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					                                                                           CONGREGATIONAL AND
                       ANOTHER GREAT                                          VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL
                      MISSION PARTNER                                            MISSION PARTNER
                         FOR GRACE                                                   FOR JUNE
                     LUTHERAN CHURCH!
                                                                                        The Humane Society of
                        PAPAU NEW GUINEA
                                                                                            Polk County
                         MISSION SOCIETY
                                                                          The list of items being collected is on the
On May 9, 2011, Grace Lutheran sent a check for                                     back of this page.
$350 to the Papau New Guinea Mission Society
to purchase materials and Bibles for their
seminary students. Thanks to the efforts of the
Mission Council, Dan Trinklein, Pastor David
                                                                    MISSION COUNCIL - HUDDLE
Meyer, and Pastor Harvey Kath, we were able to                                         Meeting
assess and fulfill the needs of the seminary
                                                                                                   JUNE 21
Harvey and Norita Kath returned, Good Friday,                                                    Senior Center
April 22, from three months at Martin Luther
Seminary, Lae, Papua New Guinea. Harvey
taught Matthew and Isaiah; Norita worked in the
                                                                                           NO JULY MEETING

                                                                         Soup Kitchen
                                                                  Next Soup Kitchen Dates:
                                                                   July 16     October 15

                                                                GIVE THE                            Blood Drive
                                                                 GIFT OF                               Dates
                                                                                                      June 5
                                                                  LIFE --
                                                                                                     August 21
                                                               GIVE BLOOD!

                                 GRACE LUTHERAN MISSION PARTNER --
               Late this Summer, we will collect the following items for the LifeChoice Pregnancy Center:
                   baby food and cereal (Stages 1 and 2), Good Start formula, diapers (sizes 3,4,5) and
      new or gently used baby clothes (sizes 0-18 months). Watch future publications for dates to donate these items.
                                          Monetary donations always accepted!
               THE HUMANE SOCIETY
                 OF POLK COUNTY
                   555 Sage Road, Winter Haven, FL
              Items being collected throughout
                    the month of June:

Wishes for Dogs:        Office Supplies:
•Puppy formula          •Digital video camera
•Dog harnesses          •Gift certificates to
•New or used            bookstores or craft
leashes and flat        supply shops for use
leather or nylon        by the Humane                DROP OFF YOUR
collars/gentle          Education                    DONATIONS IN
leaders (all sizes)     •Gift certificates to
                                                     THE NARTHEX,
•Dog toys, especially   PetSmart
                                                     TRINITY HALL,
Kongs, squeaky toys,    HP printer ink
stuffed animals,        60XL, HP 23 & 15,            SCHOOL
puzzle balls, and tug   HP 97 & 99                   OFFICE, OR
ropes                   •Dryer sheets                EARLY
•Stainless steel dog    •Copy paper                  CHILDHOOD
bowls                   •Paper towels                OFFICE.
•Hot dogs, cheese,      •Liquid Hand Soap
freeze-dried liver,
food logs, new and      Equipment:
used crates             •Old towels,
                        blankets, bath mats,         ARE ALWAYS
Wishes for Cats:        and soft doormats            WELCOME!
•Kitten formula         •Cat and dog beds
•Kitten food            •Powder laundry              THANK YOU!
•Cat hairball formula   detergent
food                    •Tall kitchen and 30
•Cat toys, scratching   gallon trash bags
posts, kitty grass      •Dish soap
and catnip              •50-foot commercial
                        grade hoses