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Caring For Your Diamond Ring About the Author by shuifanglj


									Caring For Your Diamond Ring
Now that you have that breath taking diamond ring in order to have it remain a beautiful and sparkling piece for years to come you must give
consideration to taking proper care of it. There are many aspects to the care process for such a marvelous diamond ring. Your diamond ring is a great
investment and thus requires a little extra care. This diamond could and should last a lifetime and while diamonds are the hardest compound on earth
they still must be properly cared for.

There are special ways you should go about cleaning your diamond ring. Rings get dirty simply from day to day wear, so you must clean them
periodically. Even oils from the skin can affect your ring. There are a few ways to take care of this properly, such as giving them a mild soap bath. Use
a soft brush to wash away the loose particles, but be careful to do this as far away from the sink as possible. It is a known fact that drains and jewelry
are a bad mix and this is one sure way of losing your ring.

Another method of cleaning your during diamond is to soak it in a solution of ammonia and cold water. You should allow it to soak in the mixture for
about half an hour. You will still have to use a soft bristled brush to clean it, but remember you can scratch diamonds so be very careful while brushing
it. Instead of mixing your own solution you should know there are some fantastic cleaners on the market for diamonds and you might find these to be
more to your taste. When using these commercial solutions all you have to do is follow the instructions, being careful you don’t touch the diamonds
with your fingers. This only ruins our hard work. Always pick your jewelry up by the edges.

There are also machines on the market for diamond cleaning that are worth considering. You must know how to use these machines though or you
risk damaging your diamond ring.

The setting is another important part of your jewelry and is one of the leading reasons why people lose the diamonds from their rings. As a precaution
you should take your diamond ring to a jeweler and have the setting checked at least once a year. Taking this step becomes even more important if
your diamond is set in soft metal such as 24 karat gold. When storing your ring it should be placed in a soft fabric covering and placed in jewelry box. If
possible your diamonds should be stored in separate compartments. This is because there is only one thing that can cut a diamond and that is another

Keep in mind you should not wear your diamond ring when you are doing heavy work. Though diamonds are among the hardest compounds on earth
they can still be scratched if it receives the right kind of blow.

About the Author

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