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					                                    ISI – Identity Theft Solutions
                                              IdentitySecure (Basic)
                             Comprehensive Identity Fraud Protection Program NEW
• Suggested Member Fee: $99.00 per year billed to credit/debit         • Triple-Bureau Credit Alert® Monitoring - Daily monitoring of
    card. Normal retail price = $9.95/month (or $119.40/year).             all three credit bureaus will notify members of any new
• $10,000 Identity Fraud Insurance - Coverage for lost wages,              inquiries, certain derogatory information, accounts opened,
    legal fees, and expenses associated with stolen identity.              public records added to their credit files, etc... If no
• Identity Fraud Resolution Service - 24-hour toll-free assistance         information has been added or changed, the member will
    line with trained specialists. A Personal Caseworker is assigned       receive a Quarterly All-Clear Notification and enjoy the added
    to “hand-hold” victims through the identity fraud resolution           security of confirming that their credit reports remain free of
    process. Caseworker will explain reports, assist with identity         suspicious activity.
    recovery, and recommend specific actions to prevent future         • Triple-Bureau Credit Reports and Scores - Information from
    identity theft. They will also provide personal assistance with        all 3 bureaus is conveniently combined in one comprehensive
    conference calls, letters and forms.                                   report. Information is updated and a new credit report can be
• Card Patrol (Credit/Debit Card Fraud Monitoring) – Real                  obtained once every 90 days. (Online members can access
    time, 24/7 online fraud monitoring to notify members when              their credit report as often as they wish. Offline members are
    their credit/ debit cards appear in the internet “underground”         fulfilled via first-class mail.) Comprehensive report compares
    marketplace of stolen information. This is the most                    and highlights differences between the information reported by
    comprehensive internet credit and debit card fraud alert service       all three bureaus.
    – utilizing human intelligence along with proprietary web          • Credit Information Hotline - Receiving your credit report is
    crawling technology. Members are notified immediately if a             good, but understanding it is essential. In addition to the
    monitored card has been compromised – often well-before the            detailed analysis provided with the Triple-Bureau Credit
    consumer or financial institution will find out. (Affinion Group       Report and Score, the Credit Information Hotline provides toll-
    exclusive benefit.)                                                    free support to ensure that members fully comprehend all the
• Social Security Number Monitoring - Proprietary early-                   details of their credit history.
    warning technology alerts members when personal information        • Credit Score Illustrator - The Credit Score Illustrator utilizes
    is found compromised online helping to minimize potential              the member’s credit report and score to analyze how specific
    fraud damage. The Social Security Number Monitoring benefit            actions can increase or reduce their score. This benefit helps
    utilizes real-time, web-crawling technology to monitor                 members gain a better understanding on how they can
    underground chat rooms, websites and blogs where thieves               positively impact their credit score as well as assists members
    trade and sell stolen Social Security data. Should any                 in making crucial financial decisions, such as debt payoff, debt
    member’s monitored Social Security Number appear on these              consolidation, and credit card payoff.
    web portals, an automatic email alert will be sent to the          • Calculator Suite - This benefit assists the member in
    member, giving the member the time needed to foil a thief's            determining the best ways to pay down debt and manage
    attempt to use his or her credit information.                          household budgets with a host of specialized tools. Consisting
• Neighborhood Reports - IdentitySecure makes it easy to obtain            of five, easy-to-use calculators (Outstanding Debt, Debt
    an overview of virtually every neighborhood in the                     Consolidation, Credit Card Payoff, Multiple Card Payoff and
    country.Review home values, demographics, crime rates,                 Home Budgeting), the Financial Calculator Suite enables the
    information on the local schools and economy, and local                member to develop effective plans for managing budgets and
    climate and pollution measurements. Members can see how                eliminating debt. Powerful and flexible, each calculator
    their neighborhood stacks up, or preview other locations.              enables members to enter and compare multiple scenarios, so
• Payment Card Protection (Lost/Stolen card Assistance)                    they can learn more manageable ways to positively affect their
    - 24-hour toll-free emergency phone number.                            financial picture.
    - Promptly cancel and replace all cards.                           • Fraud Assist Toolbox - The Fraud Assist Toolbox is a
    - Liability coverage for credit, debit, and ATM cards.                 convenient, online tool that helps members prevent and resolve
    - Emergency cash and airline tickets for travelers.                    problems that arise from identity theft more quickly by using
• Card and Document Registration - Store data from important               the interactive online step-by-step recovery tool. This tool will
    documents and cards for quick, emergency retrieval. In the             coach the member through the recovery process, and send
    event of a loss, members can call the toll-free number (24/7) to       reminder emails for follow up tasks. Members have access to
    retrieve data from important registered documents and cards.           prevention services, such as setting credit bureau fraud alerts,
    Members can also change and update their registered                    as well as recovery services.
    information at any time.                                           • Quarterly Online Newsletters - Ongoing communications keep
• MyIDMattersSM - Members can login to the user-friendly                   members aware of what’s in the news, the latest statistics on
    website 24/7 to help them stay up to date on identity theft-           Identity Theft, as well as providing valuable tools and
    related issues. Members will learn tips to help stay protected         recommendations to protect them from becoming a victim.
    from the latest fraud scams, trends, and tactics. Members learn        Newsletters are updated each quarter
    tips to help stay protected from the latest fraud scams, trends,
    and tactics. E-newsletter alerts notify members when new           • Program Delivery:
    articles and resources are posted.                                     - Online/ Website Enrollment and Access
                                                                           - All benefits fulfilled online. (Offline available.)

                                         IdentitySecure (Enhanced)
                                Expanded Identity Fraud Protection Program NEW
           Includes ALL the services of the “basic” IdentitySecure, plus these additional benefits!
                        (NOTE: MyIDMatters is replaced by the ID Theft Risk Assessment and Awareness Tools)
• Suggested Member Fee: $179.00 per year billed to                    • Triple-Bureau Credit Alert® Monitoring – Same as above,
    credit/debit card. Normal retail price = $17.95/month                 except member receives a Monthly All-Clear Notification.
    ($215.40/year).                                                   • Triple-Bureau Credit Reports and Scores - Same as above,
• $25,000 Identity Fraud Insurance - Coverage for lost wages,             except the information is updated and can be obtained once
    legal fees, and expenses associated with stolen identity.             every 30 days.
• DataSweep – Proprietary technology comprehensively monitors         • Computer Security Software Suite - Stay safe whenever you
    up to three of the member’s physical addresses, email                 surf the web with our dual-engine software security suite. This
    addresses and telephone numbers on Internet directories -             powerful, integrated toolkit includes the latest Antivirus,
    prime sources of data for spammers and thieves. Every two             Spyware and Firewall protections as well as Root Kit, Spam
    weeks, DataSweep checks online directories and search                 Control and Parental Block modules. IdentitySecure makes it
    engines and lets the member know if their monitored personal          easy to enjoy the best of the World Wide Web without any of
    information is available for public viewing. The member will          the worry.
    know exactly which sites are displaying their information, and    • PC Damage Protection - Be covered for damages to your PC
    Affinion will provide advice on how to request removal of             utilized in conjunction with our Computer Security Software
    your information from a particular website thus preventing            Suite. PC Damage Protection reimburses you for both physical
    identity thieves and fraudsters from using the info..                 and viral damage to your PC - up to $1,000 for each type of
• Public Information Report and Monitoring – Provides                     damage. If your PC becomes damaged while you're a member
    member annually with a thorough report, similar to a                  of IdentitySecure, simply have it repaired by the technician of
    background check, of all public information that exists in the        your choice, and we'll pay for the covered repairs up to $1,000.
    public domain. The report obtains, consolidates, and formats      • Purchase Protections – Feel secure whenever you shop with a
    data from over 5,000 sources, including: real estate records,         valuable 60-Day Purchase Price Protection and 60-Day Return
    court and legal records, criminal records, bankruptcies, liens,       Guarantee. If you purchase an item with your credit card and it
    judgments, etc… This report will help detect potential public         goes on sale within 60 days of your purchase at the same store,
    record manipulation and potential mistaken identity/ identity         you'll receive the difference in price - up to $250 per item and
    theft. By obtaining a thorough overview of their public               up to $1,000 per year. Plus, should you fall out-of-love with
    records, the member will be more able to manage this oft-             your new purchase, you can receive a full purchase price
    misused information and correct any inaccuracies. Member              refund, up to $250 per item and $1,000 annually, for up to 60
    will receive automatic notifications each quarter if new              days from the date of purchase when you return the item to us.
    information appears in their name in public records (i.e.         • Driver’s Report and Reimbursement - Access to driving record
    bankruptcies, liens and judgments, criminal).                         from current and past states and reimbursement for costs
• ID Theft Risk Assessment and Awareness Tools – After                    associated with obtaining this information.
    completing a comprehensive 30-question survey (the S.A.F.E.       • Medical Information Bureau Info and Reimbursement -
    Score Interactive Quiz), members are provided with an easy-           Access to medical information on file at the Medical
    to-understand score and recommendations for lowering their            Information Bureau and reimbursement for costs associated
    score and vulnerability.                                              with obtaining info.
• Quarterly Webinars - Educational webcasts concerning timely         • Social Security Record Search - Access to individual’s Social
    and relevant identity fraud topics. Webinars feature the              Security account to confirm future payments are accurate.
    following: A live, client customized forum with moderator, e-
    mail invitation with detailed information on how the member       • Program Delivery:
    can participate, subject expert presents approx. 20 – 30              - Online/ Website Enrollment and Access
    minutes of material, and the presentation is available online;        - All benefits fulfilled online. (Offline available.)
    archived up to 6 months.

IdentitySecure – Comprehensive Identity Theft Solutions across Five Key Areas:
                 Prevention – proactive minimization of theft risk
                 Detection – early warning and alert
                 Resolution – expert assistance
                 Reimbursement – out-of-pocket expenses
                 Protection – additional coverage and security

Key Identity Theft Statistics: The Need for Identity Fraud Prevention and Protection
    ♦   94% of consumers say financial firms should be doing more to protect their account holders from identity
          theft and fraud.
    ♦   Identity theft is the top consumer complaint received by the FTC – 9 years in a row
    ♦   Identity theft has become the fastest growing crime in America with 44.8 million victims in the past 5 years,
        and nearly 20 million in past 2 years alone. In the past 12 months, the number of identity fraud victims
        increased 22% - first time in 5 years there has been an increase in incidence.
    ♦   Historically, higher rates of fraud occur when the economy worsens. Identity theft increased by 22% from
        2007 to 2008 (from 8.1 million victims to 9.1 million victims).
    ♦   Using stolen information to make online purchases increased from 15% (2005) to 37% (2008).
    ♦   SSNs are top compromised data among victims.
    ♦   In 2008 the average out-of-pocket expenses paid per consumer to resolve identity theft was $496 per event
        and the average time spent was 30 hours. And, identity theft costs consumers more than $48 billion
        ($4,849 per victim) annually.
    ♦   In 2008, there were increases in data used immediately after the compromise (less than one week) which
        jumped from 33% to 71% over the past 3 years. There was likewise an increase in data used after a long
        holding period (one or more years), which increased from 4% to 9%.
    ♦   Over 9 million adult Americans learned last year that criminals committed fraud with their personal data
        such as SSNs and/or credit cards.
    ♦   Women experience 26% higher fraud rate compared to men.
    ♦   Data breaches and other types of data compromises are new identity theft battleground. Over 127 million
          pieces of consumer information were exposed as a result of security breaches in 2007.
    ♦   Existing accounts fraud costs the industry $31 billion:
            –    22% = New accounts & other fraud
            –    40% = Misuse of existing non-credit card account or account number
            –    38% = Misuse of existing credit card or credit card number
    ♦   New accounts fraud costs the industry $18 billion (up from $15 billion). New account fraud is the toughest
        to detect, takes the longest to resolve and is the most upsetting to victims.
    ♦   Majority of fraud victims continue to be notified of fraud through their financial institution, however self
        detection [through an outside monitoring service or constant monitoring of personal data] results in a period
        of misuse that averages 56 days less than notification by an outside institution.
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        2     Consumer Fraud and Identity Theft Complaint Data January-December 2008, Federal Trade Commission, February 2009
        3     Identity Theft Resource Center report dated January 8, 2008
        4     IdentityTruth survey of 8,500 respondents, cited in CardFlash, July 31, 2007

Affinion Certifications and Endorsements:
•   Affinion is the only endorsed solution for the American Bankers Association (ABA) and the National Association
    of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU).
•   Awarded the prestigious ISO 27001, the highest international standard for information security management
    and one of the 85 designees in the US carrying this leading-edge credential
•   Awarded the World Class Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) Level 1 compliance
    certification – the highest level of secure standard of billing transactions in North America and the United

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