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Potty Training
or whatever-
 Why not toilet train your baby?

Babies do not have the muscle control
until they are _______________

          About 2 ½ years old
       The Magic Number 3
This refers to your child’s 3rd summer.
          (so the child is at least 2 ½)

       They’ve gotta be READY!
             They’ve gotta be READY!
                      Does your child…
•   Understand and can use a single word like: ―wet‖ ―go‖ etc.
•   Dislike wearing a soiled diaper
•   Stay dry for at least 2 hours and begins to wake up dry.
•   Knows when she needs to go and lets you know?
•   Shows an interest in wearing ―big kid‖ underware.
•   Can undress and dress himself.
•   Has bowel movements at about the same time every day.
•   Likes to imitate you.
•   Likes to please you.
•   You CANNOT force your child to be potty trained…don’t
    make it a power struggle!
You’ve gotta be ready too!
           • Do you have the time
             and energy?
           • How long do you think it
             will take?
             – About 3 months!
           • Consider potty training
             in the summer.
     Preparing for Potty Training
• Let your toddler watch you go to the
  bathroom, see urine and ―poop‖ in
  the toilet and help you flush.
• Put a potty chair in the bathroom.
  Let him sit on it fully clothed. Make
  sure he knows it’s his chair.
• After a while, let her sit on it without
  a diaper, maybe before their bath.
• Place ―poop‖ from a dirty diaper into
  the potty chair. Let them watch you
  transfer it from the potty chair into
  the toilet. Let her flush it away.
  Wave ―bye-bye!‖
A few more preparation ideas…
• Play ―potty‖ with a stuffed animal
  or doll. Use your child’s future
  underwear on the animal. Go
  through all the steps with the doll.
• Let your child choose his new
  potty chair, underwear and maybe
  a book about using the toilet.
• Let them observe a sibling use the
• Get training underwear…it’s
• What about Pull-Ups?
What do I actually do?
    • Put her in loose, easily removed pants.
    • Watch his facial expression—lots of
      kids stop their activity and make a face
      when they have to urinate or defecate.
    • Place her on the potty chair or toilet
      every time this happens or when he
      tells you he has to ―go potty.‖
    • Stay with him when he’s on the toilet or
      potty chair. Make it a nice social time
      for the two of you!
    • Praise and congratulate her when she
      is successful.
EXPECT Mistakes!
• It takes several weeks or more for
  most kids to learn to use the toilet.
  It will take longer if your child isn’t
• Reward with praise and
  congratulations, but NEVER
  punish for a mistake.
• There will be fewer mistakes as the child grows
• Easing off pressure will help reduce resistance.
Flushing and Wiping and Washing!
                 • Some kids love to flush.
                 • Some kids are terrified.
                 • Be sure to get them off the
                   toilet before flushing.
                 • Wave ―bye-bye‖ as you flush.
                 • Have the parent wipe until the
                   child learns how, but parent can
                   check often.
• Be sure to teach them to wash their hands…
  this is a life-time habit!
 Boys vs. Girls

• Teach a boy to sit down.
• Why?
• Have him hold his penis down so
  the urine goes into the bowl.
• Idea…have them sit facing the back of the toilet…some feel
  it’s more secure at 1st.
• When a boy is tall and mature enough, have him stand and
  aim at a Cheerio. Can he sink it?!?
• Teach girls to wipe front to back. Make it a habit! Why?
           Nighttime Control
• Comes LATER than daytime control.
• Is it ok for the child to wear diapers at
  night and during naps?
                          When are they ready
                          for no diapers during
                        What is most important
                        to a 2-3 year old?


What else are they worried about?

Sometimes there’s a physical problem. What’s
that called?
Is it common?
What is it caused by?
What should be done?
    Have patience
    Start over
    Don’t be upset!

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