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					                                  THE DIFFERENT WAY TO TRAVEL


                                          FIDES - SPES
GRIMALDI GROUP NAPLES, a family owned enterprise, is one of Italy’s largest shipping Companies. The
Grimaldi family has over a century of experence in shipping, and more than 50 years in passenger service.
World-wide we are N° 1 for heavy RoRo capacity intake, 6th for car carrying and the n° 25 container
Most of our vessels are ro\ro’s or co\ro’s.
Our trades include: Euro-Med Service, Mediterranean Short Sea Service, Adriatic-Middle East Service,
North-West Europe to South America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay) and to West Africa, USA to West Africa
The North-Atlantic trade is run by ACL Atlantic Container Line, a company owned by Grimaldi.
The Baltic sea services are run by Finnlines plc, a company controlled by Grimaldi.
On the passenger side, we also operate Grimaldi Ferries, with services: Rome-Barcelona, Rome-Toulon,
Leghorn-Barcelona, Italy-Tunis, Italy-Corsica (seasonal).
Grimaldi Group Naples is a truly international company, with own offices, representative offices,
subsidiaries or participating companies in Italy (Naples, Monfalcone, Rome, Palermo, Salerno,
Civitavecchia), Belgium (Antwerp), Benin (Cotonou) Brazil (Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Belo
Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Vitoria), Cameroun (Douala), Canada (Halifax), Denmark (Esbjerg), Egypt
(Alexandria), Finland, Germany (Hamburg), Ghana (Tema), Ireland (Cork), Nigeria (Lagos), Norway (Oslo)
Poland, Portugal (Setubal, Lisbon, Leixos), Senegal (Dakar), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia), Sweden
(Gothenburg, Wallhamn), Togo (Lomé), United Kingdom (London, Liverpool, Southampton, Tilbury).
Grimaldi owned Atlantic Container Line have their own office network in USA and in Europe.
The Group is also a 50% partner in GLD Lines (car ferry service between Italy and France), is the
controlling share holder of Finnlines and the owner of Malta Motorways of Seas.
Recently Grimaldi has taken a 14% share in the greek ferry operator Anek Lines.
Grimaldi runs its own port terminals in the harbours of Antwerp, Civitavecchia, Cork, Esbjerg, Hamburg,
Lagos, Monfalcone, Palermo, Salerno and Valencia.
Grimaldi owns ( in partnership) the harbour of Wallhamn (Sweden).
In joint venture with local partners Grimaldi distrubute new cars to the dealers in Benelux. Denmark, Ireland,
Italy, Portugal and Spain.
Grimaldi Naples was the first Italian shipping company to obtain the ISO 9002 Quality Certificate. This is
Europe’s most prestigeous quality award.
Grimaldi is the first European carrier that received the Q1 award from Ford Motor Company, and in year
2005 was named Supplier of the Year by General Motors.
All Grimaldi vessels are S.M.S. (Safety Management System) certified.

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You are travelling on board a cargo vessel. While you are of course a welcomed guest, bear in mind that
the Master, the officers and the crew have to comply with their daily duty and routine to run the vessel and
while in port to unload and load the cargo. The service we can provide for you, compared with pure
passenger vessels, is necessarily somewhat limited. However be assured that all personnel involved will do
its utmost to make you feel comfortable and happy on board the vessel.
All people travelling on board the vessel are subject to the general discipline, safety and security rules as
established by the Company and\or the Master.

The vessel you are travelling on is of comfortable size that allows safe sailing under all conditions. For you
safety and comfort we suggest not to wear shoes with high wheels or beach sandals. Even in good sea
conditions a sudden movement of the vessel is possible and very often the outer deck is wet.
Dressing is casual, but remember that on our vessels there are certain unwritten rules as fare as dressing is
concerned. The Master, the officers and the crew appreciate when passengers too follow these rules.
    no bathing suit or beach ware should be worn in the mess room and the lounge
    do not enter the bridge in beach ware or bathing suit

Under the ISPS code the bridge is a restricted area, where in general access cannot be allowed. We
appreciate that our passengers enjoy staying on the bridge, but please ask the Master for authorization for
any visit to the bridge. Please respect the dressing code.

There are areas of the vessel where passengers are not allowed, unless previously authorized by the
Master (or person designated) and accompanied by a member of the ship’s personnel: the Garage (while at
sea), the Kitchen, the Engine Room and in general all working areas.

Are served in the officers’ mess. You will be informed of the meal hours for breakfast, lunch and dinner by
the Master (or person designated by him). Please respect the meal hours. No meals can be served in your

Will be cleaned and made-up daily. This work is generally done in the earlier part of the morning. Please
remember that the steward may only make-up you cabin if he finds it accessible. Later on during the day
the steward has other duties and will not be able to clean and make-up the cabin. On some hectic days you
might have to take care yourself of the cabin. Your co-operation is appreciated.

Are available on board on a self service basis

The vessel is equipped with a state-of-the-art satellite telecommunications system.
    PHONE: You can use the phone to make calls ship-to-shore. You will have to pay for the cost of the call
 (remember satellite phone calls are rather costly).
    FAX: You can ask the Master to send a fax for you. You will have to pay for the cost of phone
 necessary to send the message.
    E-MAIL: You can send e-mails. No attachment is accepted. For each e-mail sent you will be charged a
 flat amount of 1 €uro. E-mails addressed to you on board from relatives and friends to the vessel’s e-mail
 address are transmitted free of charge (but no attachments are allowed). Should you receive an e-mail
 with an attachment you will be asked to refund the cost of the satellite transmission (this can be quite
The use of e-mail, phone and fax is at the Master’s discretion. The vessel’s telecommunication system is
not a public one. The Company and the Master have no obligation to let passengers use the system. In any
case any Company, safety and security matters have priority.

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Please note that your mobile phone will work only in ports or while sailing close to the shore, and if your
operator has a roaming agreement with a local mobile phone operator.

DRINKS (soft and alcoholic)
Are sold only in bottles or tins and are subject to being available on board. For purchases please address
yourself to the cook. A price list is available on board.
Alcoholic beverage should be consumed with moderation. It is the Masters discretion to prohibit the sale of
alcoholic beverages to persons that, in his sole judgment, make abuse of it.
The master can also prohibit that alcoholic beverages are brought in from shore.

There is a washing machine at your disposal for your personal laundry necessities.

You may take pictures on board except in the garage or other cargo areas. In some ports it is not allowed to
take pictures within the boundaries of the harbour.

You will go ashore at your own responsibility.
You travel on board a cargo vessel. Ports of call, duration of calls, docking times are subject to cargo
requirements. Our vessels run on regular service. However there is always the possibility that a port
originally included in the schedule has to be dropped, or that the vessel runs one or more days behind
schedule. But this is part of the game in Freighter Cruising.
Before going ashore make sure to have proper and up-dated information about the time you have to be
back on board.
Herewith we are giving some basic, and hopefully useful information about the ports of call.
When going ashore, in order to enjoy a safe and pleasant visit, you should note the following safety tips:
     Beware of pickpockets who can be very clever. They often operate in pairs or more – one holding your
     attention while the other empties you pockets
     Do not carry large amounts of cash. Use a money belt, if you have one, when shopping. Never carry a
     purse, or your wallet in your back pocket. Backpacks should be carried in the front.
     Leave jewellery and watches safely onboard the ship, rather than wearing them ashore
    Never leave your belongings unattended.

    All persons boarding the vessel are subject to check and search
    All items carried on board will be checked.

If you have any problems or you feel dissatisfied you should speak to the Master or the Chief Mate.
Whenever it is possible they will assist and help you.

If, at the end of your journey, you wish to let us have your comments or suggestions you can leave them
with the Master who will transmit it to the Company, or you can write direct to:
         Grimaldi Freighter Cruises
         Manager Passenger Service
         13, Via M. Campodisola
         80133 Naples \ Italy
         Fax +39 081 551 7716

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                                             ASHDOD, Israel
Asdhod is the port of Tel Aviv and the second harbour, after Haifa, of the Israeli Mediterranean coast. This is a
very young town, founded in 1957. But the area has of course been inhabited for thousands of years. The nearby
sites of Tel Mor, Ashdod Yam and Tel Ashdod are witnesses to these past settlements.

Language: Hebrew
Currency: New Shekel

DOCKING                 Ashdod Harbour

TO GET TO TOWN          The distance from the harbour to downtown Ashdod is approx. 4 km (2 ½ miles). The best
                        way to get to town is by taxi, but walking is praticable.

WHAT TO VISIT           The beaches are one of Ashdod’s attractions (Miami Beach, Lido Beach, Ha Kshatot
Time and schedule       Beach, Yud Alef Beach). The Ashdod Yam Fortress was built during the ancient Arab era
                        (640-1099 AD).
                        The Mamonia Shrine is a beautiful shrine located next to Miami Beach, serves as a
                        heritage and cultural centre for the Moroccan community in Ashdod. Includes a traditional
                        oriental shopping centre. Ashdod Museum Corin Maman (open Sun-Thu 9.00 am to 4.00
                        pm, Sat and holidays 10.30 am to 1.30 pm), Car Museum (open Sun-Thu 10.00 am to
                        9.00 pm, Fri 10.00 am to 4 pm);
                        Tel Ashdod, southeast of the city, was the capital of the Philistines. This place has been
                        inhabited since the Bronze Age. A few houses remain on the Tel, ruins of the Arab village
                        of Isdud, including a Khan (caravanserai), the Sultan Ibrahim El Makbouki Mosque and
                        the tomb of a Marabout (holy man).
                        Tel Aviv, the capital city of Israel, is about 20 km (13 miles) from Ashdod.

SHOPPING                There are three Shopping Centres: Merkaz Ha’ir (City Mall), Ashdod Mall, Lev Ashdod
                        Mall, all fairly centrally located.

EATING OUT              Here you can find restaurants serving all types of food: oriental, seafood, Chinese, etc.
                        Many people like to go to Ha Kshatot Beach, with many good restaurants on a nice

OUR AGENT               NAME:Allalouf & Co. Shipping Ltd
                        ADDRESS:Rear Port Area, P.o. Box 4081 Ashdod 77140
                        PHONE:Tel. +972 8 8513333
                        FAX:+ 972 8 8521165

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                                                  HAIFA, Israel
Haifa blends together much of what is beautiful in Israel. Situated where the rocky green slopes of historic Mount
Carmel meet the blue waters of a broad natural harbor; its terraced urban landscape offers a rich variety of
gorgeous vistas.
Israel's third largest city, Haifa is capital of the north and home to 250,000 inhabitants, members of five different
religions living in harmony. It offers biblical holy places, nature reserves with prehistoric caves; lovely cultivated
gardens, the University of Haifa and Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and more than a dozen museums.
Cable cars link the downtown port district at the foot of the Carmel with neighborhoods on its upper slopes.
The city's many promenades and scenic overlooks offer abundant view of Haifa's beautiful natural harbor. On a
clear day, almost any day of the year, you can see clear across the sparkling waters of the bay to the medieval
walled Fortress City of Acco.
Language: Hebrew
Currency: Shekel

DOCKING                   Haifa Harbour

TO GET TO TOWN            Downtown Haifa is within walking distance from the harbour.
                          The exit of Haifa passenger hall leads to Haatzmaoot St. one of Haifa downtown main

WHAT TO VISIT             Mukhraka - Highest Point on the Carmel - This monastery was built by the Carmelites
Time and schedule         during the Crusader Period. Visitors can tour the monastery & view the amazing scenery.
                          (East of Daliyat El Carmel, Sun. 8:00-13:30, Mon.-Fri. 8:00-13:00, 15:00-17:00, Sat. 8:00-
                          12:00, 13:00-17:00) On the Carmel.
                          Bahai Shrine, Persian Garden - The shrine of the Bab is the gold-domed Edifice, which
                          dominates the city of Haifa. The Baha'i gardens in Haifa are Unique in style, designed as
                          beautiful And tranquil settings for the holy Places of which they are the precincts.
                          (Zionism Ave., Haifa, The gardens: Sun.-Sat. 8:00-17:00 the shrine is opened daily 9:00
                          to 12:00) Hatzionut Blvd. Buses: 22, 23, 25, 26.
                          Sculpture Garden - A beautiful setting for 22 bronze statues donated to the city by the
                          sculptress Ursula Malbin. The garden perfectly combines art and nature and overlooks
                          the bay area and the Galilee landscape (: Zionism Av. 135, Haifa,:The garden is open
                          during daylight hours and entrance is free) Buses: 22, 23, 25, 26.
                          Haifa Museum - The Museum Of Modern Art - The museum offers temporary exhibits
                          with Israeli & International new art themes (Shabbetani Levi St. 26 , Sun., Mon., Wed.,
                          Thurs. 10:00-16:00, Tues. 16:00-19:00, Fri. & Holiday Eves. 10:00-13:00, Sat. 10:00-
                          14:00) Hadar Hacarmel. Bus no. 23, get off at Hanevi'im or Solel Boneh station.

SHOPPING                  Shopping Malls: Horev Center, 15 Horev st.; Panorama Center, 109 Hanassi ave.
                          Carmel Center; Kanyon Haifa, Flieman rd. corner Hahagana rd. at Matam crossroads;
                          Kanyon Lev-Hamifratz, 55 Hahistadrut ave,
                          Souvenir shop ; Zohar, 124 Hanassi ave. Carmel Center; Misaviv Laolam, 30 Hehalutz
                          street; Clasica 4 Flieman st. Kanyon Haifa; Nekudat Hen, 95 Hanassi ave. Carmel Cente;
                          G.R.A.S.S Panorama 109 Hanassiave ave. (Panorama Center) Carmel Center

EATING OUT                Here you can find restaurants serving all types of food: oriental, seafood, Chinese, etc
                          Fish Restaurant; Jacko, 12 Khilat Saloniki street; Reshet Hadayag (fisher's net) 134 Yafo
                          Romanian Restaurant: Yanku & Dora ; 174 Hahistadrut ave.; Yankale 26 Hamaginim ave.
                          Italian Restaurant: Pizza Napoli, Kdoshey Yassi st. corner Flieman street; Pizza House
                          52 Ha'aliya Hashniya street
                          Chinese Restaurant ; Taiwan, 59 Ben Gurion Ave.; Yan-Yan, 26 Hamaginim ave.
                          Franch Restaurant ; Pine Club, Beit Oren rd. Ye'arot Hacarmel; 1873, 102 Yafo Street

OUR AGENT                 NAME.Allalouf & Co. Shipping Ltd,
                          ADDRESS:40 Hanamal Street, P.O. Box 775 Haifa 31007
                          PHONE:+ 972 4 8611811
                          FAX:+ 972 4 8670530

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                                         IZMIR (Smyrna), Turkey
This place has been inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC. During its long history the town has been inhabited and
occupied by a great number of populations and powers. The Aeolian Greeks from the island of Lesbos were the
first to take over.
Later the Ionians were defeated by the Lydians. In Hellenistic times Izmir was one the most important towns in
Anatolia. After a period of decadence, the Romans brought the town back to a glory that lasted till the invasion of
the Arabs. Among the dominators of this town were Byzantium, the Seldjoukides, the Turks, the Knights of St.
John, Tamerlane and the Ottoman Empire. The treaty of Sèvres (after WWI) put Izmir under Greek administration,
but after the latter’s’ defeat in the Anatolian war, the Treaty of Lausanne finally gave the town to Turkey. Today the
town has 2 ½ million inhabitants and its harbour is second only to that of Istanbul in the country. Homer was
probably born here.

Language: Turkish
Currency: New Turkish Lira (YTL)
          You will however find most shops advertising their prices in Euro and USD (or other convertible
          Most shops accept convertible currencies other then local currency.

DOCKING                  The vessel will dock at any of the piers available in the port of Izmir.
                         The port is about 1,5 km (1 miles) from the centre of the town.

TO GET TO TOWN           There is public transport available. Taxi is the best solution. The cost is between US$ 3
                         and 10. However, city center is walking distance max of 20 min to shopping center and

WHAT TO VISIT            The Agora (Greek-Roman ruins), the Alsancak Railway Station built in 1858, The
Time and schedule        “Asansoer” (the elevator), built in 1907, the Clock Towner, built in 1901, Kadifekale (Mt.
                         Pagus) a middle age fortress probably of Greek-roman origin, Konak Pier, built by
                         Gustave Eiffel, the Alsancak district with some historic houses from the Levantine period.
                         The Archaeological Museum is one of the finest of its kind in Turkey.
                         About 70 km (45 miles) away is Ephesus, one of the most important archaeological sites.
                         If the vessel’s call is sufficiently long, an excursion there would be worthwhile. Allow 4
                         hours to visit the site. Make an arrangement with a taxi or car to wait for you while visiting
                         the ruins; enter from the top entrance and walk down the hill. .

SHOPPING                 Turkish carpets can be of excellent quality. But remember quality is never cheap. Be
                         careful when making your choice, and remember that buying from a carpet dealer means
                         a lot a bargaining.
                         Also fine jewellery can be found.
                         The most fascinating shopping area is around Kemeralti Market. For more traditional
                         shopping try the Alsancak district (Ataturk Street, Gul Street, etc.)

EATING OUT               Turkish food might be an interesting change to the ship’s fare. Try a Shish-Kebap, a
                         Manisa-Kebap, Iskender Kebab or a fish food. The town is full of restaurants and other

OUR AGENT                NAME:Egekont,
                         ADDRESS:Liman Caddesi Arkas Binası no: 38 Alsancak Izmir
                         PHONE: + 232 477 77 22
                         FAX: +232 411 00 44

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                                              KOPER, Slovenia
The origin of Koper goes back to the second half of the 6th century AD, but only between the 10th and the 13th
century the town became the leading settlement on the Istrian peninsula, mainly thanks to its trading and political
connections with Aquileia and Venice. By the end of the Middle Age Koper was the Istrian capital within the
Ventian Repubblic.
Its excellent strategic and geographical location has made that Koper has continued until our days to play a major
role in trading and in commerce. Today its harbour has a significant importance for trades from Eastern European
countries passing through the Mediterranean Sea.

Language: Slovene
Currency: Slovene Tolar (€uro widly accepted in shops and restaurants)

DOCKING                  1st Basin – Pier 7 (a, b or c)
                         The centre of the town is at about 2,5 km (1½ mile)

TO GET TO TOWN           No public transport is available in port. A taxi can be called through the local agency.

WHAT TO VISIT            The attraction of this town is its medieval part. Most of the monuments were built
Time and schedule        between the 13th and 16th century.
                         Tito Square, the central town square, is flanked with secular and religious builings of
                         various styles (gothic, renaissance, baroque): the Pretor’s Palace, the Foresteria, the
                         town Loggia, the Cathedral, the City bell tower.
                         Other sites, all virtually withing walking distance, are: the Rotunda of St. John the Babtist,
                         St. Jacob’s Church, St. Anna’s Church, the Rotunda of St. Mary’s Assumption (or of St.
                         Elias), the Treasury of the Cathedral, the Verzi portal, the Percauz House, the
                         Almerigogna Palace, some remaiing Ventian Gothic Houses, the Fontico (former grain

SHOPPING                 Koper is a tourist town with many visitors also from nearby Italy. Therefore you will find
                         many shops all around town.

EATING OUT               You will find numerous restaurants in town. Sea-food and other svlovenian specialities
                         are served mainly.

OUR AGENT                NAME: Agemar
                         ADDRESS: V. Nabrezje 38, 6000 Koper
                         PHONE: 05 6656399
                         FAX: 05 6656400

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                                      MONFALCONE, Italy

Language: Italian
Currency: €uro

DOCKING             C.E.T.A.L. – Central European Terminal
                    This is Grimaldi’s dedicated terminal.

TO GET TO TOWN      The only way is to take a taxi

WHAT TO VISIT       In Monfalcone itself there is not much to be seen.
Time and schedule
                    But at less than 20 miles there is Aquileia, one of the most important archaeological sites
                    in Italy. It’s construction was decided by the Senat of Rome in 181 BC,. and the place
                    was chosen for its strategic position , since it could have been an efficient military stop-
                    over for expeditions to Istria, the Illyrian, and for a strict control over the Iulian-Carnic
                    Later on, still maintaining a predominant military role, Aquileia started its trading dealings,
                    especially with the iron and gold mines of the Noricum (the present Carintia and most of
                    From the Augustian Age onwards , the town became an important center of commercial
                    exchanges between the Danubian regions and the Mediterranean basin, thanks to its
                    favourable geographic location. In fact it stood in a fertile plain, crossed by a navigable
                    river, the Natissa, which at that time flowed into the Adriatic Sea ; besides, a very
                    functional road network connected Aquileia to the Padanian plain and to Central Europe.
                    Trade stimulated the spreading of several artisan activities : there were work-shops
                    specializing in mosaics, in carving arble and strong stones. Factories produced fine
                    baked-clay and glass items.
                    The town plan had a rectangular shape, similar to a Roman camp, and was divided into
                    neighbourhoods by parallel and perpendicular roads, following the direction of the
                    cardinal points.
                    The population living within the boundary walls was cosmopolitan and it is presumed to
                    have come to 70,000 or perhaps to 100,000 inhabitants by the end of the Imperial era ; as
                    a matter of fact Aquileia was considered on of the largest cities of the Roman Empire.

SHOPPING            Monfalcone is a smaller Italian provincial town. You will however find some nice shops in
                    the center of the town.

EATING OUT          There are numerous restaurants and trattorias in twon.

OUR AGENT           NAME: CETAL srl
                    ADDRESS: Via Timavo 69, 34074 Monfalcone
                    PHONE: +39 0481 40624
                    FAX: +39 0481 795333

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                                   PIRAEUS (Peiraieus), Greece
The foundation of Piraeus goes back to the 5th century BC, and was connected with the expansion of Athens as a
maritime power, at the expense of Corinth and Aegina. Themistoclea, Cimon and Pericles made Piraeus the chief
port of Athens. The city ws laid out on a grid plan by Hippodamus of Miletus. The town was destroyed in 86 BC by
the Roman general Sulla. Piraeus completely losgt importance until 1835, when Athens became the Capital of
Greece and even more after the opening of the Corinth Canal in 1893. Today Piraeus is the biggest harbour of
Greece and one of the most important in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Language: Greek
Currency: €uro

DOCKING                 Drapetsona G1 Car Terminal
                        Downtown Piraeus is at about 5 km (3 miles)

TO GET TO TOWN          There is a bus service to downtown Piraeus (Karaiskaki Square), but the service is not
                        very frequent. We suggest taxi as the most suitable solution. Radio Taxis: Piraeus 1:
                        4182333, Hellas 9961420

WHAT TO VISIT           Athens is only 10 km (6 miles) from Piraeus. You can reach it either by taxi, by bus
Time and schedule       (outside the dock gates) or by a local sub-urban train service from downtown Piraeus..
                        Athens is the cradle of our civilization, and you should not miss the Acropolis (Parthenon,
                        Erechtheium with the Caryatids, Temple of Athena Nike, Theatre of Dionysys), the
                        Olympic Stadium and the Archaeological Museum. A visit to Athens is absolutely
                        worthwhile, although you might find the local traffic somewhat hectic and the air polluted.

SHOPPING                You might want to have a look at the jewellery, gold and silver. Gold comes mostly at
                        14K. Many people go for rugs and carpets, although you might be better off buying them
                        in Izmir. Be careful when buying icons; wood is not always as old as it looks.

EATING OUT              Our suggestion is to go to Mikrolinaso or Peraiki Bays, very close to Piraeus. There you
                        will find many good fish restaurants. If fish is not your preferred meal, try “dolmades”
                        (grape leaves stuffed with lamb and rice) or “moussaka” (sliced aubergine and minced
                        meat, baked with a white sauce and grated cheese). The national aperitif is “ouzo”
                        (aniseed-favoured). And remember that Turkish coffee, here is called “Greek coffee”.

OUR AGENT               NAME: Allalouf Hellas, Ltd. Shipping Agencies,
                        ADDRESS: 11 Akti Miaouli, 18510 Piraeus
                        PHONE+30 210 4127242
                        FAX: +30 210 4171756

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                                              RAVENNA, Italy
Ravenna is one of the most unique and, historically and artistically, important towns of Italy. Last Capital (5th
century) of the Western Roman Empire, it picked up the heritage of Rome and made the harbour of Classe the
homeport of the entire fleet of the Eastern Mediterranean, thus assuming a leading role in the history of Europe.
Ravenna subsequently became the Capital of the Goths under King Theodoric and then residence of the
Byzantine exarchate. Ravenna was an important centre of medieval Italy.
There are a great number of splendid monuments that witness the glorious past of Ravenna as great political,
commercial and cultural centre.
Ravenna inspired Dante (who is buried here), Boccaccio, Byron and Klint.
Nearby there are miles and miles of sandy beaches along the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Language: Italian
Currency: €uro

DOCKING                 Terminal Sapir, San Vitale Dock (about 4 miles, 6 km from downtown Ravenna)

TO GET TO TOWN          There is public transport available, but the frequency is very low, such as to recommend
                        the use of taxi. Radio-Taxi Tel. 0544 33888, or Rhaama Service (also for car hire) Tel.
                        0544 66666

WHAT TO VISIT           The Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, 5th century AD, with its mosaics, a model of perfection;
Time and schedule       the National Museum; the Basilica of San Vitale dating from 548 AD, one of the most
                        beautiful churches in the world (mosaics, marbles), the Baptistery of the Arians, of gothic
                        origin (late 5th century); the Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Museum (1733); the Church
                        of San Francesco (5th century) where the funerals of Dante were held in 1321; Dante’s
                        graveyard; the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo (6th century); the Rocca Brancaleone,
                        fortress built by the Venetians in 15th century; the Mausoleum of Theodoric at the same
                        time austere and grandiose; the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe (6th century),
                        another of Ravenna’s marvels.
                        All monuments, exception made for the Mausoleum of Theodoric and the Basilica of
                        Sant’Apollinare in Classe can be visited walking (one in town).

SHOPPING                Italian style shopping is best in Via Cavour, Via Diaz, Via Cairoli and Via Mazzini

EATING OUT              In town you will find a great number of Restaurants and Ostarias to taste the excellent
                        local fare.

OUR AGENT               NAME: Intermarine Shipping
                        ADDRESS:Via Classicana 105, 48100 Ravenna
                        PHONE: +39 0544 435042
                        FAX: 0544 435042

                                                   10 di 13
This Club is open to all passengers having made
a minimum of 2 voyages on a Grimaldi Group
Naples cargo vessel. Membership is free of
charge. To become a member requires a simple
written application to Grimaldi Freighter
Cruises, Naples with the details of the voyages

Members are entitled to a 5% discount on the
passenger fare.

                     11 di 13
                                                is a trade name of

        GRIMALDI Compagnia di Navigazione SpA – INARME Industria Armamento Meridionale SpA
                  ATLANTICA S.p.A di Navigazione – ATLANTIC CONTAINER LINE
                  80133 NAPLES \ Italy - 13, Via M. Campodisola – Tel. +39 081 496203, Fax +39 081 496524
                   – e-mail:

             VESSEL                      GRT            BUILT          TYPE                  SERVICE
FIDES                                   33.900           1993         Ro\Ro       Euro Adriatic
GRAN BRETAGNA                           51.700           1999         Ro\Ro       Euro Med
GRAND BENELUX                           37.700           2001         Ro\Ro       Euro Aegean
GRANDE AFRICA                           56.700           1998         Co\Ro       West Africa
GRANDE AMBURGO                          56.600          2003.         Co\Ro       South America
GRANDE AMERICA                          56.700           1997         Co\Ro       West Africa
GRANDE ANVERSA                          37.700           2004         Ro\Ro       Euro Shuttle
GRANDE ARGENTINA #                      56.700           2001         Co\Ro       West Africa
GRANDE ATLANTICO                        56.700           1999         Co\Ro       West Africa
GRANDE BRASILE #                        56.700           2000         Co\Ro       West Africa
GRANDE BUENOS AIRES                     56.600          2003.         Co\Ro       South America
GRANDE ELLADE                           52.000           2001         Ro\Ro       Euro Med
GRANDE EUROPA                           51.700           1998         Ro\Ro       Euro Med
GRANDE DETROIT                          37.700           2005         Ro\Ro       Euro Shuttle
GRANDE FRANCIA                          56.600           2002         Co\Ro       South America
GRANDE ITALIA                           37.700           2001         Ro\Ro       Euro Aegean
GRANDE LAGOS                            37.700           2004         Ro\Ro       West Africa
GRANDE MEDITERRANEO                     51.700           1999         Ro\Ro       Euro Med
GRANDE NAPOLI                           42.600          2003.         Ro\Ro       On charter
GRANDE NIGERIA                          56.600          2002.         Co\Ro       West Africa
GRANDE PORTOGALLO                       37.700          2002.         Ro\Ro       Euro Aegean
GRANDE ROMA                             42.600          2003.         Ro\Ro       On charter
GRANDE SAN PAOLO                        56.600          2003.         Co\Ro       South America
GRANDE SCANDINAVIA                      52.000           2001         Ro\Ro       Euro Med
GRANDE SICILIA                          37.700           2006         Ro\Ro       On charter
GRANDE SPAGNA                           37.700           2002         Ro\Ro       Euro Aegean
REPUBBLICA. ARGENTINA                   52.000           1998         Ro\Ro       South America
REPUBBLICE DEL BRASILE                  52.000           1998         Ro\Ro       West Africa
REPUBBLICA DI AMALFI                    42.500         1988\90*       Co\Ro       Usa – West Africa
REPUBBLICA DI GENOVA                    42.500         1989\90*       Co\Ro       Usa – West Africa
REPUBBLICA DI ROMA                      42.600         1992\95*       Co\Ro       West Africa
REPUBBLICA DI VENEZIA                   49.000         1987\90*       Ro\Ro       West Africa
SPES                                    33.900           1993         Ro\Ro       Euro Adriatic
#) Swedish flag, managed by A.C.L.                     *) jumbo zed

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       Grimaldi Group’s Mediterranean Car Ferry Services
               ROME (Civitavecchia) – BARCELONA - daily
                 Eurostar Barcelona – Eurostar Roma

          LEGHORN (Livorno) – BARCELONA - 3 weekly sailings
   ROME (Civitavecchia) – FRENCH RIVIERA (Toulon) - 3 weekly sailings

  LEGHORN (Livorno) – PORTO VECCHIO (Corsica) – weekly (summer only)
 ROME (Civitavecchia) – PORTO VECCHIO (Corsica) – weekly (summer only)
                 ROME (Civitavecchia) – TUNIS - weekly
                           Eurostar Salerno
                     SALERNO – TUNIS – twice weekly
                           Eurostar Salerno
                     PALERMO – TUNIS - twice weekly
                           Eurostar Salerno

EUROSTAR BARCELONA    28.000 GRT        2001   Pax Ferry      Italian Flag
EUROSTAR ROMA         23.700 GRT        1995   Pax Ferry      Italian Flag
EUORSTAR SALERNO      26.000 GRT        2003   Ro\Pax         Italian Flag
SORRENTO              26.000 GRT        2003   Ro\Pax         Italian Flag
FLORENCIA             26.000 GRT        2004   Ro\Pax         Italian Flag
CRUISE ROMA           47.000 GRT        2007   Cruise Ferry   Italian Flag
CRUISE BARCELONA      47.000 GRT        2008   Cruise Ferry   Italian Flag

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