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									                                                                         Spring 20 1 1 •The Dog & Cat Shelter

                       12– 6 Weekdays • 11:00 – 4 :30 Saturdays • 84 East Ridge Road • Sheridan, WY 82801
                                307.674.7694 • Fed ID #83-0211418

     Have Fun While You Help the Shelter.                                   The City Parks Department brought us cat litter, canned cat
  Sheridan is an incredibly caring community Richard & Maria             food, dog chews & biscuits and kitten formula.
Elena Hoeck continue to reimburse us for any special-needs cat or           The employees at Fremont Motors brought cat and dog food,
kitten food we must buy, and also regularly donate cat litter. Every     treats & toys for dogs and cats, and $165 in cash.
cat that comes into the Shelter benefits from their generosity one        The employees of HUB International Accounting
way or the other.                                                        Department came bearing all kinds of gifts: bleach, dish soap,
  The Women of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church donated $687                 blankets, towels, a cat tree, a cat scratch tube, milk bones, dog toys,
                           from one days’ sales and donations col-       water bowls, cat toys, baby food, milk replacement and Purina
                           lected at the Red Door Thrift Shop in         weight circles.
                           February.                                       David Standish in Voorheesville, NY sent us a donation
                              Scott Davis & Mary Ludemann                plus hand-illustrated “I Love You So Much” cards to Cuddles
                            again picked the Shelter as a recipient of                                        and One Eyed Jack. We
                            donations made by guests at their annual                                              wondered how someone in
                            Thanksmas party. They brought us $440!                                                New York knew two of our
                              The Polar Bear Club again sold t-                                                   animals. Finally the mystery
                            shirts at their New Year’s Day plunge                                                 was solved by an e-mail
                           into Lake DeSmet, bringing us $420.                                                    from David’s mother, who
                           This is an annual fundraiser for the Shel-                                             told us that David spent a
ter and we are very grateful for their continued support.                                                         month in Sheridan last sum-
                                                                                                                  mer and was brought to the
  D.J. Sadler heard me on Public Pulse in early December,
                                                                                                                  Shelter by his aunt, Jeannie
talking about our Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound program. When
                                                                         Hall. He loved our Shelter and started raising money for us.
I mentioned that we ask people to give us time to plow the walk
before coming up, he called into the radio talk show program and
asked if we could use a snow blower. He brought it up later that day          We never share nor sell our donor or mailing list.
and donated it to us. We had lots of snow all winter and into March,
so we really used it.
  For Christmas, the students at Clearmont Elementary                      Vocal was so named because that what he was....vocal!
School collected gifts for local shelters instead of each other.             He “talked” all the time when he first came in. He was a
Grades K – 2 chose us. It’s so exciting when young people want             three-year-old extra-large orange tabby with medium-length
to help our homeless animals--and are willing to go without gifts          hair. He was very lovable with people, extending his arm and
for themselves in order to do it!! They collected dry and canned           paw as someone walked by. We tried to place him in the adoption
dog and cat food, and all kinds of cat and dog toys, in a heavy duty       room, but he did not like that! He did not feel any of the other
plastic tub that will be great for storage.                                cats were his equal. He needed to stay in his cage all day and
   Some 38 Big Horn Middle School 6th graders came to vol-                 that made both him and staff very unhappy. He came into the
unteer and brought gifts: a dog water dish, dog & cat toys, lots of        Shelter the middle of November and was adopted in
towels and wash cloths, canned and dry dog and cat food, Ziplock           January, so he wasn’t here long--and he is
bags, dog sweaters, baby food, sheets, baby blankets, puppy pads           happy as punch living on a ranch and “talking”
and a homemade pillow. They also collected $62 and brought the             with everyone.
staff a $25 Starbucks gift card!
   Check Us Out on Facebook! Look for us on Facebook. We                                                     rescue groups and have appreciated those volunteers who were willing
have photos and write-ups of adoptable animals, news, and stories.                                           to help transport our dog to a new home in Idaho or Utah or wherever.
Here’s our link:                                              If anyone is willing to occasionally help with a transport, we would
Inc/141882322544017.                                                                                         be willing to keep a list here at the Shelter. When people need help
   Sign Up for for our eNewsletter Would you like to learn                                                   transporting a dog through our area, they would then ask if you could
more about what the Dog & Cat Shelter does? Hear stories about                                               help on that particular transport. If you can’t help with that particular
the animals we have? Enjoy our success stories of animals placed                                             one, you just say no. If you want to be on the list, just contact us and
in new homes? Know what’s going on, whether it’s fundraisers,                                                include your phone number and, preferably, e-mail address, so we
activities, events, services or national animal news? By joining the                                         can forward details of each transport request directly to you for your
Dog & Cat Shelter eNews list, you’ll receive weekly e-mails with                                             consideration.
stories, photos and news. If you want to receive our eNewsletter,
you may sign up by either e-mailing the Shelter, dogncat@                                                       In December, Big Foot came to the Shelter at the age of ten, or putting your e-mail address on the donation                                                 years with his mother, who was fourteen. They had never been
envelope included in this mailing and returning it to us.                                                     separated and had spent all their lives with one person, but their
   Be a Foster Parent Young kittens and puppies do not do well                                                owner had to move and could not take them with him. Big Foot was
at the Shelter and need more care and socialization than staff can                                            very shy and reserved, and even stopped eating when he was put in
provide. Older animals at times need special care, socialization or                                           the adoption room. We sent him to a foster home, where he hid for
attention. We are looking for a few more responsible people willing                                           several days. Soon he began coming out more and more and even
to be temporary foster parents. A full explanation of our foster                                              joined the family on the couch to watch television. His foster mom
program is available on our website.                                                                          found out that Big Foot REALLY liked seafood, especially tuna
   Transporting Dogs to their New Homes It is extremely hard                                                  and tuna-flavored cat food. He liked dogs and older cats, but not
to find people in Wyoming to drive dogs part-way to their new                                                 kittens—too noisy and busy. He did so well she brought him back,
homes. Several of us at the Shelter occasionally help out by doing                                            but he didn’t want to spend any time with the other cats so he stayed
a Sheridan - Gillette, Sheridan - Buffalo or Casper or Sheridan -                                             in his cage. He just couldn’t handle as many cats as we have here.
Billings transport. We send dogs from the Shelter to out-of-state                                             His dedicated foster mom
                      Animals Served Six Month Statistics:                                                    would come up every day
                         October 1, 2010 – March 31, 2011                                                     to feed him his special food
                                 Cats      Kittens    Dogs Puppies                                            and take him for a “walk
Received                                                                                                      about” to visit Shelter staff.
	    Owner	Surrenders	                       79	             60	             42	              25	             He looked very good and
	    Strays	                                 97	             99	            208	              43	
                                                                                                              was very, very friendly out-
	    DOA	                                     7	              1	              0	               0
Adopted	                                     88	            117	             78	              34              side the adoption room. On
Returned	to	Owner	                            8	              0	            161	              30              March 29, he was adopted
Transferred	                                  0	              0	               	               3              by a couple who totally
Died	in	Shelter	                              2	              9	              1	               0              fell in love with him, and
Euthanasia:                                                                                                   he them. The cat that we thought in December might be a cat who
Feral		                                      46	             22	              0	              0
                                                                                                              would be with us for a long time, because of his age and attitude,
Has	Bitten	                                   1	              1	              1	              1
Aggressive	                                   3	              2	              5	              0               went to a wonderful home quite quickly. And his mom? Well, she
Medical:	                                                                                                     was adopted in December!
	     Highly	Contagious	                     7	             27	              0	               0
	     Untreatable	Condition	                 4	              1	              1	               1                                                  Our Mission
Physical	Conditon	or	Age	                    1	              1	              1	               0                   “…is to provide a shelter where unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats can be
Owner	Requested	                             0	              0	              1	               0                              humanely housed until adopted to qualified homes.”
Total Euthanized	                            62	             54	             9	                2                                          Contributions Appreciated
In:	 	                                      183	            160	            250	              68                  We are a non-profit organization. Less than 20% of our budget is provided by
Out:		                                      160	            180	            252	              67                contracts with local governments. The rest must be raised through donations and
Total	In:	   661                                                                                                                funraisers. We definitely appreciate every donor.
Total	Out:	 659                                                                                                                      The Shelter Takes Credit Cards
Spay/Neuter Assistance Fund: In the last 6 months, our spay/neuter assistance fund helped pet                                     both on site and on our website. We accept
owners neuter 16 cats, spay 33 cats, neuter 24 dogs and spay 41 dogs (114 total). We have issued 26                            VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express
more certificates that have not yet been used. As part of the grant received in February by Spay
Wyoming, another 18 local animals were done (3 cats neutered, 8 cats spayed, 5 dogs neutered and 2                                 It’s Very Easy to Donate on Our Website
dogs spayed). We are very excited that so many pet owners are spaying and neutering their pets. We                             Our site is secure and you can donate any amount.
definitely have noticed a decrease in the kittens and puppies being brought to the Shelter either as                         We have a minimum donation with credit cards of $10,
surrenders or as strays after being dumped to take their chances in a hostile world. We can always use
                                                                                                                because anything less ends up going to the credit card companies rather than to us.
more donors to our Pet Spay/Neuter Assistance Fund!
                                                                                                                        The website is set up so that you must do that minimum donation
Feral Cat TNR Program: In the last 6 months, we have been totally out of grant money, and have                          but then you can add up to the entire amount you want to donate.
only received small donations, so we have taken care of only 5 female and 4 male feral cats from two              If you have any questions, please call and we’ll make sure you’re successful.
colonies. We have applied for more grants without success so far. This is a very important service to our
county, so we hope to find local donors and not have to depend solely on grants.                                                          The Dog & Cat Shelter, Inc.
Free Spay/Neuter Clinic for Sheridan County in May A local cat rescue group is sponsoring a
                                                                                                                                    84 East Ridge Rd • Sheridan, WY 82801
free spay/neuter clinic in May and is targeting feral cats and barn cats as well as pet cats and dogs. See                         307-674-7694 •
the Spay Wyoming news for details.                                                                                                            Fed ID #83-0211418
                                                                               Donations in memory of the following people have been
   Grant, a small five-month-old gray
                                                                             received in the past six months: Nancy Ackerly, Ruth Ainsworth,
and white shorthaired tabby, was very
scared and tried to hide in his cage when                                    Sabrina Anderson, Cathy Averill, Harry Berger, Kenneth Bridwell,
he came in last August. Staff members                                        Olga Browne, Loren Butler, Conjetta Capillupo, George Chikas,
took time to hold and pet him every                                          Thomas Claiborne, Betty Clark, Murry F. “Bud” Clark, Mary Francis
chance they got, so he could get used to                                     Cooper, Dolores “Dolly” Demas, Eric Dygon, Betty Jo Ellis, Bob
people. It didn’t take very long for him                                     Furman, Suzanne Gates, Robert Geissler, Shirley Groshart, Richard
to figure out that if he “talked” to us, we
would take him out of the cage and pay
                                                                             Hintz, Harriet Cover Hough, Edwin Jahiel, Marie L. Johnson, Jo Jor-
attention to him. When he became calm                                        dan, Gene Kilpatrick, Neil Klusmann, Mark Kobielusz, Audrey Kolt-
enough, he was put on the adoption floor                                     iska, Mary Kusel, Lluada Larsen, Celia Loge, Kurt Luplow, Adrian
and did very well there, though he would                                     Malone, Betty McCullough, Jim Mediate, William “Bill” Miller,
continue to hide. Finally, he mustered up                                    Keith Moraites, Harold Neu, Katie & Jenny Owings, Mary Marga-
enough courage to begin to play, but he
                                                                             ret Perry, Phyllis Renne, Dorothy Rohla, Walter Salveson, Carrie
didn’t want too much to do with the other
cats.....he was a loner. Finally, he was selected to go to a home in the     Schwartz, Jeanne Scott, Mike Semler, Ann Sikora, Bertha Simmons,
country where they needed a mouser. They called recently to say he is        Henry Spomer, William “Bill” Steel, Mary Holmes Stevens, Dwayne
doing very well and loving his home on the porch.                            Thorpe, George A. Washut, Shirley Wertman, Dortha West and Doro-
                                                                             thy Zullig. We extend our sincere condolences to their loved ones.
  Honoring or memorializing a beloved person or pet through
                                                                             We also invite their families, if they have not yet done so, to bring us
a gift to the Dog & Cat Shelter is an especially meaningful way
                                                                             a photograph for our beautiful Memory Board.
to pay tribute to the difference they’ve made in your life. We
                                                                               Pet Memorial donations received in the past six months:
accept gifts “in memory” of those who have died. We also accept
                                                                             “Sandy” Allred; “Tippy,” “Tody” & “Lucy” Anderson; “Shadow” An-
donations “in honor” of a person on a special occasion such as a
                                                                             field; “Cheyenne” Ankeny; “Harley” Baccari; “Muggins” Berberick;
birthday, graduation or anniversary or “in honor” of an animal whose
                                                                             “Lizzie” Blakeman; “Tex” Burton; “Tabby Cat” & “Rosie” Carson;
unconditional love has made a difference in someone’s life.
                                                                             “Misty” Chalfant; “Chester” Darnell; “Bonnie June” Davis; “Sarah”
   Special Gifts: We have received donations in lieu of Christmas
                                                                             Davis; “Peaches” & “Che Chee” Ebert; “Elvis” Ellis, “Daisy” Fritz;
presents, a birthday gift for Bette (no last name given), a wedding gift
                                                                             “Deacon” & “Marley” Gale; “Maui” Goda; “Dusty” Haas; “Ben”
for Pat & David Schwaiger, and Valentine’s gift for grandkids Bren,
                                                                             Herschler; “Rudy” Holmes; “Sadie” Lagorio; “Alexander” McAl-
Brock, Caden, Coy, Dane & Talia Steel. We received a donation
                                                                             lister;, “Sophie” Meyer; “Jazz” Hale; “Diablo” Hlousek; “Charlie”
as a Merry Christmas wish for Dr & Mrs. Michael Strahan and Mr.
                                                                             Johnson; “Jake” Johnson; “Coyote” Jordan; “Snowy” Karajanis;
& Mrs. Steve Harker. Several people who found stray cats and
                                                                             “Kelly Kat” & “Rad” Kelly-White; “Cody,” “Mama” & “Bandit”
dogs gave donations for their care when they brought them to us;
                                                                             Langlois; “Ebony” Lenz; “Pepper” Little; “Alexander” McAllister;
many people donated money and supplies to help us care for the 59
                                                                             “Felicia” Meinema; “Maxx” Nelson; “Chester” Nostrand; “Guster”
cats seized in a hoarder case in mid-December; many other people
                                                                             Olson; “Christy” & “Mr. Nice Guy” Peterson; “Baxter” Raney;
donated so that we could do needed surgeries on two labs, “Kosmo”
                                                                             “Dickens” Rodell; “Chloe” Schutte; “Maddy,” “Daisy” & “Chester”
and “Dodge.” We even received a donation from “Gus” Meriweather
                                                                             Schwerr; “Kitty” Shokrian; “Missy” Smith; “Kelly” Sterbenz; “Page”
Miller and a special drawing from the Murdock children, which is
                                                                             Thorpe; “Ashley” Tibbs and “Katie” Wolfe. May the memory of
displayed in our lobby. Many people included notes such as this one,
                                                                             their unconditional love remain always in their owners’ hearts. Their
“We have gotten all of our wonderful pets from the shelter. They are
                                                                             family members, too, are invited to bring us photos to be placed on
part of our family. Life would be sad without our pets. Thanks for
                                                                             our beautiful Pet Memorial Board.
all you do!”
   Donations in Honor of the Following Persons were received in                One day last fall, a dog was brought to the Shelter after being hit by a
the last six months: Dorothy Baskin; George Baskin; Rosie Berger;            car. He had a gash on his front leg and was pretty sore, but seemed okay otherwise.
                                                                             Our vet stitched and bandaged his wounds and we made him comfortable, expecting
Ann Brown’s birthday; Richard Carrothers; Pat Erwin’s marriage;              his owners to soon come looking for him since he was such a nice, well-mannered
Mary Ann Fessler; Andi & Chris Gale; Mike, Caryn & Michael                   dog. He was a Catahoula Leopard Dog with beautiful blue eyes, and we called him
Georgen; my wonderful employers, Jennifer & Derek Heerman of                 Merle. No one came for him, so after he healed up we put him on the Adoption
                                                                             floor. After several weeks, a couple came in, saying they had seen him on our listing
Mountain West Electric; Cel Hope, who is a wonderful person; Tom
                                                                             on and recognized him as their old dog, Cutter, whom they had given
& Sharon Kinnison; Aurora Lobo; Alice Meister; Fred Schwerr; Joey            away. They adopted him and took him home, but two days later returned him be-
& Weegie Sheeley; Patty Terry and “of our family and all our present         cause he wasn’t good in their small house. Cutter settled back into shelter life until,
and former pets.”                                                            about a month later, a couple spent time with him and became very interested. They
                                                                             brought their dog, ironically a Catahoula who
  Donations Received in Honor of Animals, Events or Services
                                                                             looked a lot like Cutter, to see if the two would
in the last six months: “Rippy” Bartlow; “Tommy” Blakeman;                   get along. We took them out to our big exercise
“Concho,”, “Turbo” & “Spud” Buszkiewic; “Knuckles” Dierker;                  pens and introduced them, eventually letting
“Maybelline” Kelly-White; “Raffi” McAllister; “Minnie” McKinley;             them run and play together. Their dog was deaf
                                                                             and responded to hand signals, and before long
“Daisy” & “Jackson” Murdock; “Honey” Nostrand; “Jordi” Reilly;               Cutter was, too. He acted like he sensed that his
“Taka” & “Luna” Thompson, two rescue pups!                                   new friend needed a little guidance and seemed
  Madelene Anderson will be constructing a Kitty Jungle Gym in               to listen for both of them. The people adopted
                                                                             Cutter and went home with a handsome matched
our outdoor cat area as part of the requirements for her Girl Scout Silver   pair. Sometimes things just seem to work out in
Award. She will be doing this in memory of Jenny Owings.                     the best possible way.
  Save Your Aluminum Cans for Us! Don’t forget that we have                                   Below are a variety of ways to provide for future gifts while at
a can collection trailer parked at Wilson’s Animal Hospital (across                         the same time continue to enjoy the benefit of your resources
from the YMCA) and a green “can hut” just inside the gate at the                            and enjoy income tax savings now:
Shelter. Please drop off your aluminum beer and pop cans. Monies                              Money Donations of money help us meet our daily expenses and
collected from recycling are used to care for our animals.                                  keep the Shelter operating. They are perhaps the easiest way to help
  We are a registered charity with Remember, if you                               us. We accept gifts by cash, check or credit card. Credit cards offer
shop online, that The Dog & Cat Shelter is a listed charity with igive.                     the choice of either one-time gifts or a monthly gift of a designated
com and receives donations from nearly 700 stores when people or-                           amount and may be made either at the Shelter or through our website
der their products online by going to first rather than             
to the store’s website. Just choose the Dog & Cat Shelter as your                             Matching Donations Many companies will match their employ-
designated recipient. Tell your friends, too. Many local business                           ees’ donations to as the Shelter, since we are a registered nonprofit or-
support the Shelter, so don’t forget to shop in Sheridan, too.                              ganization. Some even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.
     Koda is a three-year-old Papillion mix who originally came to the Shelter in             Trusts You might consider creating a Trust with the Shelter as
 2009 and was quickly adopted. Unfortunately, he came back this February. He                beneficiary. Significant income, gift and estate tax savings accrue
 was one of those sweet little dogs that we were sure would be adopted quickly,
 but apparently the right people just didn’t come. Like all our adoptable pets, we          from this type of giving.
 placed him on, and a couple from Canada responded. After several               Wills It is easy to give a portion of your estate to charity. You
 e-mails back and forth, they decided they wanted him and we decided they were
 a good match. They had already been approved by a Papillion rescue group in
                                                                                            need only include a statement: “I give, devise, and bequeath to the
 Phoenix who had had animal control make a home visit, so we were comfortable               Dog & Cat Shelter, Inc., 84 East Ridge Rd, Sheridan WY 82801,
 with him going that far away. Then we (and they) had the challenge of arranging            a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of
 transport. After a lot of work by the adopters, they found a busload of volunteers
 traveling from Mexico through Sheridan to Canada. The adopters arranged to meet            Wyoming … (here state the amount of money or description of the
 them in Great Falls. Then we had to do the paperwork. Our veterinarian prepared            property willed).” By including the Shelter in your estate plans,
 a medical certificate, which was faxed along with a description of Koda and his
 rabies certificate, to the adopters so they could get Koda registered and licensed
                                                                                            your relationship with animals and concern for their well-being will
 in Canada so that he could enter the country. We bathed and brushed Koda so                continue long into the future.
 he looked his best, then one of our staff members took him home with her so she              Life Insurance Policies This is an excellent form of future giving.
 could meet the bus at 12:15 a.m. Koda was finally on his way! We have received
 e-mails and photos from the adopters, telling us Koda is doing great and is very           The Dog & Cat Shelter can be named either as owner or beneficiary.
 comfortable in his new home and new country: “We just wanted you to see your                 Securities Federal income tax laws allow tax deductions on the
 little puff ball, Koda (Dave’s dubbed him Yoda), is right at home. He absolutely
                                                                                            “paper profits” of assets that have grown in value, regardless of the
 LOVES Dave, and the park across the street from our house, and he has given up
 his bed to his little sister, Dominique (aka. Kitty), in favor of sleeping on one of       original purchase price. Securities can fund an annuity or life income
                                                 his people. He’s SUCH a sweetie,           gift that gives the donor tax benefits while providing regular income
                                                 and we can’t imagine anyone ever
                                                 wanting to give him up. Sure...he’s a      for the recipient.
                                                 bit of a barker, but he’s a really quick     Don’t forget our Endowment Fund if you’d prefer your money to
                                                 learner too. We have the mailboxes
                                                                                            give long-range effect benefit. Gifts of money or property will ensure
                                                 for the rest of the crescent in our yard
                                                 just outside our window, so there are      the Shelter’s continued existence by investments for growth. Names
                                                 plenty of opportunities for correct-       of contributors of $5000 or more will be engraved on our Endowment
                                                 ing the behavior. After one day of
                                                 working with him, all I have to do is a    Monument as a public thanks.
                                                 quick “SHH” now, and Koda simmers
                                                 down. Thanks so much for getting
                                                 him to us!” Dave & Penny
                                                                                                  We never share nor sell our donor or mailing list.

  Upcoming Events:                                                                            attend a Volunteer Training Class if you have not done so, then
   Wag-A-Tail Walk & Run on May 14 at 8:30 AM at the Powder                                   come up any day of the week (or all of them if you’d like!)
  Horn Come enjoy a walk through the beautiful                                                   2012 Calendar Contest We will begin accepting entries for
  Powder Horn Golf Community, with or without your dog.                                       our very popular Calendar Contest on August 1, so get those
  Watch our eNewsletter for more details. If you don’t receive                                camera out.
  our eNewsletter, now’s a good time to sign up! Just e-mail the                                The Third Annual
  Shelter or put your e-mail address on the donation card included                            Scratch-N-Sniff
  in this mailing and return it to us.                                                        Fun Day at the Park will be
    Free Spay/Neuter Clinic in Sheridan May 20-22                                             Saturday, September 10th.
  See details on in the Spay Wyoming box on page 7.                                           Don’t Miss it!

     Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound Spring is here, and our dogs
  are eager to get out and play before taking a walk. Need to get
  some exercise and lose some weight? Enjoy doing so and save
  a life at the same time by walking our dogs and keeping them
  happy while they wait for a new home. All you need to do is to
                                                                       Wish List
1.	    Donations	for	our	pet	spay-neuter	assistance	fund.                               pieces	for	one-time	use	in	the	cat	stray	and	cat	iso	rooms
2.	    High	quality	(non	dusty)	Cat	Litter	(preferably	wood	pellets).		We	use	a	   20.	 Large	and	X-Large	collapsible/movable	wire	dog	crates
       ton	a	month.                                                                21.	 Kitty	herbs	and	grasses	planted	in	containers	for	our	outdoor	cat	
3.	    Relaxation	DVD’s	that	would	attract	and	entertain	cats	in	our	adoption	          exercise	area	
       room	(fish	swimming,	birds	singing,	etc.)                                   22.	 Tall	laundry	baskets	with	wheels
4.	    Cat-proof	CD	players	(for	stress-reducing	music	in	our	cat	rooms)           23.	 FroliCat	Laser	Toy	(interactive	laser	toy)	for	cats
5.	    Donations	for	our	feral	cat	spay/neuter	and	vaccination	program             24.	 6’	diameter	simple	kiddie	wading	pools	so	our	dogs	can	splash	&	cool	
6.	    Feliway	diffusers	(for	cats)	&	DAP	collars	&	diffusers	for	dogs	–	for	           off	on	hot	days
       stressed	animals                                                            25.	 Volunteers	to	paint	murals	in	our	cat	adoption	room
7.	    A	good	digital	camera                                                       26.	 Kitten	and	puppy	milk	replacer
8.	    Interactive	Food	Toys	for	our	dogs:		Kibble	Nibble,	Atomic	Treat	Ball,	     27.	 Donations	for	heatpacks,	replacement	“hearts”	and	batteries	(Silver	
       Tricky	Treat	Ball,	Tug-A-Jug,	Kong	Wobble	or	Buster	Cube.                        Oxide	SR44	1.5	volt	batteries	run	the	“hearts”)	for	the	SnuggleKitties	
9.	    Large	and	extra-large	collapsible	wire	dog	crates                                and	SnugglePuppies.		We	use	a	lot	of	these!		We	make	bulk	orders.
10.	   Volunteers	to	walk	dogs	on	our	paved	walking	path	and	throw	the	ball	       28.	 	Heavy	duty	brooms,	dust	mops	and	dustpans
       in	our	exercise	areas                                                       29.	 Commercial-grade	mop	buckets	on	wheels
11.	   Donations	to	put	roofs	over	the	dog	exercise	areas	($24,000;	we	have	       30.	 Stainless	steel	food	&	water	bowls	for	dogs	and	cats	(also	cage	hangers	
       $16,000	to	go!).		                                                               for	cat	cages)
12.	   Canned	human	tuna	&	chicken,	jars	of	chicken	baby	food,	and	baby	           31.	 Towels,	blankets,	rugs—as	long	as	they	don’t	have	rubber	backings
       rice	cereal	(for	baby	kittens)                                              32.	 Poop	bags	for	our	dog	walkers	to	carry
13.	   Gentle	Leader	Harnesses	(large	and	extra	large	sizes)	for	walking	dogs      33.	 Zip	Lock	baggies	of	all	sizes
14.	   Chew	bones,	rawhide	bones,	large	Kong	toys,	and	lots	of	dog	treats          34.	 Kookamunga	Cat	Beds	or	Fish	Cat	Tunnels
15.	   Catnip	and	other	cat	treats,	cat	toys                                       35.	 Office	supplies:		postage	stamps,	ball	point	pens,	highlighters,	Sharpies,	
16.	   Volunteers	to	construct	climbing	and	perching	places	in	our	cat	adop-            paper	clips,	staples,	scotch	tape	and	spiral-bound	3-hole	notebooks
       tion	room                                                                   36.	 Volunteers	who	could	regularly	commit	to	help	clean	and	scrub	the	
17.	   Cat	trees,	scratching	posts	&	condos                                             cat	rooms	on	weekday	mornings	(any	time	between	7	a.m.	–	noon).		As	
18.	   Portable	exercise	pens,	48”	high	(these	are	great	to	have	on	hand	to	            full	of	cats	as	we	are,	the	best	way	to	keep	them	healthy	is	to	keep	their	
       loan	to	puppy	fosterers)                                                         environment	extremely	clean.		We	would	love	some	help.
19.	   Heavy	duty	sewing	scissors	for	cutting	sheets/blankets	into	cage-sized	
                                                 And	most	importantly,	your	involvement!
                                                             Come	see	us.
    Thanks	to	the	people	who	responded	to	our	fall	Wish	List	and	donated	postage	stamps;	a	large	utility	knife,	pinking	shears,	office	supplies,	cat	
litter,	towels,	blankets	and	rugs;	postage	stamps;	milk	replacer	and	baby	food	for	orphan	kittens;	batteries	and	heat	packs	for	our	SnuggleKitties	&	
                 SnugglePuppies	and	canned	food,	treats	and	toys.		Thanks,	too,	to	everyone	who	comes	to	play	with	and	walk	our	dogs.

  Tremendous Thanks to Everyone Who Helped                                         Snackfood US, Dr. George Mohatt, Shelly
Make Our “Beat the Winter Blues” February                                          Morris, Tom Morris, Morris Music Store &
Fundraiser a Howling Good Time!
                                                                                   Studio, Trink Morss, Mossholders Furni-
   Thanks to our Donors: 1893 Grille & Spirits                                     ture, NaNa B’s Gift Baskets, Jay Norwash,
Restaurant, 45th Parallel, American Kobe Beef, Bella                               Ole’s Pizza, Oliver’s Bar & Grill, Marisa
Bling, Big Horn Mountain Alpacas, Tim & Travis of                                  Olson (On the Rocks Jewelry), Cathy
Black Tooth Brewing Company, Diane Boatright, Bri-                                 Orr, Jennifer Palser, Pat’s Hallmark, Pat’s
                       an’s Boot & Shoe Company, Bucking Buffalo                   Pottery, Perkin’s Restaurant, Pony Bar and
                       Supply Company, Ray & Rose Buhr, Janine                     Grill, Powder River Pizza, Suzie Puckett,
                       Carlson, Alicia Carrell (Le Bella Beauty Sup-               Quik Sak, Results Personal Training, Risa
                       ply & Salon), Carroll’s Furniture, CB Music                 Scott, Suzie Schatz-Benson, Schultz Coal
                       Guy, Coca Cola Enterprises, Bunny Connell,                  Sales, Self Serve Pet Wash in Buffalo, Sheridan County Implement,
                       Crazy Woman Trading Post, Cutting Edge                      Sheridan Feed & Seed, Sheridan Stationery, Jim & Caren Smith,
                       Salon, Marge Davey, Riki Davidson, Virginia                 Something to Kiln, Lisa Suchsland, Swing Riders, DonnaJo Swan-
                       Davis, Phil Dubicki (A Clear View), Linda                   son, Tracy’s Custom Framing, The Home Depot, Pat Trout, TSP,
                       Everhart, Skye Evers, Foothills Gallery, Gas-               Amy Turpin, Warehouse Market, Janet Wilson, WYO Theater and
                       es Plus, Good Health Emporium, Great Lakes                  Katie at Zen the Salon.
                       Airlines, Gayle Hennager, Hair West, Hospi-
                                                                                     Thanks, too, to the Bandana Band and all our Volunteers.
tal Pharmacy, Sharon Johnson, Lonnie Kay, Bonnie Kellogg, Patty
Kelly, Lee Kemp, Kilpatrick Creations, King’s Saddlery, Kraft’s
                                         Fine Jewelry, Bob Krumm,
                                         Erwin Kubsch & Kathy
                                         Kubsch, Melissa Lagorio,
                                         Landon’s Greenhouse, Levi
                                         Lane, Little Willow Trad-
                                         ers, Teri Luplow, MDU,
                                         Michelle Powers Maneval
                                         (The Sports Stop), Mars
  We	Work	Hard	to	Return	Lost	Pets	to	their	Owners                                             Governor Visits
                                                                                             Shelter Governor
  Please Call to Report Lost or Found Pets We encourage pet
                                                                                             Dave Freudenthal
owners who have lost their pets, and people who have found pets, to                          received a tour of
call us immediately. We take all the information down on cards and                           the Shelter and of-
keep the cards by the phones, ready when someone calls. We also                              ficially dedicated our
                                                                                             exercise pens and
post descriptions of reported lost pets in our dog and cat stray areas
                                                                                             walking path. We
to remind staff to constantly look for them as they care for the strays.                     awarded plaques to
We have reunited many pets with owners through calls. Unfortunate-                           Governor Freudenthal, Mayor Dave Kinskey and Tom Kinnison, all
ly, many people do not think to call us when they lose or find a pet.                        of whom were instrumental in overturning DEQ’s initial reluctance
We wish they did! We keep these cards for a year just in case we can                         to allow us to build the pens and path. The Shelter rests on top of
                                                                                                                    the old landfill so all kinds of rules and regula-
make another connection. We get calls not only on cats and dogs, but
                                                                                                                    tions apply. Despite the cold, windy day, dog
on turtles, goats, birds, lizards and other animals. So please use this                                             walkers were busy exercising the dogs, so
service we offer....we want all pets to be with their loved ones.                                                   Governor Dave got to experience the enthusi-
  We Post Strays on Sheridan Media’s “Lost and Found” Page,                                                         asm with which our dogs greet their play and
                                                                                                                    walk times. As part of our on-going commitment to
returning lost pets to their owners as quickly as possible, we post de-
                                                                                                 Kosmo is a large, very tall, young black lab mix who came to the Shelter in
scriptions of strays brought to the Shelter on Sheridan Media’s “Lost                        August as a surrender. He was extremely thin and it took a long time to get him in
& Found” website page.                                                                       good enough shape to go on the Adoption floor. Shortly after he went to adoption
                                                                                             we noticed a growth on his lower gum. A generous Shelter supporter offered to pay
  Please Vaccinate Your Pets We continue to receive stray cats                               for a biopsy, since that was beyond what we could do here. It came back benign,
                                                                                             but with a possibility of cancer later.
and dogs that have deadly contagious diseases (distemper or parvo in
                                                                                             We monitored it for some weeks and
dogs; panleukopenia in cats). Those viruses are quite active in our                          noticed it was growing, so we knew
                                                                                             we needed to remove it, something
county, so be sure your dogs and cats receive their annual protective                        else that was beyond our capabilities
vaccinations (DA2PPV for dogs and FVRCP for cats). Be sure to                                at the Shelter. We advertised for help
                                                                                             for Kosmo on eWoof, a biweekly
keep their rabies vaccinations current as well.                                              e-newsletter featuring dogs in danger
  Watch for Pet of the Week during Good Morning                                              of euthanasia in Wyoming, and a vet
                                                                                             in Casper offered to do the surgery
America on KOTA-TV Thanks to our great sponsor, Heartland                                    at cost, followed by generous people
Kubota, we’ll have a video of one of our adoptable dogs or cats each                         who donated money for the surgery.
                                                                                             Unfortunately, after we waited for three
week.                                                                                        weeks for the Casper vet to schedule
                                                                                             the surgery, he told us he wasn’t going
    Bones is a four-year-old black and white cat who was brought to the Shelter as a         to do it, so we were back to square one,
 stray from Ranchester in January, 2009. His left hind leg had no foot, and two bare         with Kosmo still in limbo. We arranged
 bones were showing, caused by an old, infected injury. He was a very friendly, loving       to have it done locally, and it ended up being quite a radical surgery, removing
 cat who paid no attention to his wounds that had to be painful. The injury was so bad       two teeth and part of the jawbone under and around the growth. That took several
 he’d never be able to use the leg, so we amputated it. We put him in foster care for        weeks to heal, during which time our happy boy wagged his tail so wildly that
 almost one month before he was healthy enough for adoption. One of the staff fell in        the tip was constantly raw and bleeding. We tried bandaging the tail, but that
                                                                          love with him      was unsuccessful. The bandage wouldn’t stay on, and every time it scabbed over,
                                                                          and took him       Kosmo knocked off the scab when he wagged his tail, and left sprays of blood
                                                                          home with her.     drops on the walls every time he was taken out for his walks. We finally had to
                                                                          He was a good      surgically dock his tail. Once again, Kosmo faced a long healing process, only this
                                                                          cat and became     time he became so depressed that he didn’t want to eat or go outside or do anything
                                                                          very spoiled. He   but lie on his blanket. He even acted aggressive towards some people, which was
                                                                          never played,      very uncharacteristic for him but which caused some people to suggest that we
                                                                          just lounged       euthanize him. We kept encouraging him, trying to reassure him that life would
                                                                          around. In         be better and cheering him up. We had our dog walkers take him out for as many
                                                                          March of this      walks as possible. As his tail healed and he felt better, he began to perk up. At last
                                                                          year, people who   we could move him back to the Adoption floor where there are lots of visitors and
                                                                          had adopted        activity. He began acting more like himself.
                                                                          a cat from             Kosmo was now ready for a home, but no one seemed interested. He was a
                                                                          us about ten       big black dog, the hardest type of dog to get people to look at. And he was big, so
 months earlier needed to return her. Instead of having her back at the Shelter, the staff   very tall that he seemed to fill the kennel. We advertised him everywhere. We tried
 member was willing to try her in her home with Bones. Figuring that Bones would             rescues, but no one would take him. Nothing seemed to work for Kosmo.
 have his nose out of joint, since he hated it whenever she took kittens home to foster,         Finally, in March, a family from Rock Springs responded to another of our
 she very carefully introduced them. There was no need to worry! Bones took one look         advertisement in eWoof and came to see Kosmo after they stopped in Casper to
 at Little Girl and fell in love. He gave his humans a look that said, “Whoopie!” and        adopt another young lab. After a careful introduction, the two dogs decided they
 went right up to her. Bones now has a playmate with whom he wrestles and runs and           could be friends. Kosmo also seemed to take to the family immediately. All went
 runs and runs around the house, up and down the bed, biting toes with Little Girl either    home together. The family keeps in touch and has thanked us for a wonderful dog.
 leading or following. Bringing her into the home was the best thing for both cats. Little   Kosmo is adjusting extremely well. We are happy, the family is happy, and above all,
 Girl is getting lots of love and Bones is getting lots of much needed exercise!             Kosmo is happy. Finally, he has a home where he is loved as cherished as he deserves.
  Spay Wyoming                                                               You may think that Sheridan is too small, and that hoarder seizures
  A	program	of	the	Dog	&	Cat	Shelter                                      or animal cruelty cases only happen in the big cities, but we at the Dog
                                                                          & Cat Shelter have learned the hard way that Sheridan is no exception.
                                                                          We seem to get a big group about every other year. In December we got the
                                                                          shocking news that Animal Control had about thirty cats and a dog to bring
                                                                          in all at once from a hoarding situation. We soon learned that the thirty cats
                                                                          were only the first wave, and more were to follow. As the cats kept coming
                                                                          in, we had to find a way to house them all. Fortunately, we had some large
                                                                          (6’ x 6’ x 6’) cat kennels that we were able to move the cats into, separating
                                                                          the nicer ones from the feral ones. This still left us with 29 cats that were
                                                                          in the nice kennel and nearly 10 in the feral group. The feral cats were so
                                                                          dangerous that it was unsafe to even enter the kennel most of the time to
                                                                          take care of them, and we just didn’t have enough regular kennels to house
  As an affiliate of Spay USA, Spay Wyoming collects information          that many. The nice group of cats were very scared by the sudden change in
on low-cost spay/neuter options for any Wyoming resident who              their environment, but seemed to be happier once they were able to be with
cannot afford private veterinary services to alter their pet. That        each other. We worked with the cats as much as we could, but many simply
information is available on our website,,             didn’t want people near them. Some of the nice group cats ended up being
                                                                          much more aggressive than we thought at first, and had to be euthanized
and a toll-free hotline, 1-888-7WY-SPAY (1-888-799-7729). Local           with the rest of the feral cats.
people should call 675-1850. People from low-income households               We had many complications to battle with their care, too. All of the cats,
anywhere in Wyoming will be directed to the clinic nearest them           ages 6 weeks to adults, were unvaccinated and intact. One cat died after she
offering reduced rate surgeries for cats and dogs.                        aborted a litter of kittens during the night, and by the time we got the rest
  Check Out our Website We have information about the                     of the surviving cats ready for their spays and neuters, they started coming
                                                                          down with upper respiratory infections. After weeks of waiting for them to
importance of spaying or neutering pets, including many health
                                                                          get better, we were finally able to spay and neuter some of the cats.
benefits, and answers to the most common concerns voiced by pet              Then they came down with eye infections that we had never before
owners. To find spay/neuter opportunities near you, just click on         encountered and which seemed to be unique to the group. Finally, after
the appropriate county on the Wyoming map on the website. Please          weeks of medication, the rest of the cats were ready to be fixed, but still
contact us if you know of spay/neuter opportunities that we do not        we did not have enough room in our adoption area for so many cats. We
have listed. We want to thank ERA Carroll Realty for hosting the          started a sale on our cats, in order to help make room and to get the new
                                                                          cats coming adopted. This helped, and we were able to make enough room
Spay Wyoming website as well as our Shelter website.
                                                                          for them finally, after a couple months, to have their chance to get adopted.
  Spay Wyoming received a $2,000 grant from the Humane
                                                                          They all had a hard time adjusting to another change, and it seemed like
Society of the United States, in conjunction with The Doris
                                                                          forever before the first one got adopted, but we were ecstatic when he
Day Animal Foundation (DDAF) in honor of the 17th Annual
                                                                          did! Several of the cats found homes at barns, where their lack of people
Spay Day (which took place on February 22, 2011). This grant              socialization wouldn’t be any trouble. Almost all of the kittens from the
was to spay or neuter pets for those clients who would otherwise not      group were adopted quickly, but some do still remain, as well as a few
be able to afford it and had to be used during the month of February.     adults, waiting for the right person to come along.
The Dog & Cat Shelter and three other groups around the state                And just when you think it can’t get any worse, we received even more
participated, with a total of 42 dogs and cats benefiting from surgery.   cats after the initial wave, also from the same house. Over the months
                                                                          when we were trying to help the first ones to be successful in adoption,
  This was in addition to the Dog & Cat Shelter’s Locally-
Funded Pet Spay/Neuter Assistance Fund for Sheridan County                Animal Control brought in a few cats here and there, only to bring us
residents who cannot afford private veterinary services to                another of twenty feral cats from the same place, including a litter of orphan
                                                                          baby kittens which were young enough to tame. Two of them are now in
alter their pet. To participate in our on-going program, just come
                                                                          adoption, while the other two are waiting to be big enough for operations.
to the Shelter during business hours (noon – 6 weekdays; 11 – 4:30           The dog, Rowdy, is about nine years old and came in with very bad teeth,
Saturdays) to get your certificate. Our minimum co-pay fees are           debilitating arthritis, crippled front feet, and his hair matted so badly that
$25 for cats and $35 for dogs. People who can afford more are             he had horrible sores on his skin and could barely move. A local groomer
asked to give a higher co-pay fee so that the fund is not depleted.       volunteered to groom him, and then we were able to see how bad his feet
Average surgery cost is close to $100, so the co-pays help keep the       and skin were, as well as just how overweight he was. He was so happy
                                                                          though to be clean and able to move, that he was practically prancing. He
fund going longer. We continue to be grateful to Bischoff Veterinary      was very fond of soft beds to lie on where he could rest his aching feet.
Service, Moxey Schreiber Veterinary Hospital and Country Hospital         Rowdy was very social, and wanted people to love him, all the time. We
for Animals for the discounted fees they charge for surgeries done        tried to find an adopter, but everyone shied away when they saw his feet
through our Pet Spay Neuter Assistance Program. We are also grateful      and other health problems. Finally, we heard from Schnauzer rescue, and
to generous local donors who keep the fund going. Very few shelters       they accepted him. The rescue people have since fallen head over paws in
                                                                          love with him, and he is living life as best he can. Dieting is of course an
have spay/neuter assistance programs, and even fewer have ones totally
                                                                          issue with him, as he seems to have found his appetite and then some; but
funded locally. Sheridan County is extremely lucky.                       he acts as if he is in less pain and is getting around better.
  A free Spay/Neuter Clinic for residents of Sheridan County                 Thanks again to all the members of the community who helped out so
will be held May 20-22. If you’d like to be either have animals           much by donating items and money to help us care for the animals from
spayed or neutered, or help with the clinic as a volunteer, do not        this hoarder situation. We cannot stress enough, though, how
contact the Shelter but contact the organizers at 461-9555 or             very important it is that everyone gets their pets spayed or They are doing dogs and               neutered as well as vaccinated!
cats, and especially targeting barn cats and feral cats, so don’t miss
this opportunity.
        You’re Invited
        8th	Annual	Golf	Tournament	
        The Eighth Annual D. A. Davidson & Co. - The Ostoff Financial Group/Dog & Cat Shelter Annual
        Golf Tournament will be held at the Powder Horn Golf Community on Friday, June 24th, 2011 at
        12:00 noon. The event is scheduled as a four-person scramble with over $1,000 in cash and prizes.
        The tournament is limited to 120 golfers. Call Rita & Bill Rohrbaugh at 673-1562 or Cel Hope at
        the Shelter 674-7694 or for details.
                                 Business & Pet Owners: Sponsor a hole at the Tournament
                                 Whether you golf or not, you can advertise your business by sponsoring a
                                 hole at the tournament. When you sponsor a hole, a sign with your
                                 business name and logo will be placed at one of the holes for the
                                 golfers to enjoy as they play.
                                 Or, you may choose to sponsor a hole in honor of a beloved pet. Your
                                 hole sign will contain your pet’s name and favorite photograph. No other
                                 tournament offers this option, so don’t miss out.

                     Wag-A-Tail Walk & Run on May 14 at 8:30 AM at the Powder Horn
       Come enjoy a walk through the beautiful Powder Horn Golf Community, with or without your dog.

                     Please Help Us Help Homeless Dogs & Cats

                                                                     Federal	ID	#83-0211418
        AUTO                                                         A	non-profit	501	(c)	3	corporation
   PERMIT	NO.	32                                           
SHERIDAN,	WY	82801                                                   307–674–7694
 U.S.	POSTAGE	PAID                                                   Sheridan,	WY	82801
 NON-PROFIT	ORG.                                                     84	East	Ridge	Road

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