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					Original Assessment Result

            Ellie Lee
Basic students’ information
STUDENT A                            STUDENT B
-Her name was Sujin Kim.             -His name is Jinsu Park.
-She was born in 1999 Ulsan,         -He was born in 1998.
S.Korea.                             (He didn’t tell me.)
(She didn’t tell me her birthday.)   -He didn’t seem to be interested in
-She went to elementary school in    this at all. He responded in a single
Korea.                               word rather than in a complete
-Her first language is Korean.       sentence. )
-She doesn’t speak any other         -He has studied English for six years
languages beside Korean.             before he came to America.
-She has studied English for three
years in school before she came to   * He was shy, and he didn’t want to
America.                             speak in English with me since he
-She has lived in Auburn for three   knew that I could speak in Korean.
Speaking part 1
   Read them out loud.
There is a cat under the table.
Mr. Smith is a teacher.
Every Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Brown go to
His favorite sport is football.
It is storming now.

Student A: 4/5 (didn’t get the /f/ sound)
Student B: 5/5
Student A                             Student B
1. A man and a woman is cooking       1.   Cooking
   outside.                           2.   Singing
2. A woman is singing on the stage.   3.   Studying
3. A boy is studying very hard        4.   Holding hands
4. Two men are shaking hands          5.   Sleeping.
5. She is sleeping .

   Student A was more descriptive . Also, she answered them in
   full sentences rather than giving a word. 4/5
   Student B gave just one word answers. In Number four, it
   seemed to me that he didn’t know the expression “shaking
Speaking 3
 What time do you wake up?
 What is your favorite food?
 What is your hobby?
 What did you do yesterday at this time?
 What will you do tomorrow at this time?
Student A: She was again very descriptive and
  answered them in full sentences with correct
  tenses. Her answers were than just one sentence.
Student B: He again gave one word answers. I tried to
  elicit full sentence answers, and he was able to
  answer them in complete sentences. 10/10
Listening 1
Student A                     Student B
1.   RIGHT                    1.   RIGHT
2.   RIGHT                    2.   RIGHT
3.   RIGHT                    3.   RIGHT
4.   RIGHT                    4.   RIGHT
5.   RIGHT                    5.   RIGHT

 It seemed that Listening part 1 was very easy for them.
 They both got all the questions right. I asked them
 after the test about the level of the questions, and
 both of them told me the listening part 1 was very
 easy for them.
Listening 2
Student A                         Student B
1.    Right                       1.   Right
2.    Right                       2.   Right
3.    Right                       3.   Right
4.    Right                       4.   Right
5.    Right                       5.   Right

     Again, this part of the section was too easy for
     them. They didn’t even let me read the passage
Reading 1
Student A                         Student B
1.    RIGHT                       1.   RIGHT
2.    RIGHT                       2.   RIGHT
3.    RIGHT                       3.   RIGHT
4.    RIGHT                       4.   RIGHT
5.    RIGHT                       5.   RIGHT

     Both of them didn’t have any issues with this short
     reading passage. They finished this earlier than I
     thought. Student A did all her questions in a minute,
     and student B took about three minutes.
Reading 2
Student A                                  Student B
1.   They are in the classroom.            1.   Classroom
2.   They study English.                   2.   English grammar
3.   The teacher’s name is Donna.          3.   Donna
4.   It is confusing because adjectives.   4.   I don’t know.
5.   Maybe watching TV football            5.   Late or watching tv.

This passage was a lot longer than the first one. Both of
them spent a quite time reading it over again. Student B
told me that he didn’t understand the word “confused,”
“participle,”, and “thrilled.” He also told me it is difficult
and too long to read.
 Student A
-The happiest moment in my life is my
  birthday when I was seven. My mom and
  dad and I went to Disney land in Japan. It
  was amazing. My dad baught me Mickey
  mouse hair bad and big doll. The doll was
  bigger then me. It was brown and have
  cute nose. I think it was the best doll in
  the store. I love my parents.
Student B
Happiest moment in mylife is now. I am
 health, my dad is health, my brothers
 health, my mom is health. I go to school in
 America. I am happy everyday because my
 class is very interesting. I like American
 food. I like pizza. I eat pizza lunch time. I
 am happy.
Overall evaluation
 I think my original assessment was a bit easier
  than my students’ English proficiency. They found
  the test pretty simple and not that difficult to do.
  Student A finished her test in less than twenty
  minutes. I think with this assessment, she is
  definitely in advanced level 4 or 5.
 Student B took almost 20 minutes to finish the
  test, and he is also in upper intermediate or
  advanced level. The problem with him was that he
  could do a lot better than this, but he was too shy
  to talk to me. Also, he was less motivated to do
  this assessment test than student A.