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					StreamServe Product Roadmap
3rd of November 2009
Petter Eriksson, VP Engineering
Makes some of you happy
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      Product Management
      Program Concept
      Roadmap
Product Management
Decision Process

                   R&D Release Project
R&D in the community

         Enhancement suggestions with voting mechanism
         Downloads
         Hotfix info
         Roadmaps
         Contacts
         Tips and tricks
         Demos
         Blogs
         Forums
         Etc
Program Concept

       LA – means R&D ready
          Feature complete
          Quality tests done
          LA program
       Rollout is part of the release project
          Marketing included as a sub project
          Training included as a sub project
          Work more actively with early adopters
       GA – final official release

          Persuasion SP5 LA – May 2010
          Persuasion SP5 GA – August 2010
          Persuasion SP6 LA – Q2/Q3 2011
          Persuasion SP6 GA – Q3/Q4 2011
          Persuasion SP7? - 2012
    Ad-hoc Correspondence & Correspondence Reviewer

   Ad-hoc & Real-time correspondence creation
   Edit text fragments with real-time preview
   Change meta data and content
   Business Exceptions Rules to catch correspondence
       Halt documents in a batch based on Custom rules
           Before formatting takes place
   Approve - Reject - Edit – Release for delivery
   Integrate into existing systems and workflows
       Search / list documents
       Notify external systems
   Reduce time, risk and costs
   Operational Compliancy with rules and regulations
   Promote Brand Consistency – Corporate style, format etc
   Shift the document creation to business users
   Open Architecture
   Web Service support
   Java based notifications
            Ad-hoc & Reviewer process

                          CONNECT   EXTRACT   ENRICH     PRESENT            DISTRIBUTE
     Batch                                                                               Centralized Printing
     • scheduled                                                                         • enveloping
     • automated                                                                         • high volym
     • unattended

                                                       Business Exception


                                                       Business Exception

                          WS CALL   EXTRACT   ENRICH     PRESENT            DISTRIBUTE

Customer Correspondence                                                                     Local Printing
• ad-hoc
• real-time
• interactive
•1-to-1 marketing
                                                      Ad-hoc Correspondence                                                     Correspondence Reviewer

                                                                           • ad-hoc                                                                       • preview
                                                                           • real-time                                                                    • modify
                                                                           • interactive                                                                  • reject
                                                                           • 1-to-1 marketing                                                             • approve

                                                                 CONNECT                 EXTRACT                   ENRICH             PRESENT               DISTRIBUTE

                                                               ANY CHANNEL             ANY FORMAT,           TRANSFORM & ADD       PUT DATA AND           MULTI CHANNEL
                                                               COMPUTER SYSTEM         STRUCTURED,           CONTENT FROM          CONTENT IN CONTEXT     MULTI FORMAT
                                • scheduled                    OR                      UNSTRUCTURED OR       EXTERNAL SOURCES                             HIGH VOLUME AND AD-
                                • automated                    HUMAN INPUT             PREFORMATTED                                                       HOC
                                • unattended

                                                                              Design                     Control                Composition
                                                                              Center                     Center                   Center                 Content
             (IT & Marketing)

                                               • business logic
                                                                                                                                              • content management
                                               • template design
                                                                                                                                              • document composition
                                               • advanced design objects
                                                                                                                                              • correspondence template creation
                                               • post processing
                                                                                                                                              • business rules
                                               • deployment
Example of client application
Correspondence Reviewer is just the start

       But what if you want to do similar operations in other stages...
          Before processing an incoming PDFIN/AFPIN
          In PostProcessing
          Print Proof / View / Complete Documents Releasing for delivery
          Reprocess from earlier steps because distribution channels
          Dynamically scale up when you need it and where you have a
            temporary bottle neck
          Or mix all the above
Composition Center SP5

        Business rules
           Reusable rules
           Advanced rules
                • Selection rule on document definitions and resources.
            Exception rules
                • Used to find documents that should be paused for interaction, e.g.
                  approved, rejected or edited. Good for Print Proofing
        Rules improvements
           If/else, switch statement, substr($variable,1,3) ='xxx‘, contains
           Meta data comparison
           Improved rules editor
        Performance improvements
Composition Center SP5

        Text editor improvements
           Tables within text fragments, quality improvements
        Configure bullet and numbered lists
        Multi indented lists
        Auto update/publish of changes to content and documents
           Batch update of trusted resources
        Use approved content in Ad-Hoc document
        Deployment – Runtime Migration Tool
           Select which documents to deploy
        Access control on templates and sections
        Save Ad-Hoc document on disk
        Metadata can be renamed
Composition Center SP6 and beyond

          Campaign Management/Enabler/Runner
          Enhanced multi channel support – E-mail, SMS, XML etc
          Reporting & Tracking
          Enhanced White Space Management
          New and enhanced user interface
          External ECM (e.g. Alfresco)
          Multi-language content
Persuasion SP5

        StoryTeller enhancements
           Block sorting
               • Allow defined order of repeating data based on multiple sort keys

            Repeater separators
               • Define how instances of repeater content are separated (,\n,.)
            Meta data evaluation
               • New Strs concept of document type and document metadata is not
                 accessible for StoryTeller
               • Boost performance when formatting for composition center
            Vertical alignment
               • Top, center and bottom justification in rectangular text area. Standard
                 document composition feature
            Performance improvements
Persuasion SP5

        StoryTeller enhancements (cont..)
           Horizontal growth
               • Define text that does not have width specified and can grow horizontally
                 with the content
            Overflow events on frame
               • These events typically implement headers and footers, increment
                 counters in their scripts etc
            Start on top dynamically
               • User wants to control that certain paragraph of text should start on top
            Line breaks in text
               • Standard text processing feature
Persuasion SP5

        StoryTeller enhancements (cont..)
           Default locale
                • Document processing should be aware of current language of the
                • Document language should be switchable in design time and variable in
                • Language should be used for masks, hyphenation, translations, etc
            Hyphenation
            Label translations
                • PageOUT often uses language translation tables in multilingual
            Split and overflow cells on individual row
                • It is not possible to split a single cell in a table. This could be a problem in
                  insurance policies with long texts or in super tables containing embedded
                  complex content, such as inner tables
Persuasion SP5

        StoryTeller enhancements (cont..)
           Start on top as a dynamic row property
                • User wants certain body row to start on top of a table instance. Can be
                  based on data only
                • PageOUT has FrameOverflow() function
            Flow control for rows
                • It is not possible to bind data header row and data transaction row
            Relative table widths
                • Comes from Composition Center HTML editor
            Mapping of fonts
                • Use case with formatted input coming from uncontrolled sources
Persuasion SP5

        StoryTeller enhancements (cont..)
           StoryTeller in Process mode
                • Allow StoryTeller (and XFA) to run as a standard server process
              Error handling of failed processes
              Enhanced Ad-hoc editing support
              Preview as a single button action
              Refactoring of tree panels in StoryTeller application
              Visibility of overflow rows in design time
              Import functionality
                • Possibility to copy parts of designs from existing resources or files
            Improved editing for indents, bullets, numbering
            Refresh of resources after external modification
                • User has to close and reopen StoryTeller to get new resource versions
Persuasion SP5

        StoryTeller enhancements (cont..)
           And more…
Persuasion SP5

        SAP Connectivity improvements
           Persuasion upgrade
           Simplified setup and configuration
           Delivery Manager for Persuasion
           SAPGOF Unicode support
           SAP UWL (Universal WorkList) integration
           Remove unused Delivery Manager utilities (strsdmpoll,
            strsdmquery, strsdmcancel)
           Port and re-certify Idocconverter / Business Process or remove
Persuasion SP5

        Shared queues configuration
           A setting to enable/disable shared queues
        Post Processing and Document Broker on relational database
           Fit into current architecture with Document Types
           Based on the Correspondence Reviewer backend
        Collector – PCL2PDF
        XFA - SAP integration
           Make it possible to use dynamically loaded XFA templates from
        XFA scripting
           A set of improvements to the scripting in the XFA processor to
             fully utilize the post processing and output capabilities of the
Persuasion SP5

        Itanium support (64 bit)
        Windows 2008, Windows 7 (no support for Windows Vista in
         any release)
        Oracle 11, SQL Server 2008
        EOL IE6
        StreamServe Express (Turnkey, Light)
            Windows only, SQL Server Express, blobs on disk
        Output comparison tool (diff tool)
            Compares image formats (PCL, PDF, TIFF, PS)
        E-Invoice Center- Hash support
            Security requirement in Italy
Persuasion SP5

        OC on Oracle and SQL Server
        New DBAdmin tool
          • Import/export on more repositories
          • Import/Export selected document defs
          • Impact control on some resources (doctypes, docdefs)
          • View halted messages/docbroker messages
          • New look and feel + Unix support
        Create repositories in ControlCenter
          • On all DB:s not just on SQLServer
          • Apply hotfixes
          • Uses DBAdmin tool
Persuasion SP5

        We may be able to include
           Transaction Counter updates
           Font mapping enhancements
           FTPS, SFTP
           Web Service for job submit to replace Service Broker
Persuasion SP4 additions

        Express – November
        Output Comparison tool - October
        Adobe D4 - November
          • To synchronize with Adobe’s release schedule
        Contain rule for Composition Center - November
Persuasion SP6

        New ControlCenter
        Design Object Repository
           One unified storage for resources
        Enhanced Statistic/Transaction Reporter
        Campaign Management Enablement/Runner
        Supply Chain – Production Center
        Enhanced Color Management (AFP CMOCA, ICC profiles)
        Story Teller Enhancements
        Composition Center Enhancements
        LDAPS
        Applications versus core
        Unicode enhancements - 我不知道什麼是說
           ”I have no idea what it says”
In the Pipeline....

          Enterprise Management Console
             Change Management Console
             Deployment Console
             Real-time Administration Console
             Database Administration Console
             Reporting and Statistics Console
          Unified StreamServe Design and Runtime Environment
          Enhanced mobile support
          Enhanced HTML support
In the Pipeline....

          Composition Center certified SAP EBS
             Dependent on SAP for release date
          Migration and Test Tools
             Document Comparison Tool
             StreamServe Test Park
          StreamIN 2
          Composition Center Audit and Track
          Resource Store
             Versioning, impact control, deploy parts of projects
          ”The Cloud”
             Mirror environments
             Testing, demos
             SAAS
New hotfix process

        Hotfixes on an iteration basis - 5 to 6 weeks
        Custom builds used inbetween
Final question
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