3D Ida by shuifanglj


									Ida Chung (9)
Mandy Hon (11)
Belinda Ip (12)
Gigi Kwan (13)
Tiffany Kwan(14)
      Time                                  Activities
9:00-9:15     Go out from the hotel to have breakfast
9:15-10:00    Breakfast at
10:00-10:15   By MTR to Central
10:15-10:35   By Peak Tram
10:35-11:45   Shopping in the Peak Tower
11:45-13:00   Shopping in the Peak Galleria
13:00-13:35   By bus to Central
13:35-14:15   Lunch at Tsui Wah Restaurant
14:15-15:00   Shopping in Rocky Road
15:00-15:30   Visit to Man Mo Temple
15:30-16:15   Shopping in Lascar Row
16:15-16:30   By tram to Causeway Bay
16:30-17:00   Tea at
17:00-20:00   Shopping in Causeway Bay(Sogo and Times square)
20:00-22:00   Dinner at Bowringtou Road Market
22:00-22:15   Go back to hotel
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It is the oldest form of
public transport and is
also the first railway
built in Hong Kong. It
was first used in 1888.
The railway is 1.4km
long. Now it is mostly
used for sight-seeing.
               In the early period of colonial rule the
               Victoria Peak was open to the people of
               upper strata of society only. It is now
               open to all people. It has become a
               famous tourist spot in Hong Kong

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The Peak Tower has over 112,000 square
feet of great dining, shopping and
entertainment space. This striking icon also
offers magnificent views over Victoria
Harbour, Kowloon.
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Madame Tussauds is the first Asia
 extension of the world-famous
 London wax portraits exhibition,
 which allows you to come face to
 face with incredibly realistic wax
 likenesses of 100 of the world's
 most famous people.
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This is Tsui Wah
Restaurant. The food
there is in Hong Kong
style and not very
expensive. For example,
“wonton” noodles, fish
dumpling noodles.
     In the olden days
(about 1890s) this
street was covered with
wooden boards, but not
anymore now. There
are shops and stalls at
the two sides of this
street. The things are
low in price and has
many variety of
„Man‟ in Chinese represents intellect. „Mo‟
in Chinese represents martial art. Emperor
Man Cheung was good at intellect. And
Emperor Kwan Sing was good at martial art.
Man Mo Temple (文武廟)is used for offering
sacrifices to Emperor Man Cheung and
Emperor Kwan Sing. So, it is called Man Mo
When Hong Kong first became a city,
Upper Lascar Row was an Indian
Barrack. Chinese people were
accustomed to call Indians „Mall Law
Cha‟ (摩囉差). Therefore, Upper Lascar
Row is called „Mall Law Street‟ (摩囉街).
It is now used for selling antiques.
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This is the Tram
Railway. It is one of the
oldest transportation in
Hong Kong. It is slow in
speed, therefore, the
tourists can enjoy the
scenes on the way. This
is only built on the Hong
Kong Island. It was first
used in 1904.
                                                                     Milk Tea in Hong
                                                                     Kong style.

          This is Egg Tart.

These are all the food that are in Hong
Kong style. They are very special.             This is the pineapple bun.
Tourists can learn more about the Hong
Kong culture by food!
  SOGO, the largest Japanese department store in Hong Kong,
  commenced operation in 1985, and has since been a shopping
landmark for Hong Kong people and tourists. With wide variety
of products including continental brands of men and ladies' wear,
jewellary, leather goods, electrical appliances, home accessories,
   supermarket and etc. spreading over thirteen stories, SOGO
        caters for different customers' needs and wants.
  Jardine’s Crescent sells the traditional Hong Kong things. the
 goods are cheap. The street is very narrow as there are stalls the
streets on the two sides. They mostly sell clothes and accessories.

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Times Square was officially opened in April 1994 and is one of Hong
Kong's largest shopping malls and one of the 10 most popular tourist
 destinations in Hong Kong These facilities are spread over 16 floors
 within Times Square. The floors are neatly and logically divided into
areas. Its popularity is also enhanced by its excellent links with public
transportation such as the MTR, trams, buses, taxis and mini buses.

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We have the nice traditional Hong Kong food there. Hong Kong
people like to eat there as the food is nice and cheap and suitable
  for them and the places are often very convenient. There are
different kinds of people who will go there and eat. Tourists can
          also know more about the Hong Kong people.
                  Item                  Expenses
Hotel Rate (per night)                  $750
Breakfast                               $10
MTR ride                                $3.4
Peak Tram ride                          $20
Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium   $90
Madame Tussauds Hong Kong               $95
Bus ride                                $9.2
Lunch                                   $22
Tram ride                               $2
Tea                                     $18
Dinner                                  $33
Souvenirs (e.g. Chinese cakes,          $200-$1000
                            Total sum = $1234.6-$2034.6
• Po Leung Kuk                    •Hong Kong Stadium

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