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                    StrataSorb CO2 Absorbent Curtains
 StrataSorb CO2 absorbent curtains passively absorb harmful CO2 gases from the air in enclosed areas. They do not require
 electric power to operate. Simply hang in enclosed areas, with all sides exposed and the soda lime chemicals react with and
 remove the CO2 particles.

 The sealed packing of the curtains, eliminates the need for protective masks and clothing during handling and deployment.

 Key features and benefits include:                               Carbon Dioxide concentration versus time

                                                          Test Conditions:
 • Fast and easy deployment with no                       Eight (8) people in 8.325m3 room. Thirty-two
   tools or electrical power required                     (32) curtains hung in center of room
                                                          CO2 input rate 30.58 litres/man hours
 • Begins working immediately                             (244.64 litres/hour total input)
 • Packaged in soft foil pouches
 • No settling of contents in storage and
 • No protective mask needed while deploying
 • Custom sizes available
 • Tested performance

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