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Drama club contract


									                                 Dee!ng High School

                                         Student Contract

Core Values

                           Commitment
                           Cooperation
                           Production

    Commitment refers to your priorities. We expect you to be at assigned rehearsals
           and/or builds with all necessary tools, clothing and equipment. It’s your dedication
           that makes a successful production. The commitment of all parties will ensure

    Cooperation refers to team work.We expect you to follow directions, work well with
           others and be a positive member of the team. Your comments, gestures and
           actions have affects on other members of the production. Throughout various
           productions and performances, we assign students to work as team leaders,
           assistant directors, chiefs and more. We expect your full corporation with these
           students in assigned leadership roles.

    Production refers to your responsibilities as a member of the show. We expect you to
           meet deadlines for completion of sets, properties, designs, and be ready for
           rehearsals and remember from one rehearsal to the next any directions given to
           you. Bring a pencil and small notebook to rehearsals to track your notes!


    Every member of the tech crew must keep up their homework and maintain passing grades.
    Teachers will be given a list of members and will let us know if any of you are missing excessive
    assignments and/or failing their class. If you are failing classes, it is your obligation to meet with
    teachers and Mr. Kennedy to develop an action plan to get caught up. Participation in Tech is not a
    reason to miss academic commitment.

    Please go over the schedule carefully. Before signing this contract, you need to be sure that you
    can commit to the build times assigned to you. Please note that some Saturdays will be required.
    If there are any conflicts, you must notify Mr. Kennedy or Ms. Harris immediately.

    Each member will encouraged to purchase a performance T-shirt for a nominal fee of $10. (Price
    may change based upon the number of orders) The shirts will be worn to school on the day our
    show opens.
“Three Strikes” Policy:

     Should any member of the team not meet the expectations outlined above, he/she will be given a
     strike. Strikes will be given by Mr. Kennedy (Technical Director), Mrs. Green (Musical Director),
     Mrs. Labbe or alternate Choreographer and Ms. Harris (Director). Strikes may be given for the
     following reasons: not showing up to rehearsal without communicating with staff members prior to
     the absence, disrupting a rehearsal, failure to make progress with role (line, blocking or notes),
     disrespect to any staff member or student, mistreating fellow team members, any inappropriate
     behavior including frequent appearances at detention, use of profanity, use of unauthorized
     electronics during rehearsals and shows, suspension from a Portland Public School, violation of the
     rules outlined in the D.H.S. student Handbook. Also, the directors may issue strikes to cast and
     tech team members that cast a negative image of deering drama. This image can include and may
     not be limited to: excess verbal complaints, slander, deprivation of the club’s image, the spreading
     of rumors or false facts via verbal discourse, or electronic devices such as text messaging, emails,
     blogs, comment boards and social networks. Actions that serve to change the course of
     participation by various members and result in creating controversy will not be tolerated. These
     actions may include and not be limited to: boycotts, walk-outs, refusal to follow directions,
     encouragement of any member not to participate in Drama Club through any means including
     absences, threatening, bullying, planning of conflicting events of Drama Club events with intent to
     attract Drama Club Members, through any means including and not limited to electronica, audio,
     messaging and demonstration. The intent of this clause is to ensure students who join Deering
     Drama, do so to produce legal productions with as many students engaged as possible.

     Strikes may not be given solely by crew chiefs, assistant directors, parent volunteers, managers, or
     students in leadership roles. In the case of production member fails to follow the direction of a
     student in an assigned role, production directors may assign the strike after review of the infraction
     with both parties; the student who commits the infraction and the chief, assistant director or

     Strikes are assigned by directors only. There is no debate regarding the assigning of strikes. In the
     case of a student receiving a third strike, all directors will meet and discuss the assignment of the
     third strike. Only when directors are in agreement, will a student receive three strikes.

Removal & Expulsion from Drama

     When a member receives three strikes, he/she WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE TEAM, CREW
     AND PRODUCTION. We do not anticipate this happening; however, this policy will be enforced.
     Drama Club is a privilege, not a right.

     In the case of a Drama Club participant receives three strikes and is removed from the club, they
     will be allowed to return to Drama Club events, seven days after the completion of said participants
     production. The definition of completion is: “The last day in which an event is schedules regarding
     a production including: rehearsals, builds, productions, run-throughs, fund raisers, strikes, and cast
     parties.” Seven days from the completion of said events, the club member may request to be
     reinstated as an active member. This request must be made in writing to both directors.

     We want all who desire to participate, but we will not allow anyone to jeopardize the production
     and hard work of their peers. The goal of our club is to create professional quality productions,
     while incorporating all students who wish to be a part of the production, no matter who much or
     little the assist. The directors feel everyone can help and any help makes a difference for us all.

     It is important to remember that students need to arrange for their own transportation. Students
     are to be picked up promptly at the close of rehearsal. Students will be exiting from the front
     North end of the building, they will not be allowed back into the auditorium or P.A.R. (Performing
     Arts Room 225) after the conclusion of each build/rehearsal. The main door of the building is open
     every day after school. Please use this entrance to pick up your child.

Cast Requirements:

     Cast members have enormous responsibility in the development and production of our
     performances. They must dedicate copious amounts of time to rehearsals, memorization, and
     adjustments for successful productions. If you are not committed to this level of dedication, please
     do not accept a role as a cast member.

     Cast members are first required to memorize lines needed for productive rehearsals. It is cast
     members responsibility to have these lines and changes committed to memory by due dates.

     Cast members are required to learn blocking. Blocking is critical in choreographing the movements
     on the stage and/or set pieces. Blocking will change as the production develops. It is the cast
     members responsibility to note and track changes.

     Notes are critical. It is during notes that critical changes will be discussed. It is cast members
     responsibility to write down notes about their performance, changes in script, blocking and scene
     or act changes. It is the responsibility of the cast member to commit these written notes to

Cast Tools:

     Cast members have tools and supplies needed for rehearsals. These tools include and are not
     limited to:

            • Water (water bottle or container, no sugar beverages)
            • Kleenex or Tissue paper
            • Towel (Hand or Bath for perspiration)
            • Note Pad & Pen or Pencil (Taking notes on block, cues, and acting)
            • Script (Your copy of the script, lines or notes)
            • Snacks & Meals (Some rehearsals will run late. We do not provide food)
            • Bag or Pack (to contain all your things)
            • Hose, Stockings & Tights (If you role requires these items)
            • Deodorant (We do not suggest sharing)
            • Personal Hygiene Items (Varies. Please bring what you need)
Tech Crew Member Tools:

        It is expected that each Tech Team Member furnish his/her clothing. Power tools and hand tools will
        be provided. Techies are expected to bring the following to each rehearsal:


                 • Black     Pants
                 • Black     Shoes
                 • Black     Socks
                 • Black     Long-sleeved Shirt

        ***All black clothing will have no labels, insignia or colors. If so, Crew Members are required to
        attach black stage tape or electrical tape over all exposed colors that are not black. This is a
        mandate for all those crew members who wish to work back stage during the performance.


        Please note, although we take many precautions, working with building materials can be
        dangerous. Splinters, wire, hot glue, chemicals, power tools and hand tools can cause serious
        injury. It is DHS Drama Club policy that all student wear proper safety gear and use guards, gloves
        and shields when working with hand and power tools. Due to the complexity of each build, we
        cannot assure protection. Mrs. Harris and Mr. Kennedy are trained with the First Responder Team at
        Deering High School. We have access to medical equipment in the unlikely event that a child
        becomes injured. Your contact information at the bottom of this page will be saved in the event
        that your child is injured or hurt. We don’t anticipate any injuries, but accidents do happen and we
        want to be able to contact you immediately in that unfortunate event.

PLEASE-- Keep the contract for your reference. Sign* the contract sheet and return to
Mr. Kennedy or Ms. Harris before the commencement of our production/production year.

* Failure to submit a signed contract may lead to termination from the Deering Drama Club. Failure to submit a signed contract is a
refusal to follow directions of the club directors and staff. Failure to follow direction is not safe for students and club members.
I, Student Name
   _________________________________________, have read and understand
                    print student name
the Drama Club member contract as stated above. By signing this contract, I understand that I
am committing to the production of ______write in current production_____ and I am agreeing
to be a dedicated, positive and proactive member of the team.

                                         Signed __________________________________

                                         Duty    __________________________________

   ___________________________________________,have read and understand the
I, ::
                    print parent name
Drama Club member contract as stated on the previous pages. By signing this contract, I
understand that I am giving permission for my child to be a member of the DHS Drama Club. I
understand that my child might operate power tools, hand tools, use paint, chemicals (makeup,
fog fluid, etc) and climb on ladders, scaffolding or stage props and I am aware this can be
dangerous. I will not hold Deering Drama Club, Deering High School or Portland Public Schools
libel for injury in the result of an accident or set piece, property or tool malfunction. I do reserve
the right to revoke permission and remove my son or daughter at any time. I guarantee that if I
should revoke said permission, I will inform: Michael Kennedy (Technical Director), Kathleen Harris
(Theatrical Director), Deering High School Athletic Coordinator and the Deering High School Principal
in writing (print media, not email or by phone). I understand that my student will need to stay after
school or participate on weekends for rehearsals and will need to arrange his/her own
transportation. I assure Deering Drama that I will provide transportation to and from school,
rehearsal locations and building locations in the event the location is moved. I will not hold
Deering Drama, Deering High School or Portland Public Schools libel for allowing my son or
daughter to find alternate transportation to or from rehearsals, productions or competitions. I
will also contact directors in writing if there are Health Concerns that may affect my child’s
safety. This disclosure will also outline contingencies. Drama Club Directors and members are
not at liberty to administer medications or medical aid beyond first response measures. Directors
are First Responder trained, but are not certified medical staff.
                                    Contact Phone____________________________________________

                                   E-mail address ____________________________________________
                                                                  not mandatory-but helpful
Please indicate the following areas you      (Parent)   would consider assisting with:
        Costumes (Sewing, Cutting)                            Program Distribution (performances)
        Fundraising (Sales)                                   Cast Party (Hosting)
        Ticket Booth (Operation)                              Make-up/Hair
        Advertising (Flyer Distribution)                      Tech Work (Building, Painting)

                                     Questions? E-mail
                         Mr. Kennedy
                             Mrs. Harris
                              CONTRACT MUST BE RETURNED
           Failure to return this contract may result in loss of club participation.

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