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What about investing in deflation times?

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									Deflation Investing

By Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU

When considering deflation investing you should know the depression investing cycle
started with the 2000 dot com stock mania bubble climax peak and crash and may not end
until 2016 to 2018. At that time, most of your assets may have lost 90% in price and
unemployment could be 30%. Even the price of gold may drop in half. CASH IS KING
in deflation says Robert Prechter.

Japan has seen deflation for 20 years and now the rest of the world is catching the
epidemic. You cannot stop the pendulum from swinging. Deflation and depression will
continue until the inflation is wrung out of the system by <a
href=>hyperdeflation</a> in this
Greater Depression. Austrian economics tells us that the only cure for credit inflation is a
crash as debt gets liquidated.

Robert Prechter's deflation investing advice is to look for safety as the economies of the
whole world experience the Greater Depression. He has a list of the safest banks. Join
his Club EWI for free at my site. Prechter says to pay off debt and only own the safest
and shortest term credit instruments.

Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU - Is an author, economic analyst and
multi-platform content provider. This website content consists of history and current
events about "Deflation" and the inflation deflation debate and what to do. More at my

Most people including your broker and financial advisor will not have a clue about what
is going on. They will think inflation is going to come roaring back. It will not for years.
This is the big one folks - three times larger and three times longer than the 1930's
depression. That reminds me. Lobby for a private money backed by gold. Do not let
government control the money. The always choose inflation with fiat (no backing)
money. Government fraudulently figures it will borrow and pay back the money it owes
in the future with inflated (worth – less) money. Technically this is called “<a
repression</a>.” It is a rip off of savers, the elderly on fixed incomes and anyone that
buys the government’s long term bonds or thinks the money will hold it’s value in the

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