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					                                  Is there any support
             Name of the Desk,    for the debut
Country      Antenne              filmmakers?/         What kind of support is there?

                                                       The Austrian Film Institute does not have an extra amount of money set aside for debut films.

                                                       When a young filmmakers starts out, generally he or she will make a more experimental, small, low-budget film. In these ranges (a few 100.000
                                                       Euro), the first port of call is the Section for the Arts at the Ministry of Culture.
                                                       At the Austrian Filminstitute, we request a professional production company to be the applicant. Our definition of debut film is "first or second
                                                       feature where the director has complete responsibility". The recommended production budget for these is maximum 1,2 million Euro. We give
                                                       preferential treatment to debut features in the framework of our automatic funding: instead of 40.000 tickts minimum box office, we only request
                                                       20.000 ticktet box office. The film (eg its production company) then gets 291.000 Euro to be reinvested in their next project.
Austria      MEDIA Desk Austria   Yes/No

                                                       Support scheme for first films by young directors calls 1er College. It offers up to 375,000 Euro
                                                       maximum for the production of a new film produced in majority by a Belgian production company. In 2006, 8 debut films (long feature) by new
                                                       directors got support from the Centre du Cinema
Belgium      MEDIA Desk Belgique Yes

                                                       By law the National Film Center (NFC) have to separately discuss and eventually support debut projects of film directors, who develop their
                                                       first non-academic film. This "separation" is in the frame of the general competition for projects organized by the NFC.
Bulgaria      MEDIA Desk Bulgaria Yes
Czech RepublicMEDIA Desk CZ       No                    The State Fund for Support of Czech Cinematography does not have any special scheme to support debutes
                                                       The Cypriot Cinema Advisory Committee has one scheme under debut films. A short film that needs to be 25 minutes and in order for a first
                                                       time feature film director to get funding for his/her film, needs to have either two short films or a debut film. The maximum funding for a short film
                                                       (debut) they Committee gives is 45,000 Cyprus pounds around 78,000 Euros. For first time feature film directors there is no scheme (but rather
                                                       low budget category) and they give development money and once the development is completed then they move to fund the project but
Cyprus       MEDIA Desk Cyprus    Yes                  Film Institute has a for low budget feature films 150,000 new directors and there259,000 Euros. Danish Screen for more experienced new
                                                       partially. They give Film Workshop for experiments and Cyprus pounds around is also the New
                                                       New Danish Screen grants subsidies to script development, project development and production of fiction film projects in the following formats:
                                                       under 10 minutes, 25-30 minutes, 40-45 minutes and 75 + minutes. New DanishScreen puts up basic investment. The films "no-frills"
                                                       productions, working with slimmed-down crews and minimal or occasionally reduced salaries for the crew, using equipment and facilities as an
                                                       investment or at reduced list prices. In granting production subsidies, new Danish Screen makes no requirement for supplemental financing, but
                                                       applicant must be able to document the feasibillity of the project within its financial framework. Should the budget exceed New Danish Screen's
                                                       subsidy rates, documentation for supplemental financing must be made before the subsidy application can be processed.

Denmark      MEDIA Desk Denmark Yes
                                                        There has been some initiatives aimed to young film makers like a recent “short story” competition, but it was only a one time thing, nothing
Finland      MEDIA Desk Finland   No
                                      "Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film", a foundation under private law of the German federal contributes the first or second film of young directors
                                      (same for script writers).

                                      Besides, the medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg offers a Newcomer funding, not only for directors but also for young production companies. Two
                                      films can be subsidised yearly from each of the Brandenburg's region two film academies. Diploma films or productions of other German
                                      academies are as a rule not entitled to funding.

                                      In Baden Wurtemberg, the film academy together with the regional film fund MFG and the regional broadcaster SWR and German public
                                      broadcaster ZDF/Kleines Fernsehspiel launced the initiative "fifty fifty", especially for debut films.

                                      Like the medieboard the Bavarian film fund and the Filmstiftung NRW are offering special measures for debuts of students of the Bavarian film
            MEDIA Desk                academy / young filmmakers from NRW and special newcomer productions.
Germany     Deutschland         Yes
                                      There are quite a number of Short Film schemes in Ireland aimed at developing new Talent. However there is no special support scheme for
                                      First Time Feature Film Directors – They apply for funding to the Irish Film Board like everyone else. (Actually it is the production company
                                      which applies).
Irland                         Yes
            MEDIA Antenne Galaway     However a new joint training/production initiative was announced called the Catalyst Project ainmed at producing very low-budget films.
                                      Cinema Law is very interesting for a debut film. The problem is the budgetary limitation of public fund focused on this heading of cost.

                                      As in Austria - as Gerlinde said us - the definition of debut film is about the same, i.e. "first or second feature film”.

                                      These kind of film can be supported up to 90% of their ”industrial cost” and up to 1,7 M euro (for first rank companies, as classified in a special
                                      public register of Ministry of Culture) and 1,3 M euro (for second rank companies).

                                      ”Industrial cost” includes: production cost until answer print, overheads, bank charges, producer fee, more distribution cost in Italy (at least
                                      200,000 euros) and international distribution cost (at least 30,000 euros).

Italy       MEDIA Desk Italia   Yes
Lativa      MEDIA Desk Latvia   No    they have is that they can only apply with a feature project after they have made 2 shorts…
                                      It depends only from the Cinema council decision if they want to support the project. Recently the Ministry of Culture had decided to support the
Lithuania   MEDIA Desk Lithuania No   development projects so there is no any special kind of foundation for the debuts

Luxemburg                      N
            MEDIA Desk Luxemburg o    there is no special support for first-time-directors till now in Luxembourg. But that might change as there are some thoughts in that direction.

Malta       MEDIA Desk Malta    No
                                      There is a special support for young directors who did not make in the past more than two features films.

                                      Directors and/or producers duly registered can apply.

                                      There is a formula to evaluate the applicants.

Portugal    MEDIA Desk Portugal Yes   The maximum support amount is determined every year, being, in 2007, 500.000€.
                                         2 kinds of support granted to films:

                                         National Centre for Cinematography – Every year are selected a number of films which are partly subsidized by NCC.
                                         Pre Media Support – Project PHARE 2004/016-772.03.15.02 “Strengthening the audiovisual sector in Romania” – .
              MEDIA Desk                 This programme will end in a year time.
Romania       Romania              Yes

Slovakia      MEDIA Desk Slovakia No

                                         Slovenian debut films received a special support two years ago when Slovenian Film Fund – public fund in 2005 distributed 90.000.000 SIT (=a
                                         bit less than 376.000 EUR) for début films through a special open call (for one fiction feature and three fiction shorts) ... else Slovenia in my
Slovenia      MEDIA Desk Slovenia No     knowledge doesn’t give special financial support or awards for young filmmakers but we’re waiting what will bring the second half of this year.
                                         ICAA (Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts); in the Ministry of Culture, has a Production Aid, under Selective scheme, granted by
                                         prior report from an Advisory Body, for full-length film projects, for independent producers whose projects are by new filmmakers (with less than
                                         three features films), with low budgets, cultural and experimental features; they are also granted to finance documentaries and pilot
                                         programmes of animated series.They are summoned and resolved once a year. Its amount cannot exceed 500 thousand euros or 60% of the
                                         project budget.
                                         Besides, there is Aid for the creation of full-length film scripts. They are summoned and resolved once a year. The evaluation criteria is
                                         originality, quality, and its cinema viability. The authors that benefit from this aid have 9 months to create the script, based on the synopsis and
                                         selected treatment. The aid amounts to 15 thousand euros
Spain          Media Desk Espaňa Yes
Spain/AndaluciaMEDIA Antena Andalucía
                                         In Catalunya, ICIC (Catalan Institut for CuluralIndustries and MEDIA partner) gives out the support (subsidy) to produce long feature films that
                                         could be the first or the second one by a new director in order to create works of maximum quality.
                                         The target are independent production companies oficially registered in Catalunya (or in Europe but with a long and permanent stablishment in
                                         The maximum amount could be till the 12% of the production cost (with a maximum of 120.000) for fiction films or till 18% of the production cost
              MEDIA Antenne              (with a maximum of 90.000 per project) in the case of documentaries
Spain/Catalunya                    Yes   The selection processi t is not automatic... goes through a full process of diverse criteria
                                         Project called Rookie film, that the Swedish Film Institute launched together with reginal funds Film i Väst, Filmpol Nord, distribution company
                                         Nordisk film and Swedish national television, SVT, in order to support debut films and filmmakers. It was just initiated this year and the goal is to
                                         finance at least 5 films to begin with. The films have a lower budget than normal Swedish features, but should be high in creative qualities. The
                                         idea is to revitalize Swedish film, and give new directors/producers/scriptwriters a forum outside the established ways to make a film.
Sweden        MEDIA Desk Sverige   Yes
                                         The national Swiss Film Fund has not assigned an extra scheme for debut films. Neither do the greater regional film funds. The young
                                         filmmakers always have to complete with their more experienced colleagues.
                                         Young filmmakers who have not yet realised at least two films (ore one with an extraordinary success) are only allowed to present a film with a
                                         “small” budget to the national film fund. The maximum amount is limited to 375’000€ (instead of 750’000€ which are appointed for experienced
                                         filmmakers). This restriction influences all the complementary film funds (regional film funds and/or contribution from the TV broadcasters) and
Switzerland   MEDIA Desk Suisse    No    makes it almost impossible for a debut filmmaker to have a reasonable budget for his first film.
                                      UK Film Council is devoted (even by name!) to new cinema – the New Cinema Fund. It is by no means restricted to first and second feature
                                      films though. Warp X is a specific strand of the New Cinema Fund devoted to low budget films. .
                                         In addition to this there is a range of initiatives supporting new talent which is devolved into UK’s nations (here I am counting on my
                                      colleagues from Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland to provide more information) and English regions – for example the local London agency
              MEDIA Desk UK -         Film London funds MICROWAVE – a specific ultra-low budget scheme for digitally produced feature films (max budget €140,000).
United KingdomLondon            Yes

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