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                                            Redtail Ridge Kindergarten                                                                                Famous Faces and Places

                                                                                                                                                           March 4, 2011
                                            Miss Jirik’s
                                            Kindergarten News                                                                                             Upcoming Dates:

                                                                                                                                                      3/7– NO SCHOOL K-12

The Week in Review….                                                                                                                                  3/10– Parent/Teacher Confer-
                                                                                                                                                      ences   4-8 pm.

             Our theme for the week is Dr. Seuss! “Oh the Places we        after conferences and hope you will be working on them together!
will go!” We read, shared, laughed, and rhymed our way through the         Again, this is great practice for next year for all of you, as well as a   3/17– NO SCHOOL-K only
library and wonderful writings of Dr. Seuss. We were left tongue           way to reinforce that home-school connection we feel is so impor-          Parent/Teacher Conferences
twisted and tongue tied from his books! Dr. Seuss gives us a great         tant. Our next sort is “How many syllables can you count!”                         4-8 pm.
opportunity to rhyme, read, and be creative! It is a way for us to
imagine and invent characters and stories. We made two different                         We continue our “Reader’s Workshop” and building
hats, books, cat accordions, rhyming books, and wrote about our            our working stamina a bit each week. This week, we introduced              3/18– NO SCHOOL
favorite Dr. Seuss Book! We invite you to have fun like we have            being able to make choices to which activity students would like to
                                                                           visit. Each day students must visit: work on writing, read to self,           Parent/teacher Conferences
with Dr. Seuss, have green eggs and ham for Saturday breakfast! Put
Socks on a Fox! Hop on Pop! Get One Fish, maybe Two Fish! How              word work, listening to reading, and a daily changing brain building
                                                                           activity. As the students visit each place at reader workshop, they        3/21-3/25– NO SCHOOL
about a Red Fish or a Blue Fish!
                                                                           are responsible for placing a ticket in their name spot. This builds
             We continue with our practicing of the letter sounds          students motivation to learn and independence during this time.                     Spring Break!
with zoo phonics! We are working on sounding out words with the            Each student was able to choose new books for their personal book
zoo phonics. We have been using this to guide our instruction on           bins. They are really enjoying and using their book bins. It is fun        3/31– March Birthday Celebration
blending and segmentation. We have also been working really hard           watching their successes as they become readers! In the next couple
on learning our sight words. This week we worked on have, do, is,          of weeks we will spend extra time in the classroom utilizing our
and he. We also introduced are and and as new words for our word           guided reading groups.                                                     4/7– Kindergarten Music Program
wall. For trimester 3, the sight words we want your students to
                                                                                         In math, we talked a lot about coins. Identifying what                  6:30 p.m.
recognize words: the, he, me, is, and, you, are, on, look, at, do what.
                                                                           a quarter, nickel, dime, and penny are. We have not tackled what
            Our weekly letter focus was U,u. We worked in our              each is worth yet! We wrote and solved number stories, worked on
alphabet books, came up with words that began with U, sang U               our 2 digit numbers, ordered daily events, and made craft stick
                                                                                                                                                      4/13– 2 hour early release.
songs, and worked with some smart board lessons on the letter U!           patterns. We continue daily to practice rote counting, skip counting,
Writing these letters can be tricky, and we need a lot of practice and     and identifying numbers. Even threw a little Dr. Seuss Addition in         4/15– NO SCHOOL-K-12
reinforcement on the correct formation of the letters.                     there!
              During our Being A Writer and Making Meaning times                         In the last 2 weeks we have spent a good deal of time        4/22– NO SCHOOL– Good Friday
we will added extra guided reading lessons to really give students a       benchmarking students and their determining their reading levels as
boost after making benchmark assessments. Students will work in            well as instructional levels. This takes a lot of time, but is so impor-
level appropriate groups on concepts that fit their reading needs as       tant. It helps us to know exactly where each student is at and how         5/30– NO SCHOOL– Memorial Day
we have been working through all year. Our hope is that all the            we can be challenging them! We will be happy to share what we
Kindergarten students leave Kindergarten feeling comfortable with          have found at conferences. We also spent the last week assessing
level appropriate books and hoping each leave reading at a C level         students for Kindergarten criteria, results will be able to view on        6/3– Kindergarten GRADUATION!
book. We will be sharing what a typical level A, B, and C book             report card and discussed at conference.
looks like at conferences.
                                                                            **REPORT CARD NEWS-PLEASE READ!**Report
             We finished our second rhyming sort during our Words           Cards will not be printed this Trimester-You may access them via
Their Way time. Rhyming is a tough concept for Kindergartners to           Family/Student Access. All report cards will be available to view on
                                                                                                                                                        Reminders & Notes:
grasp, so any additional practice is great. Having Dr. Seuss as our        Wednesday, March 9th. To access the report card, go to the District         Conferences coming! Please be
theme and experiencing his writings are a great home resource for          or Redtail Ridge web-site, click on Family Resources and then click
rhyming! Please take a look at our website for additional suggestions                                                                                 sure to contact us as soon as pos-
                                                                           on Family/Student Access. Any families who do not have access to
on practicing rhyming at home. We will sending another sort home            e-mail or internet will get a paper copy sent home with their child        sible if you are unable to attend
                                                                                                on Wednesday, March 9th.                               your assigned conference time.
                                                                                                                                                       Make sure to be watching our up-
Next Week...                                                                                                                                           coming dates as we have MANY
                                                                                                                                                        days of school off this month!
           For the next two weeks we will focus on                        short a and CVC words.
St. Patrick’s Day, shamrocks, and leprechauns. We                                                                                                             Special Thanks:
will talk about what it is, have some fun activities                               In Math students will look at and distin-                          Thanks to Super Target in Savage
and smart board lessons talking about it, and may                         guish between the different coins, play a leprechaun                         for donating all the bags for the
even attempt to catch a mischievous leprechaun! No                        game, group attribute blocks, and play a game called                        hats! All we did was ask, and they
school on Monday as we will be completing report                          guess my number.                                                            were more than happy to donate!
cards. (Please see above message about report                                       Each student will spend additional time                                     We love Target!
cards as they have changed since fall.)                                   this week working in their guided reading groups.                                 LOOK IN FOLDER FOR:

          Our weekly letter focus was V,v. We                             We will work on recognizing and introducing more                             *2nd notice for conference time
worked in our alphabet books, learn about the letter                      sight words, reading leveled books, and working on
V from the smartboard, and look at different V                            reading comprehension. Some groups will work on
                                                                          adding a writing piece to their lesson as well.                                         Math Links
things. Writing these letters can be tricky, and we
need a lot of practice and reinforcement on the cor-                                 We look forward to visiting and sharing                                Math Link 5-2 due 3/11
rect formation of the letters.                                            with you at conferences! Wow have these students
          In Words Their Way we will move into                            really come along way! We will be sharing what we
sorting words by syllables. We will sort pictures that                    have seen in the classroom, a writing sample, and
have between 1-6 syllables. A sort will come home                         their established reading level. We will also look
to work on after spring break. Please look in your                        back and see if we have met the goals we set to-
students folder for this sort. It will be sorting                         gether at the fall conferences. See you soon!
Please call the school with any questions or concerns at 952-226-8000.

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