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  Vol. 8, No. 16      Serving the 98th ASG and the 235th, 279th, 280th and 417th BSBs – Army communities of excellence               August 25, 2000
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          What’s cookin’
                      Visit the Phoenix
                   Kantine on Faulen-
                                                   Apache unit prepares for pull-out
                   berg Kaserne and ex-            by Lisa Soule
                   perience cook Gust
                   Brandstatter’s home-
                   made daily specials,
                                                      One of the two Apache units at Storck Bar-        ‘Sixshooters will return
                                                   racks in Illesheim is preparing to pack up and
                   which include soup or           move out.                                            to Illesheim with a full
                   salad, and offered for
                   DM6,50. Dollars are                In less than a year, the 6th Squadron, 6th U.S.   compliment of new AH-
                   also accepted. In ad-           Cavalry will temporarily relocate to Ft. Hood,
                   dition, breakfast, sa-          Texas, where soldiers will train with the latest     64D Longbow Apache
                   lami, ham, turkey and           model of the attack helicopter.
Brandstatter       chicken sub-sand-                  After training, evaluation and a live-fire, the
wiches with mayonnaise, cheese, lettuce,           “Sixshooters” will return to Illesheim with a full
cucumber and tomato are also on sale.              compliment of new AH-64D Longbow Apache                                     – Lt. Col. Tim Edens
     Workshop helps you                               The squadron is the first of four USAREUR         units in Germany. The bulk of the 323-member
                                                   units to make the aircraft transition.
      lower the scales                                “This is the Army’s future and we will set the
                                                                                                        squadron will form up at Ft. Hood.
   Tired of the dieting merry-go-round?                                                                    The commander said that towards the end of
                                                   standard for the transition and return,” said Lt.    this year, the unit will focus on preparing the
If so, the Non-Diet Weight Management              Col. Tim Edens, 6th Sqdn., 6th Cav., com-
Workshop offered by the Nutrition Care                                                                  aircraft for transport to Mesa, Ariz. “This will be
                                                   mander.                                              a huge, maintenance intensive effort,” Edens
Division at the U.S. Army Hospital, Wuerz-
burg, may be for you. This eight-week                 “We’re first in the barrel and we’ve set our      said.
workshop is designed to help you overcome          standards high because we know the other units          Capt. Gary Morea will take command of
the pitfalls of dieting, like weight gain or       will follow our example and apply the lessons        Troop C, 6th Sqdn., 6th Cav., in November and
loss, disappointment, and low self-esteem.         learned.”                                            stay with the unit until they return to Illesheim.
It focuses on helping you make permanent              Edens said planning has begun and the unit is     After a four-week transition course at Ft.
life-style changes to improve your body            preparing both equipment and people for the          Rucker, Ala., he will join the squadron in
image and make peace with food. Open to            eventual move in June 2001. The unit is              Texas.
all eligible beneficiaries, the workshop will      scheduled to return to Illesheim early the fol-         “We will build a squadron that will crawl,
meet every Tuesday beginning Sept. 12 to           lowing year, in April or May, 2002.                  walk, then run with the best in attack aviation. In
Oct. 31 from 4 to 5 p.m. Space is limited to                                                            the end we’ll be able to fly and fight the Army’s                                              Lisa Soule
15 participants and a referral from you               “We are surveying our soldiers to see what
                                                   each of them want to do as far as the change-        premiere attack helicopter,” Morea said.              CWO 3 Eric Wymann and CWO 2 Kevin
doctor is needed to enroll. For more infor-                                                                                                                   Grimes, Company C, 6th Sqdn., 6th Cav.,
mation, call 350-3604 or (0931) 8043604.           over,” Edens said. Due to a Department of the           The Boeing Company, who manufactures the
                                                   Army directed manning plan, he expects only a        latest version of the Apache, said the AH-64D         carry out a preflight inspection on an
                                                                                                                                                              Apache helicopter.
    Giebelstadt gets new                           handful of personnel to stay with the squadron
                                                   throughout the process.
                                                                                                        Apache Longbows have greater weapons ac-
                                                                                                        curacy and can fight more effectively at night        forget. “The new radar prioritizes and designates
     telephone numbers                                Two troop commanders and some key pilots
                                                   will make the full transition. Remaining soldiers
                                                                                                        with their advanced communications and com-
                                                                                                        bat capabilities.
                                                                                                                                                              specific targets so pilots can shoot, re-mask and
                                                                                                                                                              reposition on the battlefield – literally while
   A new block of military telephone num-          will depart the unit by normal permanent change         The new Apache, with its advanced missile          missiles are in flight. This is a huge step forward
bers have been assigned to the 69th Signal         of station, curtailments and lateral moves to        guidance system allows shooters to fire and           in capability and survivability,” Edens said.
Battalion, and will be issued to the new
aviation units. The new numbers that will
be added to the Giebelstadt switch will be
352-6000, with the continued use of the old
352-7000 block of numbers. When dialing
civilian, use old: (09334) 87XXX and new:
                                                   Ambulance service has hefty price tag
(09334) 87XXXX. For more information,              by Roger Teel                                                                Tromara said these are        by their spouse, by taxi, or by their neighbors,”
call Alfred Henderson at 350-6300/7397.            U.S. Army Hospital, Wuerzburg                                             ambulance requests that          Tromara said.
                                                      The cost of German ambulance service to                                patients call in themselves.        “This presents a delicate issue. On one hand
   Secure mobile phones                            Americans stationed throughout Germany has
                                                   become an issue.
                                                                                                                             Hospital requested ambu-
                                                                                                                             lance services are budget-
                                                                                                                                                              we don’t want to tell people to not use the Ger-
                                                                                                                                                              man ambulance service if they have a bona fide
  Under certain circumstances, mobile                 “Patients don’t realize how expensive the                              ed separately.                   emergency. But we also want them to be good
phones can be listened in on and                   Deutsches Rote Kruez, or DRK, ambulance                                      While TRICARE, the            stewards of the government’s money.
manipulated as a bugging device that can be        service is,” said Col. Chris Tromara, Wuerzburg                           military’s regionally man-          “If patients have a real or imagined emer-
activated anywhere via the telephone               hospital director of outlying health clinics,                             aged health care program         gency or even an urgent situation, by all means
network. Further information is available at       whose agency monitors the ambulance costs.                                for active duty and retired      call for an ambulance. But in the case of a                                      In the U.S. Army Medical Department Ac-                                members of the uniformed         stubbed toe or ankle sprain they should use other
                                                   tivity, Wuerzburg, footprint, which encompasses      Tromara              services, their families and     means,” Tromara said.
 Experience AFRC Europe                            the 98th and 100th ASGs in northern Bavaria,                              survivors, pays for the             Americans in need of medical information
   AFRC Europe offers a wide variety of            German ambulances are called to American             German ambulance service, there is a growing          can call the TRICARE personal physician
group and individual recreation programs at        residences on average about 70 times per month.      concern that many ambulance requests are not          information hotline. When calling from an
both Chiemsee and Garmisch. For informa-           Each trip costs the U.S. government between          totally necessary.                                    economy telephone, dial 0800-825-1600.
tion, call 440-2850 or (08821) 72981.              $300 and $350.                                          “There are instances when patients could           TRICARE physicians are available 24 hours a
                                                      This is $21,000 a month or $250,000 a year.       have easily been taken to their treatment facility    day to respond to medical needs.

Community focus                                                       Families stand ready to support
                                                                      by Mark Heeter                                                            “That was done to eliminate the stigma of programs as being
                    The most popular                                  CRUSADER
                                                                         One of the fundamental characteristics of Army life is transi-
                                                                                                                                             support-oriented,” she said. That will also reinforce the linkage
                                                                                                                                             between readiness and well-being.
                    ways to save for                                  tion and change as families move from one duty station to                 A study was conducted at the Army War College to evaluate
                                                                      another. Likewise, one of the Army’s most important orga-
                    college                                           nizations is undergoing its own transformation.
                                                                                                                                             the condition of well-being in the Army, and one of the areas of
                                                                                                                                             consideration was the state of well-being in the Army. After
                                                                         The family support group is adopting a new philosophy and a         examining family issues, participants determined that self-
                    p Savings account                  36%            new name. When the turnover is complete, the link between the          reliance should be the goal of family readiness groups.
                                                                      units and the families will be called a family readiness group, or
                                                                      FRG.                                                                      “What they have done is to authorize everyone down to the
                    p Mutual funds                     30%               “Everything in the Army has gone back to the basics, and
                                                                                                                                             grass roots level to initiate these groups,” Eells said. She added
                                                                                                                                             that many of the groups in Schweinfurt have already made the
                                                                      readiness is a key word. That’s the buzzword of the decade,” said      transition.
                    p Bonds                            19%            Jo Eells, 280th BSB Army Community Service, or ACS, officer.
                                                                         ACS educates soldiers and families about the connection                “We had just started to re-vamp our entire training program,
                                                                      between family readiness and deployments. Operation Re-                so we were able to make changes fairly early,” said Aimee
                    p Certificates of                                 sources for Educating About Deployment and You, or READY,              Randazzo, outreach program manager, who gives the training for
                      deposits                         15%            includes training materials for the entire family, videos and          the groups.
                                                                      outlines for seminars.                                                    Randazzo suggests that people who would like more infor-
                                                                         According to Eells, the groups’ philosophy is changing from         mation about this training should call their community outreach
Source: ICR Excel for Merrill Lynch             By: Olivia Feher
                                                                      one of support to readiness and self-sufficiency.                      coordinator.

Please drive carefully, school starts Aug. 28
         Team of Teams!
                                                                                                           Young people are a very important part of our community. For                                     children don’t have their parents’ guidance in selecting an
                                                                                                        them to realize this and to become more involved citizens, we                                       appropriate activity, they often get involved in less desirable
                                                                                                        need to introduce them to the many unique opportunities that are                                    activities like “hanging out” with friends and perhaps
                                                                                                        available in all our communities.                                                                   experimenting with tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Schools are excellent places for parents and their children to
                                                Get your kids                                              Whether your children are interested in sports, drama or just
                                                                                                        getting together with other kids their own age, they are sure to
                                                                                                        find plenty to do through one of the numerous clubs and
                                                                                                                                                                                                            start the search for an appropriate youth activity. In addition,
                                                                                                                                                                                                            each BSB has youth service and school-age service programs
                                                involved in                                             programs available in the community.
                                                                                                           Club Beyond, sponsored by the Military Community Youth
                                                                                                                                                                                                            that offer a wide range of activities. For middle and high school
                                                                                                                                                                                                            students, chapels, schools and teen centers are excellent places
                                                                                                                                                                                                            to come together.
                                                                                                        Ministries, offers teenagers and middle school children an
                                                fun, meaningful                                         opportunity to meet at weekly meetings at school, go on day and
                                                                                                        overnight trips and take part in their yearly trip to the Czech
                                                                                                                                                                                                               It’s our responsibility as parents to point our children in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                            right direction and support the many programs available.
                                                                                                        Republic to help renovate and build orphanage play areas.                                              In other words, consider joining a carpool to drive kids to and
                                                activities, and                                            Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America are two other popular
                                                                                                        organizations open to teenagers as well as younger school-age
                                                                                                                                                                                                            from events, offer to chaperone or volunteer your time to coach
                                                                                                                                                                                                            a youth services team.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Exposing our children to enriching experiences will positively
                                                make them                                               children. They, too, make use of being in Germany to take
                                                                                                        exciting trips, from skiing in Austria, overnight castle excursions
                                                                                                        to winter camping in Switzerland.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            shape their future. We owe them every opportunity to excel.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Team of Teams!
                                                better citizens                                            There are also plenty of sports programs that get children
                                                                                                        involved in a healthy physical activity that builds cooperation
                                                                                                        and self-esteem.                                                                                                                          GERALD E. FERGUSON JR.
                                                                                                           It doesn’t matter what your children get involved in, as long                                                                          Colonel, Armor
                                                                                                        as it’s worthwhile, positive and satisfying. Unfortunately, if                                                                            98th Area Support Group Commander

       Thumbs up – Thumbs down
           Thumbs up to Ralph Lett, bartender
           at the Woodland Inn, for his pro-
                                                                                 Thumbs up to the Wuerzburg Spouse’s
                                                                              Club, Henry Ayers, Lodge 120 and WKW
                                                                                                                                                            Traveling with children
           fessional and conscientious attitude
           in his work. While bartending, he
maintained an immaculate bar, which shows
that he is someone who cares about his work
                                                                              Military Lodge 30 for their outstanding
                                                                              community support. All three organizations
                                                                              made contributions to the Kitzingen junior
                                                                              girls softball team. Your support enabled us to
                                                                                                                                                            is strictly for the birds
and customers. He also created an inviting                                    take first place in the USAREUR softball                                      by Lisa Soule
atmosphere with candles, tablecloths, com-                                    championship held in Heidelberg. Your dona-                                   CRUSADER
plimentary snacks, and he always projects                                     tions were greatly appreciated by the girls and                                  I try to do right by my kids. With this, our
a friendly demeanor. Thanks again Ralph,                                      their families. Our sincere gratitude goes to                                                                                                                As we wade through the photographs, we
you’ve got it going on!                                                       each of you.                                                                  last tour in Germany as my husband looks                                    talk about different locations, how they are
                                                                                                                                                            forward to retirement, I have vowed that my                                 similar, what stood out. We discovered a
                          Julia Winn, Kitzingen                                                SFC Yolanda Brock, Kitzingen                                 kids will reap all the benefits of living in                                common activity they enjoyed around the
   Thumbs up to SFC Verylrn Eubanks and                                                                                                                     Europe.                                                                     world as I asked them some simple ques-
Lill Whitman of the 279th chapel staff. Thank                                    Thumbs up to Leon Gordon, the head chef
you for doing your best to get the paperwork                                  at the Conn Community Club in Schweinfurt.                                       The last time we lived in Germany, they                                  tions.
approved in short notice. After the paperwork                                 He got up early after a long night to cook up an                              toddled around. Kiddy carriers, strollers and                                  What was your favorite thing in Venice?
was submitted it had to be changed because of                                 awesome breakfast for our battalion prayer                                    diaper bags were part of our apparel. But                                   The pigeons in San Marco Piazza.
a mistake on my part. Because of your profes-                                 service. The soldiers were fed spiritually and                                travel, even a day trip, with two small child-
                                                                                                                                                            ren in tow was no easy feat.                                                   What was the best part of London? The
sionalism, caring attitude and willingness to go                              physically as they took time out to give thanks.                                                                                                          pigeons in Trafalger square.
the extra mile, my day went 100 percent better.                               I give Leon, and the crew at the club credit                                     This time, my 13-year-old daughter and
Thank you!                                                                    for their caring attitude, delicious food and                                 11-year-old son have been dragged across                                       What did you enjoy most in Amsterdam?
                         Phillip Price, Bamberg                               wonderful service.                                                            the continent, sometimes willingly, some-                                   The pigeons in Dam Square. And on and on.
   Thumbs up to Peter Schreiner and                                                                                                                         times begrudgingly, to see great sites and                                     Much to the chagrin of people who
Wolfgang Lang of the 279th Bamberg                                                   Chaplain (Capt.) Scott Davis, Schweinfurt                              hopefully gain cultural experiences.                                        actually live and work in these big cities, a
privately owned vehicle, or POV, inspection                                                                                                                    We’ve been to all the major cities: Paris,                               few entrepreneurs often set up shop in these
facility. They recently performed a thorough                                             Thumbs down to AFN radio,                                                                                                                      large open spaces and hock bags of birdseed.
inspection of my POV and discovered                                                                                                                         London, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome and
something that I had deemed insignificant, but                                           Wuerzburg. It’s not possible to tune                               Prague. They’ve hiked in the Alps, sun-                                        In fact, I have even used the lure of
was actually a major safety problem. If it had                                           in to 104.9 unless you are within a                                bathed along the Adriatic Sea – confessed                                   feeding the pigeons as a bribe to get them to
gone unnoticed, it could have potentially been                                           small radius of Wuerzburg because                                  their sins in a major basilica.                                             go quietly into a real tourist attraction.
life threatening. Thank you for taking your                                   their radio signal is too weak. The station does                                 And just when I think they’re drinking in                                   I hope when my children are older, they
work seriously and for being extremely                                        not come in clearly even in parts of the
                                                                              Giebelstadt area. Additionally, there is entirely                             the culture, gaining knowledge and seeing                                   will appreciate the opportunities they’ve
courteous. Hopefully some folks in this area                                                                                                                things most kids only read about, I tune into                               had. But for now, I take solace in the fact that
will stop by to say thank you for watching out                                too much talk radio going on during the day
                                                                              and not enough music.                                                         their thoughts, and learn about the memories                                they’ve communed, internationally, with the
for all of us. HOOAH!                                                                                                                                       I’m helping them build.                                                     birds.
                        Richard Cary, Bamberg                                                           Capt. Eric Little, Giebelstadt

         Street talk:                                       What are you looking forward to this school year?                                                                                                                                                                        Photos by CRUSADER staff

Becky Hayes, 14, family mem-          Evan Lobeto, age 7, Warner              Valerie Viverette, family mem-       Tobias Champagne, junior,            Danielle Dennull, 11, family         Ryan Taillon, age 15, Warner              Kiesha Fletcher, family mem-                  Amber Cargal, freshman,
ber, 2nd Battalion, 6th Cavalry,      Barracks, Bamberg                       ber, 15, Headquarters and            Wuerzburg American High              member, 6th Battalion, 6th           Barracks, Bamberg                         ber, 15, Headquarters and                     Wuerzburg American High
Storck Barracks, Illesheim                                                    Headquarters Battery, 1st            School, Leighton Barracks,           Cavalry, Storck Barracks, Illes-                                               Headquarters     Troop,   1st                 School, Leighton Barracks,
                                      “I look forward to meet-                Battalion, 7th Field Artillery,      Wuerzburg                            heim                                 ”Hopefully, I’ll have a                   Squadron, 4th Cavalry, Conn                   Wuerzburg
“I’m looking forward to               ing new friends who I can               Ledward Barracks, Schweinfurt                                                                                  better sports year. I’d like              Barracks, Schweinfurt
going back to school to                                                                                            “I’m looking forward to              “I’m looking forward to                                                                                                      “I’m looking forward to
                                      play with and have a good               “I look forward to learn-            the football and wrestling                                                to actively help our                      “This coming year I want
get away from Illesheim.                                                                                                                                going back to school be-                                                                                                     my first year in high
                                      time. I also look forward               ing more about cosmeto-              seasons. Our football                                                     football team excel. I                    to learn more about street
There are more things to                                                                                                                                cause of the food, so I                                                                                                      school, and I’m eager to
                                      to learning new things in               logy. I want to get ac-              coach has organized                                                       look forward to extracur-                 law in school. My dream
do at school; it’s boring                                                                                                                               don’t have to cook for                                                                                                       get to know the school
                                      school that I never knew                quainted with beauty pro-            games against German                                                      ricular activities offered                is to become a lawyer for
here.”                                                                                                                                                  myself or make my own                                                                                                        and meet new people.”
                                      before.”                                ducts, especially those              teams, and I expect our                                                   at my school.”                            the United States Navy.”
                                                                                                                                                        meals anymore.”
                                                                              for the hair.”                       wrestling team to take the
                                                                                                                   European championship.”

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2          Crusader, August 25, 2000
                                              School Year Special
Ready to tackle a new year
                         It has been a busy summer for both De-        PTSA, SAC, IAC, DAC, and then the CAC.                                   school ready and prepared to learn.
                      partment of Defense Dependents Schools,             The system has been successfully tested and works.                       If a child comes to school unprepared and unwilling to learn,
                      or DoDDS, and the 98th Area Support                 The institutionalizing of community support in schools, the           the best teacher in the world won’t be able to help that child
                      Group. Now it’s time to prepare ourselves        addition of volunteer opportunities and programs to assist               progress.
                      for an exciting and successful new school        parents, students and school staffs were all accomplishments                The support we give our teachers and school leadership
                      year.                                            resulting from issues brought to the forums by concerned mem-            contributes to the overall education provided to our youth and
                         For those of you who were here last year,     bers of the various councils.                                            ensures it is of the highest quality. Most importantly, it fosters a
                      you know we have a system in place to               The trite phrase that “it takes a village to raise a child” is more   positive interaction between schools, parents and our com-
                      ensure that you have an opportunity to           than true in our military communities. Those members of our              munity.
                      voice your concerns and opinions on              communities who invest their time supporting our youth are the              I’m sure that, as always, it will be a fast-paced and challenging
                      school issues.                                   heroes responsible for the academic excellence our children              academic year.
Ferguson                 The important parts of that process are       enjoy today.                                                                I look forward to seeing and speaking with you at educational
                      the school advisory council, or SAC, the                                                                                  events during the course of the school year.
Parent, Teacher, Student Association, or PTSA, the installation           Parents, teachers and others concerned with the well-being
advisory council, or IAC, the district advisory council, or DAC,       and education of our children should now take the initiative and
and the commander’s advisory council, or CAC.                          use it.
   Each forum functions as a voice for constituents concerning            However, DoDDS and the base support battalions can’t do it
school issues. If concerns or issues aren’t resolved at the lower      alone. Communities, teachers, and most importantly, parents                           GERALD E.FERGUSON JR.
level, they are carried to the next council forum, for example,        should also be involved.                                                              Colonel, Armor
                                                                          As parents, it’s our responsibility to send our children to                        98th Area Support Group Commander

     Contact school principals
     Names and phone numbers of principals
  in the 98th ASG for the school year 2000-
                                                                                                                                                                    School kids honor
  2001 are shown below.
     Ansbach Elementary, Dorothy Behm,
                                                                                                                                                                    American history
  467-2628 or (09802) 7657; Ansbach Ame-                                                                                                                            Alisha Martin, a fourth-grade stu-
  rican High School, Ronald Steinman, 467-                                                                                                                          dent at the Bamberg Elementary
  2808 or (09802) 223; Bad Kissingen                                                                                                                                School, dishes up chicken pudding
  Elementary School, Letch Connell, (0971)                                                                                                                          to a guest at a taste of the colonies
  65204; Bamberg Elementary School, Ian                                                                                                                             banquet performed by the school’s
  Coubrough, 469-7616 or (0951) 37214;                                                                                                                              Talented and Gifted Program last
  Bamberg American High School, Sandra                                                                                                                              school year. Martin and other child-
  Matthys, 469-8874 or (0951) 32316;                                                                                                                                ren dressed in period clothing and
  Illesheim Elementary School, Don Ness,
  467-4631 or (09841) 8408; Kitzingen Ele-                                                                                                                          made recipes from days gone by
  mentary School, Donna Donaldson, 355-                                                                                                                             to commemorate President’s Day.
  8745 or (09321) 24100; Rainbow Ele-                                                                                                                               Martin made a Buffalo Bill Cody
  mentary School (Ansbach), Margaret                                                                                                                                cabbage dish. American history
  Deatherage, 468-7806 or (0981) 15984;                                                                                                                             thrived throughout the evening with
  Schweinfurt Elementary School, Judith                                                                                                                             speeches, patriotic hymns, and an-
  Mayo, 354-6518 or (09721) 81893;                                                                                                                                  tique looking toys and crafts made
  Schweinfurt Middle School, Eldrenna                                                                                                                               by children.
  Durham, 354-6813 or (09721) 804301;                                                                                                             Cheryl Boujnida
  Wuerzburg Elementary School, David
  Trukositz, 350-6158 or (0931) 7006600;
  Wuerzburg Middle School, Denise Leach,
  350-7399 or (0931) 709697; Wuerzburg
  American High School, David Witte, 350-
  7176 or (0931) 702840.
                                                    Ride the bus to school safely
                                                                                                              “School bus transportation is a privilege, and    conduct and behavior of our children at all
          Register for school                       Parents responsible                                    in the past there have been cases where students
                                                                                                           have lost their privilege to ride the bus for the
     Each student must be registered prior to                                                                                                                      “Please talk over the bus rules as outlined in
  attending class on the first day of school
  Aug. 28. Kindergarten students must be
                                                    for child’s conduct                                    remainder of the school year,” Ferguson said.
                                                                                                              Although DoDDS officials have primary
                                                                                                                                                                the parent-student or parent-student-teacher
                                                                                                                                                                handbook which you will receive in the next few
  five years old and first grade students must      by Olivia Feher                                        responsibility for enforcing all the rules on        days.
  be six years old before Oct. 31.                  CRUSADER                                               school buses, the ASG commander, along with             “It’s important that all concerned, both pa-
     Most schools have continuous registra-            With the start of the new school year Aug. 28,      his base support commanders, fully support           rents and students, understand what kind of
  tion throughout the summer; others set            the safety and discipline of children riding           DoDDS in their efforts to provide a safe and         behavior is expected,” Ferguson said.
  aside special days. To register, bring travel     school buses in the 98th ASG is a top issue.           secure means of transporting students to and
  orders assigning the sponsor to the area                                                                                                                         If students lose the privilege to ride the bus,
                                                       “The last school year brought some discipline       from school.                                         they must still attend school. This means parents
  and carrying the dependent’s name; spon-
  sor’s or spouse’s ID card; child’s shot re-       problems on several buses in our communities,”            “The parental responsibility in this team         have to ride the school bus to and from school
  cord; child’s social security number; proof       said Col. Gerald Ferguson, 98th ASG com-               effort is for the behavior of your child. We, the    with the child or provide another means of
  of child’s age with either a passport or birth    mander.                                                parents or sponsors, are responsible for the         transportation.
  certificate; and school records from last
  school for new students. Service members
  who have extended their tour must also
  bring a copy of those orders with them.
  Contact your local school as soon as pos-
                                                    High school teens put trust in TRUST
  sible if you have not already registered          by Donna Tomsic                                        they can walk into a classroom and hold a con-
  your child.
    Program finds disabilities
                                                    417th BSB Schools Officer
                                                       Your best ally in the
                                                                                                           versation about tough topics, including peer
                                                                                                           pressure, date rape, and teens dating soldiers,”     ‘These students hope to
                                                    fight against alcohol and                              Chapman said.                                        reach a point where they
     Child Find is an ongoing process used
  by DoDDS and the military to find and             drugs might be the kid next                               Students who possess high degrees of leader-
  identify individuals, from birth to age 21,       door.                                                  ship and speaking skills are nominated by teach-     can walk into a classroom
  with suspected disabilities. The process             Wuerzburg and Ans-                                  ers or community members to join the project. A      and hold a conversation
  involves screening, referral that entitles the    bach high school students                              committee reviews candidates’ applications and
  individual to receive special education and       are educating their peers                              selects students for the assignment.                 about tough topics,
  related services. Contact your local school       about the dangers of sub-
  for specific information regarding Child          stance abuse as part of a                                 “Project TRUST helps students with issues
                                                                                                           they face every day. There are just some things
                                                                                                                                                                including peer pressure,
  Find activities in your community.                new program called pro-
                                                    ject TRUST.                                            teens can’t talk about with their parents or other   date rape, and teens
            Register for bus                           TRUST is an acronym Chapman
                                                                                                           teens,” said project member, Manuel Aponte,
                                                                                                           sophomore.                                           dating soldiers.’
     Students must be registered with               for teens reaching under-
  DoDDS-Europe Transportation Manage-               standing and supporting teens.                            Student members meet weekly after school                                      – Mark Chapman
  ment Office to ride school buses. Call local         “The project’s primary goal is to prevent           and attend several weekend retreats to develop
  offices at Rainbow Elementary School,             substance abuse through education, but the             the program.
  Ansbach, 468-7874; Bamberg Elementary             students will be prepared to handle other topics          “Students focus on communication skills,             Jennifer Retasket, a freshman project mem-
  School, 469-8543; Schweinfurt Ele-                that may come up in a classroom setting,” said         active listening and negotiation techniques.
  mentary School, Schweinfurt, 354-6236;                                                                                                                        ber, said she is excited about TRUST. “It is one
                                                    Mark Chapman, adolescent substance abuse               They also learn about respecting people’s pri-       of the best programs I have attended. I would
  and Wuerzburg American High School,               counselor.
  350-7277.                                                                                                vacy and building healthy relationships,”            encourage anyone to join or just listen and learn
                                                       “These students hope to reach a point where         Chapman said.                                        from what the members have to say.”
First day of school can
be traumatic for children
by Lt. Col. Carol McKinney                               the age and maturity of the child, the first day of
98th ASG Provost Marshal                                 school can be a roller coaster of emotions, from
   Some of us remember at                                hiding behind mom’s dress with extreme fright,
least one first day of                                   to “school’s no big deal” ho-hum, to “get out of
school.                                                  the way, I’m a senior,” sheer delight, or panic.
   That one was more than                                   The First Day Foundation encourages and
likely a hallmark year.                                  promotes the benefits of the first day of school.
First grade, sixth grade,                                They emphasize the importance of parental
eighth grade, ninth grade,                               involvement in their children’s education in the
or 12th grade. It marked                                 school and at home helping with homework.
either a beginning or an                                    A parent’s active involvement reduces pro-
ending to some educa-                                    blems with children in school, develops a po-
tional milestone.                                        sitive relationship with the teacher, links the
   Regardless of the grade, McKinney                     family to the education process, and sets the tone
the first day of school is                               for the child that he or she must come to school
important. It’s important not only to the child,         ready to learn.
but also to the school staff and community.                 The foundation points out that research shows                                                                                                 Lisa Soule
   Many schools try to make the first day a very
important one. Schools want and encourage
                                                         when parents become involved in the education
                                                         process their children show greater academic
                                                                                                                 Reaching beyond
parents to show up with their child and par-             success.                                                Wuerzburg Middle school students cheer during a Club Beyond meeting at the
ticipate in the first day of school activities.             When a community supports the education              school. Club Beyond is a non-denominational ministry for military youth in
   It can be a good opportunity for parents to           process, everyone benefits. Within the 98th             grades 6–12. Group meetings provide a forum for religious education and
meet teachers and other parents. This little effort      ASG, schools have the support of the military           recreational programming under guidance of the chaplain’s office. Each year,
can also be a subtle hint to your child that school      units and private organizations in each BSB             club members throughout Europe perform a service project. The latest project
is a good place to be. It’s also important that          community.                                              took members to the Czech Republic. For information on Club Beyond, contact
parents feel comfortable there, too.                        Community members, soldiers and civilians            your local military chapel.
   Military kids experience more anxious feel-           alike contribute their time by tutoring, men-
ings than most kids do. They feel the stress of          toring and supporting school activities.
moving, leaving old friends and having to find
and make new ones.
   They also know the lonely feelings associated
with not knowing anyone in the community, or
                                                            Schools should never be expected to function
                                                         as a lone entity – education is a community
                                                         responsibility. Strong family-school-community
                                                         partnerships make a positive difference in stu-
                                                                                                               Home schooling made easy
                                                                                                                                                                     provide options for them. The policy will also
those feelings of being deserted when their
friends have moved away.
                                                         dent achievement and lower the likelihood of
                                                         negative behaviors in and after school. Pro-          Know where to get                                     ensure that commanders are aware of personnel
                                                                                                                                                                     in their units who are involved in a home-school
   The first school day can be more traumatic to         ductive students mean better functioning com-
kids than some parents realize. Depending on             munities.                                             the right information                                 program.
                                                                                                                                                                        Occasionally, parents
                                                                                                               by Ed Atterberry                                      will call the local school or
                                                                                                               Wuerzburg District Executive Officer                  the district superinten-
                                                                   Teacher                                         The mission of Department of Defense De-
                                                                                                               pendents Schools, or DoDDS, is to provide edu-
                                                                                                                                                                     dent’s office and ask for
                                                                                                                                                                     information on home
                                                                                                                                                                     schooling. While we are
                                                                                                               cational programs for all eligible students in
                                                                   is tops                                     kindergarten through twelfth grade.
                                                                                                                   In addition, certain preschool-age children are
                                                                                                                                                                     aware that there are many
                                                                                                                                                                     quality programs avail-
                                                                   Patsy Steenson, Kitzingen                   also served. For various reasons, some parents        able, the Department of
                                                                   third-grade teacher, is decked              choose to educate their children at home. The         Defense, or DoD, some-
                                                                   out in stars and stripes and                DoDDS system takes no official stand on home          times needs to purchase
                                                                   conducting a patriotic student              schooling, neither condoning nor condemning           home-school programs for Atterberry
                                                                   recital. The Veterans of                    the practice.                                         eligible personnel. This
                                                                   Foreign War awarded                                                                               means that home-school materials are provided
                                                                                                                   Home schooling is a popular form of edu-
                                                                   Steenson with the Citizenship                                                                     to personnel assigned to DoD positions in far-
                                                                                                               cating children within a close circle of people. It
                                                                   Education Teacher Award for                                                                       flung embassies. Two different sources are used,
                                                                                                               takes a great deal of commitment on the part of
                                                                   the Department of Europe last                                                                     depending on the grade level of the students.
                                                                                                               the parents. Recent media coverage of award
                                                                   year. The annual award                      recipients in spelling and geography compe-              For students in kindergarten through eighth
                                                                   recognizes the nation’s top                 titions has made the topic of home schooling          grade, we buy courseware from the Calvert
                                                                   educators who promote                       very popular.                                         School in Baltimore, MD. Their web address is
                                                                   citizenship by effectively                      USAREUR Headquarters is currently work- 
                                                                   teaching American history,                  ing on a home-school policy that will not                The information shown above is provided for
                                                                   civic responsibility and other              discourage parents who want to start or continue      information only. It does not imply endorsement
                                                                   related topics. Steenson                    to home-school their children, but will help          by the DoD or DoDDS.
                                                                   heads up the Kids Saving the
                                                                   Earth Club, helping students
                                                                   to explore nature and environ-
                                                                   mental issues after school.
                                                      Lisa Soule

School meals still
a good deal for all
by Olivia Feher
   The Army and Air Force Exchange Service,
                                                         ‘As in previous years, free
or AAFES, Overseas School Meal Program
prices for the upcoming school year will remain
                                                         and reduced-price meals
unchanged from the 1999-2000 school year.                are available to students
   “AAFES has been able to operate the school
meal program on a break-even basis since 1996            whose families meet the
without an increase in the price that students pay
for meals. This is primarily due to adequate             eligibility guidelines.’
funding levels from the United States Depart-
ment of Agriculture, or USDA, and the Depart-                         – Janice Bradshaw-Lawrence
ment of Defense Education Activity, or
DoDEA,” said Janice Bradshaw-Lawrence,
AAFES-Europe food business manger.                          Applying for qualification could not be any
   School meal prices are $1.95 for elementary           simpler, said Ingrid Stewart, administrative
school lunches, $2.10 for high-school level and          assistant, 417th BSB DOL food service branch.
$3.20 for non-students.                                     “Interested families can pick up an appli-
   “As in previous years, free and reduced-price         cation at either their local school or the program
meals are available to students whose families           point of contact for their area. They simply bring
meet the eligibility guidelines. Students who            that application, with their most current leave
qualify receive breakfast and lunch at no cost or        and earnings statements for each income in the
at the reduced rate of 40 cents based on their           household, to the area point of contact. If they                                                                                               Mark Heeter
category. This special program presently helps
hundreds of families receive free or reduced
lunches for their children.
                                                         qualify, their paperwork is good for the entire
                                                         year,” Stewart explained.                               Keeping an eye on the kelp
                                                            For more information, call your local program        Students at Schweinfurt Elementary School take a tour of a kelp forest which is
   “There are too many families out there who            coordinator: 417th BSB Food Service Branch at           part of an ocean second- through fifth-graders built. The project took about two
don’t take advantage of the program. If families         355-8795 or (09321) 305795, Klosterforst,               months to complete and contained sea creatures and fish, made out of papier-
are authorized, the same coupon booklets can             building 259, past range control; 235th BSB             mâché, and a kelp forest. Students gave guided tours to teachers, parents and
either be free or cost just 40 cents. That’s a           Area Support Team at 467-2266 or (09802)                other students. Some students found the tour so interesting that they wanted to
tremendous discount,” Reuther said.                      832267; 279th BSB Army Community Service                go through it again. Big attractions were the dolphins and the great white shark.
   Eligibility for the program is based on a             at 469-7777 or (0951) 3007777; and 280th BSB            The project allowed students to dive deeply into several school subjects, with
family’s calculated income and the number of             Army Community Service at 354-6486 or                   science flowing along with art and social studies.
people living within that household.                     (09721) 966751.
Know how school liaison officers work
by Lisa Soule                                                           1996. She can be contacted at 468-7908 or (0981) 183908 if you                               Martinsville, Va., she enjoys being part of a
CRUSADER                                                                have any school or education-related questions. For specific                                 school system that has initiated many new
   Every community employs a school liaison officer to foster           schools information, including special programs visit the BSB                                programs, including the school breakfast
the relationship between the community and the schools.                 website at                                                      program at Schweinfurt Elementary
   The officer represents, informs and assists the command with                                                                                                      School. The 280th BSB schools were also
parent and community concerns.
                                                                        Rebecca Shinneman –                                                                          among the first in Europe to use school
   “Our basic premise is to coordinate and work a variety of            279th BSB                                                                                    uniforms. She also coordinates the
school issues with the command. Our officers get involved in bus           Rebecca (Becca) Shinneman has been                                                        Schweinfurt Opportunity for Achievement
and discipline issues and help arrange volunteer programs,” said        in Germany since July 1999. She comes                                                        through Role Modeling Program, which
Lt. Col. Carol McKinney, 98th ASG, school liaison officer.              from the 417th BSB where she was the                                                         allows soldiers to tutor students.
   She said each community has specific                                 family child care director. She has been a
needs to address and the schools officer is                             director of a volunteer center, delegate for                           Joyce                 Donna Tomsic –
able to serve both the command and the                                  the President’s Summit for America’s                                                         417th BSB
school.                                                                 Future, a volunteer, and a teacher. Becca                                 Donna Tomsic has been working with
                                                                        has a background in non-profits with an                                youth for the past four years. She was a
Beth Rohr –                                                             emphasis on youth, strengthening com-                                  sports director, and school age services
235th BSB                                                               munities and volunteerism. Her motto is                                program director before accepting the
   Beth Rohr formerly taught high school                                “Remember our youth are our future.”                                   liaison position last year. She has a
journalism and yearbook classes, as well as                             Melissa Joyce –                                Shinneman               bachelor’s degree in business adminis-
middle school speech, drama, and German                                                                                                        tration from Stephen F. Austin University
in St. Louis, Mo. She earned a Master of                                280th BSB                                                              in Nacogdoches, Texas, and a masters
Arts degree in education and communi-                                      Melissa Joyce has been the school liaison officer in Schwein-       degree in human relations from the Uni-
cation from Truman State University in Rohr                             furt and Bad Kissingen since August 1999. A native of                  versity of Oklahoma.                      Tomsic

                                                                                                           Elementary school class-
                                                                                                           rooms move in the 417th
                                                                                                           by Lisa Soule                                        room, while freeing up the elementary school for
                                                                                                           CRUSADER                                             upcoming renovations.
                                                                                                              Kitzingen teachers have made the switch.                     Space becomes free
                                                                                                              Almost every Kitzingen Elementary School             “Freeing up space in Wuerzburg Elementary
                                                                                                           classroom moved over the summer as the district      provides a buffer zone between students and
                                                                                                           realigned its Kitzingen and Wuerzburg schools.       construction sites,” Atterberry said.
                                                                                                              Department of Defense Dependents Schools             The changes will help accommodate the anti-
                                                                                                           officials announced a major shift last May. The      cipated student increase as the 12th Aviation
                                                                                                           move keeps Kitzingen fifth-graders closer to         units continue to move from Wiesbaden to Gie-
                                                                                                           home and pulls Wuerzburg fifth-graders out of        belstadt Army Airfield.
                                                                                                           the elementary school and into the middle               “The schools responded quickly and ef-
                                                                                                           school.                                              ficiently, providing comprehensive solutions to
                                                                                                              The Kitzingen fifth-graders, who previously       complex challenges,” said Lt. Col. Frank
                                                                                                           attended class at Wuerzburg Middle School, will      Wheeler, 417th BSB commander.
                                                                                                           skip the bus ride to Leighton Barracks and now
                                                                                                           go to school in Marshall Heights.                            Adapting to population
                                                                                                                                                                   “Besides adapting to an increased population,
                                                                                                                  Teachers move classrooms                      the Wuerzburg district superintendent’s ap-
                                                                                          Kristy Snedden
                                                                                                              Kitzingen teachers moved their classrooms to      proach paves the way for realizing their goals of
                                                                                                           make the two-building elementary school more
  Tunes for teachers                                                                                       accommodating to students.
                                                                                                              “To take full advantage of all our resources,
                                                                                                                                                                providing full-day kindergarten and a lower
                                                                                                                                                                teacher-to-student ratio in the lower grades,”
                                                                                                                                                                Wheeler said.
  Alex Loyo-Rodriguez, a fourth-grade student from Illesheim Elementary School,
  performs along with other students in a short concert for honored teachers at an                         kindergarten through second-grade classrooms            “Renovations will begin this year to add
  awards ceremony at the Fort Apache Club in Illesheim June 6. The teachers from                           relocated to building 350. Classes for the upper     rooms to support our full-day kindergarten
  the elementary schools at Illesheim, Ansbach and Rainbow, along with middle                              grades will be held in building 319,” said Ed        program,” Atterberry said.
  and high schools in Ansbach, were honored for their great work with students.                            Atterberry, executive officer of the Wuerzburg          The full-day program will be a reality for
  The 235th BSB, who sponsored the event, also recognized teachers who are                                 district superintendent’s office.                    Wuerzburg students in the 2002 school year. A
  leaving the BSB area.                                                                                       Moving the Wuerzburg classes to the middle        similar renovation project will be completed in
                                                                                                           school gives the students an undisturbed class-      Kitzingen by 2003.

Rainbow changes to school uniforms                                                                                                                                Moves, promotions
                                                    More than 70 percent reply positively                                                                         in the Wuerzburg
                                                    by Amy Gunter                                                                                                 schools’ district
                                                    Ansbach Public Affairs Office Summer Hire

                                                       Rainbow Elementary School students will be
                                                                                                           ‘The entire school                                     by Olivia Feher
                                                    dressed a little differently this school year after
                                                    parents voted to adopt a uniform policy.
                                                                                                           wardrobe for a year                                       The     upcoming
                                                                                                                                                                  school year will see
                                                       Last year, students were sent home with
                                                    surveys and the result was in favor of a dress
                                                                                                           can be purchased from                                  some changes in
                                                                                                                                                                  personnel in DoDDS
                                                    code.                                                  the PX for around                                      schools.
                                                                                                                                                                     Dr.       Virginia
                                                       Seventy-two percent of parents with children
                                                    returning to school voted for the change and           $100, making this                                      Mitchener, the dis-
                                                                                                                                                                  trict superintendent,
                                                    agreed that bringing uniforms into the school
                                                    system would be a great improvement.                   improvement not only                                   announced the fol-
                                                                                                                                                                  lowing promotions
                                                       “I feel as if parents are looking for uni-
                                                    formity. The hope is that the students’ attention      convenient but also                                    and moves Aug. 7.
                                                    will go to school work and not fashion. Most                                                                     “These changes Mitchener
                                                    children in school with problems don’t have            very economical.’                                      will help make the
                                                                                                                                                                  new school year challenging and exciting,”
                                                    trouble intellectually, but find it difficult to fit
                                                    in with a group. This causes a lack of con-                                                                   Mitchener said.
                                                    centration towards their school work and forces                           – Margaret Deatherage                  “Our goal is to continue to uphold our
                                                    them to focus primarily on trying to become                                                                   standard of education, setting cooperation
                                                    equals socially with their desired peers,” said                                                               between students, teachers, parents, school
                                                    Margaret Deatherage, Rainbow Elementary                improvement not only convenient but also very          administrators, military units, and com-
                                                    principal.                                             economical.                                            munity and tactical leaders,” Mitchener
                                                                                                              “For those families that do not wish for their      said.
                                                       School officials at Rainbow narrowed down
                                                    the appropriate dress code to include the fol-         children to adhere to the new dress code, there is        Mike Thompson, Hohenfels American
                                                    lowing: navy, khaki or black jumpers, skirts,          an “opt-out” clause available to them if they          High School principal, changes to chief of
                                                    skorts, shorts and slacks. That does not include       wish to meet with the school board and explain         staff; Charlie Toth, Wuerzburg American
                                                    cargo style pants. Shirts of any color are ac-         their concern,” Deatherage said.                       High School principal, changes to
                                                    ceptable as long as they have a collar and                Other than that, all students are expected to       assistance superintendent; Dave Witte,
                                                    sleeves, as are sweaters as long as they are of        comply with the policy.                                Vilseck American High School principal,
                                                    plain knit and a solid color.                                                                                 becomes the Wuerzburg American High
                                                                                                              “There will be no real disciplinary action          School principal, Bob Sennett, Wuerzburg
                                                       The only shoes that have been outlawed by           taken if this is not followed because school           Middle School principal changes to
                                                    the new policy are those that mark floor surfaces      officials do not want to deprive students of           Vilseck American High School principal;
                                                    and platform-shoes. All these recognized ar-           learning. However, for those who do willingly          Denise Leach, Wuerzburg Middle School
                                                    ticles of clothing have been made available at         dress according to the new dress code, special         assistant principal, becomes the Wuerz-
                                                    Army & Air Force Exchange Service-Europa               privileges will be permitted,” Deatherage said.        burg Middle School principal; and Har-
                                   Kristy Snedden   facilities in the Katterbach area.                        With the enormous response from parents in          rient Hunter-Boykin who is detailed to the
Charlotte Holmes, sorts through the                    According to Deatherage, a child’s entire           favor of the uniforms, authority figures within        district becomes the Wuerzburg Middle
different types of uniforms available at            school wardrobe for a year can be purchased            the school do not anticipate any problems during       School assistant principal.
the Katterbach post exchange.                       from the PX for around $100, making this               the upcoming year.
                                                                                                             Student bodies shuffle
                                                                                                             for next school year
                                                                                                             by Mark Heeter

                                                                                                                As students in the 280th BSB are busy with
                                                                                                                                                                  ‘Many of the class-
                                                                                                             their summer vacations, many having visions          rooms in Schweinfurt
                                                                                                             of beaches, swimming pools and fun in the sun,
                                                                                                             or learning a skill by participating in the          Elementary School are
                                                                                                             summer hire program, one thing is certain, not
                                                                                                             many will be worry about the next school year.       getting too large in
                                                                                                                DoDDS school officials in the 280th BSB,          terms of pupil-teacher
                                                                                                             however, have made a decision that will affect
                                                                                                             some of the younger students in the com-             ratio.’
                                                                                                                Because of disproportionately large class                       – Lt. Col. Timothy Gorrell
                                                                                                             sizes in Schweinfurt Elementary School, some
                                                                                                             students in the northern area of the BSB will be
                                                                                                             transferring to Bad Kissingen, or BK, Ele-              “The decision was made quickly and was
                                                                                                             mentary School in the coming school year.            agreed upon by the schools’ authorities,” Joyce
                                                                                                                “Many of the classrooms in Schweinfurt            said. She cited the benefits of balancing the
                                                                                                             Elementary School are getting too large in           ratio between students and teachers as one of
                                                                                                             terms of pupil-teacher ratio,” said Lt. Col.         the driving forces behind the realignment.
                                                                                                             Timothy Gorrell, 280th BSB commander,                   “The school in BK is an excellent school,”
                                                                                                             noting that, conversely, the population at BK        Gorrell said, adding that the school is a modern
                                                                                                             has been well under its capacity.                    facility and has recently undergone extensive
                                                                                              Lisa Soule        A proposal from the schools themselves            renovations.
  Chop, boil and brown                                                                                       suggested realigning some bus routes, and
                                                                                                             those affected were shortened either in distance
                                                                                                                                                                     “Students will get more individual attention,
                                                                                                                                                                  and the Bad Kissingen school has already
  Elizabeth Todd, home economics teacher at Wuerzburg Middle School, helps                                   or time – making it an attractive option to im-      demonstrated the highest standard of academic
  students prepare a full meal for a project in the foods and nutrition class. The                           prove both schools.                                  excellence,” Gorrell said.
  class, in which there are as many boys as girls, prepared beef Stroganoff, salad                              Melissa Joyce, 280th BSB school liaison              The students will still be able to take
  and rolls for invited guests. School principal Robert Sennett said the students                            officer, said, “The communities in the northern      advantage of the youth services in Schweinfurt
  did an excellent job of preparing the meal, setting the table and holding polite                           zone of the BSB that will be affected by the         once a bus plan has been coordinated with the
  conversation.                                                                                              change are Hambach, Maibach, Pfersdorf and           Wuerzburg school district superintendent’s
                                                                                                             Ebenhausen.                                          office.

Programs running in the 235th BSB
by Beth Rohr                                          rated the course highly beneficial.                       Although on-going classroom construction
235th BSB School Liaison Officer
                                                         Instructors deliver the course, broken down         means students will face temporary displace-
                                                      into a series of two-hour sessions, once each          ment, kindergarten programs will kick-off at the
     Parent Expectations Support                                                                             beginning of the school year.
                                                      week for six weeks and dive into information on
       Achievement courses set                        improving parent-child relations.                         Project completion remains on-target and
   Teachers and parent volunteers plan to offer                                                              shows promise of beating estimated deadlines.
                                                         Look for specific dates for this PESA classes
Parent Expectations Support Achievement, or           in upcoming issues of the Crusader.                       Illesheim Elementary projects the kinder-
PESA, courses this fall and spring of 2001.                                                                  garten classroom’s ribbon-cutting ceremony to
   The program, introduced last year by Wuerz-                                                               take place in the early weeks of September,
burg District Superintendent’s Office personnel,
                                                         Full-day kindergarten continues                     whereas Ansbach Elementary hopes to open its
targets good parents who want to refine their            Community leaders, urged by School Ad-              classroom doors by the beginning of second
skills in guiding their children toward academic      visory Committee, or SAC, recommendations,             semester.
success.                                              fought hard to bring the DoDDS full-day kinder-           The full-day program exists as part of the
   The pilot classes held in April drew signi-        garten program to all 235th BSB elementary             effort to reduce teacher-student ratios to 1:18 in
ficant interest, and parents who participated         schools this year.                                     primary grades, K-3.

Military tutor-mentors aid students                                                                                                                                                                  Mark Heeter
by Lisa Soule
                                                      give the students someone to talk to outside the
                                                      educational system,” Tomsic said.
                                                         “The best thing about being a mentor is the
                                                                                                             our time made such a big difference to them,”
                                                                                                             said Sgt. Dorothy Morris.                              Shoot it out
   The 417th BSB teamed up soldiers and stu-                                                                    Tomsic said she was pleased with the quality        Students take aim at their targets
dents in a mentoring pilot program last year.         bond that developed between the student and            of soldiers who volunteered for the program.           during the medieval and renais-
                                                      me. The students really appreciated the program,       “They never lost their enthusiasm and com-             sance fair at Schweinfurt Middle
   Twelve soldiers from the U.S. Army Hospital,       which showed me that we can really make a
Wuerzburg, partnered with eighth-graders in a                                                                mitment. Many volunteered outside the struc-           School in June. The school grounds
                                                      difference,” said SFC Antoinne Murray.                 tured program chaperoning school trips.”               were filled with knights jousting,
project Donna Tomsic, the 417th BSB school               Because of the initial success, Tomsic said the
liaison officer, called successful.                                                                             “I joined the program because I wanted to           archery demonstration and booths
                                                      program will expand to include both eighth- and                                                               with displays of period themes. The
   “We have soldiers who want to make a               ninth-graders. “My goal this year is to see sol-       help a young person realize his full potential,”
                                                                                                             Murray said.                                           fair, which needed the efforts of all
positive difference in students’ lives, and that is   diers mentoring students both on the play-                                                                    students, faculty and staff, took
what really drives the train,” Tomsic said.           grounds and in the classrooms,” she said.                 For more information about how you or your          about a month to prepare, build dis-
   The program matches soldiers with students            Soldier participants said when they first got       child can be involved with the mentorship pro-         plays and sets, and arrange cos-
of the same sex to provide a role model, help         involved with the program, they didn’t know            gram contact Donna Tomsic at 355-8218 or               tumes.
with homework and be a friend. “The mentors           what to expect. “It’s funny how just a little bit of   (09321) 305218.

   Mark your calendar                                                    Schools, military work together
   DoDDS calendar for the                                                SACs can resolve issues                                                 parents can have their voices heard.
                                                                                                                                                    “Parental involvement also adds to the collective strength
   2000–2001 school year
   Aug. 28        First day of school                                    at lowest possible level                                                when we present our local issues at the next higher level,” he
   Sept. 4        Labor Day, federal holiday                             by Olivia Feher                                                            At SAC meetings, parents can air their recommendations and
   Oct. 9         Columbus Day, federal holiday                          CRUSADER                                                                concerns about current school policies, student activities, and
   Nov. 2         First quarter ends                                        There’s always a need for parental involvement in our schools,       administrative procedures, programs and resources. They can
   Nov. 3         No school, teacher work day                            according to Ed Atterberry, Wuerzburg District executive of-            also address student standards and discipline.
   Nov. 6         Second quarter begins                                  ficer.                                                                    A school SAC should not be confused with a Parent, Teacher,
   Nov. 10        Veterans Day, federal holiday                             “The most direct way parents can ad-                                 Student Association, or PTSA, Atterberry explained.
   Nov. 23-24     Thanksgiving recess                                    dress school issues is through the school                                  “A PTSA is authorized to raise money for school projects. The
   Dec. 18        Winter recess begins                                   advisory committee, or SAC. The SAC is                                  SAC cannot raise money, however, does deal with educational
   Jan. 2         Classes resume                                         responsible for resolving issues brought to                             issues.
                                                                         its attention,” Atterberry said.
   Jan. 15        Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, federal                                                                                              “There’s always room for new voices on issues already
                  holiday                                                   The SAC also addresses and resolves
                                                                         school issues at the lowest practical level.                            brought before the SAC, and it’s certainly one of the more
   Jan. 25        Second quarter and first semester end                                                                                          effective ways to resolve school issues,” Atterberry said.
                                                                         Membership is elected from among parents
   Jan. 26        No school, teacher work day                            of students attending the school and school                                “Each SAC has its own hot topics and parents shouldn’t
   Jan. 29        Third quarter and second semester begin                staff members.                                                          hesitate to be involved in the process. They should know what
   Feb. 19        President’s Day, federal holiday                          “The committee provides an excellent                                 the school issues are and have a say in how they are resolved,”
   April 5        Third quarter ends                                     means of communicating concerns to the Atterberry                       he added.
   April 6        No school, teacher work day                            school’s administration. Installation advisory committees, or              To get an issue on the SAC agenda, contact the school’s SAC
   April 9        Spring recess begins                                   IACs, operate on all installations that have more than one school.      chairperson. That person will be identified after school starts
   April 16       Classes resume, fourth quarter begins                  They advise installation commanders on school-related issues            Aug. 28. More information on school SACs is available from all
                                                                         that are under the control of the BSB or ASG commanders,”               principals’ offices in the 98th Area Support Group. Parents will
   May 28         Memorial Day, federal holiday                          Atterberry said.
   June 14        Last day of school                                                                                                             also be informed when meetings are held through local school
                                                                            He stressed that the SAC is an important local forum where           announcements.
         235th Base Support Battalion: Ansbach, Illesheim
         CID needs information
     The U.S. Criminal Investigation
  Command, or CID, offers a $5,000 award
                                                                           BSB hosts partnership shootout
  for information leading to the arrest and
  conviction of those responsible for the theft                            Herrieden citizens and Americans keep up tradition
  of two single channel ground and airborne                                by Kristy Snedden                                   second place.
  radios from the Oberdachstetten range area                               CRUSADER
  between June 20 and July 21. Anyone with                                                                                        Whitehead said that the competition was
  information should call Special Agent                                       The 235th BSB in Ansbach sponsored a             difficult and really tested a shooter’s skills.
  Clausen at 467-2485/2490 or any military                                 shooting competition with its partner city,
                                                                                                                                  “You have to be a pretty good marksman to do
  police office.                                                           Herrieden, at the firing range in Oberdachstetten
                                                                           July 14. The range shoot is an annual tradition     well here,” he said.
          Sign up for programs                                             with several teams from the city competing             Estus Smith, 235th BSB, plans and operations
      Make plans to attend the Red Hot                                     against American teams.                             officer, helped organize the event and also shot
  Registration day at Army Community                                          “It’s a long tradition specifically for digni-   on the 235th BSB retirees’ team.
  Service Aug. 26, noon-4 p.m. in                                          taries of Herrieden,” said MSgt. Chris White-          “I didn’t perform as well as I wanted to. I was
  Katterbach. This is an opportunity for                                   head, 235th BSB Provost Marshal Office. “It         so busy with the organization portion that my
  soldiers and family members to register for                              builds comradeship and keeps up the relations       concentration wasn’t there,” Smith said.
  morale, welfare, and recreation programs                                 with our German partners, and they really look
  and see what other organizations have to                                 forward to it each year.”                              The 235th BSB Department of Community
  offer. There will be food and games for                                                                                      Activities provided soft drinks, hamburgers and
                                                                              Fourteen teams from Herrieden and four           bratwurst.
  kids. For more information, call 467-2883                                military teams fired M-16 rifles and 9 mm                                                                                                     Kristy Snedden
  or (09802) 832846.                                                       pistols competing for accuracy. First place            “All the participants seemed to enjoy the day      German and American competitors line
                                                                           honors went to a hunters’ group, Hegering           on the range, despite the frequent rain showers,”     up their guns and prepare to shoot at
                        Eat dinner                                         Herrieden. The soldiers from 235th BSB took         Whitehead said.                                       their targets.
     Ilesheim Spouses and Civilians Club will
  hold a 50 states dinner at the Club Fort
  Apache Sept. 14 at 6 p.m. Guests will sit
  according to state and enjoy traditional food
  from that region. For more information, call
  Celeste Cassino at (09841) 683235.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Raft race no sinker,
                     Ticket to ride                                                                                                                                               U.S. team places
     The 235th BSB Drivers Testing Station                                                                                                                                        Team members from 11th Aviation Re-
  offers a community quality of life initiative.                                                                                                                                  giment, Illesheim, celebrate their finish
  Beginning in August, motorcycle training                                                                                                                                        after showing off their racing skills at the
  is offered the second Tuesday of every                                                                                                                                          Obernzenn German-American raft race
  month. Orientation and testing will be                                                                                                                                          July 23. Sixteen German and American
  given at Barton Barracks, building 5251,                                                                                                                                        teams competed in 200-meter, timed
  room 212. For detailed information and                                                                                                                                          races. The Obernzenn team took the top
  scheduling, call 468-7894 or (0981)                                                                                                                                             honors for the race. The highest-ranking
  183895.                                                                                                                                                                         American military team was 2nd Bat-
                                                                                                                                                                                  talion, 1st Aviation, Katterbach. We were
           Red Cross classes set                                                                                                                                                  very pleased with the results. We’re glad
     The American Red Cross at Katterbach                                                                                                                                         we made it all the way to the finish line
  Kaserne offers a variety of classes to the                                                                                                                                      and didn’t embarrass ourselves, said
  community during September. They                                                                                                                                                Capt. Glenn McCrill, 2nd Bn., 1st Avn.
  include a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby
                                                                                                                                                                 Kristy Snedden
  class Sept. 5, 11, 18 and 25 from 6-8 p.m.
  costing $30; community cardiovascular
  pulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, and first-
  aid classes to be performed on adults Sept.
  5 and 19 from 6-8:30 p.m. costing $20;
  child and infant CPR Sept. 7 and 21 from 6-
                                                                           ADA soldiers train to be the best
  8:30 p.m. costing $23; first-aid basics Sept.                            by Kristy Snedden                                      “The exercise helped the soldiers, as well as
  12 and 26 from 6-8 p.m. costing $28; and                                 CRUSADER                                            noncommissioned officers, to identify the areas
  community CPR and first aid Sept. 16 from                                   The “Always Prepared!” soldiers of the 6th       we need to sharpen for TACEVAL. Overall it
  9 a.m.-5 p.m. costing $35. Please call 467-                              Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery, are on the   was a productive exercise,” said Sgt. Valdemar
  2136 or (09802) 832136 for more                                          move again. This time in preparation for the U.     Gonzales, a launcher crewmember from Bat-
  information.                                                             S. Army Air Defense Artillery’s most arduous,       tery E.
                                                                           yet prestigious, tactical training event, the          Starting with a four-hour road march to the
                 Become a coach                                            NATO Tactical Evaluation, or TACEVAL.               Tauberbischofsheim training area south of
     Illesheim and Katterbach Youth Services                                  NATO TACEVAL is a high visibility inter-         Wuerzburg, units from 6th Bn., 52nd ADA,
  need coaches for soccer and flag football                                national evaluation that combines the efforts of    flawlessly executed a series of convoys through
  teams. Certified instructors for martial arts,                           four nations to produce an evaluation team of       the night beginning at 10 p.m. The last elements
  gymnastics, tumbling, and dance and music                                over 100 evaluators from Germany, Belgium,          arrived at their destination well after sunrise the
  are also needed. If you are interested in                                Holland and the United States.                      next day.
  coaching any of these sports or for more                                                                                        “After a grueling road march, the soldiers’
                                                                              This evaluation brings units to the brink of
  information, call youth services at 467-                                                                                     work had just begun. Immediately after arriving
                                                                           live combat in a high intensity conflict for 50
  4583 or (09802) 832588.                                                                                                      at their assigned positions, most still blanketed
                                                                           straight hours and tests the unit’s readiness on
                                                                           the modern battlefield.                             in complete darkness, the units began the high-
                                                                              “No other evaluation compares in terms of        pressure task of assuming their readiness mis-
              235th BSB                                                    complexity and realism, and no other battalion is
                                                                           more poised to meet the challenge,” said 1st Lt.
                                                                                                                                  “A patriot battery, with more than 30 highly
                                                                           Issac Gipson, 6th Bn., 52nd ADA, adjutant.          sophisticated combat vehicles, must be ready to
      The Crusader, 235th Base Support Battalion, edi-
                                                                              “During Semper Touchback, a recent training      fire its missiles within 90 minutes of arrival.
  torial office is located in building 5257, Barton Bar-                                                                       Every battery assumed its mission under the
  racks, telephone 468-7649 or (0981) 183649. Mailing                      exercise in early July, 6th Bn., 52nd ADA,                                                                                                    Kristy Snedden
  address is PAO, Crusader, 235th Base Support Bat-                        executed the first of five major TACEVAL train-     allotted time and up to standard,” Gonzales said.
  talion, CMR 463, APO AE 09177.                                                                                                                                                     A patriot radar missile can detect rotary
                                                                           ups to put them on the path to success. The            “Emplacing a patriot firing battery is an          wing and fixed wing aircraft from 5 to 180
      Internet web site address http:\\www.ansbach.                        soldiers concentrated on air battle management,     intense military operation. It requires an            kilometers.                                                                                                                     extremely high level of teamwork and system
                                                                           establishing tactical communications, survival
      The 235th BSB hot line is 468-7800 or (0981)                         to operate, and tasks necessary to fight battles    knowledge in order to accomplish the objective,       skills of the battalion. Exercise Semper Touch-
  183800. The patient liaison number is (09841) 83512.                                                                         minimum-engagement capability,” said Sgt.
                                                                           across hundreds of miles of terrain. In addition,                                                         back marked the beginning of the road to victory
  235th BSB                                                                                                                    Christopher Johnston, a tactical control assistant
  Commander .............................. Lt. Col. Cindy Connally
                                                                           soldiers focused on honing the field craft skills                                                         at TACEVAL. Soldiers know they are training
                                                                           they’ll need to sustain themselves over extended    from Battery D.                                       for an important event, NATO TACEVAL, or, as
  Public Affairs Officer ............................ Frauke Davis
                                                                           periods of time in difficult conditions,” Gipson       “This is just the first in a series of more        the battalion has named it, the Semper Bowl,”
  Journalist ............................................ Kristy Snedden
                                                                           said.                                               challenging exercises designed to perfect the         Johnston said.

Medical company shows skills, takes first place
by Amy Gunter                                                                               portion. Team members SSgt. Pete Carroll,                               completed within 15 minutes. If transportation was not available,
Ansbach Public Affairs Office Summer Hire                                                   SSgt. Juan Dometriz and Sgt. Kevin Shoff                                the only other option was to personally create it.
                                                                                            competed at 17 different stations.
   “I had a blast! This would have to be one of the top-five                                                                                                          “Building an expedient stretcher was by far the most exciting
coolest things I have done in the Army,” said Sgt. Kevin Shoff,                                At the soldiers’ skills station, the men
                                                                                            were required to fire a P-8 pistol, reas-                               and stressful event. We called for evacuation, the receiver said it
45th Medical Company, Katterbach.                                                                                                                                   was impossible to come to where we were, so we then had to
                                                                                            semble German weapons, rappel 42 meters,
   Shoff is talking about a medical competition called Humanitas                            cross wet and dry gaps, and handle a global                             improvise a stretcher. We ended up making the stretcher out of
2000.                                                                                       positioning system.                                                     our ponchos and two huge logs. That had to have been the most
   Three local soldiers from the Katterbach area got the op-                                   “The main challenge was the lack of                                  fun station we did,” Carroll said.
portunity to compete in the international event held at Lan-                                information given. It forced us to think
genargen, Germany, July 4-7. American, British, Dutch and                                                                                                              Pride was a huge part of the driving force for these men.
                                                                                            quickly,” said Carroll, team captain.
German soldiers congregated to show off their medical and basic                                In the medical area station, soldiers Carroll                           Dometriz explained, “Being able to represent the United
soldier skills.                                                                             could expect to find up to five injured patients whom they had to       States was the main thing, but also being able to demonstrate our
   The Americans brought home first place in the international                              treat and prepare for evacuation and transport. This all had to be      skills and to do things that we’re not accustomed was great.”

                                                                                                                                                                                        Crusader, August 25, 2000                    7
           279th Base Support Battalion: Bamberg
         Bamberg hails new EEO
                                                                             Wood shop offers many options
       Bamberg        wel-
    comes LuEy Corbett                                                       Making furniture needs
    as equal employment
    opportunity, or EEO,
    manager. Corbett, a
                                                                             sweat, ingenuity, time
    native of Columbus,                                                      by David Clubb
    Ohio, graduated from                                                     Bamberg Public Affairs Office Summer Hire
    the University of New                                                       Marielle Scammell doesn’t shop for furniture
    York State with a                                                        anymore – she crafts it.
    Bachelors of Science
    degree. He also holds                                                       Employing sweat and ingenuity, she’s
    a Masters of Business                                                    designed and constructed furniture for the home
    Administration de- Corbett                                               such as a coffee table, television cabinet, bed and
    gree from California’s Pepperdine Uni-                                   crystal cabinet.
    versity. As EEO manager, Corbett will                                       Scammell perfected her woodworking
    mediate complaints from civilians and mili-                              techniques at Bamberg Arts and Crafts, where
    tary personnel. He relocated to Bamberg                                  she began as a novice after enrolling in a wood
    with his wife, Diane.                                                    safety course.
                                                                                “I never knew how to use any wood working
          Attend promotional fair                                            tools until my husband went to Bosnia in 1997,”
       Bamberg’s eighth Annual Promotional                                   she said.
    Fair will be held at the Warner Club Aug. 30                                Motivated by a satisfaction of seeing projects
    from 4:30-8 p.m. This is your chance to                                  evolve, Scammell devotes 10 hours a week to
    meet representatives from various com-                                   her hobby.
    munity activities, obtain information on                                    “Once I had taken the class, I was inspired to
    present and future events, and voice your                                make something and I haven’t stopped since,”
    ideas and concerns. Win a raffle, get a free                             Scammell said.                                                                                                                                      David Clubb
    giveaway, and enjoy complimentary snacks
    and beverages.                                                              Instructor Donald Mann attributes her success       Using an electric table saw, Marielle Scammell works with ease and accuracy to
                                                                             to a strong will to create, but is adamant that        complete her latest project.
           Learn about your child                                            everyone can learn.
                                                                                                                                    matting and framing class each second and            framing,” Mann said.
                                                                                He teaches wood shop safety every first and
       Discover how your child learns in an                                  third Thursday each month and the class is             fourth Thursday of each month. The cost is $20          Mann reminisced that he’s been instructing
    Army Community Service, or ACS, class                                    required to use the woodshop. Cost for the class       and discounts are also available for advance         over 15 years and marvels at all of the projects
    Aug. 28 from 10-11 a.m. You’ll learn how                                 is $15 and a discount of $5 is offered to those        sign-up.                                             he’s assisted with.
    to identify your child’s learning strengths to                           who sign up one day in advance.
    maximize school success. For more infor-                                                                                          “The class provides hands-on instruction on           “I’ll continue teaching as long as I can,”
    mation, call ACS at 469-7777 or (0951)                                      In addition to woodworking, Mann offers a           everything one needs to know about matting and       Mann said.

                    Take road trips
       Plan your travel itinery with Bamberg’s
                                                                             Levi Strauss Museum blends style
    Outdoor Recreation Center. Many Sep-                                     by Cheryl Boujnida                                     said Kadietz.
    tember excursions are planned. Visit his-                                CRUSADER                                                  It was a quirk of fate that they found the
    toric Strassbourg Sept. 1-3, or shop for                                    Leaving his German hamlet behind, Loeb              Strauss home in Buttenheim three years ago.
    crystal and fineries in Karlovy Vary and                                 Strauss went to America in 1847 to seek fame           Unoccupied and in need of repair, town officials
    Cheb Sept. 2. For Hummel collectors,                                     and fortune. He found his way to San Francisco         were unsure what would become of the home,
    visiting a Hummel factory is a must, and is                              where he changed his name to Levi Strauss and          although it had already been declared historical.
    combined with sightseeing in enchanting                                  conceptualized a new fashion – blue jeans.                “Other than beer and breweries, the Levi
    Coburg Sept. 4. Cherish memories from                                       The rest, as they say, is history.                  Stauss Museum creates another name and image
    St. Goar and see the Rhine River aflame                                                                                         for Buttenheim,” said Johann Kalb, mayor of
                                                                                Now, 98 years after his death, Strauss’ life
    Sept. 16. To sign up, call the outdoor re-                                                                                      Buttenheim.
                                                                             will soon unfold in the house where he was born.
    creation center at 469-8837 or (0951)
                                                                             The Levi Strauss Museum opens there Sept. 16.             No item of clothing is more American than
                                                                                Located in Buttenheim, eight kilometers             blue jeans.
             Go cuckoo for clocks                                            south of Bamberg, Strauss’ former home has
                                                                             been carefully renovated to blend family history
                                                                                                                                       “Levi’s are the best jeans you can buy.
                                                                                                                                    They’re of great quality, fit well and last for-
             at new Warner store                                             with a collection of his legendary jeans.              ever,” said SSgt. Vincent Johnson, 1st Infantry
       Shop at Dold Exquisit, a new clock store,                                The museum has exhibits designed to stimu-          Division Band member.
    recently open on Warner Barracks. The                                    late the senses. Compact telephones will recant           Known as a philanthropist in San Francisco
    Army Air Force Exchange Services, or                                     the Strauss’ story in German and English at each       circles, Strauss generously donated money to
    AAFES, concessionaire sells cuckoo                                       stop of Strauss’ three-story residence. A high-        many causes, and eventually some back to
    clocks, grandfather clocks and souvenir                                  light of the tour is an entrancing light and sound     Germany.
    items, at an average of 5 percent less that                              show that portrays blue jeans of the 1960’s.              “Bank records from the 1860’s reveal that he
    the items would cost in the Black Forest.                                   Collectors Juergen Depken and Joerg Kadietz         wired money to renovate the Jewish cemetery
    Opening hours are Tue, Wed, and Fri, 10                                  combined their lifetime collections of jeans, 300      outside Buttenheim. It was also one of the                                                Cheryl Boujnida
    a.m.-7 p.m., Thu, 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Sat, 11                                pairs, for the fitting display. Several pairs are      clinching bits of evidence that connected the        Guests sip champagne outside the Levi
    a.m.-6 p.m. and Sun, 11:30 a.m.-6 p.m.                                   from the 1930s.                                        town and Strauss’ astonishing history,” said         Strauss Museum, while collectable, jean
                                                                                “We had the pants and they had the house,”          Uwe Kampen, Buttenheim.                              teddy bears await a hug.

                279th BSB
        The Crusader, 279th Base Support Battalion, edi-
                                                                                                                                                                         Dishing up meals
    torial office is located in building 7089, room 423,
    Warner Barracks, Bamberg, telephone 469-7581 or
    (0951) 3007581. Mailing address is PAO, Crusader,
                                                                                                                                                                         for field success
    279th Base Support Battalion, Unit 27535, Warner                                                                                                                     Left to right, PFC Justino Muniz dishes up a variety
    Barracks, APO AE 09139.
                                                                                                                                                                         of vittles to Pvt. 2 Christopher Kerperien, Pvt. 2
        The 279th BSB hot line is 469-4800 or (0951)                                                                                                                     Jennifer Scranton, and Pvt. 2 Stacy Waldon at 377th
    3004800. Patient liaison number is (0951) 3007492.
                                                                                                                                                                         Transportation Company’s temporary field kitchen
        Internet web site 279th BSB:                                                                                                                                          in Grafenwoehr. The field kitchen recently won a
    279th BSB
                                                                                                                                                                         Phillip A. Connelly award for dining excellence at the
    Commander ............................. Lt. Col. Winston Lewis                                                                                                       USAREUR level for the first time. Evaluators at
    Public Affairs Officer .......................... Renate Bohlen                                                                                                      Department of the Army, or DA, level will review their
    Journalist ........................................... Cheryl Boujnida                                                                                               submission packet in October.
                                                                                                                                                         Peter Castner

Battalion’s junior leaders take over command
by Cheryl Boujnida                                                                                  “This gives soldiers an initiative to stay in the Army,” Stafford       “There’s more to it than you think,” Lawrence said.
CRUSADER                                                                                         said, noting that a soldier at a crossroads in his career might re-        “It breaks the monotony, but I wish I were in charge for a week
   When senior leaders at the 71st Corps                                                         enlist after seeing firsthand the jobs Army leaders have to do.         instead of a day,” said Spec. Ramoski Taylor, another acting
Support Battalion, or CSB, Bamberg, came                                                            “It’s a morale booster and makes us aware of what’s                  platoon sergeant.
to work June 28, their desks were occupied.                                                      happening at other levels. Everyone’s been geared up to take               The day in charge was short for some and longer for others.
Junior leaders had taken over.                                                                   charge for weeks,” Stafford said.                                          “I’m debating whether we have to work more hours today. A
   During junior-leaders-in-charge day, sol-                                                        Junior leader day was eventful and enjoyable.                        lot of people won’t like having to work late, but decisions have
diers supervised all tasks – from morning                                                           “It’s a busy time for us, but junior-leaders-in-charge day           to be made,” said Spec. Kingsley Anyang, who filled in for SSgt.
PT, an in-ranks inspection, and all real-                                                        was successful because it gave our future leaders a real op-            Adrian Class, as a platoon sergeant.
world missions.                                                                                  portunity. It was also a lot of fun,” said 71st CSB, CSM Neslie            “Getting a chance to do something different is great. It’s easy
   Acting first sergeant SSgt. Osibisa Staf-                                                     Etheridge.                                                              to get comfortable in our jobs. Today added variety. I always
ford kept busy with tasks normally per-                                                             Acting platoon sergeant Spec. William Lawrence said work-            thought that life would be easier at a higher level, but now I know
formed by 1st Sgt. Edwin Matos.              Stafford                                            ing with people instead of machines was a challenge.                    that it’s stressful too,” he said.

8             Crusader, August 25, 2000
        280th Base Support Battalion: Bad Kissingen, Schweinfurt
     Division welcomes ADC (S)
                             Col. (P) Robert
                        Williams arrived in
                                                                             Community welcomes commander
                                                                                                                                 do his or her part. Let us know the things that are
                        Schweinfurt as the
                        Assistant    Division                                Gorrell returns for                                 going well and not so well, and together, we can
                                                                                                                                 make Schweinfurt the premier military com-
                        Commander (Sup-
                        port) for the 1st
                        Infantry    Division.
                                                                             third Germany tour                                  munity in Europe,” Gorrell said.
                                                                                                                                    The new commander is impressed with the
                        Williams comes from                                  by Kelly Grant                                      280th BSB’s “solution-oriented teamwork” and
                        the Battle Command                                   CRUSADER                                            is looking forward to working with the com-
                        Training Program at                                    The 280th BSB welcomed its new com-               munity.
                        Ft. Leavenworth, Kan.,                               munity commander during a change of com-               “Often people lack on the appreciation for the
                        where he served as                                   mand ceremony July 18 at the Andrus Garden on
  Williams              a commander. Wil-
                                                                                                                                 strangeness of the familiar. In other words, the
                                                                             Ledward Barracks.                                   things closest to home are the least appreciated,”
  liams was commissioned in Armor from                                         Lt. Col. Timothy Gorrell assumed the reins of     Gorrell said.
  The Citadel as a distinguished military                                    command from outgoing commander Lt. Col.
  graduate in 1974. His awards and                                                                                                  “We want the members of our community to
                                                                             James Comish, who will be attending the U.S.
  decorations include the Soldier’s Medal                                                                                        have a sense of ‘Wow!’ in regard to our com-
                                                                             Army War College in Carlisle, Pa.
  and the Bronze Star with “V” device and                                                                                        munity. We want people to be aware of what a
  oak leaf cluster. Williams is accompanied                                      Commitment stays the same                       special place Schweinfurt is and together realize
  by his wife, Debbie, and their two children,                                  Gorrell said that although the name and face     that we can be the best in all those things we
  Megan and Travis.                                                          of the 280th BSB commander has changed, the         choose to be,” Gorrell said.
         Visit amusement park                                                commitment to excellence and service to the                  Third time in Germany
                                                                             members of the community remains fixed.
      The Middle School Zone goes to Heidi                                                                                          Gorrell’s move to the 280th BSB marks his
                                                                                “We want to build on the                         third assignment in Germany. “I was looking
  Amusement Park Aug. 26. The bus departs                                    success of the people who
  from the youth center in Askren Manor at 3                                                                                     forward to coming back to Bavaria near Ans-
                                                                             came before us and make                             bach, where my first assignment in Germany
  a.m. Saturday and returns at 6 p.m. on the                                 the community an even
  same day. The cost is $25, which includes                                                                                      was and my wife’s hometown. After meeting the
                                                                             better place to live as far as                      people in both the military community and the
  transportation in a commercial bus and                                                                                                                                                                                     Kelly Grant
                                                                             quality of life and ser-                            town of Schweinfurt, I became even more
  admission fee. Seats are limited to 50                                     vices,” Gorrell said.                                                                                     Outgoing commander Lt. Col. James
  passengers. Deadline for payment is Aug.                                                                                       excited about being here.”                            Comish, middle, passes the colors to
                                                                                Gorrell is counting on
  23. For further information, call 354-6308                                 the continued support and                              Prior to this assignment, Gorrell served as a      Col. Gerald Ferguson Jr., left, while Lt.
  or (09721) 87465.                                                          dedication of the soldiers,                         professor of military science at the University of    Col. Timothy Gorrell waits.
                                                                                                                                 Akron in Ohio. His former duties also include
                   USO offers trip                                           family members and civi-
                                                                             lians living in the Schwein-                        the S-3 observer/controller for the fire support      Second Lieutenant in the Field Artillery through
     The United Service Organization, or                                                                    Gorrell              team at the combat maneuver training center in        the U.S. Army’s Officer Candidate School. He
                                                                             furt military community.                                                                                  later earned a master’s degree in history from
  USO, in Schweinfurt offers a trip to Dis-                                                                                      Hohenfels, Germany; and the one station unit
  neyland, Paris, from Sept. 2-4. The bus                                               Everyone is needed                       training battery commander and brigade assis-         Monmouth College.
  departs Ledward at 8:30 p.m. Sept. 2 and                                      “We want people to have a sense of ownership     tant operations/intelligence officer for the field       His awards include the Meritorious Service
  returns approximately at midnight Sept. 4.                                 of the community, because a commander, or a         artillery training center in Fort Sill, Okla.         Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters and the
  The cost is $239 for adults and $189 for                                   member of the staff, or just a few people in our       Gorrell graduated from the University of           Army Commendation Medal.
  children. Transportation in a German bus is                                community by themselves can’t help us realize       Akron in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in edu-           Gorrell and his wife, Lisa, have two daugh-
  provided with a minimum of 25 people. For                                  the goals we have. To do that, everyone needs to    cation. In 1982, he was commissioned as a             ters, Alexandra and Emma.
  a detailed itinerary, call 354-6711 or
  (09721) 966711.
          Change eating habits
     The Finney Recreation Center, Conn
  Barracks, offers nutrition classes Sept. 6
                                                                             Care givers help injured bicyclist
  and 13 from 4-6 p.m. The classes include                                   by Kelly Grant                                      more seriously injured.                               they could see where he was injured, they
                                                                             Crusader                                               Cummings grabbed the first aid kits the            applied antiseptic and wrapped his hand in
  how to read food labels, discussion of food
  guide pyramid, recipe modifications and                                       Group outings are routine for family child       providers carry with them at all times, while her     gauze. “We emptied our first aid kits,” said
  much more. Both classes cost $10. Call                                     care, or FCC, providers Laverne Oliver and          daughters, Antoinette and Sandra, ran to the          Oliver.
  354-6270 or (09721) 966270 for regis-                                      Jackie Cummings. But a recent excursion was         Ledward Barracks gate guards to call German              The German ambulance arrived minutes later,
  tration information.                                                       anything but ordinary.                              emergency services.                                   and the doctor on board thanked the women for
                                                                                As they led their day-                              After evaluating the bicyclist’s injuries,         their efforts.
         Control your reactions                                              care children home from a                           which included multiple face and hand lacera-            The women said their
     The Army Family Team Building on                                        performance by the Dallas                           tions and a severed lip, Oliver and Cummings          response to the situation
  Ledward Barracks, building 242, presents a                                 Cowboys Cheerleaders,                               went to work.                                         was automatic. “We didn’t
  class to understand different personality                                  Oliver and Cummings wit-                               The pair used the first aid training they re-      think about it. We just saw
  traits Aug. 31 at 9 a.m. For registration or                               nessed two bicyclists col-                          ceived when they became FCC providers to treat        somebody hurt, and we
  more information, call 354-6870 or (09721)                                 lide head on and then                               the bicyclist. “When he stood up, he was dizzy        helped,” Cummings said.
  966870 between 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Mon-Fri.                                      tumble into the street.                             so we told him sit down. We also had him apply           They both agreed the
                                                                                Oliver rushed to survey                          pressure to his lip to stop the bleeding,” said       praise they’ve received
                      Walk safely                                            the scene. One bicyclist                            Oliver.                                               from supervisors and com-
     The Drug Abuse Resistance Education                                     picked up her bike and                                 The women cleaned up the bicyclist’s face          munity members was un-
  walk back to school starts Aug 19, 9 a.m.-1                                rode off; the other was Oliver                      and hand so they could locate the wounds. Once        expected.                   Cummings
  p.m. at the Schweinfurt Elementary School
  teachers’ parking lot. The walk goes around
  Askren Manors. For information, call 354-
  7029 or (09721) 967029.                                                      ACS races to 35th
             280th BSB                                                         birthday celebration
                                                                               While parents and racing fans look on,
                                                                               a pair of toddlers race toward the finish
     The Crusader, 280th Base Support Battalion, edi-
 torial office is located in Robertson Hall on Ledward                         line during the diaper derby. The event,
 Barracks, Schweinfurt, telephone 354-6381 or (09721)                          which took place at the Schweinfurt
 966381. Mailing address is PAO, Crusader, 280th Base                          Commissary, was part of the 35th
 Support Battalion, CMR 457, APO AE 09033.                                     birthday     celebration    for    Army
     The 280th BSB hot line is 354-4800 or (09721)                             Community Service. The diaper derby
     Internet web site 280th BSB:
                                                                               featured crawlers, toddlers and                                               sprinters, and everyone came away
 280th BSB                                                                     with a prize donated by corporate
 Commander ........................... Lt. Col. Timothy Gorrell                sponsors. Other activities included a
 Public Affairs Officer ................................ George Ohl            fun run and a block party on Ledward
 Journalists ................................................. Mark Heeter     Barracks.
                                                               Kelly Grant                                                                                                                                                Mark Heeter

Council offers services to local retirees
by Mark Heeter                                                                                their spouses about estate planning. The council has recently           Survivor Benefit Program, or SBP, statements. Widows receive
CRUSADER                                                                                      compiled a guide about the subject. According to Swafford, they         a verification statement once a year from the SBP, which they
   They are spread throughout the Schweinfurt community.                                      are awaiting final approval before printing.                            need to return.
Some have maintained their ties, working with the Army, and                                      “The purpose of the retiree council is to provide retirees in the       “Many times, they (the widows) get this letter and don’t
others have moved on to work with their German partners. They                                 280th BSB with information and assistance with any problems             understand what they have to do with it, so they throw it away,”
are retired service members.                                                                  they might have,” Swafford said.                                        Glover said. The retiree council is there to help in such cases.
   “I have a mailing list of 120 retirees, but I guess there are                                 The council provides regular assistance with the help of 1st Lt.
about 300 in Schweinfurt,” said Mike Swafford, president of the                               Lakisha Edwards, 280th BSB retirement services officer.                    The council has office hours in building 206, Ledward
280th BSB Retiree Council.                                                                       “One of the things that we cover that a lot of people don’t          Barracks, and can be reached every Thursday from 10-11 a.m.
   The organization, which is an official function of the local                               realize is what people need and what they are entitled to,” said        Customers can call 354-1550 or (09721) 961550 for additional
command, is designed to assist retirees and their families with                               Charles Glover, vice president of the council.                          information.
many issues.                                                                                     After 14 years helping his fellow retirees, Glover notes that           Retirees and their families may also contact Swafford at
   One of the main goals of the council is to inform retirees and                             one of the main problems retirees’ widows face is with the              (09721) 80601 or Glover at (09727) 5833.

10            Crusader, August 25, 2000
         417th Base Support Battalion: Giebelstadt, Kitzingen, Wuerzburg
            Showcase highlights
             clubs and activities
                                                                               Recycling area under control
                                                                               by Lisa Soule
                         Sign up for the
                      swim team, join a
                      spouses club or check
                                                                                  There’s a new man in town.
                                                                                                                                     ‘M  anning the collection point
                      out commissary spe-
                                                                                                                                     is a huge step toward solving
                                                                                  Marco Sattes calls himself the dust worker.
                      cials at the 417th BSB                                   He has sorted through the mess at the Marshall        one of our biggest problems.’
                      Community Show-                                          Heights recycling point and restored order to the
                      case at the Cantigny                                     eyesore that has beleaguered the 900-plus unit                                      – Bill Cawood
                      Club, Aug. 25 from                                       housing area.
                      10 a.m.-4 p.m. More                                         The new contract worker said he understands
                      than 70 agencies and                                                                                              “The dollars we save from having the trash
                                                                               how things could get out of hand when there is        correctly separated will cover the price of the
                      private organizations                                    no one around to supervise.
                      will come together to                                                                                          new recycling point contract, and still save an
  Giles                                                                           Now when residents recycle their garbage,          additional $50,000 a year,” Moore said.
                      display a vast array of                                  Sattes will be assisting. He directs people to the
  community clubs and activities in one                                                                                                 Marshall Heights residents have noticed the
                                                                               correct containers and has the answers to sorting     difference.
  place. Stephen Giles, Army Community                                         and recycling questions.
  Service outreach coordinator, said many                                                                                               “The place is much cleaner and people just
  organizations will be taking registrations                                      “Manning the collection point is a huge step       can’t throw stuff all over the place,” said Spec.
  and signing up new members.                                                  toward solving one of our biggest problems,”          Kevin Holler, Company C, 17th Signal Bat-
                                                                               said Bill Cawood, Kitzingen’s community man-          talion.
        Johns leads air defense                                                ager.                                                    “It’s a great improvement. I hope it makes
      Lt. Col. Fred Johns assumed command                                         Despite several clean-up efforts, the self-ser-    people more responsible in discarding their
  of the 4th Battalion, 3rd Air Defense Ar-                                    vice center was in disarray. “Unmanned centers        garbage,” said Mark Dryer, 417th BSB auto-
  tillery, in a Larson Barracks ceremony last                                  had become a dumping ground for bulk trash and        mation specialist.
  month. His previous assignment was with                                      hazardous material,” said Maj. Joe Moore, 417th          Self-service sites on Harvey and Larson
  the U.S. Space Command in Colorado                                           BSB, director of public works.                        barracks will be replaced by manned centers in                                                  Lisa Soule
  Springs, Colo. Johns is married to the                                          Moore said the removal of improperly sorted        the near future. If the Kitzingen program proves     Marcos Sattes, recycling point manager,
  former Margit Jarzewski of Schwabach,                                        trash costs the community four times the price of     successful, the program will expand to other         adds finishing touches to the new re-
  Germany and they have a son, Connor, 3.                                      correctly sorted trash.                               communities.                                         cycling point.
     Vehicle registration closes
    Vehicle registration offices on Leighton
  and Harvey barracks will close Aug. 31 for
  mandatory annual inventory. Customers
                                                                               Porter keeps Army property in check
                                                                                                                                                                                          not just about the amount of money. We have
  may schedule appointments by calling the
  Leighton office at 350-6933 or (0931)                                        Handling big bucks                                                                                         bullets that cost 31 cents, and computers that
                                                                                                                                                                                          cost more than $1,000. But, that bullet is a
              Theater reopens at                                               an every day activity                                                                                      sensitive item and has to get as much attention as
                                                                                                                                                                                          the computer. There is just no room for
              Leighton Barracks                                                by Lisa Soule
                                                                                                                                                                                          negligence here,” Porter said.
      The Leighton Barracks theater will                                                                                                                                                     Her staff members said she is very knowl-
  reopen Sept. 1 with re-arranged seating and                                     Although she is accountable for more than                                                               edgeable. “She can spit regulations out of her
  a new concession stand. Watch X-men at                                       $66 million in Army property, Laura Porter                                                                 mouth, and she is always willing to walk us
  4 p.m., Mission Impossible II at 7 p.m. and                                  sleeps well at night.                                                                                      through a procedure,” said Michelle Moore,
  The Nutty Professor Part II at 9:30 p.m.                                        “And she should,” said Carl Sweet, 417th                                                                supply clerk.
  Enter raffle drawings for giveaways.                                         BSB Directorate of Logistics chief. “She has a                                                                Another clerk, Traudi Camp, called Porter a
                                                                               difficult job, but she takes it in stride and comes                                                        power person who realizes she is only as good as
  Special Forces need recruits                                                 to work with a smile on her face.”
                                                                                                                                                                             Lisa Soule
                                                                                                                                                                                          her staff. “That’s why she emphasizes training,”
                                                                                                                                                                                          Camp said.
       in all specialties                                                         As the installation property book officer,
                                                                               Porter has control and accountability of the non-     Laura Porter checks out a file in the                   Porter holds weekly training for her 13 em-
     The Special Forces recruiting team will                                   deployable property within the 417th BSB and          installation property book office.                   ployees, and expects them to take Army
  have a briefing in the Larson Barracks                                       98th ASG.                                               While the ultimate authority lies with the         correspondence courses to become supply
  theater Sept. 4 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., and                                      “That property includes office furniture,          commanders, Porter is on appointment orders to       knowledgeable. She also recommends similar
  Sept. 5 at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Enlisted soldiers                               automation equipment, vehicles, speed bumps,          oversee the lot and take care of ordering and        training for all hand-receipt holders.
  in grades E-3 to E-7 in any occupational                                     and just about everything else in between.            purchasing.                                             After four years as an Army supply clerk,
  specialty may attend. The briefing is also                                      “Almost everything you use in your office can        “Though prices of individual pieces of equip-      Porter joined the civil service ranks and worked
  available for officers in the 1996-98 year                                   be traced back here,” Porter said.                    ment vary, all items must be accounted for. It’s     her way up to her current position.
       Label medicine correctly
     Medication for kids who attend child and
  youth service programs must be properly
                                                                               Family volunteers to kick and scream
  labeled. Before leaving the pharmacy, pa-
  rents should ensure the medicine label
  contains the child’s and physician’s name,
                                                                                                                                     Tae-kwon-do black belts precise
  start date, stop date, name and strength of                                                                                        by Lisa Soule                                        parents who sign up kids for his class. It works
  medication, dose and route of adminis-                                                                                             CRUSADER                                             well with his current philosophy of teaching
  tration. For more information, call the CYS                                                                                           A Wuerzburg family has spent more than 700        anyone who can breathe.
  nurse at 355-8316 or (09321) 305316.                                                                                               hours this year kicking and screaming – and the         “The family that kicks together, sticks to-
                                                                                                                                     community is benefiting.                             gether,” he said.
                                                                                                                                        The kicks from the four tae-kwon-do black            After Desert Storm and many military se-
              417th BSB                                                                                                              belts are precise. While working to establish a
                                                                                                                                     contract, the Clements’ family has been teaching
                                                                                                                                     others this ancient Korean art form on a vol-
                                                                                                                                                                                          parations, Clements realized there are too many
                                                                                                                                                                                          things that keep families apart.
                                                                                                                                     unteer basis.                                           “We found that having something we can do
     The Crusader, 417th Base Support Battalion, edi-
 torial office is located in building 145, Harvey Barracks,                                                                                                                               together strengthens us,” he said.
                                                                                                                                        Maj. Randy Clements, Headquarters and
 telephone 355-8575 or (09321) 305575. Mailing                                                                                                                                               They were the first family of four in the state
 address is PAO, Crusader, 417th Base Support Bat-                                                                                   Headquarters Company, 1st Infantry Division,
 talion, Unit 26124, APO AE 09031.                                                                                                   founded the Clements American Tae-Kwon-Do            of Maine to receive black belts. Before the four-
                                                                                                                                     Association Black Belt Academy to pass on his        hour test, they told the instructor that they started
     The 417th BSB hot line is 355-8999 or (09321)
 305999.                                                                                                                             knowledge to others.                                 as a family, and they would finish as a family.
     Phone numbers for patient liaisons are: Kitzingen,                                                                                 Neither he, nor his wife Suzette, ever            They would either all pass, or all fail.
 355-8415 or (09321) 305415; Wuerzburg and Giebel-                                                                                   imagined that some day their whole family               “Not many husbands would admit that their
 stadt, call the 67th Combat Support Hospital, 350-3874                                                                                                                                   wives have the power to brake ribs. My wife has
 or (0931) 8043874.                                                                                                                  would wear the coveted black belt. “When our
                                                                                                                                     sons were four and six-years-old, we signed          a slow kick, but it’s deadly,” he said.
 417th BSB
 Commander ............................ Lt. Col. Frank Wheeler                                                                       them up for a class. The instructor encouraged us       Their sons, Bret, 15, and Bryan, 13, help their
 Public Affairs Officer ........................... Gabriele Drake
                                                                                                                        Lisa Soule   to join as a family, and we decided to give it a     parents teach twice a week. The academy has
 Journalist ..................................................... Lisa Soule   Maj. Randy Clements, middle, demon-                   try,” Clements said.                                 about 50 active students, both children and
                                                                               strates a kick.                                          Clements now gives the same advice to             adults.

Soldiers master intensified university courses
by Lisa Soule                                                                                       The intensified program allows students a 30-day preparation           Another graduate, Capt. Monique Sims, Giebelstadt Army
CRUSADER                                                                                         period to read over course material and do their homework. The         Support Team, said even with the intensified format, the program
   A recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma’s masters                                     classes meet for one week, on evenings and weekends, and               still requires sacrifice. “As a soldier, I still had to do my regular
degree program is finding he has a lot of time on his hands.                                     students earn two credits. If they opt for the companion-directed      duties, physical training, and balance family, school and personal
                                                                                                 reading portion of the course, they earn one more credit.              time,” she said.
   After the studying, taking classes, and a 480-hour internship,                                   “This format works well with the military community, when              Both enlisted soldiers and officers attended classes, along
SFC Louis Houston, U.S. Army Hospital, Wuerzburg, marched                                        soldiers duty constraints don’t allow them to attend class week        with civilians. “I was impressed at the number of junior enlisted
across a Heidelberg stage to pick up his degree. Thirty-six                                      by week,” said Susan Hohstadt, University of Oklahoma field            who are finding success in the program. All the students worked
Wuerzburg area students earned the same privilege.                                               coordinator at Leighton Barracks.                                      together to help each other through,” Houston said.
   “It took me 16 years to get my bachelors, one course at a                                        Hohstadt was among the recent graduates. “It’s easier for              The university offers masters degrees in human relations and
time,” Houston said. But an intensified masters level program                                    people to commit to one week of class, but it definitely requires      education. For more information, call 350-6414 or (0931)
offered by the university appealed to him.                                                       a personal obligation.”                                                8896414.

12            Crusader, August 25, 2000
                                                          Letters to the Editor
          Freedom of speech                                   Women’s right to vote                         convention adopted a Declaration of Senti-              introduced in Congress in 1878. It failed to pass
                                                                                                            ments that called for women to have equal               but was reintroduced in every session of
     On July 3 at 3:30 p.m., AFN aired a com-               August 26 marks the 80th anniversary of the     rights in education, property, voting and other         Congress for the next 40 years.
  mercial about “Not to teach kids racist                suffrage movement’s great victory, ratification    matters. The declaration, which used the                   During World War I (1914–1918), the con-
  remarks.” America is a free country with lots of       of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Con-             Declaration of Independence as a model, said,           tributions of women to the war effort increased
  liberties. It is a melting pot where every indi-       stitution. This courageous political campaign,     “We hold these truths to be self–evident: that all      support for a suffrage amendment.
  vidual is unique. The freedom of expression is         which spanned 72 years, was carried out by         men and women are created equal.”
  granted under the U.S. Constitution. And               tens of thousands of persistent women and                                                                     In 1918, the House of Representatives held
  Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equality so          men.                                                  With little financial, legal or political power,     another vote on the issue. Spectators packed the
  that America could accept people of color.                                                                and working against a well-financed and                 galleries, and several congressmen came to
                                                            Female suffrage is the right of women to        entrenched opposition, women fought for their
     I believe the abuse of freedom of speech by         vote. Today, women in nearly all countries have                                                            vote despite illness. The House approved the
  making racist remarks is the reason why we                                                                rights of citizenship, the right to vote. When          amendment, but the Senate defeated it. In 1919,
                                                         the same voting rights as men. But they did not    they first organized to gain political power,
  will not reach our ultimate goal. We need to           begin to gain such rights until the early 1900s,                                                           the Senate finally passed the amendment and
  remember our beginning and remember what                                                                  women were a virtually powerless class. Yet             sent it to the states for approval.
                                                         and they had to overcome strong opposition to      without firing a shot, throwing a stone or
  our forefathers set out for us. We need to             get them. The men and women who supported                                                                     Finally, Aug. 26, 1920, their goal was
  remember the basics.                                                                                      issuing a personal threat, women won for them-
                                                         the drive for woman suffrage were called suf-      selves the kind of political power that revolu-         achieved. Women had won the right to vote and
     We must allow people to be themselves and           fragists.                                                                                                  to hold elective office. The amendment says,
  accept them. Life is too short to be making                                                               tionaries elsewhere have launched violent
                                                            Changing social conditions for women            rebellions to achieve.                                  “The right of citizens of the United States to
  racist remarks. Calling people names is child-         during the early 1800s combined with the idea                                                              vote shall not be denied or abridged by the
  ish and an abuse of the freedom of speech.             of equality led to the birth of the woman             To win the right to vote, women circulated           United States or by any state on account of
     Racist remarks destroy self-esteem and              suffrage movement. For example, women              countless suffrage petitions and gave speeches          sex.”
  individuality. We do not have to like everyone         began to receive more education and take part      in churches, convention halls, meeting houses              The American woman suffrage movement
  but we must respect them for who they are. Let         in reform movements, which involved them in        and on street corners. They published news-             stands as a lasting affirmation of our country’s
  us all work together not to abuse one of the           politics. As a result, they started to ask why     papers, pamphlets and magazines.                        democratic promise, for it re-emphasizes the
  greatest freedoms anyone can ask for – the free-       they were not also allowed the right to vote.         They were frequently harassed and some-              importance of the most fundamental demo-
  dom of speech.                                                                                            times attacked by mobs and police. Some                 cratic values: the right to vote and the pos-
                                                            One of the first public appeals for woman
     I have no intention of offending anyone, and        suffrage came in 1848. Two reformers,              women were thrown in jail and when they                 sibility of peaceful yet revolutionary political
  I apologize if I have done so.                         Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton,          protested the injustice, they were treated              change.
                              Matalena Perelini          called a women’s rights convention in Seneca       brutally. Still they persevered.                                                    LuEy Corbett
                              Schweinfurt                Falls, New York. The men and women at the             The woman suffrage amendment was first                                           Bamberg

World’s largest walk draws troops                                                                                                                                       Bamberg ACS eases
Nijmegen sees more                                                                                                                                                      deployment tensions
than 41,000 marchers                                                                                                                                                    with special briefings
by Lisa Soule                                                                                                                                                           by David Clubb
CRUSADER                                                                                                                                                                Bamberg Public Affairs Office Summer Hire

   What began as a military march in 1909 has                                                                                                                              In times of deployment, when uncer-
turned into one of the world’s largest walking                                                                                                                          tainties escalate, Army Community Ser-
events.                                                                                                                                                                 vice, or ACS, launches into overdrive to
   The international four-day march in Nij-                                                                                                                             aid soldiers and their families.
megen, Holland, attracted more than 41,000                                                                                                                                 Initiating a deployment road show, ACS
civilian and military participants last month.                                                                                                                          went to great lengths to assist deploying
   Walkers covered some 100 miles, roving                                                                                                                               spouses. Spouses were offered a two-day
                                                                                                                                                                        workshop, including free childcare, to
through towns where local residents lined the
                                                                                                                                                                        learn stress management techniques.
streets cheering them on. Onlookers brought
cheese and candy to the participants, while                                                                                                                                “We helped to resolve discomforts as-
children sought autographs and souvenirs from                                                                                                                           sociated with having your spouse leave by
the marchers.                                                                                                                                                           informing soldiers and family members of
                                                                                                                                                                        the special briefings we offered on various
   “Coming together with that many people on                                                                                                                            topics and gave out packets addressing
a common ground was an amazing thing. The                                                                                                                               deployment issues,” said Art Jones, relo-
atmosphere of support was overwhelming with                                                                                                                             cation readiness manager.
500,000 people on each side of the street at the
finish,” said 1st Lt. Paul Hallin, Headquarters                                                                                                                            Family members’ and soldiers’ brief-
and Headquarters Troop, 2nd Squadron, 6th                                                                                                                               ings addressed potential financial pro-
U.S. Cavalry, Illesheim.                                                                                                                                                blems, stress management, and issues that
                                                                                                                                                                        may affect children during deployment. A
   During the day, bands played and vendors                                                                                                                             total of 15 deployment briefings were
sold their wares, keeping a party mood as                                                                                                                               given before soldiers set off.
marchers tended their aching feet.
                                                                                                                                                                           “By informing families and soldiers,
   Running and race-walking were forbidden.                                                                                                            Lisa Soule       there’s less chance stressful situations hap-
Participants had a daily time limit, but there         Left to right, CWO 2 Ed Hendersheid, SSgt. Justin Thomas and 1st Sgt. Glenn Soule,                               pen. People are capable of handling any-
was no scurry to the finish line.                      Company C, 6th Sqdn., 6th Cav., have some fun with a billboard along the Nijmegan                                thing with a little guidance,” Jones said.
   “The only competition was with yourself,            four-day international march.                                                                                      Family readiness groups assisted in pre-
and the ultimate goal was camaraderie. There                                                                                                                            paring soldiers for deployment. “Without
is a solidarity that comes from suffering en           funds, gathering commercial sponsors and SFC Allison West, Company B, 17th Signal                                unit family readiness groups, our job would
masse,” Hallin said.                                   training.                                         Battalion.                                                     have been so much harder,” said Bill
   But success doesn’t come to everyone. More             “It is still possible                                              West said foot care                        Epprecht, ACS officer.
                                                       to go as an American                                               was part of that
than a thousand participants dropped out each
day. The second day took the highest toll when         military team, it just
                                                       takes a lot of plan-
                                                                                  ‘This was definitely not                training. His soldiers                           Once soldiers returned from the Bal-
                                                                                                                                                                        kans, ACS support didn’t diminish. The
1,925 called it quits.                                 ning and coordination.
                                                                                the time to break in a new learned how to treat
                                                                                                                          blisters and reduce
                                                                                                                                                                        first two weeks were hectic, but the ACS
                                                                                                                                                                        mission continued.
   When all fourteen members from the 17th             Even though we didn’t pair of boots.’                              friction on the feet.
Signal Battalion team, Kitzingen, finished             receive any official                                               “This was definitely                             “We are always here to help whether
the event, it was a call to celebrate. Since the       support, our command                            – SFC Allison West not the time to break                         during or after a deployment,” Epprecht
U.S. Army no longer officially supports                gave us moral support                                              in a new pair of                              said.
teams, they spent months raising their own             and, most importantly, the time to train,” said                    boots,” he said.

Army introduces improved physical fitness uniform
by Tonya Johnson                                                         the current PFU sweatshirts and sweatpants.                                  Soldiers may not mix or match IPFU and PFU items. When
Army News Service                                                           The sweatpants and sweatshirts will be issued at the CIIPS            wearing the IPFU as a complete uniform, soldiers will keep the
                                                                         only and will not be available for purchase. Initial entry soldiers      sleeves down on the jacket, the legs down on the pants, and tuck
   An improved physical fitness uniform, or IPFU, hits the
streets this month, replacing the physical fitness uniform, or           will receive the IPFU jacket and pants from the CIIPS during             the shirt inside the trunks. Standards of wear and appearance
PFU, as a clothing bag item.                                             Phase II of basic combat training.                                       specified in paragraphs 1-7 and 1-8 of Army regulation 670-1
                                                                            Commanders should expect both the IPFU and PFU uniforms               apply at all times when wearing the IPFU as a complete
   Effective Aug. 15, the IPFU will be issued from clothing                                                                                       uniform.
initial issue points, or CIIPS, to soldiers in initial entry training,   in their formations until all soldiers acquire the IPFU by the
and will be available for purchase in all Army military clothing         mandatory possession date of Oct. 1, 2003.                                   The IPFU is authorized for wear on and off duty, on and off
sales stores by all other active duty soldiers.                             Soldiers are required to have one jacket; one pair of pants; two      the installation, when authorized by the commander. The IPFU
   The IPFU ensemble consists of a gray and black jacket; black          pairs of trunks; two short-sleeved T-shirts and one long-sleeved         is authorized for wear in transit between an individual’s quarters
pants; black, moisture-wicking trunks; a gray, moisture-wicking,         T-shirt by Oct. 1, 2003.                                                 and duty station. Soldiers may wear all or parts of the IPFU, on
short-sleeved T-shirt; and a gray, moisture-wicking, long-                                                                                        or off the installation, when authorized by the commander.
                                                                            Authorized accessories with the IPFU include: cap, knit,
sleeved T-shirt.                                                         black; commercial running shoes; calf-length or ankle-length                 The only insignia authorized for wear on the IPFU is the
   Initial entry soldiers will receive three pairs of trunks; two        plain white socks with no logos; gloves; reflective belts or vests;      physical fitness badge. When the physical fitness badge is worn,
long-sleeved T-shirts; three short-sleeved T-shirts; two gray            long underwear; and other items appropriate to the weather               it is sewn on the upper left front side of the IPFU T-shirt and
sweatpants and two gray sweatshirts. These are different from            conditions and type of activity.                                         jacket.

16        Crusader, August 25, 2000

Rowdy racers rumble along
Twenty-first annual race brings neighbors together
by Mark Heeter                                                          Battalion, 77th Armor.
                                                                           Others echoed his sentiments about the second half of the race,
   Winning was secondary. The real objective was to keep as dry         while some found the first strokes to be the hardest.
as possible.                                                               “The hardest part is the initial kick-off, because you have to
   The 21st annual Rowdy River Raft Race and celebration filled         get that initial push. It was a lot of fun out there, though,” said
the banks of the Main River in Schweinfurt July 16. Despite             Alexander Crackel from the 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry.
threatening skies that gave way to rain throughout the afternoon,
35 teams turned out for the all-day event.                                 Arms pumped and captains led the cadences, keeping the
                                                                        teams plowing forward. Meanwhile, fans lined the bank,
   Teamwork and partnership between and among the German                enjoying the food, beer tents and live entertainment. The band
teams, soldiers’ and wives’ teams kept the fun and excitement           Grooves from Austin, Texas, provided the background music for
afloat.                                                                 the revelers.
   “We used good teamwork. That was our secret,” said members              “The best part is just seeing everything come together and
of Flying Geyer I, after pulling off the first upset of the day. The    seeing people you only get to see once a year,” said Silvia Joiner,
women stunned their opponents in the competition’s third heat,          280th BSB community recreation specialist, who coordinated
handily defeating a field of American soldiers and Germans.             the event.
   The rafters plotted their strategy along the course, which              The USS Enterprise, a team of local civilians, won first prize
flowed 250 meters downstream. Then the work began.                      of the Rowdy River Raft Race. They edged out Bocksbeutel team                                                                     Mark Heeter
   “Coming back up the river was the hardest part,” said Mike           by less than one second. The River Rats, also a team of civilians,       Soldiers push off the banks of the Main River as they
Schaefer, who spoke for his team, the Aardvarks from the 1st            won the female competition.                                              prepare for a qualifying heat.

                                                                                                                                                                  Ansbach girls are
                                                                                                                                                                  ASG softball champs
                                                                                                                                                                  by Kristy Snedden

                                                                                                                                                                     On June 30 the Ansbach Junior Girls softball
                                                                                                                                                                  team took a 6-1 record to play Kitzingen for the
                                                                                                                                                                  98th ASG Junior Girls softball championship.
                                                                                                                                                                     Ansbach’s only loss all season was a 17-16
                                                                                             Golfers aim for cup                                                  defeat by Kitzingen on May 13 at Harvey
                                                                                              Area golfers took dead aim on the 417th Com-                        Barracks in Kitzingen. The championship game
                                                                                              mander’s Cup July 29 at Golf Club Kitzingen.                        was staged at Katterbach Kaserne in Ansbach.
                                                                                              Winners included Mark Mansfield, above left, who                    This should have given Ansbach the home field
                                                                                              won B Flight and hugs from his wife, Susanna, and                   advantage, but the Ansbach girls began the game
                                                                                              A Flight winner Joe Sampson, whose two-over par                     by losing the coin toss and becoming the visiting
                                                                                              74 was the best of the day. BSB Commander Lt. Col.                  team.
                                                                                              Frank Wheeler handed out the hardware and                              This was a hard-fought game with both teams
                                                                         Photos by Roger Teel thanked the numerous sponsors of the event.                         taking turns in the lead. In the bottom of the
                                                                                                                                                                  seventh inning Kitzingen was losing 14-6.
                                                                                                                                                                     Kitzingen was able to stage a late inning
Safety helmets a must on installations                                                                                                                            comeback and tie the game forcing it into extra
                                                                                                                                                                  innings. This was a first for both teams. The
                                                                                                                                                                  Ansbach girls then rallied in the top of the eighth
by Olivia Feher                                       ards, or the Economic Commission of Europe.              This includes a helmet properly fastened           by scoring seven runs. The Kitzingen girls were
CRUSADER                                              Kevlar helmets are not approved for use as            under the chin, shatterproof eye protection,          only able to score two runs in the bottom of the
   Using your head while riding a bicycle,            bicycle helmets,” Parducho said.                      full-fingered gloves, high-visibility garments,       eighth, which gave Ansbach the 98th ASG
motorcycle, skateboard or in-line skating has           “There are about six different types of             and bright-colored clothing for day travel and        championship win.
always meant wearing a helmet for safety.             helmets that come in three sizes, toddler through     reflective clothing for night travel. Also
                                                                                                            required are leather boots or over-the-ankle             Coached by Kurt Lambert and assisted by
   “New updates to USAREUR regulation 190-            adult, available through the Army and Air Force                                                             Isaac Gipson, this season was quite an ex-
1 state approved safety equipment must be worn        Exchange Service distribution centers in the          shoes, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, and
                                                                                                            trousers.                                             perience for Ansbach.
when partaking in any of                              98th ASG. “The basic helmet starts at $8.95
the above activities,” said                           which makes them affordable for everyone. The            There will be a motorcycle safety course at           “In each game there was always a challenge
Ollie Parducho, 98th ASG                              helmets we stock are all safety-approved,” said       Harvey Barracks at the south ramp of the airfield     for us coaches to overcome. Some were just
safety officer.                                       Eddie Devlin, AAFES, Wuerzburg, sales area            Sept. 23 from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. The course is          dealing with the ups and downs of 13- and 14-
   Skaters and skateboard                             manager.                                              open to all valid USAREUR-licensed motor-             year-old girls and other times it was motivating
riders are also required to                                                                                 cycle operators who need to hone their cycling        them to have the killer instinct to win. I tell you,
wear kneepads, elbowpads                                 “However, just buying a helmet is not the          skill and fine-tune the mental skills needed for      overall this has been one of the most enjoyable
and wristguards.                                      total solution. Cyclists must get the correct size    survival in traffic. The class is free, but because   experiences of my life. The girls really showed
   “Safety helmets must                               and follow the instruction for correct fit,” Devlin   of the limited size of the class, personal            a lot of courage out there today,” said Coach
meet the standards of the                             said.                                                 commitment is required. If interested, sign up        Gipson.
American National Stand-                                 Under the same regulation, protective equip-       before Sept.20. Reservations should be made              “We just went out there and had fun today,”
ards Institute, Snell Me-                             ment and clothing must also be worn when              with the 98th ASG Safety Office at 351-1470 or        said Megan Lambert, catcher for the Ansbach
morial Foundation Stand- Parducho                     riding a motorcycle.                                  (0931) 2964433.                                       team.

Americans join local team                                                                                                                  Roundup
by David Clubb                                           Many American LG members are also part
                                                      of the 279th Base Support Battalion’s com-                                                                  more. For more information call 353-8080 or
Bamberg Public Affairs Office Summer Hire
                                                      munity track team, which is very supportive of              Register for basketball                         (09721) 968080.
   Hearing the starting shot, SSgt. Raphael           the LG.                                                    Bamberg units may register to play basket-
August, Headquarters and Headquarters Com-
mand, 7th Corps Support Group, sprinted with             “It’s fun being with Germans – they practice         ball. Please provide a letter of intent signed by         Compete in bowling
all his power.                                        all year round. It’s great that they have indoor        your unit commander, a team roster, or Alpha           The Kessler Bowling Center hosts a bowl-
                                                      tracks. And my unit supports me by giving me            Roster, and dates that you are unavailable to       ing competition through Sept. 30. One can
   August is one of a handful of Americans who                                                                play for military reasons. Before combining
are members of the German track and field             time to go to meets and practices,” said Sgt.                                                               bowl 10 games and receive one free game or
                                                      Wayne Taylor, 317th Maintenance Company,                units, pre-approval is needed. For more in-         bowl 20 games and receive a 9” bowling pin
team, the Leichtathletik Gemeinschaft, or LG,                                                                 formation call the JFK gym at 469-8890 or
in Bamberg.                                           Bamberg.                                                                                                    plush toy. For more information, call 354-
                                                                                                              (0951) 3008890.                                     6332 or (09721) 83391.
   He practices with the LG twice a week and             This is the first time in 20 years that Ameri-
goes to regular meets all over Europe.                cans have joined the German team and the LG
                                                      is happy to have them.
                                                                                                                           Go canoeing                                 Schools need officials
   “Taking part in a German track team is just                                                                   Paddle with Bamberg’s Outdoor Recrea-
                                                         “It’s really good that Americans have joined                                                                Anyone interested in officiating football
something else to keep me fit,” August said.                                                                  tion Center on a canoe trip through Germany’s       games for Ansbach, Wuerzburg and Bamberg
   August also coaches athletes on the German         our team, and it’s something I’ve always wished         Little Switzerland Sept. 3. For more infor-
                                                      for,” said Siegfried Matschke, the German LG                                                                American high schools can contact Bob Hauer
team, and at age 40, he still holds a Armed                                                                   mation, call 469-7450 or (0951) 3007450.            at 354-6471 or 09721-471058.
Forces Master record for the 100-meter run.           coach.
   Americans join the German team not only to            Matschke noted that there are differences in            Enjoy outdoor activities                                 Learn martial arts
keep in shape, but also to get new experiences        languages and training styles, but that the
                                                      learning experiences were limitless. “I hope our           The Outdoor Recreation on Conn Barracks             Traditional tang soo do, Korean karate,
and learn from them.                                                                                          offers a wide variety of equipment for outdoor      classes begin Aug. 29 at 5:30 p.m. at Wuerz-
   “I’m out here to learn and improve my              efforts continue for a long time,” he said.
                                                                                                              activities. Three-person rafts are $12.50 per       burg Elementary School small gym. This is a
abilities by interacting with Germans. Plus I            For more information, contact SSgt. Raphael          day or $25 per weekend; three-person canoes         family night to learn more about the program.
love track and field and my team,” said Jamie         August at 469-7166 or (0951) 3007166, or e-             are $12.50 per day or $25 per weekend; large        For more information, call Brian Olden at
Eckford, 240th Supply and Services Company,           mail him at                                             coolers $2 per day or $5 per weekend, and lots      350-3503 or (0931) 8043503

                                                                                                                                                                    Crusader, August 25, 2000                     19