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 Next Meeting Date:                                                                                                       Volume 41
     SUNDAY                                                                                                               Issue 1
  March 13th, 2011                                                                                                        March 2011

Featured Demo Artist at March Meeting
Connie Erickson
W       e are delighted to have one
        of our very own members,
Connie Erickson, providing our
program for this month. We are
also very lucky to be able to have
someone with Connie's credentials
doing a portrait demonstration
for us! She began her professional
portrait painting career in 1987,
after a period of extensive study
with Daniel Greene and other
well known artists: David Leffel,
Gustav Rehberger, Harvey
Dinnerstein. She has since
continued her study with Richard
Whitney, Matt Smith, Joseph                  has exhibited in numerous juried                paintings. Her portraits have
McGurl, Scott Christensen, and               exhibitions and solo shows. She                 been in numerous exhibits and
others. She works in the classical           has received many awards for her                galleries in the mid-south region,
realist style in oil and pastel and          portrait, still life, and landscape             and been juried into Pastel
                                                                                                                 Continued on page 5.
 News You Can Use /Announcements
   12TH ANNUAL ART IS AGELESS                                         THE 18TH JURIED EXHIBITION
   C. C. Young announces a call for art for the 12th Annual Art       of the International Association of Pastel Societies will be
   is Ageless Art Contest from artists age 55 and up. The contest     open during the 2011 IAPS Convention in Albuquerque,
   is open to the public. For complete details and entry deadline:    New Mexico. Entry deadline is March 30, 2011. For more
   214-841-2834 or or                information visit
President                   Lucille Carter
                                                   President's Letter
Vice-President              Marie Maines
                            By Lucille Carter                  share it with all of your artist, and art-
                                                                                             appreciating friends. We are lucky to

Secretary               Judy Kay Maddox              i, again, pastel-loving guys and        have Connie so close, and she has agreed
                    girls, ....OOPS, I mean men             to be our Show Chairman for 2011.
                                              and women. But aren't we artists
Treasurer                    Beth Shirley     forever kids at heart? Hope you, like I,       Also, on March 13th, in addition to
             are really happy to have survived our          bringing in a painting to compete in
                                              Winter Snow-induced Hibernation,               the Painting of the Month, please
Membership                     Beth Jones     had a Happy Holiday and New Year,              consider bringing in a framed piece
                                              and are psyched up to produce fabulous         for our upcoming show in April at the
                                              paintings (Snow Scenes?). We have an           GOODRICH GALLERY, at First
    National Show Chair Connie Erickson
                                              exciting year ahead, and, as always, we        United Methodist Church. The work
                                              welcome your ideas and suggestions for         will hang from the first Sunday in April
National Show Assistants
                                              giving you what you desire from a Pastel       through the last Sunday in April. You will
                             Linda Smith
                                              Society.                                       need to have some sort of label including
                           Janis Krendick                                                    your name, name of your painting, and
                                              Some new additions to our Board                either the sales price, allowing for 15%
Workshop Chair             Robbie George      include a new Web Master, Amie                 commission to the church, or NFS. We
                    Vongduane, who, following a kind "fill         are only able to hang this show every few
                                              in" from Janis Krendick and spouse, has        years, so go through your stacks of work
Workshop Asst              April Bradshaw     already "spiffed up" as well as updated        ASAP. Janis will print the labels from
                                              our web site at         your information, but we need them by
Newsletter              Cesar Hernandez       She will be working with our new               the end of March. The church provides
            Newsletter Editor, Cesar Hernandez.            an after service reception on the first
                                              Thanks to this Dynamic Duo, you will           Sunday, and PSSW has sold pieces in
Historian               to be determined      be able to get more information more           past exhibits!
                                              quickly. The newsletter, The Pasteller, will
Webmaster                Amie Manivong        now be available every month we meet,          SOOOOO......To Prioritize,
                  six issues per year, in an attachment to
                                              our site. There will also be an effort to        1. Be Happy
Publicity Chair               Carol Epler     "wean" you from "snail mail" (printed            2. Paint
               copies), so please make sure we have             3. See you at the next meeting,
                                              your correct e-mail addresses. If you do            March 13th.
Hospitality                  Janna Hengy      not have access to a computer or do not          4. Bring a Painting of the Month
                 have an e-mail address, we will need to          5. Bring a painting, or two or
                              Judy Gouge      know, so that we can send out a limited             three for the Goodrich Gallery
                      number of hard copies.                              Show, or get it to us by the end
                             Brigitte Able                                                        of March.
                   Immediate News: For our first meeting            6. Start painting for the 2011
                                              of the new year, on March 13th, 2011, at 3          Annual Show AND, last, but
Telephone Committee                           p.m. at the Point, we are honored to have           not least,
            (Dallas) Mary Ann Whittle         a demonstration by our very own pastel           7. Consider signing up for
                    artist extraordinaire, Connie Erickson.             Doug Dawson's workshop in
                   (FW) Donna Leeman          Connie is a member of A Stroke of                   November. I know it's early, but
            Genius, a very prestigious portrait                 he's great, so why wait!!!!
                                              agency, and paints wonderful portraits
IAPS                        Ann Corrigan      in oil and pastel. You will not want to        See you soon,
                  miss this meeting, and you will want to        Lucille

2                 March 2011
                   2010 Members Only Show
      Winners                                                           Best of Show
                                                                             Paula Lawson
                                                                                Leaf 11

            John Kirtz                     Judy McIntosh                          James Otto
        Landscape Award                Still Life/Floral Award               Portrait/Figure Award
        Taos Pueblo Window                  Vessels with Lace                 Head of a Young Girl

Awards of Merit

                                   Marian Hirsch        Dr. Samuel Harvey            Linda K. Smith
                                  Irrigation Workers       Dude of the Desert             Double Stroller

   Marie Maines              Michael Gillespie           Judy McIntosh
Oxford Water School VII        Day Dreaming               Pears Still Life

                                                                                   March 2011               3
     Pastel Artist
    comes to Dallas
     in November

       e are very fortunate to be
       able to bring Doug Dawson
to Texas for our November               Public schools for 6 years. He has     Artists, Kansas Pastel Society,
Workshop, and to jury our National      taught art for Colorado Institute of   Pastel Society of the Southwest,
Juried Show. He will be giving          Art, Colorado Christian University,    and the International Association
the demonstration on November           and The Art Students League of         of Pastel Societies. To honor his
6, 2011; and the workshop will          Denver. He is a founding board         achievements, he was given the title
be on the 7th, 8th, and 9th. All        member for the The Art Students        of Master Pastelist by the Pastel
events will take place at the Stacy's   League of Denver, where he             Society of America (NY, NY)
                                        presently teaches a Plein Air class    in 1985 and awarded the title of
                                        and a Studio Landscape class. He       Master Circle by the International
                                        teaches 8 to 10 workshops around       Association of Pastel Societies in
                                        the country each year.                 2005 (California).

                                    Doug has received numerous
                                    awards from a number of different
                                    art organizations, including but
                                    not limited to: The Pastel Society
                                    of America, American Watercolor
                                    Society, Knickerbocker Artists, The
Furniture Community Room in         National Academy of Western Art,
Grapevine, TX. Doug is a nationally Southeastern Pastel Society, Pastel
and internationally known and       Society of West Coast, Audubon
respected master pastel artist,
distinguished author and sought
after art instructor.
                                                                               Give a warm Texas welcome to
     oug Dawson was born in
     Oak Park, Ill. He attended                                                Doug and learn from a master!
Macalester College in St. Paul,                                                Sign up before its too late! Contact
Minnesota and Drake University                                                 Robbie George at
in Des Moines, Iowa. He taught
science and art for the Denver

4            March 2011
Connie Erickson                                        Continued

                                      woman that year to received an                                   and Bach”, reproductions of which
                                      award at the Award Ceremony at                                   are being used worldwide to
                                      the New York Athletic Club. In                                   promote “peace through reverence
                                      2004, she won a Certificate of                                   for life”. Connie helped found
                                      Merit in the Portrait Society of                                 and was elected first president of
                                      America Competition in Boston.                                   The Chestnut Group: Plein Aire
                                      In 2004 and 2009 , Connie                                        Painters for the Land in Nashville
                                      painted portraits of the President                               Tennessee. She is represented by
                                      Generals of the Daughters of                                     New Gallery Dallas.
                                      American Revolution. Both hang
                                      in Washington D.C.

                                      CInstitute College of Art,
                                          onnie has taught at Watkins
Society of America Exhibitions.
In 2008 she was elected signature     Cheekwood Fine Arts Center in
member on the Pastel Society          Nashville, gives workshops, and
of America . She was a finalist       teaches privately. She is a former
in The Artist Magazine national       President of the Nashville Artists
contest in the portrait division      Guild. A member of the Portrait
in 1994, and won Honorable            Society of America, The Pastel
Mention in the American Society       Society of America, Pastel Society
of Portrait Artists competition       of the Southwest, and The Outdoor
in 1996 in Montgomery AL. In          Painters Society. Her work
June 2000, she won Honorable          includes academic, corporation and
Mention in the American Society       private commissions. Some of note

of Portrait Artists Festival at the   are: Six portraits of the founders                                   on't miss Connie's demonstra-
National Academy of Design and        of the Grand Old Opry installed at                                   tion at The Point, 3 pm, on the
Metropolitan Museum of Art in         the Ryman Auditorium, five college                               Campus of C. C. Young, 847 West
New York City. She was the only       presidents , and “Albert Schweitzer                              Lawther Drive, Dallas, TX 75214

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                                                                                                                                                               March 2011                                                         5
   7801 Alma Drive
      #105 – 186
   Plano, TX 75025

                                                    2011 PSSW CALENDAR
  March 13th, 2011 3:00 PM          March 13       Connie Erickson       Portrait demonstration
                                    April 10       Judy Pelt             Landscape demonstration
Connie Erickson Demonstration       May 15         Tony Saladino         Critique

                                    Summer Break
                                    September 11   PSA slide presentation/prize winners of 2010 show
                                    October 9      Pernie Fallon         Historical presentation/demo
   MEETING LOCATION                 November 6     Doug Dawson           Demonstration
                                    Nov. 7-8-9     Doug Dawson           Workshop
   The Point Center For Arts
      4847 West Lawther             All meetings will be held at The Point except Nov 6. See page 4.
       Dallas, Tx 75214

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available from Mockingbird Lane   1114 South Ackard St.
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