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Dyson vacuum cleaners use Root Cyclone™ Technology which spins and separates
dirt and dust from the air. Particles inside Dyson’s cyclone technology are subjected to
150,000G – that’s 43,000 times faster than a Formula 1 car – enough to kill dust mites.
This removes 99.9% of all dirt and dust particles from the airflow, stopping them from
being released back into the room. The air expelled from a Dyson has up to 150 times
less allergens, bacteria and mould content than the ambient air you breathe.

Unique Selling points
•   Telescope Wrap™ System
•   Hygienic bin emptying
•   Best suited for hard floors
•   Root Cyclone™ Technology + Core Separator
•   Variable suction control

1/3 smaller than a full size Dyson cylinder.

Only a Dyson has all five:                                         Code                      :   DC22AL
                                                                   Barcode                   :   502 5155 007 648
                                                                   Floor Tools               :   Mini Flat Out™ Head
               No running costs. No bags to buy.                   Tool Storage              :   On wand tool storage
                                                                   Colourway                 :   Satin Yellow
                                                                   Wattage                   :   1100w
               Cleaner expelled air. Up to 150 times
                                                                   Suction Power             :   190 air watts
               less mould & bacteria than in the air you
                                                                   Bin Capacity              :   1.2l
    LIFETIME                                                       Pre-Filter Wash Cycle     :   1 Month
                                                                   Post- Filter Wash Cycle   :   1 Month
               HEPA filter    traps   pollen   and   other
                                                                   Filtration Level          :   H12 HEPA
                                                                   Cable Length              :   5m
                                                                   Maximum Reach             :   8.7m
                                                                   Sound Level               :   84.9dBa
               Approved by the British Allergy Foundation.
                                                                   Pack Size                 :   1
                                                                   Boxed Machine Weight      :   9.63kg

     5         5 year guarantee. Tough durable
                                                                   Operational Weight
                                                                   Outerbox Dimensions mm
                                                                   Machine Height mm
                                                                                                 542 x 284 x 390
                                                                   Machine Depth mm          :   263
                                                                   Machine Width mm          :   402

                             The vacuum cleaner that doesn’t lose suction.

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