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									           DCO7 Animal

               The most powerful upright for
               pet hair.

                    q   Mini turbo tool
                        Removes pet hair from
                        confined spaces such as
                        upholstery, stairs and the
                    q   Low Reach Floor tool
                        For easier cleaning under
                        low furniture.
                    q   Carpet care kit
                        To keep new carpets looking

               Includes the new 5 year warranty.


            Low reach floor tool

            For easier cleaning under low furniture. Attaches to the
            reversible wand to clean hard to reach places such as under
            beds and sofas.
Animal™ turbo tool for pet hair pick-up

The air-powered brushbar effectively removes pet hair by
brushing hair and fibers out of carpet pile and upholstery and
into the constant Dyson suction.

Cleaning in confined spaces

Pet hair can cling to carpets and furniture in awkward-to-
clean areas. Dyson has developed a compact tool with an air-
powered brush bar that is ideal for removing pet hair and lint
from upholstery, stairs and the car.

Carpet care kit

To keep new carpets looking new

Zorb powder absorbs dirt from your carpets and freshens the
room. Dysolv spray quickly removes spills and marks such as
grease, food and soil.
5 year warranty

5 year worry-free use.

Approved for allergy sufferers

The British Allergy Foundation aims to improve awareness of
and treatment of allergies and advises people of allergy-
friendly products to buy.

DCO7 uses Root8Cyclone™ technology to maintain constant
suction and to remove even the smallest particles of dust,
which is why it has been endorsed by BAF.

The only quick-draw hose

Just press the catch and the 17ft hose is ready to use:

 q   no awkward parts to assemble
 q   reaches to the top of the stairs
 q   cleans under low furniture
 q   doesn't pull the machine over

Hygienic and quick to empty Patent Pending

You don't have to touch the dust, just pull the trigger.
No extra costs

Lifetime filters that don't clog, no bags to buy.

There are no bags to buy and the filters are so efficient they
last for the lifetime of the machine.

Protects rugs and delicate floors

The brush control system protects rug fringes and the drive
belt. The foot operated control easily turns the brush off when
cleaning delicate rugs and hard floors.

Root8Cyclone™ technology

Dyson Root8Cyclone™ maintains powerful constant suction.

Lifetime HEPA filter

Air expelled from a Dyson has up to 150 times less bacteria
and mold than the air you breathe.
Automatic carpet height adjustment

No need to bend down.

The Dyson adjusts automatically to different carpet heights,
so there are no awkward dials to adjust.

Light and easy to maneuver

The motor and wheel geometry balances the machine so the
weight on the handle is only 4lbs. So it is easy on your wrist
and light to steer around furniture.

Edge cleaning whiskers Patent Pending

DCO7's suction is channeled up to the edges of the cleaner
head. The whiskers are angled out to reach down between
the baseboard and the floor, flicking dust directly into the

Reversible wand Patent Pending

Reverse the wand and hold the handle to give you a firm grip
when reaching into awkward corners.
High velocity airflow tools Patent Pending

Conventional tools can stick to carpets or curtains. This stops
them from cleaning effectively and can make them hard work
to use. The channels on the DCO7 tools direct the air down
into the carpet pile. This has two main advantages:

     q   You pick up more because the directional force of the
         air agitates and dislodges dust.
     q   The airflow is continuous even when vacuuming
         curtains or upholstery, preventing them from
         becoming stuck to the tools.

Clear bin™

This has 4 clear advantages:

     q   You can see how well the Dyson works
     q   You can always tell when it's full
     q   It is easy to empty
     q   You can retrieve lost objects

Durable tough construction

Made from ABS and polycarbonate, materials used to
manufacture crash helmets, cars and pipelines.

Technical specifications

                     Height: 46.1"
Dimensions           Width: 14.0"
                     Depth: 13.4"
Weight               19 lbs
Motor wattage:       12 amps. The power of a vacuum
                     cleaner is best measured in airwatts
                     (suction power). Motor wattage simply
                     tells you how much electricity a cleaner
Bin capacity         0.89 gallon
Cord length          37 ft
Maximum reach        53 ft

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