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Year of the Dolls:

The Amazing Asian Dolls Show:

Amazing Asian Dolls (last update 4/22/11)
A little bit of history about the Amazing Asian Dolls: Patricia Javier was the original leader, but
having a budding family (her second child is now on the way), she stepped down and passed
leadership onto Kriss-z Ramos. As Kriss-z was in the midst of reorganizing the girls, tragedy
struck in the form of an accident on the Island of Leyte…the kind that doctors usually see fatal
results from. While riding her motorcycle on a jungle pathway (and carrying a child on the back),
Kriss-Z had a wild animal leap directly in front of her, causing a crash. She was drenched in her
own blood but managed to carry the child to a roadway where they were hurried off to the
hospital by a stunned motorist.

Within two months she sucked up the pain from her wounds and went back into intensive
rehearsal along with the other Dolls. By June of 2010 the Amazing Asian Dolls were back to
their full glory..

 In the time from the inception of the Dolls, they have collectively worked in Las Vegas
(Treasure Island, Gold Coast) casinos and in Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, and
Sacramento, as well as having made appearances on shows for the ABS CBN television network
GMA and Asian La-18 TV. The group, (including Patricia Javier), performed in 2010 for the
opening of Island Pacific Market which was notable because of a duet by Patricia with Manny
Pacquiao. They also had sold out a Cache Creek appearance about a month prior to that. In 2011
the group has already been on 6 different TV shows including being the central attraction for The
Year of the Rabbit TV special, which aired in early February and has been licensed world wide.
In the special they are performing in front of nearly 30,000 people. Perhaps the most interesting
engagement to date was Guantanamo Bay at the request of the United States government. In
order to be allowed entrance they had to pass many levels of security checks. After receiving top
clearance they were transported to and from the performance in military planes and vehicles. The
girls are currently making plans for a sold out tour of the Philippines and adjacent Asian
countries later this year (dates are still being added and confirmed).They have also been invited
to appear in London this September and hope to add various other countries in and around
Europe before embarking for Britain. The Dolls are presently recording in Malibu California
with the highly acclaimed writer/producer Terrence Davis and hope to release the new
recordings in time for their next overseas excursion. The first song with him is a ballad entitled,
“When Love is Gone.” You can hear it on their web site under “Dolls Music,”
The Amazing Asian Dolls are "Amazing" because their show is highly involved in using stage
illusions. You never know when someone will disappear, mysteriously change places, levitate or
materialize while the girls are putting forth their special brand of song and dance. Illusionist
Mark Paskell has worked with and for many celebrities such as Eddie Murphy and Sylvester
Stallone, he now has become a full time Doll. Make no mistake-- Amazing Asian Dolls still
means pretty, talented girls, but now a mysterious and entertaining shadowy figure lurks around
the stage occasionally causing visual miracles for the audience. The other distinctive thing about
The Amazing Asian Dolls is their rapport with audiences. A great deal of time is spent mixing
off stage with those in attendance. Not only do they sing off of the stage but also regularly drag
people watching the show up onto it. It is an experience that everyone walks away from feeling
they have made new friends and witnessed a 150% percent effort from the performers. Exit
comments from a recent show included, “This is the best live show my family has ever seen!”
and “I‟ve seen the Amazing Asian Dolls three times and the production value just keeps going
through the roof..” (the last quote was said by Charles Schuman, who was the FX lighting chief
of Lord of the Rings and Center of the Earth, which was the first full length feature utilizing the
current 3D technology )
Bios for the Asian Dolls:
Leilani is the “Dancin‟ Doll” of the group. She has appeared on Univision, Telemundo, MYX
TV, KTLA, and MTV. Leilani has worked as an entertainment and fashion industry corporate
professional for the last seven years. She is also director of the Groovaholixs, a successful dance
crew. This Princess is the sexy smiling Dancin‟ Doll with all the right moves.
Rizzy is the “Shop-‟Till-You-Drop Doll.” At 12 years old her family moved from the
Philippines to Chicago. After graduating school a year early she took her fashion design skills to
Los Angeles. During her first week in LA, Jamie (of the Dolls) came into her life. Before she
knew what was happening Rizzy began singing in a band with her new best friend and co-
hosting in Los Angeles nightclubs. Her voice has a distinctive quality that adds a rare ingredient
to every song the Amazing Asian Dolls cook up together. Rizzy has, “curves that were made to
Jamie Bacani is the “Do-It-All Doll,” who plays flute, keyboards, drums and guitar. Her
talents extend from one end of the spectrum to the other. She has been a master of ceremonies in
LA‟s number one Filipino Town club and modeled for Maxim magazine. This “Do-It-All Doll”
sings, dances, arranges harmonies and is the practical joker of the group. Her Computer Science
degree takes a back seat to her God given winning personality and entertaining skills. She is
sweet, but can sometimes shock you with a well-timed off color joke just when it is least
expected. There is simply only one Jamie in the world and she can be found in the Amazing
Asian Dolls.
Kriss-z Ramos is the “Dazzlin‟ Doll.” Her performances on stage are bigger than life. She is
simply magical on stage. By the time Kriss-z was 10 she had won every local singing contest in
her area of the Philippines plus a few beauty contests as she filled out in her teens. In High
School she hooked up with the legendary dance crew Summer Breakers. They were featured
professional performers everywhere they went. After finishing school, her talent as a vocalist in
Manila paid the bills for a few years, then Kriss-z moved to LA. Since that time she has done
concerts with: Philippines Showbiz Superstar Nora Aunor, Bernardo Bernardo, Jo Awayan,
Leonardo Obal, Patricia Javier and many other notable Filipino entertainers. When Patricia
stepped down as the leader of The Amazing Asian Dolls, Kriss-z inherited the honor. The
“Dazzlin‟ Doll” will see you at their next performance. As long as you live, is as long as you
will remember the first time you saw Kriss-z command herself upon the stage.
Mark Paskell is the prestidigitator of the Dolls. He supplies magic sparks and mysterious
moments. Since turning professional at the ripe old age of 15, Mark has made his “mark” with
many high profile figures and organizations in the entertainment industry. The list includes
Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta, Steven Spielberg, Kenny Rogers, and both ABC and NBC
television networks. He takes personal pride in having co-directed Project Magic, a charitable
hospital therapy program which was created by the distinguished “Maestro of Magic,” David
Copperfield. Mark has performed and lived in many Asian locations such as China, Japan and
Hong Kong. His passion for creating magic for the Amazing Asian Dolls has brought the group's
performance to new heights. His ceaseless array of gags, tricks and bizarre behavior keeps the
girls giggling and guessing. When the conjuror of the Dolls does his magical deeds, there is
never a dull moment.
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                           Amazing Asian Dolls Interview

(This unnamed reporter has granted permission for anyone writing about the Amazing Asian
Dolls to directly lift any portion of this interview and claim it as their own. Copyrighted lyrics or
comedy routines must however be cleared through Milestone Media Designs)

Reporter: “I am here with Kriss-z Ramos, leader of the Amazing Asian Dolls and several of the
girls in the group.”
 (Directly to Kriss-z) “Has the group ever been to London before? “

Kriss-z: “No, the furthest any of the Asian Dolls has gone is to Guantanamo Bay . “

Reporter: “Not for questioning I hope.”
 (Everyone laughs).
“I just looked at your new documentary called Year Of The Dolls. It‟s only about ten minutes
long yet so much is covered in there, that I was a bit …..amazed, ha ha.”

Kriss-z: “That‟s why we are called The Amazing…Asian Dolls. We bring singing, dances from
around Asian, modern dances, magical effects and comedy all in one show. It is a true variety

Reporter: “The group was originally just Asian Dolls and then you adding Amazing to your
name. As long as you brought that up, could you please elaborate on why this change was

Kriss-z: “Sure, maybe I‟ll let Jamie explain that one.”

 Jamie: “There were several different versions of the group. It was originally begun by a
promoter in San Francisco who brings big name acts to America from the Philippines. His first
line up 5 years ago was led by former adult actress Patricia Javier. .They did pretty well playing
Las Vegas casinos and other well-thought-of venues. If a member or two left they were replaced
without much trouble as Patricia was the big draw back then.”

Rizzy:(Finishing the answer); “About a two years ago, Kriss-z got a call asking to fill in for a
member who suddenly left the group. Within a week she was on stage at a sold-out show in a
Sacramento CA casino. After that things went along for a few months, then Patricia quit and
asked Kriss-z to lead the group.”

Reporter: “Why did she quit?”

Kriss-z: “She was moving into a different phase of her life. She was married, and a mother by
then. Her home life took first place over the group.”

Reporter: “What was the last thing Patricia did in the group? “

Kriss-z: “It was actually a gala outdoor opening of a big Asian super market chain in LA. Manny
Paquiao Sang a duet with her. After that it seemed like Patricia just had no time for rehearsals.
She asked me to rehearse the girls and then about 4 weeks later passed the group over to me. “

Reporter: “What happened then? “

Kriss-z: “The remaining girls were not what I thought was best so they were encouraged to leave
on their own by our manager. Then I found the three amazing girls who are now all hard core
Asian Dolls. Leilani is not here today but she is a hard core Doll, just like the three us.”

Reporter: “So that is when you added the word Amazing?”

Jamie: “No, we went out as Asian Dolls for awhile. Then one day Kriss-z told us that she had
asked a stage illusionist to join us performing. He really blew our minds when he came to
rehearsal and became part of the group that very evening.”

Reporter: “I have a video of Mark Paskell materializing you girls out of thin air on stage. So
the addition of this illusionist on stage made you change the name?”

Rizzy: “Not exactly. We were doing a show with Jasmine Trias in LA last year and our press
agent sent out a release that had „Amazing‟ at the start of a sentence followed by Asian Dolls.
The press thought that the adjective “Amazing” was part of our name. Even though this was a
mistake on their part we decided to keep it.”

Jamie: “By adding Amazing it separates us from the past configurations of Asian Dolls.”

Kriss-z: “Right! We are more ambitious in what we are putting on stage. Amazing just fits since
we added Mark Paskell , our illusionist, into the mix.”

Reporter: “I know you have been recording with the director of the Malibu Symphony on some
very serious songs, but I just listened to really fun song called Kizzit written by someone else.
Who wrote that? “

Kriss-z: “Our manager had an idea to write something about laws that are against public displays
of affection that are called PDA. So we had a laughing session and came up with Kizzit.”
 Reporter: “One of the lines in Kizzit goes, „I really go crazy for the taste of your face, I‟ll kiss
it any time, I‟ll kiss it anyplace. “

(The girls laugh along with the reporter)

Kriss-z: “We researched PDA laws for shows in America; even there they have those mind
numbing restrictions but luckily they are never enforced.”

Reporter: “We all heard about Richard Gere getting arrested in India for kissing his costar,
Shiela Shetty in public. Could you give me a few examples we are unaware of concerning PDA
laws around the world?”

Kriss-z: “Right here in Britain it‟s illegal to kiss in a train station.”

Reporter: “Well, in that case I guess I should thank God that I‟m not serving a life sentence.”
(All laugh).
“Can you do the introduction for Kizzit the way you might at one of your shows across the pond
in The United States? “

Rizzy “Our next song is about PDA laws.”

Kriss-z: “It is called Kizzit.”

Jamie: “What is this PDA law?”

Kriss-z: “Public Displays of Affection.”

 Jamie: “Here in San Francisco anything goes, but there are many places even Kissing isn‟t

Rizzy: “After Richard Gere got arrested for kissing in public at a rally in India, we started
looking up laws against kissing .”

Kriss-z: “ In America there are outdated laws still bouncing around about kissing called Blue
Laws but…..”

Rizzy: “--they aren't enforced anymore…”

Kriss-z: “--however old laws stay on                the books unless somebody challenges their
constitutionality, so these are still real laws.”

Rizzy: (pulls her hair over her upper lip and then says;) “ In Eureka Nevada it‟s illegal for a man
with moustache to kiss a woman….”

Kriss-z: “--but Iowa is more liberal, it„s only illegal in public for men with mustaches to kiss
women .”

Jamie: “Can a woman with a moustache in Iowa kiss a man in public who doesn't have one? ”
(She pulls her hair over her face and sticks her tongue through it )

Rizzy: “ If it‟s for less than 5 minutes…, “

Jamie: “--because kisses that last longer than 5 minutes are illegal in Iowa?”

Rizzy: “You are correct, miss!:”

Kriss-z: “Kissing in front of a church is banned in Boston.”

Jamie: “What about kissing behind?”

Rizzy: “I think it‟s legal to kiss a behind in Boston, as long as it‟s not in front of a church.”
While saying the previous line Rizzy sticks out her butt and Jamie blows a kiss in its direction.

Kriss-z: “Laws like not being able to kiss your wife on Sunday in Connecticut are pretty funny

Rizzy; “ there are many places in the world that lip locking in public can get you locked up.”

Kriss-z: “A little kiss could be big trouble in Indonesia, Dubai, Bahraini, India, Malaysia, parts
of Mexico and lots of other spots around the World………... “

Rizzy: “Sentences can range from 30 days to 12 years!”

Kriss-z: “Today PDA is pretty much OK in the USA ……….”

Rizzy and Kriss-z: --“and that‟s what our new song is all about!”

Reporter: “Well I‟m certainly going to buy a ticket to your first show here in Great Britain”

Kriss-z: “Press gets in free, we prefer people there who pay for tickets.” (all laugh)

Reporter: “I know all your shows are fantastic from talking to friends who have seen you in the
States. There are rumors you are cooking up some stupendous stunt in downtown London that
will set the city on upside down. What :Amazing illusion is Mark Paskell is planning to do
with you.? “

All three, “SECRET.”

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