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Dyson DC24       The Dyson DC24 is Dyson\'s latest ultra portable ball-controlled vacuum
User Reviews     cleaner. The DC24 encorporates all the technology that consumers have come
Expert Reviews   expect from Dyson in a small lighweight housing.

Check Amazon     This compact cleaner still packs a punch, removing pet hair and dirt is no
Reviews          problem thanks to the motorised brush bar.
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                 Best of all there is no bay to throw away once your done which means no extra
                 costs. Quality you can trust...
                 The DC24 has been awarded a Which? Best Buy Award and comes with
                 Dyson\'s 5 year parts and labour garuntee for your peace of mind.

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             A selection of user reviews:

             Oscar Harper                                               2009-07-25
             I gave the Dyson DC24 top marks simply because it does everything I could
             want it to. The Dyson DC24 is easy to use and the build quality is great. I have
             already recommended the Dyson DC24 to my friends and family.

             10/10             Read full review

             Marcus Russell                                               2009-05-18
             I ordered this vacuum cleaner for just shy of £200 about three months ago for
             my nephew. He liked it very much and I must say it surprised me how good this
             vacuum cleaner is for the money

             9/10             Read full review

             Katie Thomson                                                  2009-02-14
             Overall I think the Dyson DC24 is quite a nice vacuum cleaner. However I think
             that if I was going to get another one though I would do a bit more online
             research and find one that was slightly smaller to suit our house

             8/10             Read full review

             Dyson DC24
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