Health and Wellness by zhangyun


									Health and Wellness

      Chapter 14

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Definition and
Dimensions of Health

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Definition of Health
        Health is the “capacity to lead a
       satisfying life, fulfill ambitions, and
           accommodate to change.”

   Health is:
        •   specific to person’s life – it’s personal
        •   a dynamic, ever-changing process
        •   holistic, not simply the absence of disease
        •   related to the quality of one’s life
        •   multidimensional
        •   related to person’s ability to cope with the challenge of

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Dimensions of Health
   Health is multidimensional:

        Physical    Social                    Mental

    Environmental            Spiritual             Emotional
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    Dimensions of Health
   These dimensions are interdependent, i.e., they
    interact and overlap with each other to produce health


        Environmental                            Social


          Spiritual                              Mental


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Dimensions of Health
   As these dimensions interact they produce a unique
    health and wellness profile for each individual.


      Environmental                            Social

           Spiritual                           Mental

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Health and Wellness in Adolescence
   Health and wellness is related to person’s
    ability to cope with the many interactions and
    transitions that are occurring in his or her life.

   Transitions specific to adolescence include:

    –   Increase in autonomy and individuality
    –   Increase in responsibilities
    –   Increase in industry
    –   Intensification of relationships
    –   Changes in body structure

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Health and Wellness in Adolescence
   Dimensions of health that focus on transition
    might fall under three headings:

    – Being, e.g., Who am I? Who am I becoming as a

    – Belonging, e.g., To what groups do I connect with
      in a sense of belonging?

    – Becoming, e.g., What accomplishments am I
      striving for?

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Health and Wellness: A
Personal Journey

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Achievement of Health and
   Not a single event, it’s an ongoing process

 Making healthy choices (e.g., good nutrition) are
important guidelines to consider


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Achievement of Health and
   Ultimately, it is up to each individual to
    choose what combination of healthy choices
    create a healthy balance for them

   Remember, do things in moderation. Too
    much or too little of anything is a potential
    – E.g., Too little exercise = poor cardiovascular health
            Too much exercise = weakened immune system

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Approaches to Health and
   Reactive or curative approach
     – Worrying about your health only when sick. Not
       asserting control over your health in the absence
       of disease.
     – Chris’ approach: “If you’re sick, take a few pills;
       otherwise, have fun and enjoy yourself! I’ll quit
       smoking later.”
     – Example:

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Approaches to Health and
   Proactive approach
     – Adopting lifestyle habits that, in the long run, will
       enable you to lead a more healthy life.
     – Erin’s approach: “I am building for the future.
       What I do for my body today lays the foundation
       for a lifetime of involvement in healthy activities.”
     – Example:

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