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                    AT HUNTER’S CREEK
                      MARCH 17, 2011

I.     Call to order and opening remarks:
       Board President Daron Sandberg welcomed all in attendance and called the
       meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Board members present were Daron Sandberg,
       Michael Gregg, David Pinna and Catherine Drobena. There were 4 Residents
       in attendance and 5 Boys Scouts observing the meeting for a merit badge.
       Neighborhood Manager John Mongoven was also in attendance.

II.    Proof of Notice
       Notice was posted in the neighborhood entrance sign on 3/9/11.

III.   Approval of the Minutes
       A motion was made by David Pinna to approve the minutes from the January
       20, 2011 Board Meeting. Catherine Drobena 2nd the motion. All approved.

IV.    Financial Report
       a. Daron Sandberg reviewed the Financial Statements from January and
       b. Michael Gregg asked about a charge in the security fund line that appeared
          as if it was a double paid expense. John Mongoven, Neighborhood
          Manager will review the charge.
       c. John Mongoven reviewed the collection status on past due homeowners
          dues. John reviewed the several garnishments we have in place for
          homeowners and a renter for those late dues.
       d. John Mongoven suggested to the Board that we look at alternatives to our
          current attorney for these past due collections. John will get information
          on alternative attorneys and present them to the Board.
       e. John reviewed the current Tanglewood Pool guidelines. All residents
          must have a current Hunter’s creek ID and be current with their Home
          Owners Dues to use this amenity in the community. John will be sending
          a notice to all Tanglewood residents reminding them of this.
       f. Michael Gregg made a motion to post a sign at the pool stating that you
          must have a current Hunter’s Creek ID to use the Pool Area. David Pinna
          2nd the motion. All approved.

V.     Managers Report
       a. John Mongoven had Daron Sandberg sign several bills for payment
       b. John Mongoven reviewed the reserve study that was conducted in
          Tanglewood. We have already started to collect bids on some of the work
          that the study suggested we have completed. Those bids will give us an
          idea of how accurate the numbers in the reserve study are.
        c. John Mongoven discussed the restoration of the asphalt streets in
           Tanglewood. Two other Hunter’s Creek neighborhoods have already had
           this restoration completed Calaby Cove and The Fairways. Estimates for
           Tanglewood to get this work completed is approximately $30,000. The
           reserve study calls for new roads in 2034 at a cost of $334,000. Our
           current roads were resurfaced in 2003. We will continue to review this
           issue at future Board meetings.
        d. John Mongoven reviewed the Feral Cat Program. The last cat was trapped
           in Tanglewood. The cats will live out their life cycle but will not
           reproduce. All cats are now identified. The next neighborhood for this
           program will be Devlin Green
        e. John Mongoven presented a copy of the Community Standards Inspection
           Report for the Board to review. Parking inspections continue with 8
           vehicles now having the maximum of 3 tickets. The next violation will
           result in the vehicle getting towed.

VI.     Committee reports
        a. John Mongoven reviewed the current committees. We are still looking for
           a chair for the Tennis Committee. Hunter’s Creek Recreation had made a
           proposal to Tanglewood in January 2010 for use of the Tennis courts.
           They offer is no longer a valid proposal. Michael Gregg Volunteered to
           head up the Tennis Committee.
        b. David Pinna brought up the possibility of surveying the current residents
           to see if the community still wants the option of a tennis court/courts. The
           Survey could be completed via email. Michael Gregg made a suggestion
           to table the issue of resurfacing the Tennis Courts. Daron Sandberg did
           feel we would need to expedite this issue within the next 2 years.
        c. The remaining net on the tennis court needs to be removed, as it is now a
           hazard. Michael Gregg made a motion to remove the net. 2nd by
           Catherine Drobena – all approved.

VII.    Old Business
        a. All issues in regards to the Tennis Court were tabled for a future meeting.
        b. David Pinna provided the list of needed signs for the community. Board
           discussed whether we would want DOT Approved signs within the
           neighborhood. Daron Sandberg felt that the approved DOT Signs might
           not fit in with the look of our neighborhood. The Board agreed we would
           rather go for aesthetics vs. legality. John Mongoven will get information
           for a future board meeting on the cost of the sign replacement.
        c. The mailbox gazebos on Mandolin and Tambourine will be repainted in

VIII.   New Business
        a. Discussed the option of restrapping, refinishing or replacing the current
           pool furniture. David Pinna and Michael Gregg will be accessing the
           immediate needs in the pool area for all chairs and tables. Michael Gregg
               made a motion to spend no more the $8500 to repair or replace the pool
               furniture. 2nd by David Pinna – all approved.
          b.   John Mongoven reviewed an Electrical Issue in the Electrical Panel for the
               Pool and Spa. Wood braces need to be replaced. Board needs a price
               before we can evaluate doing the work. All safety issues must be
               addressed 1st. Michael Gregg made a motion to spend up to $5000 to
               repair any immediate Electrical issues in the pool area. 2nd by Catherine
               Drobena – all approved.
          c.   Michael Gregg asked John Mongoven if there was an update on adding
               Volunteers to our insurance. John did not have an update on that question.
          d.   David Pinna presented his first list of the top landscaping items that need
               to be addressed. He would also like to get the crooked Progress Energy
               power boxes reset.
          e.   The irrigation system is in much better shape but there are still several
               areas in need of repair. Old Pipes are still causing issues.

      IX Questions from the floor

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm

Respectfully Submitted

Catherine Drobena
Secretary, Tanglewood Board of Directors


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