Tennessee Tennessee “The Volunteer State”

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“The Volunteer State”

By: Miss Lauren
Wednesday @ 10:30
  Lowe Finney

   TN Representative
   for Gibson County
Here is Tennessee on a map
Can you find Tennessee on this
Here it is!!
Tennessee is separated into 3 parts:
     West, Middle, and East
We live in West Tennessee!
                 Memphis, Tennessee:
                   West Tennessee

Downtown Memphis on      Home of Elvis Presley:
                                                  Beale Street: Home of
 the Mississippi River    King of Rock in Roll
                                                        the Blues
                 Nashville, Tennessee:
                  Middle Tennessee

Downtown Nashville:     Opryland Hotel   Home of Country Music
The Batman Building                              Stars
        Chattanooga, Tennessee:
            East Tennessee

Ocoee River   Smokey Mountains   Tennessee Aquarium
Knoxville, Tennessee:
  East Tennessee

Tennessee has a state flag!!
                  Famous Tennesseans:

Davy Crockett:       Andrew Jackson:          James K. Polk:       Andrew Johnson:
King of the Old   Former President of the   Former President of   Former President of
   Frontier           United States          the United States     the United States

 Dolly Parton            Aretha Franklin           Al Gore         Kenny Chesney
The mocking bird is Tennessee’s
         state bird!!
The Iris is the state flower
                  Fun Facts:
   About 5,797,289 people live in Tennessee.

   Tennessee’s capitol is Nashville, Tennessee.

   Memphis is Tennessee’s largest city!

   Tennessee was the 16th state to join the United
    States of America!
         What did you learn?

Write one thing you learned and draw a picture!