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									Thinking Strategically - Acting Creatively
Ideas for fostering the development of the Creative Economy in Adelaide

          Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project
                                                       Project partners:
        The Australian Institute for Social Research, Centre for Labour
              Research at the University of Adelaide and the Strategic
         Projects Division of the Department of Premier and Cabinet,
                                          and PhD student Jane Andrew
    South Australia
   Australia's population
   South Australia’s
    Population 1.57 million
   South Australia's
    capital is Adelaide -
    Population 1.15 million
   South Australia’s
    current main economic
    drivers :

•   Mining
•   Defense
•   Wine
                              Adelaide Metro Area
UK’s Creative Industries

                                                     The Creative Industries in
   “activities which have their
                                                     South Australia
    origin in individual creativity, skill
    and talent and which have the
    potential for wealth and job
                                                         ‘linked by the use of similar
    creation through generation and
                                                          creative and artistic inputs and
    exploitation of intellectual
                                                          produce products and services
                                                          that fall into the categories of
                                                          entertainment, education and
Advertising, Architecture, Music, Art and antiques        art.’
markets, Performing arts ,Computer and video
games ,Crafts, Publishing, Design, Software,
Designer fashion, Film and video, Television and
                                                     audio-visual ,media and digital media,
                                                     advertising, craft, visual arts and indigenous arts,
                                                     design ( including architecture, fashion, and graphic,
                                                        urban, industrial and interior design)
                                                     film and television, music, publishing
                                                     performing arts, cultural heritage/institutions
Research Aim
 Inform creative economy policy both
  within and outside traditional arts and
  cultural sectors
 Identify enabling factors that foster and
  sustain regional creative capacity,
  which in turn drives regional innovation in
    ◦   Cultural
    ◦   Social
    ◦   Environmental &
    ◦   Economic spheres
South Australian Strategic Plan
                                                   Objective 1.
                                                    Growing Prosperity
„ [this plan] is a plan for                        Objective 2.
everyone – for business, for the
community‟…… In many ways, I                        Improving Wellbeing
regard the guiding thread of the                   Objective 3.
plan to be „a knowledgeable                         Attaining Sustainability
community‟… [and that]
Innovation and creativity must                     Objective 4.
be at the centre of everything                      Fostering Creativity
we do‟                                              and Innovation
                                                   Objective 5.
                                                    Building Communities
                                                   Objective 6.
                                                    Expanding Opportunity
Objective 4.
     Fostering Creativity and Innovation

„South Australia has a reputation for innovation in science
and in the arts.

We understand that our prosperity depends on the
imagination, courage, talent and energy of our citizens.

We want to reaffirm South Australia as a place that
thrives on creativity, knowledge and imaginative thinking.

This capacity to do things differently will determine
whether we can achieve all our goals for the state‟s future‟
‘A culture of creativity helps economic growth by developing better
products and services, more efficient businesses and better delivery of
government services. Creativity is also important to building a vibrant

    T4.1 TARGET – Creative                T4.4 TARGET – Cultural
     industries: increase the               engagement – arts activities:
     number of South Australians            increase the number of
     undertaking work in the creative       attendances at selected arts
     industries by 20% by 2014.
                                            activities by 40% by 2014.
    T4.2 TARGET – Film
     industry: double the number of        T4.5 TARGET –
     feature films produced in South        Understanding of Aboriginal
     Australia by 2014.                     culture : Aboriginal cultural
    T4.3 TARGET – Cultural                 studies included in school
     engagement – institutions:             curriculum by 2014 with
     increase the number of                 involvement of Aboriginal people
     attendances at South Australia‟s       in design and delivery.
     cultural institutions by 20% by
Overcoming Path Dependency
• challenge narrowly conceived definitions of
 creativity and places in the economy where it

• develop a more sophisticated understanding of
 the relationship between creativity and the

                      Charles Landry
The Creative City ?   Adelaide Thinker in
                      Residence 2003
      David Throsby’s                                                         Creative Industries in
       framework                                                                 South Australia
                                                                              •   audio-visual ,media and digital
            Creative Core
    Not for profits& Low income
                                                  Commercial creative
     Creative individuals/artists
              & groups                            businesses comprising
                                                  larger companies
                                                                              •   advertising,
 micro businesses                                 Publishing, music,          •   craft, visual arts and indigenous
 Art, craft/design,                               Digital media, screen
 performers, writers etc                          industries,
                                                  Architects, Designers etc
                                                                              •   design ( including architecture,
                                                                                  fashion, and graphic, urban,
                                               suppliers                          industrial and interior design)
                                                                              •   film and television
                                                                              •   music
                                                                              •   publishing
         Interpretation of Throsby’s definitional framework
                                                                              •   performing arts
                                                                              •   cultural heritage/institutions
cultural economy
                                                                              creative industries
A Creative enterprises‟ influence goes further than its own
                    immediate sector
Valuing the sum of the parts
tangible exchanges: Goods,
services, revenue (traditional value      Exchange Analysis:
chain). All contractual or mandated
activities that directly generate or       What is the overall
deal with revenue                          pattern of exchanges
                                           in the system?

                                          Impact Analysis:
                                           What impact does
intangible exchanges:                      each value input have
Knowledge, Strategic information,
collaborative design, planning             on the participants?
knowledge, process knowledge,
policy development, etc.
Viewing the creative economy as a
Regional Innovation System

    „Regions who are performing well
    economically have enabled the
    development of a Regional Innovation
    System which knits together a mix of
    regional innovation policies and
    institutions with knowledge flows, and
    the systems on which they rely‟

                         (Cooke and Memedovic, 2003).
successful systems tend to display a
number of common characteristics
such as:
•   intensive co-operation among firms
•   high quality workforces
•   flexible work structures
•   dense infrastructures of supporting institutions
    and organisations
•   innovative regional cultures
•   activist regional governments.
Regional Innovation Systems

regional innovation systems „are essentially
social systems, composed of interacting
sub-systems (…) the interactions within
and between organisations and sub-systems
generate the knowledge flows and drive the
evolution of the regional innovation
                     (Autio, cited Oughton, et al., 2002, p 97)
Fostering collaborative policy
making for a creative economy

„Via communication hubs new patterns of
collaboration and networking develop and act as
catalysts for innovation through sharing of tacit
                                 (LAGENDIJK, 1997)
of Creative

                  e capital
„….creativity is dependant upon the
 relationship between individuals
 and organisations, not [solely] on
 the competencies within
 individuals and organisations‟.
                       (Bilton 2006, p 53)
Thinking Strategically - Acting Creatively
Ideas for fostering the development of the Creative Economy in Adelaide

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