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Casco Bay Lines 1st Annual Inter-Island Groundhog Day Cruise


									  Casco Bay Lines 1st Annual Inter-Island Groundhog Day Cruise

                            Saturday February 2, 2008

The cruise will depart Portland at 6:00 pm, stop at all the islands to pick up
  passengers, and remain at Cliff Island for approximately one hour. The
purpose of this cruise is for islanders, both year round residents and summer
         residents to mingle, eat, and drink, and have a good time.

                      Food provided by the Cockeyed Gull

   Entertainment provided by Double Platinum Celebrations featuring DJ
                             Patrick Daniels

                                Cash bar on board
                                “Dress to Impress”

   Tickets are $25 per person and available at the Casco Bay Lines ticket
               window or by calling Caity at 774-7871 x105.
                 Tickets will be limited, so get yours today!

6:00 p.m. from Portland                     8:45 p.m. depart Cliff
6:20 p.m. from Peaks                        9:00 p.m. to Chebeague
6:35 p.m. from Great Diamond-state pier     9:20 p.m. to Long
6:50 p.m. from Diamond Cove                 9:30 p.m. to Diamond Cove
7:00 p.m. from Long                         9:45 p.m. to Great Diamond-state pier
7:20 p.m. from Chebeague                    10:00 p.m. to Peaks
7:35 p.m. arrive at Cliff                   10:20 p.m. to Portland

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