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					                                    SHAVING MUG

TYPE        Scuttle          GENERAL   Peacock                  MARKS           None
CIRCA       1900             CONDITION No defects               MATERIAL        Ceramic
HEIGHT      98 mm            LENGTH    168 mm                   DIAMETER        80 mm x 80 mm

DESCRIPTION This shaving mug is larger and heavier than average. The soap container is
square. There are 5 drainage holes in the soap compartment. There is a brush rest at the top of
the handle running across the mug. The mug is dull white in colour, with a floral pattern
consisting of three red roses on the near side when the mug is held in the right hand. The pattern
on the front side is much larger and consists of a Peacock type bird standing on a bough bearing
flowers in red, blue and yellow. Leaves are green. The pattern extends around the sides. Top
quality casting and printing indicates a product of superior quality. A top of the line product.
A mug for right hand use, by reason of the pattern placement…
PATENT DETAILS This mug was not produced under patent protection. The original shaving
mug of this type was issued under USA patent number 107,450 dated September 20, 1870. The
inventor was Frank B. Clock of Boston, Massachusetts. This mug, SM-4, was produced about
1900, some 30 years later.
COMMENTS It has great visual appeal. It is a quality, top-of-the-line product in extremely fine
condition The fact that the brush rest runs across the mug, rather than in-line, sets it apart as
being unusual; .

VALUE ESTIMATE DATED 2009                 $ 150.00

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