Drama and Debate Club by shuifanglj


									                                    Drama Club
                                 Sponsor: Lisa M. Larios

   Drama Club:
    The purpose is to create an appreciation and promote an interest in the areas of the
      performing arts. This organization is for all students (acting, music, technical
      theatre, or others) interested in these disciplines. Students will be exposed to
      information pertaining to scholarships, auditions, contests, play productions, and
      other performing arts events.
    The prerequisite is to have an interest in the performing arts.
    Membership cost is $5 annually.
    Generally one meeting per month usually during lunch.
    Officers are elected by an acclamation by paid members and must be required to
      have completed at least an acting or technical theatre class and a paid member in
      order to run. Representatives will also be elected by acclamation of paid

Justification: This club provides an opportunity for the students in Acting, Technical
Theatre, and Music classes to come together and socially interact as one unit. It takes
students from all three areas to assist with play productions as well as host the annual
awards ceremony. There clearly is a direct correlation between instruction and the
application of that instruction through the various activities that the club becomes

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