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Henry VIII


									        Henry VIII.
      (1491 – 1547)
King of England, King of Ireland,
        Prince of Wales
             Parts of his life
• Early life and first marriage
• Second wife Anne Boleyn
• Birth of a prince and death of his third wife,
  Queen Jane
• Mistresses
• Later years and death
• Henry VIII. as a killer
    Early life and first marriage
• He was born at Palace
  of Placentia in
  Greenwich. Henry VIII
  was the second child of
  Henry VII and Elizabeth
  of York.
• When he was three, he
  was created Duke of
  York and he was given
  extensive education.
• 1509 – he became a
  king after his brother´s
  death (1502)
    Early life and first marriage
• At first, he was a
• His wife Catherine of
  Aragon couldn't have a
  baby, so he wanted a
  divorce. He asked pope
  Clement VII for
  annulment X didn´t get
  it => he proclaimed
  independence Church
  on pope and made the
  Anglican Church
     Second wife Anne Boleyn
• Henry divorced and
  married with Anne
• Pope reacted by
  moving to
  excommunicate Henry
  in 1533
• Henry and Anne had
  child, Princess
• Anne Boleyn was the
  most important Henry´s
  wife because of reform
  of Church and create of
  The Anglican Church
     Second wife Anne Boleyn
• 1536- She was
  executed for
  adulterous with five
  other men, for
  incest with her
  brother George
  Boleyn (he was
  executed too) and
  for conspiracy to kill
 Birth of a prince and death of his
       third wife, Queen Jane
• Few days after
  Anne´s execution,
  Henry found another
  woman- Jane
• They have only one
  male offspring –
  Prince Edward, the
  future Edward VI
  Birth of a prince and death of his
        third wife, Queen Jane
• 1537 – Jane died of
  puerperal fever =>
  entire court
  mourned with Henry
  for many days
• Henry considered
  Jane to be his only
  „true“ wife (because
  of only male
• The first mistress of Henry was Anne
  Hastings, wife of Georg Hastings. She
  ended in monastery.
• Second was Jane Popincourt, who left
  with Duke of Longueville to France
  when Henry was bored with her.
• Another Mistress
  was Mary Boleyn.
  She was sister of
  Anne Boleyn.
• She had two
  children (maybe
  with Henry), but he
  never admitted them
  as his own.
• Last mistress was
  Elizabeth Blount,
  who had with Henry
  one son – Henry
• He became Duke of
  Richmond and
  married Mary
  Howard. He died
  three years later.
       Later years and death
• Henry desired to
  marry again – with
  Anne Cleves.
• Although he found
  her unattractive, he
  married her in 1540
• After while he
  decided to end the
       Later years and death
• 1540 – Henry married
  young Catherine
  Howard, Anne Boleyn´s
  first cousin.
• Henry was delighted
  with his new queen.
• Soon after marriage,
  Catherine had affair
  with courtier Thomas
  Culpeper and she was
  in her 18 years
        Later years and death
• His last wife was widow
  Catherine Parr
• She argued with Henry
  over religion, she was
  radical but Henry was
  conservative => this
  almost led to her death
  X she helped Henry
  with his first two
• She over lived Henry
  and died in 1548
         Henry VIII. as a killer
• Henry during his life
     • 2 queens               • 12 dukes
     • 2 cardinals            • 164 members of
     • 2 archbishops            aristocracy
     • 18 bishops             • 153 townsman
     • 13 abbots              • 110 pure women
     • 500 priors
     • Unknown number of
     • 38 doctors of
       theology and justice
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