inactivity Clause: Because some people love being called a Black Doll, but do little MOVE the
movement, effective immediately to energize our base and to build a STRONG base of ACTIVE black
dolls around the country, the BDA has implemented the: "Inactive Sweeps" clause to our rules and
regulations. Without notice, or on a particular schedule, [could be once a year, once a day or once a month]
The Black Doll Affair will perform "Inactive Sweeps." During an Inactive Sweep, an Inactive Member [not
a Fan] can be removed. During an Inactive Sweep, BDA reserves the right to remove any/all Inactive
Members. However, while we reserve that right, not all Inactive Members will be removed. To balance out
Inactive Members with new members coming in ready for action, we may remove 5 members during one
Sweep. While on another Sweep, perhaps ten. BDA defines "Inactivity" as: Without Notice of leave, not
physically attending and offline Affair and or participating in an offline Black Doll Affair within a 60 day
time period.

3. Any individual, group, company or organization permitted to participate in The Black Doll Affair®
agrees to abide by all rules and regulations now or hereafter promulgated. Failure to comply by any
individual, group, company or organization will result in the denial of participation in The Black Doll
Affair®. The Black Doll Affair® will have the sole right to determine any participant's failure to comply
with these Rules of Governance.

4. The Black Doll Affair® has the right to approve or disapprove actions or wording of any behavior
displayed during a members membership and or for as long as the member remains within The Black Doll
Affair® programs/events, affairs and or any and all websites.

5. The Black Doll Affair® reserves the right to change its rules at any time with or without notice.

6. The Black Doll Affair® reserves the right to approve uniforms, costumes or other clothing worn by

            The Black Doll Affair Movement / www.blackdollaffair.com / Playground Policies!
individuals, companies, groups or members of our organization participating in The Black Doll Affair®
activities, playdates and or programs.

7. The Black Doll Affair® reserves the right to approve or disapprove of messages, audio, verbal, musical
or video used by participants /members of The Black Doll Affair®.

8. Compliance. Each participating individual, group, company or members of any participating
organization will comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and ordinances at all times in
connection with The Black Doll Affair® activities, events and or programs and agrees to do so by signing
up for the programs, events, affairs and or websites.

9. Entirety. The foregoing rules prescribe the terms of participation in The Black Doll Affair®, programs,
activities and or events. All participants/members must adhere to the above Rules of Governance, and any
other rules or regulations promulgated by The Black Doll Affair® at any time.

              Do you have a question about the above rules and regulations?
                      Send us an email at: info@blackdollaffair.com

            The Black Doll Affair Movement / www.blackdollaffair.com / Playground Policies!