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									                                            Redtail Ridge Kindergarten                                                                                        Theme: Dr. Suess

                                          Mrs. Schnackenberg’s                                                                                                  March 5, 2010

                                          Kindergarten                                                                                                         Upcoming Dates:
                                                                                                                                                         3-5 End of Trimester 2.
                                          News                                                                                                           3-5 Conference reminders sent
  The Week in Review                                                                                                                                     3-8 NO SCHOOL-Teachers com-
                This week we began our theme of Dr. Seuss! “Oh        time and effort on it to assure accurate results and findings.                     pleting report cards
  The Places We Will GO!”                                             Another aspect to remember about report cards is the
                On Monday , we worked on Seuss addition, and          recognition math grade only is determined by knowing all 4
  other various Seuss activities. We talked about fiction vs. non-    coins we have learned in class.                                                    3-11 No School Kindergarten
  fiction and looked at many different books he has written.
                                                                                  This week we worked on the letter q as well. We                        ONLY! Evening conferences
               Tuesday we celebrated his birthday by playing a        worked on words that begin and end with q, the sound the q
  rhyming game and singing him a special song. We also worked         makes (kw), and alliteration.                                                              4:15-8:15.
  with the “at” family and continued our work on coins. The
  students made stick puppets and were asked to make-up a story                    In math we worked on number stories, two digit
  with the characters, to be like Dr. Seuss! Imagine! Be creative!    numbers 20-50, and ordering events. We continued to work on                        3-10 Report cards sent home.
  We also wrapped-up our reading Olympics by getting “medals”         letter recognition, skip counting, and number writing daily.
  and a few closing ceremonies.                                       During out math time we have been working hard to remember
                                                                      numbers from 20-50. Please take time to review larger numbers                      3-15 Elementary Art Show at
               Wednesday brought Dr. Seuss hats, counting by          at home.                                                                           Glendale, 6 p.m.
  10’s, a cat word find, and Q,q handwriting. We also attended an
  All School Meeting in which we shared our classroom reading                       In Being A Writer we worked on writing nonfic-
  minutes! Hold on to your hats….we had 6095 minutes in just          tion stories. We used our knowledge of facts to write a story.                     3-16 Evening conferences
  our classroom! Way to “Go for the Gold” kindergartners!             We used nonfiction books as a guide for our writing. Together
                                                                      with a partner we had to agree upon a page to share with the
               Thursday and Friday we continued our Dr. Seuss         class about our nonfiction story. On Fridays we get to showcase
  week. We watched various Dr. Seuss stories during quiet time,       our writing by sharing our ideas in our special “Author’s Chair”.
  read many of his books, made a class book as well as a rhyming                    During our Making Meaning time we worked on                          3-19 NO SCHOOL/Conferences
  book! Ask your child about the difference between fiction and       reading about different tools. Tools students use at home,
  non-fiction! books Have them write a fiction story at home!         school, and for fun. We got to think about tools our families
                                                                      might use as well.
               We made a hat, worked with the “at” family, count
                                                                                    March parent/teacher conferences are quickly
  ed by 10’s, and much more! Dr. Seuss seems to be a “theme” that
  is enjoyed by all the students. Take some time this week to
                                                                      approaching. A second reminder of the time you chose back in                       3-22—3-26 NO SCHOOL/
                                                                      October will be sent home this Friday (today). If you cannot
  reread one of his books with you child identifying rhyming
                                                                      make your time please call. If you have a conflict, please con-
                                                                                                                                                                Spring Break
  words as well as word families.
                                                                      tact me ASAP so we can find a time that will work. (952) 226-
               We worked on our trimester 2 assessments this          8054.
                                                                                       “There has been a reported case of strep throat in your child’s
                                                                                                                                                         **Have fun! Celebrate Dr.
  week. We will share the results at our March conferences and
                                                                      classroom. Information about strep throat is available on the Health Services
  on report cards. Trimester 2 requirements and learning are          website: www.priorlake-savage.k12.mn.us, click on Services, click on Health        Seuss! Have Green Eggs
  much more intensive. Grades often change from the first tri-        Services, click on “Is my child ill…”. If you do not have access to a computer,
  mester due to the tougher guidelines and requirements. Please       please call the Health office for a hard copy.”                                    and Ham for breakfast!**
  note that we take assessing very seriously and spend a lot of

                                                                                 During our literacy time we will practice                                       Reminders & Notes:
                                                                     the letter R by printing, Looking at words that begin

Next Week...                                                         and end with r, alliteration with r, and blending
                                                                     words with the r sound. We love our literacy time
                                                                     because we get extra opportunities to experiment
                                                                                                                                                         IMPORTANT UPCOMING DATES:
                                                                                                                                                         Mark your calendar!
           ** As we begin trimester 3 expectations are:              with our smartboard!
                                                                                 In Math we will play a game called Guess
skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s to larger sums.
                                                                     my Number where we use our knowledge of numbers
                                                                                                                                                         4-2 No School
Identifying penny, nickel, dime, and quarter and
                                                                     to give hints about the number we are thinking of.
amount. Sight words including: we, are, go, it, and, on,
                                                                     We will count with calculators, and introduce meas-
                                                                                                                                                         4-8 Spring Picture Day
look, in, what, do, is .Identifying author and illustrator
                                                                     urement with feet activity.
as well as becoming familiar with introductory books.                                                                                                    4-8 Kindergarten Program
Please continue to practice these very important skills
at home with your child.                                                                                                                                 6:30 pm
                                                                     ***Prior Lake/Savage Carnival - It's HUGE! The
          Monday, no school for K-12, teacher’s will be                                                                                                  5-31 No School
working on report cards. Report cards will be sent home              Prior Lake/Savage PTC (Parent Teacher Child) is
Wednesday, March 10, 2010.                                           hosting its 29th Annual PTC Carnival on Saturday,
                                                                     April 17, 2010, from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Prior                                6-4 Kindergarten Graduation
          Tuesday and Wednesday we will be starting
our theme of St. Patrick’s Day! Hats, coins, rainbows,
                                                                     Lake High School, 7575 150th Street West.                                           6-10 Last day of school!
shamrocks and leprechauns will be discussions in our
classroom.                                                           You have to see this carnival to believe it! We have                                (3 hour early release)
           Thursday, no school for Kindergarten
                                                                     it all: A Haunted House for the older kids, A Wizard
only! This day is mandated by the district for scheduled             of Oz attraction for the younger kids, over 80
kindergarten staff meetings and conferences. Confer-                 games to play, Inflatables, Prizes, Food, and a
ences from 4:15-8:15 in the evening. We look forward to              Silent Auction that has over 300 themed baskets
meeting with you!                                                    and 100 gift certificates. Don’t miss this fun family
         On Friday we will continue studying the                     event. Everyone is welcome. Questions? Interested
customs and theme of St. Patrick’s day. We will create a             in Volunteering? Just want more information? Then
leprechaun mask, and a class book about finding a pot                visit www.PTCCarnival.com
of gold.
         Next week we will begin sort 6 in the class-
room. We will work really hard to hear differences in
rhyming words sounds and look at word families.

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