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					Library Instruction Lesson Database Template
Resource Title           Author Study Introduction: Dr. Seuss
File Name                Dr Seuss Author Study Intro.doc
Resource Description     This is an introduction to author Theodore Seuss
(This is information     Geisel for the SMART Board with lots of interactivity
about the resource.)     for student involvement.

Standard                 AASL                         FCPS
Strand                   AASL                         FCPS
Indicator                AASL                         FCPS
Benchmark                AASL                         FCPS
POS                      Eng 2.7, 2.8, 3.5, 3.6, 4.4, 4.5, 5.5, 6.4
Materials                LCD projector, SMART Board, Smart Notebook file,
(Books, files, links,    variety of books by Dr. Seuss
graphic organizers,
databases, etc.)

Lesson Length            15-30 minutes

Keywords or key          Dr. Seuss, author study, SMARTBoard, SMART Board
Year Created?            2008

Teacher Editable?        XYes

Audience                 X Librarian
(Resources may have
more than 1 audience.)
Purpose                  X Lesson Plan
(Resources may have
more than 1 purpose.)
Created By               Created by John Re, adapted by Donna Forester
(written by or adapted

Grade Level                  Pre-K                       7th Grade
                             K                           8th Grade
                             1st Grade                   9th Grade
                         X   2nd Grade                   10th Grade
                         X   3rd Grade                   11th Grade
                         X   4th Grade                   12th Grade
                         X   5th Grade
                         X   6th Grade                   Adult
LEARN Lesson Plan
Author Study Introduction: Dr. Seuss
          Great link would be Read Across America Day when Dr.
Link      Seuss’s birthday is celebrated and his books are widely

          Assessment: Class discussion on favorite Dr. Seuss book.

          Use the Smart Notebook file to enhance the
Engage    explanation of his life and work. (Can be edited by
and       teacher to use the selection of slides that are
Educate   appropriate for or of interest to particular group of


         Slides are very
Active   interactive.
Learning Have different
         students come
         up and move
         pictures to
         reveal answers
         and facts.

          Assessment: Observation    Assessment:                Assessment:

          What is one thing you learned about Dr. Seuss today?

          Read and discuss various books by Dr. Seuss.