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Buying Clothes on a Budget by shuifanglj


									Buying Clothes
  on a Budget
     by Leimaile Barrett
         Think Before You Buy

 The more you love it the less practical in making the
  decision to buy it you will be.

 Think: how many times will I wear it?

 Buy classic styles and colors.

 Choose solids over patterns, they mix more easily and are
  less easily remembered than prints. This makes it look like
  you have a lot more clothes than you really do.
          SHOPPING SPREE!!!
 Never go shopping just to shop.

 DON’T use it as therapy if you know you can’t afford it.

 Make a list of what you need and stick to it to avoid
  impulse buying.

 Carry $40 or less.

 If you have one,
  leave your credit card at home.

 A great place to start looking to add to your wardrobe.

 Wait till the item goes on sale.

 Don’t be afraid to ASK when the next sale is.

 Buy off season for the next season.
           Set Your Own Trend

 Don’t buy things because they’re “in style” they’ll be out
  of style sooner than later.

 Chances are that things “in style”
  are expensive

 Be yourself and be creative.

 Set your Own Trend!
            Thrifts and Outlets

 You can find brand new cute shirts for only $3.00!

 For girls: Wet Seal and Jeans Warehouse usually has great
  discount prices.

 You can buy at least eight things for $40.00 instead of one
  jacket with a better brand name.

 Some thrift stores allow you to
  trade in your clothes and turn them
  into cash to buy new clothes

 There’s nothing wrong with using coupons. They’re
  handed out to be used!

 Check stores to see if they have a mailing list, they may
  occasionally send out coupons to people on it.

 Some send discounts
  for your birthday
               Make Your Own

 Buy things you like and create your own shirt

 No one else will have anything exactly like it
                   Shop Online

 Try some online shopping. You will save money, gas, and

 Join your favorite online store's mailing list to take
  advantage of "insider" sales notifications. This is an
  excellent way to get high quality for less.

 Always look for the free shipping which works well if you
  know a brand of clothing that you like, then it is easy to
  know your size.
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