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Slide 1 - Katy ISD


									President People    Laws/            World   Cold War
s                   Rulings          War 2

  100       100          100           100     100

  200       200          200           200     200

  300       300          300           300     300

  400       400          400           400     400

  500       500          500           500     500
                   Double Jeopardy
             Presidents 100
• He was elected
  President of the
  United States in 1960.

• Who is John F. Kennedy?

                    MAIN MENU
             Presidents 200
• Elected president and   • Who is Dwight
  was the leading           Eisenhower?
  general of the U.S.
  during World War II.

                    MAIN MENU
             Presidents 300
• He becomes               • Who is Gerald Ford?
  president after the
  resignation of Richard

                     MAIN MENU
             Presidents 400
• His main domestic         • Who is Lyndon B.
  agenda was called           Johnson?
  the Great Society.

                       MAIN MENU
             Presidents 500
• His vice- president        • Who is Richard
  Spiro Agnew was              Nixon?
  forced to resign.

                        MAIN MENU
              People 100
• His U-2 spy plane     • Who is Gary Powers?
  was shot down over
  Russia in 1958.

                   MAIN MENU
               People 200
• Her book, Silent       • Who is Rachel
  Spring, sparked the      Carson?

                    MAIN MENU
               People 300
• Was Secretary of        • Who is George
  State after World War     Marshall?

                    MAIN MENU
               People 400
• Hispanic farm worker   • Who is Cesar
  who led strikes for      Chavez?
  better pay and

                   MAIN MENU
               People 500
• Senator from          • Who is Joseph
  Wisconsin who led a     McCarthy?
  witch hunt for
  communists in the

                   MAIN MENU
          Laws/ Rulings 100
• Ruled that ‘separate   • What is Brown v.
  but equal’ was           Board?

                    MAIN MENU
           Laws/ Rulings 200
• Gave the president       • What is the Gulf of
  greater power to fight     Tonkin Resolution?
  in Vietnam.

                     MAIN MENU
          Laws/ Rulings 300
• Changed the voting    • What is the 26th
  age from 21 to 18.      amendment?

                   MAIN MENU
          Laws/ Rulings 400
• Gave equal rights to   • What is the Civil
  all citizens.            Rights Act of 1964?

                    MAIN MENU
           Laws/ Rulings 500
• Law that gives            • What is Affirmative
  minorities preferential     Action?
  treatment to enroll in
  college or get a job.

                      MAIN MENU
           World War 2 100
• The first atomic bomb   • What is Hiroshima?
  was dropped on this

                    MAIN MENU
             World War 2 200
• ‘A date which will live   • What is Pearl Harbor
  in infamy.’                 or Dec. 7, 1941?

                      MAIN MENU
            World War 2 300
• FDR and this leader      • Who is Winston
  were actually cousins.     Churchill?

                    MAIN MENU
             World War 2 400
• Fascist leader of Italy   • Who is Benito
  who sides with              Mussolini?
  Germany during the

                      MAIN MENU
             World War 2 500
• Commander of              Who is Douglas
  American land forces       MacArthur?
  in the Pacific theater.

                      MAIN MENU
            Cold War 100
• Alliance between      • What is NATO?
  America and Western
  Europe to defend
  each other.

                  MAIN MENU
               Cold War 200
• The Soviet blockade        • What is Berlin?
  of this city created the
  1st crisis of the Cold

                      MAIN MENU
             Cold War 300
• This created a push   • What is Sputnik?
  for new styles of
  education in math and
  science in the U.S.

                   MAIN MENU
              Cold War 400
• A nuclear standoff       • What is the Cuban
  that led to the            Missile Crisis?
  creation of a hot line
  between Moscow and

                     MAIN MENU
             Cold War 500
• American policy        • What is containment?
  attempting to stop the
  spread of communism

                   MAIN MENU
             Double Jeopardy
Civil    People   1950s   Vietnam   1970s
  100      100      100     100       100

  200      200      200     200       200

  300      300      300     300       300

  400      400      400     400       400

  500      500      500     500       500
            Civil Rights 100
• Her refusal to move    • Who is Rosa Parks?
  sparked the bus

                    MAIN MENU
             Civil Rights 200
• Brown v. Board           • What is Plessy v.
  reversed this previous     Ferguson?
  court ruling.

                    MAIN MENU
              Civil Rights 300
• The National Guard        • What is Little Rock?
  was called to this city
  to force integration.

                      MAIN MENU
           Civil Rights 400
• Groups of people who   • Who were the
  rode buses trying to     Freedom Riders?
  force integration in
  the South.

                   MAIN MENU
            Civil Rights 500
• Civil Rights leader   • Who was Malcolm X?
  who belonged to the
  Nation of Islam and
  preached violence.

                   MAIN MENU
                 People 100
• Leader of the Civil        • Who was Martin
  Rights movement.             Luther King, Jr?

                        MAIN MENU
               People 200
• Communist dictator of   • Who is Fidel Castro?

                    MAIN MENU
              People 300
• He was the early      • Who was William
  commander of forces     Westmoreland?
  in Vietnam.

                  MAIN MENU
                People 400
• Gained fame for          • Who is Jonas Salk?
  creating a vaccine for

                     MAIN MENU
               People 500
• Secretary of State     • Who is John Foster
  during the               Dulles?
  administration who
  proposed the idea of

                    MAIN MENU
               1950s 100
• War breaks out here   • What is Korea?
  in June of 1950
  between the
  communist North and
  democratic South.

                  MAIN MENU
                1950s 200
• This Act helped        • What is the Interstate
  speed transportation     Highway Act?
  and the growth of

                    MAIN MENU
               1950s 300
• Gave soldiers money • What is the GI Bill?
  for college and homes
  after World War II.

                   MAIN MENU
                1950s 400
• A new type of music   • What is rock and roll?
  that was created
  during the 1950s.

                   MAIN MENU
               1950s 500
• The most popular        • Who is Elvis Presley?
  entertainer in
  American in the

                     MAIN MENU
               Vietnam 100
• Protests at this        • What is Kent State?
  university ended with
  the deaths of four

                    MAIN MENU
               Vietnam 200
• Path from North          • What is the Ho Chi
  Vietnam that brought       Minh Trail?
  supplies and troops to
  South Vietnam.

                    MAIN MENU
              Vietnam 300
• Secretary of Defense   • Who is Robert
  during Vietnam;          McNamara?
  advocated escalating
  the war.

                   MAIN MENU
              Vietnam 400
• Massacre at this town   • What is My Lai?
  help lead to protests
  in the U.S.

                    MAIN MENU
               Vietnam 500
• Nixon’s policy to hand   • What is
  control of Vietnam to      Vietnamization?
  the South

                     MAIN MENU
                 1970s 100
• The group of oil-         • What is OPEC?
  exporting nations.

                       MAIN MENU
                1970s 200
• This building housed   • What is Watergate?
  the Democratic
  National Committee.

                    MAIN MENU
                 1970s 300
• Nixon travels to this   • What is China?
  nation to establish
  diplomatic relations.

                     MAIN MENU
                1970s 400
• Agreement between       • What are the Camp
  Israel and Egypt to       David Accords?
  end war and
  recognize each other.

                    MAIN MENU
                 1970s 500
• Nixon tried to force     • What is the Saturday
  the resignation of the     Night Massacre?
  investigator, then fired
  his Attorney General.

                    MAIN MENU
             Final Jeopardy
•The Code Name given
   Category: World War   • What is the
 toII research and
    the                    Manhattan Project?
 construction of the
 Atomic bomb.

                    MAIN MENU

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