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									                                Dyson Product Design Award 2007
                                                                                        In association with the British Council Design
Terms and Conditions                                                                    Ambassador programme, Designers Institute of
                                                                                        New Zealand, IPONZ and the New Zealand Listener

1. The closing date for entries is 5.00pm May 25, 2007 and the       7. The product must be the result of the work carried out during
   winner will be announced in June, 2007.                               the period of five years immediately prior to the closing date.
2. The prize will be one return economy airfare to London for        8. The entrant is responsible for applying for and obtaining any
   one person plus NZ$3000.00 spending money. The airline                intellectual property rights relating to the product that has
   ticket is not redeemable for cash. Travel should be                   been entered. The competition organisers will arrange for the
   commenced in September 2007 to experience the London                  award function to be officially recorded as an industrial
   Design Festival, however, if this is not possible, travel must        exhibition or “gazetted” by the New Zealand Commissioner of
   be commenced by March 30 2008. The prize will also                    Patents, Trade marks and Designs. Details of any trade mark,
   include a visit to Dyson’s headquarters in Malmesbury, a              patent, design application or registration associated with the
   Dyson vacuum cleaner as provided by Avery Robinson, a                 product should be included with the entry (e.g. NZ Patent Ap.
   year’s membership to the Designers Institute of New Zealand,          No. 123456 or PCT/NZ05/123456).
   and an invitation to join the D&AD talent pool, an online         9. The entrant must confirm that he/she is the legal owner of
   database of international design talent. The winner can select        all intellectual property and moral rights in the entry and,
   an official fee prize package tailored to the winner's                if not, he/she must provide proof of permissions and/or
   intellectual property needs from IPONZ. IPONZ will pay the            ownership and licenses from relevant third parties. The
   initial New Zealand application fee or service fee selected by        design must be original and not in breach of a third party’s
   the winner. The winner or subsequent IP owner is responsible          intellectual property rights.
   for all future costs associated with the IP asset(s). The IPONZ   10. The entrant should indemnify all parties involved in the award
   prize package is non-transferable or exchangeable for cash            including Dyson, the promoters, the judging panel, the agents
   or services from a legal professional including a patent              and employees against any third party claims that could arise
   attorney. The IPONZ prize package is to be taken within six
                                                                         from submission of the product to the competition.
   months of the award function, extendible up to 12 months by
                                                                     11. The entrant must supply two references from independent
   agreement. The winner automatically qualifies to enter the
                                                                         referees, who can confirm the product has been designed
   James Dyson Award, a global design award to be won by the
                                                                         by the entrant and agree to be contacted, if necessary by
   best of other national level competition winners from around
                                                                         the judges.
   the world. The winner of the James Dyson Award will receive
                                                                     12. The judges will comprise a group of professional designers/
   £5,000 cash prize, a unique chance to interact with Dyson
                                                                         engineers/academics. Judging criteria will include
   RDD and the opportunity to gain global visibility and
                                                                         the following: Use (functionality, consideration of user
   recognition. The cost to deliver an entry for the James Dyson
                                                                         needs, ergonomics), Product (aesthetics, environmental
   Award to Dyson’s address in the United Kingdom, and its
                                                                         considerations, safety, problem solving), Commercial Viability
   insurance, is the responsibility of the entrant. See
                                                                         (manufacturing/production, costings, marketing, packaging/
   www.dyson.co.nz for details.
                                                                         identity) Ambassador Potential (entrant’s personality, ability
3. The award is open to all final year tertiary students studying
   design, technology or engineering related degrees or courses          to articulate). Innovation, Creative Intelligence and Originality
   and to individuals in their first five years of the work force        will be considered across all areas. Judges will have the
   who have graduated in the above areas.                                final say over all aspects of the competition, no further
4. Entrants will be New Zealand residents.                               correspondence or discussion will be entered into and the
5. The product submitted can be developed as a professional              entrant accepts the judges’ decisions as final and binding.
   project, class assessment or designed in the entrant’s own        13. The winner and finalists of the award will agree to partake
   time. The design submitted can be from any product group,             in any publicity and promotional activity surrounding the
   but must reflect the award criteria and brief.                        award and future awards. As part of their ambassador role,
6. The entrant can submit up to two different design ideas,              the winner will be required to partake in some activities
   which may be from unrelated fields – the designs are to               recommended by the organisers while in the United Kingdom,
   serve to explain the entrant’s capabilities. As least one of          including writing a travel diary of their experiences and taking
   the entries should be comprehensively documented (on up               their own photography of their trip.
   to six numbered A3 sheets or boards) explaining the design        14. All entries should be available to the organisers for
   through a brief, research, concept drawings and photographs           exhibition purposes.
   of models. If possible one additional page should include         15. The organisers will accept no responsibility for the entry
   a preliminary development strategy covering costing,                  material submitted. All material will be available for
   production criteria and marketing plan. Where possible the            reclaiming by the entrant upon request at a time suitable to
   designer should include a model or prototype or sufficient            the organiser.
   evidence to show the product’s benefit to the end user. All       16. The winner of the award must notify the organisers of any
   entrants’ identification should be restricted to the entry form       change in employment during the time they are the current
   only and not included in the submission itself.                       award winner.

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