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									            Filing Your Insurance Claim after the Tornado
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If your home was damaged by a tornado, repairs will be a priority in the weeks
ahead. Your insurance policies will help pay for those repairs.

Some of the basic coverages of homeowners and auto insurance policies are
explained in this brochure. It also shows you how to proceed with your insurance
         Homeowners Insurance - Including Mobile home & Renters

Homeowners insurance pays for

      • Wind damage

      • Rain damage from rain entering through a wind- damaged area

      • Theft

      • Vandalism

      • Fire

If these damages occur, the policy pays for

      • Emergency repairs to prevent further damage

      • Additional Living Expense

      • Debris removal

      • Repair or replacement of the insured property

                                 Auto Insurance

The optional comprehensive coverage pays for the following causes of damage

      • Wind damage

      • Water damage

      • Fire damage

      • Blowing debris damage

      • Damage from trees fallen on the car

      • Collapse damage
                        What Coverages Do You Have?

The coverages may be subject to limitations. You may easily determine your
insurance coverages and policy limitations by:

      • reading your policies

      • calling your agent

      • asking your adjuster
                           Prepare Your Inventory!

Help speed your claim settlement by making a list of damaged property in each

For each item include:
      brand name
      model number
      purchase price
      place of purchase
      cost to replace
                                  Filing A Claim

Call your insurance agent or company claim telephone number immediately

Preserve and protect your property from further damage

Save your damaged property until your adjuster has seen it

Photograph damaged property for your records

Prepare a room-by-room list of damaged or destroyed property

Keep an accurate list of all your additional living expenses such as meals, motel
 rooms, etc.

Keep an accurate list of all supplies you purchase for emergency damage

Leave a forwarding address and telephone number where your agent or adjuster
 can find you

Update December 1999

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