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                                                                                         Press Release

    Adax Inc. endorses TTCN-3 products by Testing Technologies

    Voice-over-IP Market benefits from high-end Testing Products
    Berlin/Berkeley, November 2004 – The Californian company Adax Inc. has opted to deploy
    Voice-over-IP Test Suites by the Berlin company Testing Technologies IST GmbH. Based on stan-
    dardized TTCN-3 testing methodology, the test tools by Testing Technologies ensure a maximum
    level of flexibility and automation in testing distributed systems in the telecom sector. Adax will
    be using the VoIP Test Suites to develop testing techniques ensuring that its own products on the
    exponential growth market for Internet-based telephony continue to meet the highest technical
    “When an experienced and successful company like Adax endorses Testing Technologies TTCN-3
    Test Suites for the VoIP market – which is the most vigorous and most highly competitive market
    currently around – this is clear testimony that both our products and the TTCN-3 methodology
    itself match even the most exacting market requirements” says René Drescher, vice president of
    Sales and Marketing at Testing Technologies, commenting on the new partnership. “Our exten-
    sive VoIP Test Suite product lines are ideal for the rapid implementation of a complete range of
    compliance and/or regression tests, and for the flexible advanced development of SIP test cases.
    And more and more leading telecom companies are recognizing this.”
    Adax Inc.
    Ever since 1982 Adax Inc. in Berkeley, California has been offering solutions and products for
    service-controlled signaling in complex telecommunications systems, including Media Gateways,
    GPRS, UMTS and Voice-over-IP. Adax Inc. is listed on Pulver100.
    Testing Technologies IST GmbH
    Testing Technologies is a leading provider of software-driven VoIP testing solutions, including SIP,
    for complex compliance and/or regression testing scenarios. Testing Technologies is also a leading
    specialist for tools for standardized TTCN-3 test language now firmly established on the market.
    In particular, Testing Technologies provides tools for the graphic definition, compilation and
    implementation of TTCN-3. And as a test service provider, Testing Technologies IST GmbH also
    offers a comprehensive Service Portfolio ranging from planning and specification to implemen-
    tation and test execution.,,

    Contact René Drescher, Phone + 49 30 726 19 19 16 Mail

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