Pit-bull first impression by shuifanglj


									Manjaro -Pit-bull kennel – for top pure bred bloodlines.
Registered with the Southern African Dog Breeders Association.
Registration - A22A/2007
Situated in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa,
150 kilometers north from the city of East London.

Statement: -   Pups sold, not intended for illegal purposes.

Manjaro Pit-bull kennels have professional kennel facilities, kennels 12 x 10 m in
size, independently fenced in, with special designed maternity wards, for mothers
& pups, kennels for weaning young dogs and adult pitbull accommodation. These
shelters are perfectly sheltered against the elements - brick build, plastered,
painted, floor & wall tiled and roofed with insulated ceilings and electrical lights.
All our breeding dog kennels run yards, drained to keep our kennels, not only clean
but hygienically clean.
Kept free from diseases, to provide with pride, the very best care possible.

 We have an in house veterinarian visiting and caring for our dogs and kennel
accommodation, first hand medical care thus provided.

All our dogs are also linked on official website - www.sa apbt database
This data base dedicated to the Pit-bull breed and its history, intended exclusively
for registered “pure bred A.P.B.T.”
This website and database for South African A.P.B.T. with pedigrees reaching
back to the very beginning, also of South African pitbull breeding’s.
A useful tool pursuing pedigrees and linage and photos of ancestry.

This - the ultimate game dog - the pure A.P.B.T. was handed to us in South Africa
by the first imports by Mr. Charley Bents – Liquorice Kid’s Kennels

Manjaro kennels, with selective breeding programs, conscious of protecting the pit-
bull heritage, consider ourselves handing the real A.P.B.T to the future generations.

All our purposely selected breeding dogs are pure, top quality Pit-bulls,
from proven pedigree and bloodlines, from South African very best and Imported
Proven bloodlines. With these pure pit-bull genes and careful considered breeding’s ,
we produce the very best, pure Pit-bulls and concentrate in our breeding’s on sound traits,
that makes the pit-bull what it and should be today.

The “real “Pit-bull as breed - as first impression.
The pit-bull is one of the most popular sought after breeds of dog in South Africa and worldwide.
Their impressive looks attract attention immediately. Your first impression of a full grown pitbull
might deceive you with their forceful appearance.
Then, coming to know their unbelievable, amazing and unreal , gentle, loving nature towards humans,
their owner, family and children in the household.
Heavy limb and boned, wide sloping shoulders into a short back, very muscular, broad chested
with straight front legs. Powerful muscular well placed back legs with great strength and agility,
With a wed shaped head, deep stop eyes low set in the scull.
A stunning , exceptional , sturdy, muscular, all round athletic, courageous and tenacious dog to have
as pet friend and family dog.
The ultimate total dog, with exceptional stunning character, determination, talented, highly intelligent
and active, game, sporting dog breed.
If properly trained also good as a watch or attack dog because of their natural protective nature,
their fearless attitude to protect their own, thus a watchdog with a difference.

Different training results.
In off the leach or chain, training the pit bull, for competitive endurance or conformation active sport compet
Obedience temperament and conditioning the dog’s body is taken in confederation.
Different on a leash or chain training is required promoting the pit bull dog as a personal protection dog, for
or ring fighting or for attract dogs.
Never to forget that pit fighting was and still is (even illegal) one of the legs these dogs was historically bred fo
These traits in the pit bull causes selective breeding based on high defence and gameness and associated driv
and more appropriate for people or dog aggressive guard or fighting dogs.
Pit bulls thus produced in our day and in our country, in most cases largely give way for the negative image to
This publicity attract the opposite type of owners to the breed and send out negative wrong messages about
this natural human / people friendly breed.

This type of dog is one of a handful of breeds which has developed in the USA into a breed
with very different characteristics from their British lineage.

When deciding to have a pit-bull, realize this dog may not socialize with other dogs when full grown.
This especially true due to a lack of basic obedience training, attention, exercise and socializing at early age.
Any neglected dog will become frustrated and aggressive if kept confined or chained for long periods,
singled out from other dogs, subject to excessive abuse, loveless keeping or ongoing dog fighting.
If your perception for a dog, as a guard dog, is, to have a vicious looking, human aggressive, growling
barking dog and aggressive in the worst way – then there are lots of other dogs that can fit the criteria,
and not always only a pit-bull. Any neglected dog will resort to destructive chewing, over excitement
if given the chance to freedom and will become aggressive if teased, beaten or trained to attract humans.

“Buy a pup and your money will buy
Love unflinching, that cannot lie.”
 - Said by Rudyard Kipling

Nothing is more pathetic than the unwanted dog - nobody wants it, but nobody can quite get rid of it.
When deciding to obtain a dog, specially a American pit-bull, do not do it on the spur of the moment,
or because of a passing whim.
However exciting the idea might be, it is not wise but can be unthinkable unkind to do it,
without some serious thought and deliberation.

A happy healthy dog is a fully balanced dog.

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