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Exceptional Cycle-Trips
Since 1986
                                                                                    Imagine the memories you’ll bring home...

2009 Trip Map &

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                                                                                                July 18 2009 - July 25 2009 Douro
                                                                                                (Port wine)
                                                                                                August 12 2009 - August 22 2009
                                                                                                Valleys & Vineyards (Summer Sun)
                                                                                                August 29 2009 - Sept 12 2009 Camino
                                                                                                de Santiago - 14 days (Roncesvalles to
                                                                                                August 30 2009 - Sept 7 2009
                                                                                                Portugal's Blue Coast (Summer Sun)
April 3 2009 - April 12 2009                   June 6 2009 - June 13 2009                       August 31 2009 - Sept 10 2009
Andalucian Affair (Semana Santa Trip)          Douro (Port wine)                                Catalan Adventure (Summer breeze)
                                               June 13 2009 - June 27 2009
April 18 2009 - April 25 2009                  Camino de Santiago - 14 days (Roncesvalles       Sept 5 2009 - Sept 13 2009 Camino
Castles & Cork Trees (Spring flowers)          to Santiago)                                     de Santiago - 8 days (Leon to Santiago)
May 14 2009 - May 24 2009 Catalan              June 15 2009 - June 25 2009                      Sept 12 2009 - Sept 21 2009
Adventure (Snow caps & Coast)                  Valleys & Vineyards (Minho Festa Trip)           Verde España (Summer Breeze)
May 16 2009 - May 24 2009 Portugal's Blue      June 20 2009 - June 27 2009                      October 3 2009 - October 12 2009
Coast (Spring Flowers)                         Camino de Santiago - 8 days (Leon to Santiago)   Andalucian Affair (Autumn Trip 09)
May 31 2009 - May 7 2009 Castles & Cork        June 27 2009 - July 5 2009 Portugal's Blue       October 5 2009 - October 12 2009
Trees (Summer Sun)                             Coast (Summer Sun)                               Castles & Cork Trees (Autumn Trip 09)
June 2 2009 - June 11 2009 Andalucian Affair   July 4 2009 - July 12 2009 Verde España          October 10 2009 - October 18 2009
(Fiesta Trip )                                 (Summer Sun)                                     Portugal's Blue Coast (Algarve)

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Welcome to
Cycling Through the Centuries

Portugal, Spain & France;                           The Routes
Mediterranean Europe at its                         Savvy travelers tell us that our routes are the very
best...                                             best in each of the regions that we cycle. They
                                                    are constantly upgraded to take advantage of
CYCLING THROUGH THE CENTURIES began                 improved roads or to avoid roads that have become
as a far-fetched suggestion in 1986 when few        too busy. At CYCLING THROUGH THE
companies were in the field of cycle touring. My    CENTURIES we know that really enjoyable cycling
mother, Maggie Deffense, took that suggestion       is a combination of great scenery, good roads and
and ran with it, creating CYCLING THROUGH           interesting sights.
THE CENTURIES, a unique and specialized
company offering in-depth cycling tours off-the-    Accommodation
beaten tourist paths throughout the Iberian         The “Three C’s” - Charm, Comfort and Convenience
Peninsula and France.                               – our accommodations range from small family-
                                                    run country inns to monasteries, manor houses,
                                                    castles and luxury hotels. We always aim to offer
We started with tours in northern Portugal’s wine
                                                    the best in the area and we look for that extra
country and from there branched out to the rest
                                                    quality above the competition as well as convenient
of Portugal and into neighboring Spain and
                                                    location to sights and events.
southern France. Over the last 18 years we
have shared our love of these countries with
hundreds of other cyclists.                         Good food – so important to the cyclist! Our
                                                    restaurants are chosen for their ambiance and
Our in-depth knowledge of the languages, the        superb regional dishes. Tasty tapas in Andalucia,
people and their customs provides a unique          mouthwatering fish dishes in Portugal and the finest
cultural backdrop to all our tours. We always       Spanish & French cuisine in Catalunya.
aim for the most memorable places to eat and        Mediterranean feasts - washed down with the best
rest our heads after an exhilarating day on the     local wines – which are always included with the
bike.                                               meals in generous amounts. This is a vacation,
CTTC prides itself in its approach and experience
in Iberian bike touring - We look forward to        Guides
cycling through the centuries with you. Imagine     Our guides are top-notch - excellent mechanics
the memories                                        and bi or tri lingual with English being a pre-requisite.
you’ll bring home.                                   Most of them are natives of Portugal, Spain or
                                                    France. They’re dedicated to ensuring not only
                                                    the welfare of each of our participants but also their
                                                    enjoyment on tour - being informative, keeping
Catherine Deffense                                  the fun level high and the cycling safe!
                                                    We pride ourselves on lots of personal touches.
                                                    Your comfort and enjoyment are of paramount
                                                    importance to us and we will do all we can to ensure
                                                    it at no extra cost - from booking pre and post tour
                                                    accommodations to arranging train tickets or car
                                                    rentals, or to helping you plan an itinerary to follow
                                                    before or after your cycling tour.
                                                    We're more than happy to assist you with absolutely
                                                    anything we can do to make your vacation the best

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                                                             Imagine the memories you’ll bring home...

We Know
What’s Important...

                            Before the Trip...

                            •   Pre-tour packet detailing general information about the country, what to bring
                                and a list of related reading material that you might want to peruse before
                            •   Free assistance with pre- and post-tour hotel bookings, airline reservations,
                                travel insurance and help with pre- or post-tour trip itineraries.
                            •   We’re flexible! If your schedule doesn’t match ours, we’ll set up a customtour
                                for you and at least nine friends. It’s even cheaper by the dozen: sign up eleven
                                people and you go FREE!

                            On The Road...

                            •   Use of lightweight Aluminium framed Hybrid bikes. NO RENTAL FEE. All
                                new with 27 speeds, gel seats and 105 Shimano gears, maintained in perfect
                                condition by our experienced guides who are also skilled bicycle mechanics.
                            •   Bilingual experienced guides familiar with the country and the terrain and
                                armed with cell phones. Usually, at least one guide is a native who provides an
                                in-depth look at his or her country’s culture.
                            •   Informative daily briefings with detailed route maps.
                            •   Historical and cultural information on each day’s ride or walk.
                            •   Routes chalked daily with arrow markings.
                            •   Use of guide books and related reading material.
                            •   All breakfasts - reinforced with cereal and fruit. Most dinners - including wine.
                                Unlimited fruit, snacks and water en-route.
                            •   Support van to transport luggage and tired campers.

                            Because We Know What Matters...

                            •   Welcome Drinks Reception to break the ice!
                            •   Comfortable accommodations with private bathrooms, ranging from simple
                                village hotels, country inns and manor houses to 4 or 5-star hotels, pousadas
                                and paradors -- all chosen for comfort, charm and convenience to sights.
                            •   All entrance fees to scheduled historical sights, wine tasting and museums.
                            •   All en-route transportation fees such as trains, ferries or buses.
                            •   All tips and gratuities.

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Environmental Policies


CTTC realizes its’ socio-environmental responsibility and strives to maintain a sustainable enterprise in all aspects of the

Our core business is the promotion and provision of one of the cleanest forms of travel (and certainly the most efficient!).
Through cycle-touring we encourage environmentally conscious travel and sustainable business.

We are planning conservation / restoration projects with local governments and communities in regions CTTC tour –
a main goal being the conversion of several defunct railways to cycle-ways.

We try to ensure that every tour and service we offer directly has the lowest environmental impact, and always aim to work
with suppliers that provide an appreciable environmental accountability.

CTTC works with small groups, usually only up to 20 people and thereby we can most often avoid staying in large chain
accommodation, staying instead at private and often family managed Hotels and B&B’s.

We continually look to improve and enhance methods against pollution and environmental degradation in the regions CTTC
tour, in such ways a purchasing Bio-Fuels where available (still sadly a rarity) – and stocking the support van at local shops.

We educate and train all our staff to follow and comply with CTTC’s sustainable policy which will ensure continually improved
and innovative environmental practices in such simple ways as separating trash and keeping punctured inner tubes for reuse!

CTTC marks its daily routes using pure Calcium Carbonate - Chalk - that simply washes or blows away.

We only use the most environmentally sound, biodegradable cleaning products and lubricants to maintain our bike fleet
- guaranteed.

We are working on a framework in which CTTC can monitor and evaluate all its environmental objectives on a regular basis
and that the results are published. We hope to soon gain our ISO 14000 accreditation.

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                                                                             Imagine the memories you’ll bring home...


 ·      We operate tours in the country we reside and bring in valued clients to a variety of local businesses.

 ·      We minimize our impact on areas we visit by simply cycling through!

 ·      All major bike fleet overhauls are done at our local bike shop.

 ·      All used parts are donated to a local cycling association - or reused in Martin’s crafts projects!

 ·      We try to have as little printed material as possible and we encourage all our clients to download our brochure
        and operate a print-on-demand policy.

 ·      All printed material is done on recycled paper using digital prints only (no need to use lithographic plates or screens
        with digital prints).

 ·      We try to recycle all our waste - from the ink cartridges in the office to our picnic / snack waste on tours.

 ·      The hotels and restaurants we use are generally all locally or at least nationally run, favoring family owned small
        businesses. We also like to recommend such accommodation for further travel.

 ·      We don’t block book accommodation; we only book what we need, sending payments in advance and canceling
        if necessary well in advance - allowing the hotel to maintain a higher turn over and better maintenance for the guests.

 ·      CTTC designs and promotes tours in areas that will benefit the most from our brand of low-impact tourism.

 ·      We always employ local guides for every tour – and we’re locals too!

 ·      We always encourage our clients to shop in smaller regional stores.

To do all of this actually costs YOU less. Part of sustainable business practice involves our social accountability, and we have
established warm and long-term relations with many of the services we use on our tours and therefore they provide us with
better rates so everyone wins.

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 Portugal’s Blue Coast

Along the Atlantic Coast from                          Day 1                                                                       Day 4
Lisbon to the Algarve                                  Azeitão                                                                     Santiago de Cacem to Vila
                                                       Late morning transfer by private                                            Nova de Milfontes
Coasting along quiet back roads from Lisbon to         coach from Lisbon to our 16th                                               After a tour of the haunting
the brilliant beaches of the Algarve, we’ll            century manor house in the                                                  Roman ruins of Mirobriga with
experience a memorable montage of Portugal:            little village of Azeitão.                                                  its famous baths, we head out
magnificent coastal seascapes, pastoral                Lunchtime finds us feasting on                                              for a pleasant ride along the
farmlands, working windmills, tiny fishing villages    the local catch of the day in                                               Costa Azul to a delightful
and historical monuments such as Henry the             Sesimbra, a nearby fishing                                                  beach with its own little little
Navigator’s Navigational School perched on a
                                                       village nestled under huge                                                  fortress - Praia da Ilha. An ideal
wild headland over the Algarve’s blue waters.
                                                       rocky cliffs overlooking the                                                lunch stop at either the lone
                                                       Atlantic. Later we’ll visit a local                                         restaurant here with stunning
Lodgings include a 16th century manor house,
a luxurious country farm and two nights in our         castle, a hand-painted tile                                                 sea views and fabulous
favorite little castle overlooking a lovely estuary.   factory and still have time to fit                                          seafood or your own picnic
                                                       our bikes. This evening we enjoy a festive               down on the beach and a chance to soak up
€2115                                                  champagne reception and welcome dinner.                  some rays. After a climb around the fort it’s on to
                                                                                                                Vila Nova de Milfontes, one of Portugal’s loveliest
8 NIGHTS/ 9 DAYS                                       Day 2                                                    seaside villages at the mouth of the Río Mira
All breakfasts,                                        Azeitão to Setúbal                                       where Hannibal once took shelter with his ships.
A seaside lunch &                                      A fantastic ride through the hills of the Arrabida       We stay 2 wonderful nights at an ancient little
6 dinners with wine                                    Peninsula overlooking the sea, and then an               stone castle, replete with moat, perched over the
                                                       optional lunch at a typical fishermen’s shanty with      estuary. Dinner at the castle. (50km/31miles)
16-5-2009 to 24-5-2009                                 a view of the shipyards in the ancient port city of
27-6-2009 to 5-7-2009                                  Setúbal. Our comfortable night’s accommodation           Day 5
30-8-2009 to 7-9-2009
                                                       is in the heart of the old quarter near the              Vila Nova de Milfontes
10-10-2009 to 18-10-2009
                                                       waterfront. Rest of the day is free to explore           There’s ample time today to roam the village,
Or any other date as a custom tour!
                                                       Setúbal’s maze-like streets with their colorful          laze around the castle, walk the vast expanses

Moderate to hilly terrain                              shops, sightsee or go for some extra kilometers          of dunes, or to do a favorite loop ride through the
                                                       cycling along the beach. (30km/19miles)                  countryside to a working windmill. In the evening
                                                                                                                another sumptuous dinner at the castle.
                                                       Day 3                                                    (37km/23miles)
                                                       Setúbal to Santiago de Cacem
                                                       Today we take a 15 minute ferry to the peninsula
                                                       of Troia and its 19 miles of sandy beaches. This
  "We were on the Portugal, Algarve trip last          was the site of an ancient Roman settlement
September and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have no           destroyed by a tidal wave in the 4th century.
 trouble recommending your company. Have               Mostly flat riding today, with plenty of time for a
been with Backroads, VBT, Europeds, EasyRider,         swim at one of the beautiful deserted beaches
      and others and you are the best!"
                                                       a kilometer or two off of the main road. Evening
             Warren Arnold, CA
                                                       finds us settled in to our luxury farm, one of
                                                       Portugal’s lovely Pousadas, just below the town
                                                       of Santiago de Cacem. Dinner at the farm.

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                                                                                               Imagine the memories you’ll bring home...

Day 6
Vila Nova de Milfontes to
Today we continue south along
the headland high above the
blue Atlantic to the little village
of Zambujeira do Mar nestled
on a headland high above a
dramatic beach. Good lunch
stop here at one of the outdoor
restaurants with views of the
ocean before heading on to the
old Moorish town of Aljezur
along quiet roads. Evening finds
us at the little hillside hotel outside of Aljezur in
Vale da Telha. (70km/43miles)

Day 7                                                     "Of all my experiences I cannot remember
Aljezur to Lagos                                        enjoying myself as well as the last week with
Today we ride through seaside fishing villages          you three. A true highlight of my life of which I
on our way to ancient Lagos, a lively walled                            will not forget"
historical town where many of the Portuguese                       Cevin Wyatt, Dallas, TX
Discoverers actually left from. Lots of time in the
p.m. to explore the pedestrianized old center and
its many interesting sights such as the Church
of Santo António with its incredible gold-work and
the remnants of the only slave market in Europe.
                                                        Bespoke Trips
This evening we’ll whoop it up at one of Lagos’
most entertaining restaurants. (40km/25miles)

Day 8
This morning we offer a loop ride through the
pretty Algarve countryside and through seaside          We know that even with our wide selection of tours and dates, we can’t be
fishing villages. Later, spend a lazy afternoon         everything to everbody - but with our Bespoke Trips, we can come close!
with us sailing along the Algarve’s grotto-strewn
coast on a magnificent 2-masted schooner. This          Your Schedule
evening we’ll say farewell at one of Lagos’s most       Dates outside our current offers or reservations, can be chosen to suit you.
entertaining restaurants. (31km/ 19m)
                                                        Your Destinations
                                                        We’ll use our vast resources and connections to design a trip that suits your requirements.
Day 9
We’ll offer an early morning shuttle to the airport     Your Group
in Faro for those of you catching early flights.        We have no minimum for a private group; but it’s cheaper by the dozen. Sign up eleven other people
                                                        and you tour for free!

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  Valleys & Vineyards

Northern Portugal’s                                  Day 1                                                     with its classic sixteen arch Roman bridge
Green Wine region &                                  Porto to Bom Jesus                                        spanning the beautiful Río Lima. The town is a
A little bit of Galician Spain                       Late morning transfer from pickup hotel in Porto          warren of cobbled medieval streets and sits right
                                                     to Bom Jesus, near Braga. Nestled on a wooded             on the river which is lined with sandy beaches.
                                                     hillside, Bom Jesus is an 18th century Baroque            We spend the night at a lovely country manor
Explore the verdant countryside of northern
                                                     pilgrimage church with a magnificent Way of the           house dating from the 17th century. Dinner at a
Portugal’s Minho wine-country and the
                                                     Cross staircase surrounded by lovely gardens              wonderful regional restaurant near the waterfront.
spectacular coast of Galician Spain. We start        and views. We stay at the elegant Hotel do Parque         (47km/29miles)
the tour in northern Portugal at Bom Jesus with      adjacent the church. The afternoon may be spent
its lovely sanctuary and wend our way north up       resting, going for a short warm up ride or exploring      Day 4
into Spain’s Galicia -- famous for its Gaelic        the grounds and nearby village. Champagne                 Ponte de Lima to Gondarem
resemblance to Ireland and its fabulous seafood.     reception and welcome dinner this evening.                A truly gorgeous ride today, first through high and
Fabulous coastal cycling will bring us to the                                                                  desolate "wolf country" and then through the
seaside town of Baiona where we’ll spend a                                                                     green and fertile hills to the Río Coura and a
night at the romantic Parador de Baiona situated                                                               welcome picnic and swim. We then head for
in a medieval fortress overlooking the sea.                                                                    Caminha, a charming fishing village at the mouth
                                                                                                               of the Minho River and the border with Galicia,
The next day brings us back to Portugal where                                                                  Spain. We follow the river to the tiny hamlet of
                                                                                                               Gondarem and our 17th century inn complete
oxcarts ply the ancient country lanes and
                                                                                                               with pool and tennis court. Dinner at a quaint
enthusiastic workers hail us from the fields.
                                                                                                               restaurant, famous for its regional food and lovely
Beautiful landscapes -- hillsides terraced with
                                                                                                               views over the Minho River. (50km/31miles)
vineyards and valleys laced with lazy rivers await
us at every bend. Truly grand hotels, paradors                                                                 Day 5
and gracious manor houses highlight the tour                                                                   Gondarem to Baiona, Spain
and make it one of our most popular.                                                                           Today we ferry across the Minho River to Spain
                                                     Day 2                                                     and cycle up the rocky Atlantic coast - a wonderful
€2230                                                Bom Jesus to Caldelas                                     ride with the ocean on one side and pine clad
                                                     From Bom Jesus we descend the wooded hills                hills on the other. Our destination is the little
10 nights/11 days                                    to Citania de Briteiros, site of a restored Celtic        harbor town of Baiona where the first of Columbus’
All breakfasts,                                      hill settlement dating from 500 BC, and                   ships arrived back with news of the New World.
8 dinners with wine                                  continuously occupied but never conquered                 There’s a faithful replica of the little Pinta in the
                                                     through Roman times. Our next stop is Povoa               marina which is well worth a visit. We’ll be staying
                                                     de Lanhoso and its famous medieval castle                 at the stunning Parador de Baiona set in a walled
15-6-2009 to 25-6-2009
                                                     perched on the largest boulder in the Iberian             fort overlooking the sea. Dinner tonight will be a
12-8-2009 to 22-8-2009 (Fiesta Trip)
                                                     peninsula! From there we                                                     fabulous paella feast -- the
Or any other date as a custom tour!
                                                     wend our way through the                                                     specialty at the Moscón
                                                     rolling countryside to the little                                            Restaurant. (45km/28miles)
Moderate to hilly terrain                            spa town of Caldelas and the
                                                     Grande Hotel de Bela Vista                                                   Day 6
                                                     with lovely gardens and pool.                                                Baiona to Monção, Portugal
"Thank you for the fabulous custom tour! You         An al fresco dinner together                                                 We ride back through the
    gave us everything we asked for... The           at a restaurant famous for its                                               wooded Galician countryside
 accomodatins were charming, the restaurant          grilled dishes. (45km/28miles)                                               today to Portugal and the little
recommendations wonderful... I will definitely                                                                                    fortified town of Monção
      be back for another tour with you!"            Day 3                                                                        perched above the Minho
                                                     Caldelas to Ponte de Lima                                                    River. En route we'll visit Tui
               Lynell Smillie, MA.                   A short hilly ride today through                                             on the Spanish side, which
                                                     the lush countryside to one of                                               dates from Visigothic times and
                                                     Portugal’s most enchanting                                                   once was one of the seven
                                                     river towns, Ponte de Lima,                                                  ancient capitals of Galicia.

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                                                                                                   Imagine the memories you’ll bring home...

From Tui we'll cross the Minho                                              along the lovely Lima River to
River to Portugal and the                                                   Ponte da Barca where we'll
medieval walled village of                                                  reward ourselves with a
Valença with its white washed                                               sumptuous picnic beside the
houses and tiny cobbled                                                     river under graceful weeping
streets lined with linen shops.                                             willows. Free evening.
After lunch in Valença, we                                                  (49km/30miles)
follow the Río Minho until we
reach Monção. Here we'll stay                                               Day 9
in the little family run Albergaria                                         Arcos de Valdevez to Viana
Atlantico in the center of this                                             do Castelo
charming town. Free evening                                                 A pleasant easy ride today as
for dinner - we’ll be glad to                                               we cycle westward through the
point you to any one of our                                                 lovely Lima valley - church
favorite restaurants.                                                       bells, terraced hillsides, long-
(50km/31miles)                                                              lashed oxen pulling wooden
                                                        carts - an area almost untouched by time. Our
Day 7                                                   destination is the graceful old capital of the Minho
Monção to Arcos de Valdevez                             province, Viana do Castelo, and the Hotel Viana
Be prepared for one of the prettiest rides of the       Sol. This handsome historical town is graced with
tour - and shortest. An excellent road descends         stately old granite buildings and is noted for its
into a spectacular river valley where we follow         ceramics and handicrafts. Dinner this evening at
the Río Vez to the idyllic little river town of Arcos   the wonderful Tres Potes Restaurant.
de Valdevez. We’ll spend two nights here at             (47km/29miles)
another elegant manor house complete with pool.
Plenty of time today to explore the town, swim in       Day 10
the river or enjoy the pool. Dinner together.           Viana do Castelo to Porto
(37km/23miles)                                          Today we transfer to the bustling city of Porto,
                                                        on the Douro River, best-known for the wonderful
                                                        wine known as Port that comes from here. After
                                                        checking into the elegant old-world Hotel Infante
                                                        de Sagres, we'll devote our energies to sampling
                                                        the ambiance of this timeless captivating city.
                                                        We'll lunch in the Ribeiro, the colorful old riverside
                                                        area and then visit Sandeman's Port Wine lodge
                                                        just across the river for a tasting of this delicious
                                                        wine and an explanation as to how it’s made.
                                                        Tonight a farewell dinner at one of Porto’s finest

                                                        Day 11
                                                        After breakfast, we'll offer an early am shuttle to
Day 8                                                   the airport for those leaving. For those of you
Loop ride to Soajo                                      staying on we'll be happy to suggest other places
Today is one of everybody’s favorite rides - a          to visit in Portugal.
long uphill with spectacular views and wild
countryside to the edge of the Penedo-Geres
National Park and the little town of Soajo where
we'll stop for coffee and the sponge cake the
town’s bakers are famous for. Then it’s a long
descent through unspoiled terraced hillsides and

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 Castles & Cork Trees

Ambling through the Alentejo                          Day 1                                                     this charming village and to enjoy the spectacular
                                                      Evora                                                     views all the way over to Spain. (Ride of 56k /
Cycling through rolling fields of wildflowers and     After a mid-morning pickup in Lisbon, the group           35m).
olive trees, we'll celebrate an area of Portugal      will be shuttled to the little museum town of Evora
that many consider to be the last vestige of old      , the spiritual heart of the Alentejo and one of the
Portugal. Medieval walled villages, white-washed      most impressive and enchanting towns in                   Day 3
and trimmed in blue, dot the hilltops while plains    Portugal. Evora is a fascinating mixture of 3             Monsaraz to Vila Vicosa
of wheat and oats spread out below, freckled          cultures - Roman, Moorish and medieval. In fact,          A wonderful ride today through vast, rolling
with small flocks of sheep and goats.                 so extraordinary for its beauty and history that          expanses of wildflower covered plains leads us
                                                      the whole town has been declared a World                  to the equally flower bedecked royal town of Vila
The Alentejo was the scene of some of Portugal's
                                                      Heritage Site by UNESCO. We'll have plenty of             Vicosa, the family seat of the Bragancas, last
bloodiest battles with Romans, Moors and later
                                                      time to visit the lovely little Roman temple to           ruling family of Portugal. On the way, we'll visit
Spaniards - you'd almost expect a band of
knights in armor to come riding across the fields     Diana and a medieval chapel lined with the bones          a town famous for its pottery and watch the potters
as you cycle past! Nowadays, however, it'd more       of long ago monks, while wandering the labyrinth          at work - a family trade that's fast dying out.
likely be a black garbed peasant lady riding her      of cobbled Moorish streets. Group Welcome                 Group dinner. (Ride of 63k / 39m).
donkey into town.                                     Dinner.

We'll sample an assortment of Alentejo towns                                                                    Day 4
and villages starting with the graceful town of                                                                 Vila Vicosa
Evora with its Roman/Moorish past; the pristine                                                                 Optional loop ride today to the tragic ruins of a
walled villages of Monsaraz and Marvao; Vila                                                                    castle overlooking the Guadiana River and the
Vicosa with its elegant Ducal Palace; the 14th                                                                  border with Spain. Riding on, we'll visit the
century monastery in Flor da Rosa now a luxury                                                                  medieval village of Alandroal with its Moorish
hotel; and finally, delightful Castelo da Vide with                                                             castle and walls before heading back to Vila
its picturesque medieval Jewish quarter and tiny
                                                                                                                Vicosa. The ride will leave us with plenty of time
synagogue - the oldest in Portugal.
                                                                                                                to explore Vila Vicosa, the ducal palace and the
                                                                                                                13th century castle built by King Dom Dinis after
You'll be left with unforgettable memories of this
lovely region - its serenity and heart-stopping                                                                 taking it from the Moors. Evening Free. (Ride of
beauty and, of course, days of idyllic cycling.                                                                 50k / 31m).
Our last night finds us in old Lisbon where we'll     Day 2
celebrate and say "goodbye" with a Farewell           Evora to Monsaraz
Dinner and fado show.                                 We cycle through the gentle                                                 Day 5
                                                      countryside to the the ancient                                              Vila Vicosa to Flor da Rosa
€2247                                                 walled village of Monsaraz,                                                 Today we ride north to the little
                                                      virtually unchanged since the                                               village of Flor da Rosa and its
7 nights/ 8 days                                      middle ages. En route we'll                                                 impressive 14th century
5 dinners w/ wine                                     examine Celtic dolmens rising                                               monastery built by the father
                                                      from a cornfield and begin our                                              of one of Portugal's greatest
18-4-2009 to 25-4-2009                                acquaintance with the Alentejo                                              warlords. On the way, we'll ride
31-5-2009 to 7-5-2009
                                                      - the cork and olive groves,                                                through the little marble town
5-10-2009 to 12-10-2009
                                                      the whitewashed houses with                                                 of Borba where even the curbs
Or any other date as a custom tour!
                                                      their blue trim, and the black                                              and sidewalks are made of

Moderate to hilly terrain                             clothed figures patiently tilling                                           marble. The walled town of
                                                      the fields. We'll get to                                                    Estremoz is next with its moat
                                                      Monsaraz in time to explore                                                 and drawbridge and towering

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                                                                                             Imagine the memories you’ll bring home...

ramparts. Riding on northwards                                           Day 7
we'll stop to visit the Royal Stud                                       Lisboa
farm in Alter do Chao, where                                             Today we'll catch a shuttle to
the beautiful Lusitanian horses                                          old Lisboa where we'll have
have been bred for over two                                              the day free to shop or join a
hundred years. Between stops,                                            sightseeing tour of Lisbon on
will be easy riding through                                              foot. Farewell Dinner & Fado
some of the oldest olive groves                                          Show
in Portugal. Group Dinner.
(Ride of 80k / 50m).                                                     Day 8
                                                                         A.M. shuttle to Lisbon airport.
Day 6
Flor da Rosa to Castelo da
Our last day of riding will be through the beautiful
oak-forested slopes of the Serra de Sao Mamede
to the medieval spa town of Castelo da Vide with
its enchanting Jewish quarter. Before we arrive,
however, we'll stop in Portalegre to visit the
fascinating Fabrica de Tapecarias (tapestry
factory) - all that remains of an industry that
reached its zenith in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Riding onwards and upwards through the Serra
we'll reach the breathtaking walled village of
Marvao, high above the Alentejo plains before
we ride on to lovely Castelo da Vide. Here we'll
                                                       "You, Martin and George were the perfect hosts!
visit the tiny 13th century synagogue in the
                                                       I don't think that we would have enjoyed ... the
Judairia (Jewish quarter) set amid cottages, most
                                                          trip as much or learned as much about the
of which still have Gothic doorways. Group Dinner.       country if we hadn't spent that time with you.
(Ride of 53k / 33m).                                                       THANKS!"

                                                            Pat & Rita Clark AL, Canada 2005

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Catalan Adventure

Barcelona to Carcasonne;                                 Day 1                                                                            Day 4
The Spanish & French                                     San Feliu de Guixols                                                             Olot – Besalu
Mediterranean                                                                                                                             Today will start with a guided
An area of extraordinary contrasts, both cultural        After an a.m. pickup in                                                          hike through the Garrotxa
and scenic. Catalonia straddles the northeastern         Barcelona we’ll transfer 103k/                                                   Volcanic Park to the little
most corner of Spain and the southwestern most           64m to the beautiful Costa                                                       medieval 15th C hermitage at
corner of France where the Pyrenees meet the             Brava with its turquoise water,                                                 the bottom of the crater.The
Mediterranean Sea. Home to some of the
greatest creative geniuses of our time such as           secluded beaches and pine-                                                      hike will take us through the
Dali, Miro, Gaudi and Picasso. Historically, this        forested coastline.Our                                                          spooky maze-like beech forest
was the stronghold of the powerful medieval              destination is the habour town                                                  that covers the Garrotxa
religious sect, the Cathars, with their distinctive      of San Feliu de Guixols once                                                    Volcanic Park.Time permitting
style castles perched on hilltops in the
countryside.                                             the haunt of Italian seamen                                                     we will then take a little wooden
                                                         and traders.We’ll be staying in                                                 train into the heart of the largest
We'll spend 11 days following in the footsteps           a luxurious waterfront hotel so                                                 volcano over an astonishing
of these knights and artists exploring artistic,         you’ll have the afternoon free                                                  landscape of hardened
breathtaking Catalonia. We begin our tour along
the stunning pine clad cliffs of the Costa Brava         to enjoy the beach or go for a walk along the                lava.From here we’ll ride on to Banyoles and
where easy riding on quiet roads leads us                waterfront into town to visit the 10thC                      around Banyoles Lake where the 1992 Olympics
northward through olive groves and vineyards,            Monastery.The evening will find us enjoying the              held their rowing events.Later in the day, we’ll
stopping on the way to visit such places as
                                                         exquisite Catalan cuisine at our Welcome Dinner.             reach our night’s destination- the enchanting
Girona, with the best preserved medieval Jewish
quarter in western Europe and Port Lligat with                                                                        medieval village of Besalu with its imposing 11th
Dali’s house (equally as outrageous!) perched            Day 2                                                        C fortified bride and perfectly preserved Jewish
on the edge of its lovely little cove.                   San Feliu de Guixols – Girona                                Miqwe (bathhouse).Free Evening. (Ride of 32km
Then we'll move on through woods and postcard            Our first day on the bikes will be part of a two-            / 20miles)
perfect villages of southern France. Our next            day ride along Spain’s most famous “Trails-for-
days will be spent riding through the largest            Rails”.The easy route we’ll follow today will take           Day 5
wine producing area of France and in the                 us through the pastoral countryside of rural                 Besalu – Cadaques
evenings sampling some of their products along
with the incomparable Catalan cuisine. We'll             Catalunya following the old tramline that once               Easy riding today as we head east to Figueres
visit some of the eye-popping austere castles            linked Girona with the Costa Brava.We’ll arrive              (Dali’s birthplace) and the famous Museo
of the doomed Cathars and learn about their              in Girona in plenty of time to explore this                  Dali.Satisfyingly bizarre this was his greatest
tragic history before finally arriving at the greatest   fascinating town with the highest standard of                work and his final resting place.From Figueres
Cathar fortiflcation of all - fairy tale-ish
Carcassonne with its perfectly preserved walls           living in Spain.The medieval Jewish quarter,                 we transfer to the postcard perfect fishing village
surrounding its medieval center                          known as the Call, is the best-preserved in                  of Cadaques – the star of the Costa Brava.Here,
                                                         Western Europe.Group Dinner. (Ride of 41km /                 time-permitting, we’ll visit Dali’s house in nearby
€2690                                                    25.5miles)                                                   Port Lligat.Group Dinner. (Ride of 52km /
10 nights / 11 days                                                                                                   32.5miles)
All breakfasts, 8 dinners w/ wine                        Day 3
                                                         Girona – Olot
14-5-2009 to 24-5-2009
                                                         Our second day’s ride will continue north along
31-8-2009 to 10-9-2009
Or any other date as a custom tour!                      one of Spain’s first “Trails-for-Rails” – an incredibly
                                                         scenic ride through woods of oak and beech into
Rolling to Hilly terrain.                                the volcanoes of the Parc Natural de la Zona
                                                         Volcanica de la Garrotxa.An area of exceptionally
                                                         lush foliage due to the fertile ash and lava soil
                                                         the extinct volcanoes (30 +) left behind some
                                                         12,000 years ago.Our destination is Olot – a town
                                                         with four craters within its urban limits!Volcanic
                                                         Group Dinner. (Ride of 55km / 34miles)

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Day 6                                                                    (Ride of 53km / 33miles)               lady while we explore its many sights before
Cadaques to Collioure,                                                                                          ending the tour with a Gala Farewell Dinner.
France (by train)                                                        Day 8
Today we take a quick train (it's                                        Le Boulou – Cucugnan                   Day 11
impossible to cycle safely) over                                                                                We'll say "au revoir" at breakfast and offer an
and through the Pyrenees to                                              Our longest ride of the tour.As        a.m. shuttle to the airport for those leaving. Some
the French Cote Vermeille (Red                                              we ride northwards today, our       of you may want to stay and explore Carcassone
Coast) and the postcard perfect                                             first stop will be the tiny         more fully and perhaps others may want to move
seaside village of Collioure. In                                            village of Castelnou.               on to Paris or Provence - all quickly and easily
turn Phoenician, Greek,                                                     Meticulously preserved by its       accessible by train from Carcassone.
Roman, Visigoth and Arab -                                                  inhabitants, Castelnou is now
Collioure eventually was                                                    home to many artists and
discovered by Fauvist artists                                               artisans and makes a perfect
like Matisse and Derain and                                                 lunch stop while investigating
immortalized in their paintings.                                            the local handicrafts. We ride
There'll be time to take a tour of the town by        on through Languedoc-Rousillon, the largest wine
following the Chemin du Fauvisme - a trail of         region of France. Domains (wine estates)                  "We are so happy to have joined the Catalan
reproductions of some of the more famous              advertising free tastings, beckon you to the right        trip... This has been the journey of our lives!"
paintings and where they were painted!Free            and left as you pedal along. The end of our day’s                         Tom Lewis, AL.
Evening.                                              ride will be in the little 10thC village of Cucugnan
                                                      at the base of the breathtaking Cathar Castle of
                                                      Queribus where we’ll have a wine-tasting before
                                                      our Group Dinner. (Ride of 50.6km / 32milesor
                                                      70.4km / 44miles)

                                                      Day 9
                                                      Cucugnan to Lagrasse
                                                      Today's ride finds us wending our way through
                                                      another superb gorge along the Riviere Torgan
                                                      and bringing us to Villerouge-Termenes with its
                                                      little castle. Here the last of the Cathars was
                                                      captured and burned at the stake in 1321. Our
                                                      night's lodging will be in Lagrasse, listed as one
                                                      of the most beautiful villages in France and
Day 7                                                 sporting an immense abbey founded by
Collioure - Le Boulou                                 Charlemagne in the 9th century. Group Dinner
Our first day’s ride in France is an easy one.        at a medieval castle. (Ride of 43km/ 27miles or
Woodsy riding brings us to the charming little        64km/ 40miles)
town of Ceret where the main draw for millions
of art lovers is the Musee d’Art Moderne. Many        Day 10
of the works were donated by an earlier generation    Lagrasse to Carcassone
of artists who spent much time in Ceret. Among        A short pretty ride today to give us time to explore
them were Picasso, Matisse, Chagal, Maillol and       fairytale-ish 12th century Carcassone with its
Gris. We’ll have plenty of time to visit the museum   soaring walls and pointed turrets. One of the most
and have a bite of lunch before crossing a bridge     stunning castle fortifications in the world, with a
built by the devil in 1321! Our night’s destination   complete village within its walls, it was the mother
is the little town of Le Boulou which has been an     of all of the great Cathar castles in southern
important crossroads for centuries. Group Dinner.     France. We'll have plenty of time to play lord &

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 Camino de Santiago

Medieval Pilgrimage Route                             Day 1                                                                         Day 4
Across Northern Spain to                              Roncesvalles                                                                  Laguardia to St. Domingo de
                                                      Early afternoon pickup in                                                     la Calzada
Santiago de Compostela                                Pamplona and transfer to                                                      Today we take a forgiven
                                                      Roncesvalles, the legendary                                                   detour off of the Camino to visit
“...a pilgrimage across northern Spain to the         pass shrouded in deep forests                                                 Haro, the capital of the Rioja
sanctuary at Santiago de Compostela, is the           and mists, and the traditional                                                Alta, where there’ll be a chance
                                                      beginning of the Camino in                                                    to visit one of the wineries. After
finest journey in Spain and one of the two or         Spain. After checking in to our                                               lunch, we’ll head on to St.
three best in the world.” So wrote James Michner      centuries old pilgrim hotel and                                               Domingo de la Calzada, an
in his monumental book on Spain, Iberia. For a        fitting our bikes, we’ll have time                                            enchanting walled town where
thousand years since the bones of St. James           to explore this beautiful area                                                we’ll spend the night - but not
                                                      and pay a visit to the 13th                                                   before visiting St. Domingo’s
were reputedly discovered in Santiago, common         century monastery with its                                                    most important sight, the
people, bishops, priests, kings, popes and saints     fascinating pilgrim’s museum.                                                 famous church with a hen and
have made this famous pilgrimage. Our tour will       Late in the afternoon, we’ll                                                  a rooster. To understand why,
echo their footsteps following the first guide book   pickup our pilgrim passports                                                  you’ll have to come on the tour!
                                                      and, for those interested,                                                    Free evening to try one of St.
ever written by a monk in the 12th century - the      attend the special mass for                                                   Domingo’s various restaurants.
Codex Calixtinus.                                     pilgrims. This evening we’ll                                                  (Ride of 45km/ 28 miles)
We begin high in the Pyrenees above Pamplona          toast our adventures to come with a champagne
and cross beautiful unspoiled northern Spain          reception and a typical Basque dinner.                     Day 5
                                                                                                                 St. Domingo de la Calzada to Burgos
taking in the cathedral cities of León and Burgos,    Day 2                                                      Riding ever westward, we head into the beautiful
and countless pilgrim stops steeped in wonders        Roncesvalles to Puente la Reina                            Oca hills to Burgos, home of one of Spain’s
and miracles along the way. Our lodgings include      Our first day’s ride takes us on a long lovely ride        biggest heroes, El Cid. Along the way, however,
luxurious monasteries, ancient pilgrim inns and       downhill through shady woods following the Urrobi          we’ll visit San Juan de Ortega -- one of the holiest
                                                      River, where Hemingway spent so much of his                spots on the Camino and where Queen Isabel
small hotels. We dine in restaurants famous for       time fishing when he wasn’t bullfights. Along the          prayed for a child. In Burgos, we will be staying
their regional cuisine and atmosphere.                way, we’ll pause to visit the mysterious 12th              very near the stunning Cathedral built by wool
                                                      century Templar church of St Maria Eunate before           merchant in the 13th century and harboring the
€3174                                                 arriving at the little town of Puente la Reina famous      tomb of El Cid. Free evening to sample one of
                                                      for its 11th century humped bridge over the Río            Burgos’ famous restaurants or tapas bars. (Ride
                                                      Arga. Night’s accommodations at a comfortable              of 92km/ 58miles)
14 nights/15 days                                     3-star hotel famous for its cuisine. Dinner together.
All breakfasts, 11 dinners with                       (Ride of 77km/48 miles)                                    Day 6
wine.                                                                                                            Burgos to Carrión de los Condes
                                                      Day 3                                                      Today we head across the meseta, the lovely
                                                      Puente la Reina to Laguardia                               gently rolling plains of northern Spain, to Carrión
Pick up in Pamplona                                   We ride off this morning toward the medieval               de los Condes. Around lunchtime, the Camino
13-6-2009 to 27-6-2009                                town of Estella with its imposing churches and             takes us right through the main nave of the
29-8-2009 to 12-9-2009                                the 12th century Palace of the Navarese kings.             haunting ruins of the San Antón Church -- once
                                                      We then head up into the Rioja Alta country                home to monks skilled in curing people of St.
Or any other date as a custom tour!                   famous for its superb wines. We spend the night            Anthony’s Fire! Onwards, we eventually arrive in
                                                      in the little walled town of Laguradia in the heart        Carrión where we’ll eat dinner and spend the
€2429                                                 of the Basque Rioja province of Alava, considered          night in the sumptuous royal monastery of San
                                                      by many to produce the finest Rioja wines of all.          Zoilo. (Ride of 96km/60 miles)
                                                      See for yourself at our dinner together. (Ride of
7 nights/8 days                                       85km/53 miles)                                             Day 7
All breakfasts, 6 dinners with                                                                                   Carrión de los Condes to León
wine.                                                                                                            Riding onwards, across the vast rolling meseta
                                                                                                                 we pass through Sahagun with its ruins of a
                                                                                                                 monastery that at one time was so vast and
Pick up in León                                                                                                  powerful that it minted its own coin! Passing
20-6-2009 to 27-6-2009                                                                                           through innumerable villages, each with its own
5-9-2009 to 13-9-2009                                                                                            share of legends and miracles, our ride eventually
                                                                                                                 brings us to León with its breathtaking Cathedral.
Or any other date as a custom tour!                                                                              We have two nights here in which to rest up and
                                                                                                                 visit the wonderful sights that León has to offer.
Flat to Rolling terrain.                                                                                         Our accommodations are in a comfortable little
                                                                                                                 hotel right in the heart of the old town. Evening
                                                                                                                 free. (Ride of 94km/59miles)
                                                                                                                 Day 8
                                                                                                                 A day to relax and just enjoy León. Visit the

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wonderful Cathedral with its                                                “feeling” of the Camino is            Camino, San Salvador, in the little hamlet of Vilar
i n c r e d i b l e s ta i n e d g l a s s                                  most palpable. On the way,            de Donas (Ladyville). The church is especially
windows -- so many of them that                                             we’ll take time out to visit the      evocative of the Middle Ages, adorned with
they make up 60% of the                                                     magnificent Templar’s castle          carvings and tombs of the Knights of Santiago.
exterior walls! An engineering                                              in Ponferrada before riding           Onward to Palas de Rei where we are warned
marvel. Then there’s the Basilica                                           on to the little granite street       in the Codex Calixtinus to look out for ladies of
de San Isidoro with its vivid 12th                                          village of Cacabelos and our          easy virtue!! Through forests and meadows, we
century frescos depicting                                                   sweet little family-run hotel.        follow the actual Camino, on to our night’s
scenes from the bible and                                                   Dinner together tonight at a          accommodation -- a Galician country manor
everyday life in medieval Spain.                                            truly memorable regional              house. Dinner together. (Ride of 50km/ 31miles)
You might want to do like the                                               restaurant that not only has
Spaniards and while away some                                               its own wines, but also its own       Day 14
hours just hanging out in the                                               vineyards! (Ride of 66km/41           Castañeda to SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA!!!
Barrio Humido, so called                                                    miles)                                The last day’s ride brings us to our hard-earned
because of all the many bars,                                                                                     goal -- the beautiful cathedral town of Santiago.
eating tapas and watching the                                                Day 11                               Before we get there, though, we’ll ride through
world go by.                                                                 Cacabelos to O Cebreiro              the idyllic countryside, passing through tiny
Joining our tour today? After                                                We head today for Galicia            hamlets, leafy oak and eucalyptus groves, and
10:00am meeting at our hotel                                                 and the last leg of the              wide stretches of meadowland. We’ll be
we’ll brief you on the tour and                                              Camino. We pass Villafranca          accompanied by other pilgrims -- some on foot
present you with your tour packages. After getting      Del Bierzo along the way with its tiny little Church      and some on bikes -- all eager to reach their goal.
you fitted for your bike, we’ll then make sure you      of Santiago and almost as holy as the Cathedral           Just before we reach Santiago we’ll cross the
get your Pilgrim Passports and point you in the         in Santiago de Compostela. It was here that ill           Río Lavacolla where medieval pilgrims were
right direction for a day of sightseeing in beautiful   or dying pilgrims could receive the same                  forced (by armed guards!) to wash themselves
León.                                                   absolution as they would have in Santiago. From           before entering Santiago! In Santiago, we head
                                                        here we climb into the Montes de Galicia and our          to our night’s accommodation only a block from
Welcome Dinner tonight at one of León’s oldest          night’s destination, O Cebreiro, a tiny hamlet just       the Cathedral. There’ll be time to collect your
restaurants to say “Buen Camino” to our newly           inside the Galician border. The little church here        Compostela (pilgrim certificate) before going to
arrived participants                                    has a chalice that has been closely linked with           the Cathedral for a guided tour. Gala Farewell
                                                        the Holy Grail. Dinner together. (Ride of 43km/27         Galician Feast tonight at one of Santiago’s most
                                                        miles)                                                    renown restaurants to celebrate our achievement.
                                                                                                                  (Ride of 50km/ 30 miles)
                                                        Day 12
                                                        O Cebreiro to Portomarín                                  Day 15
                                                        We’re now in the gentle misty country of Galícians        After breakfast we’ll say farewell and offer an
                                                        -- a Celtic people with their own language                A.M. transfer to the airport. For those of you
                                                        (Gallego). Their music, culture and even                  staying on we’ll offer recommendations of what
                                                        countryside are more reminiscent of Ireland than          to see and suggestions as to where else to go if
                                                        Spain. Riding along stonewalled back roads lined          you’re looking for a few more days of traveling in
                                                        with lush green meadows we’ll stop along the              this exceptionally lovely area of the world.
                                                        way to visit the sprawling great 6th century
                                                        Monastery of Samos before riding on to
                                                        Portomarín high above the Miño River. Our
                                                        accommodations are in a comfortable inn with
                                                        lovely views out over the Galician hills. Dinner           "It was a real pleasure travelling with you, we
                                                        together. (Ride of 70km/43 miles)
                                                                                                                  look forward to other adventures with you in the
Day 9                                                   Day 13                                                                         future."
León to Astorga                                         Portomarín to Castañeda
Today, we’re back on our bikes and on to Astorga,       Almost there, today we spend our last night on
the land of the Maragatos, a curious subculture         the Camino near the little town of Castañeda.                            Sally Simms, MN.
of mysterious origen. Astorga was once a Roman          Along the way, we’ll stop to visit one of the most
stronghold and now is home to a 15th century            outstanding Romanesque churches along the
Cathedral and neo-gothic Episcopal Palace
Designed by the famous Catalan architect, Antoní
Gaudi. Our comfortable Hotel Gaudi is right across
from the Cathedral and the Palace. Free evening.
(Ride of 61km/38miles)

Day 10
Astorga to Cacabelos
Leaving Astorga, we’ll head up into the forbidding
Montes de León that separate León from Galicia.
As we ride through this region dotted with tiny
hamlets unchanged since the Middle Ages, the

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 Andalucian Affair

Sevilla to Granda                                    Day 1                                                                         for its Moorish memories, but
                                                     Sevilla to Carmona                                                            also for its lively fiestas, flower-
Spend nine nights under the spell of the ancient     Midmorning 25 mile coach                                                      bedecked patios, famous
Moors in this timeless countryside of wildflowers,   transfer from the pick-up hotel                                               restaurants and sophisticated
olive trees and ancient whitewashed villages.        in Sevilla to the lovely walled                                               shops. We’ll give you a list of
Seductive Flamenco, flowered patios, twisting        town of Carmona. Stronghold                                                   our favorite restaurants. You
“old town” alleyways and magnificent cathedrals      of the Moors and later the                                                    can try one on your own or
                                                     favored town of Pedro the                                                     discover a new one -- and then
and palaces highlight our stays along the way.
                                                     Cruel. On the way, we’ll visit                                                afterwards, perhaps some
We’ll visit the timeless monuments to the Moors
                                                     the famous Roman Necropolis                                                   Flamenco? (70km/43.5miles)
magnificent culture including the breathtaking
                                                     just outside of the town walls
medieval mosque in Córdoba and the ethereal
                                                     before heading on to our hotel                                                Day 4
Alhambra Palace in Granada.
                                                     -- a charming 16th century                                                    Córdoba
                                                     palace! The afternoon is free                                                 Today we walk instead of roll
Our accommodations include comfortable 4-star        to enjoy an al fresco lunch of                                                for a guided tour of the
hotels, a monastery, a palace and a charming         tapas in the town square before                                              Mosque. The day is then free
family run hotel in a tiny whitewashed Andalusian    exploring the cool maze of Arab-like streets and/or       to explore all of the other sights, soak up the
village. Note: The tour in April takes in Semana     having a dip in the hotel’s charming pool. Later          ambiance or do a little shopping. This evening
Santa (Holy Week) celebrated like no where           in the afternoon we’ll fit the bikes. In the evening      we enjoy a tapa feast at Córdoba’s most famous
else in the world. A dramatic combination of the     we’ll get acquainted over a glass of champagne            tapa bar and restaurant!
sacred and profane - Andalucía at its most           and a festive welcome dinner.
colorful. May is the traditional Fiesta month in                                                               Day 5
Andalucía so that tour takes in the Fiesta dos       Day 2                                                     Córdoba to Baena
Patios in Córdoba where all of the houses in         Carmona to Palma del Río                                  After a morning transfer to the little town of Espejo,
Córdoba’s old center vie for the most beautiful      Beautiful, typically Andalusian countryside unfolds       we ride on quiet country roads surrounded by
patio!                                               as we ride quiet country roads graced with olive          vast vineyards of the Montilla-Moriles wine (a
                                                     trees, fields of wheat, sunlight and wildflowers.         sherry-like wine famous throughout Spain and
€2565                                                Afternoon finds us in the little town of Palma del        hardly known anywhere else) and a neverending
                                                     Río and our lodgings for the night -- the charming        sea of olive groves. In the afternoon, we will pay
9 nights / 10 days                                   converted 14th century monastery of San                   a visit to the renowned Nunez de Prada Oil Mill
All breakfasts                                       Francisco famous for its cuisine. Fray Junípero           in the town of Beana, where olive oil is still made
6 dinners with wine                                  Serra stayed here in the 14th century before he           in the old traditional way.
                                                     left to found his missions in California. Dinner          Our night's destination, La Casa Grande, is just
3-4-2009 to 12-4-2009                                together. (51km/31.5miles)                                across the pretty park from the oil mill. This small
2-6-2009 to 11-6-2009                                                                                          hotel was once an elegant private mansion and
3-10-2009 to 12-10-2009                              Day 3                                                     only recently has been converted into a charming
Or any other date as a custom tour!                  Palma del Río to Córdoba                                  hotel.
                                                     Today we’ll have a fairly long but mostly flat ride       Free evening.
                                                     following the Guadalquivír River, lifeblood of the
Moderate to hilly terrain
                                                     Andalusian plains, to the magnificent town of
                                                     Córdoba. Along the way, we’ll stop to visit the
                                                     stunning castle in Almódovar del Río rising up
                                                     from the fields of grain and wildflowers. On into
                                                     Córdoba, we head for the old Juderia (Jewish
                                                     Quarter) where we’ll spend 2 nights next to the
                                                     historic 8th century Mosque -- the only medieval
                                                     mosque in existence. At one time, under the
                                                     Moors, this lovely town was the world’s center
                                                     of culture and learning. Now it is famous not only

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                                                                                                Imagine the memories you’ll bring home...

                                                      Sierras Subbéticas, will have all of the
                                                      characteristics of yesterday's ride for a while,            "The Andalusia (trip) was one of the best trips
                                                      until it gradually gives way to olive groves - lots        of my life. I was happy the whole time. The cities,
                                                      of them. We’ll be staying at the HOTEL LA                  the country and the towns each held something
                                                      ENREA in sparkling little Montefrio. A                     special. Maggie was very attentive and generous
                                                      spectacularly situated town, it sits between 2             to everyone, and provided sites and restaurants
                                                      rocky outcrops each topped with a church. This             well beyond what the trip description called for.
                                                      area is ancient and has been in continual use                    She never stopped working for us!"
                                                      since the stone-age, as attested to by the many                   Bob Hausman, Washington, DC
                                                      tombs and caves with paintings and carvings
                                                      found in the vicinity. Group dinner. (54.9k

Day 6
Beana to Priego                                       Day 8
This morning we hop on our bikes and cycle            Montefrio to Granada
south into the National Park of the Sierra            A glorious much flatter ride today takes us through
Subbética -a remote unspoiled region of the           fields of asparagus dotted with wildflowers and
southern Córdoba Province. For half of the day’s      butterflies. We ride through numerous sleepy little
ride, we will take advantage of Spain’s “Rails for    Andalucian villages with grand views of the Sierra
Trails” system, which converts old train tracks       Nevada that beckon us on to romantic Granada.
into bike trails. We'll be staying outside of town,   In Granada we check into our charming downtown
in the countryside, in a lovely hotel complex,        hotel located near the Cathedral and within easy
VILLA TURISTICA DE PRIEGO, built to resemble          walking to the Alhambra. (51km/31miles or
a small Andalusian village. The complex is            65km/40miles)
situated in the hills around Priego and has
magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.     Day 9
 Amenities include a wonderful refreshing pool!       Granada
Group dinner at our hotel. (55.5k / 34.4m)            We have all day today to explore this legendary
                                                      city and the last bastion of the Moors beginning
Day 7                                                 with a tour of the breathtaking Alhambra - the
Priego to Montefrio                                   fortress palace of the last Moorish caliph, Boabadil.
Today we head south for the pueblo blanco             The rest of the day you have plenty of time to
(white village) of Montefrio through the very wild    visit Granada’s other important sights, shop or to
and sparsely inhabited area of                                             just spend time at an outdoor
the northern Granada Province.                                             café in one of the many pretty
 Many of our participants                                                  squares people-watching.
consider this the most beautiful                                           Evening finds us toasting to
ride of the tour. There’ll be                                              our adventures with good wine
almost no traffic and the                                                  and Andalucian cuisine at one
scenery is glorious, however,                                              of Granada’s most famous
it may also be the toughest ride                                           restaurants and the former
of the tour, so don't hesitate to                                          haunt of such great literary
catch a ride with the van if you                                           figures as Federico García
begin to feel your energies                                                Lorca.
flagging. It will wait along the
way at various spots for the                                              Day 10
group to catch up. The                                                    Breakfast and a.m. transfer to
countryside, still part of the                                            the airport for those needing

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Verde España

Santander along the Bay of                          Day 1                                                                                   be staying at a charming little
Biscay and Into the beautiful                       Bilbao to Comillas                                                                      family run hotel overlooking the
Picos de Europa                                     Morning pick up at hotel in                                                             Deva River. Free evening to try
                                                    Bilbao and it's on to the world                                                         one of the local restaurants in
This “hideaways” tour takes us on a remarkable      famous Guggenheim Museum                                                                town - we’ll be happy to give
journey through remote, timeless and virtually      of Modern Art designed by                                                               you our suggestions.
unknown northern Spain. Never conquered by          American architect Frank                                                                (43km/27miles)
the Moors and seemingly untouched since the         Gehry. This massive museum
Middle Ages the Picos de Europa mountains lie       is clad in shimmering titanium                                                          Day 4
only 15 kilometers from the sparkling beaches       and has been hailed by many                                                             Potes
of the Bay of Biscay. This is cycling paradise:     architectural critics as the first                                                      Today we can either ride our
lofty snow-capped mountains and magnificent         great building of the 21st                                                              bikes to the cable car at Fuente
stretches of beach all wrapped up in one            century. After lunch, we                                                                Dé (a stiff climb) or catch a lift
unforgettable tour.                                 transfer from Bilbao to our                                                             in the van. We then take the
                                                    country hotel in the little village                                                     breathtaking cable car to the
 Our tour begins with a visit to the world famous   of Trasvia near the seaside town of Comillas - at                   top of the mountain for a great hike along mountain
Guggenheim Museum of modern art in Bilbao.          one time the summer home of the Spanish royal                       paths to a rustic lodge for lunch on your own and
Then, a couple of days pedaling along the Bay       family. After the bike fittings, we'll offer a warm-                then it’s back to the cable car. The views are
of Biscay before we head south, riding through      up ride into Comillas to admire the abundance                       stupendous with lofty peaks in all directions --
the Picos rather than over them. We wind our        of noble homes and palaces. In the evening we'll                    truly a walk to remember! Dinner tonight at the
way through breathtaking gorges carved between      toast the beginning of our tour with a special                      excellent little restaurant belonging to the hotel.
massive peaks by fast rivers full of trout and      dinner at a four-star restaurant designed by Antoni                 (50km/31miles)
salmon. Our tour also includes 2 days of walks      Gaudí, one of only three buildings outside of
along some of the Picos most magnificent paths      C a ta l o n i a d e s i g n e d b y t h e a r c h i t e c t .      Day 5
and one morning spent canoeing along the Deva                                                                           Potes to Riaño
River. Accommodations include small quaint          Day 2                                                               We start the day with a 12-mile climb (the van
hotels, a manor house and a restored village in     Comillas to Pechón                                                  will be available) through an area of wild and
the woods.                                          We ride south today through quiet countryside                       rugged mountain terrain with heart-stopping views
                                                    amid centuries-old farmhouses and picturesque                       to reach the Puerto de San Glorio pass. After the
€2341                                               Cantabrian villages reminiscent of Austria’s Tyrol.                 pass it’s all downhill to Riaño and our lakeside
                                                    Then, it’s back to the coast for a night along the                  hotel for the night. Dinner on our own at one of
9 nights/ 10 days                                   sea before starting into the Picos de Europa. Our                   several restaurants in town. (63km/39m)
All breakfasts, 7 dinners with                      hotel is in the postcard perfect little village of
wine.                                               Pechón overlooking the Bay of Biscay. We’ll enjoy                   Day 6
                                                    a special paella dinner together tonight.                           Riaño to Cangas de Onis
4-7-2009 to 12-7-2009                               (40km/25miles)                                                      This morning we start the ride along the Riaño
12-9-2009 to 21-9-2009
Or any other date as a custom tour!                 Day 3
                                                    Pechón to Potes
Flat to Rolling terrain.                            This morning we cycle for a short way before
                                                    going on a fast-moving guided canoe trip on the
                                                    Río Deva, one of the main rivers that carves its
                                                    way through the Picos. Then it’s back on our
                                                    bikes and a glorious ride through the Hermida
                                                    Gorge to the little mountain town of Potes for two
                                                    nights at the base of Spain’s most beautiful
                                                    mountain range. Potes is a lively town full of
                                                    hikers and cyclists from all over Europe. We’ll

www.cycling-centuries.com                                   D.G.T License nº 58/2006                                 Call us at (00315) 212 424 604
                                                                                                 Imagine the memories you’ll bring home...

reservoir and then headnorth                                               riding! Dinner at our hotels
along the Sella River and down                                             excellent restaurant.                  "...my wife and I joined a bicycle tour of northern
through one of the most                                                    (60km/37m)                              Spain organized and led by Maggie Deffense.
spectacular gorges in the world                                                                                      She did both essential jobs extremely well.
- the Desfiladero de los Beyos.                                             Day 8                                 However, we expect that of any competent tour
This is a 35km/22m easy                                                     Alles                                  outfit. But we got more: Maggie's friendly, out-
downhill that doesn’t leave your                                            This is a day off of the bikes         going personality, which made us feel like we
hands paralyzed! The scenery                                                where we’ll take a 12.5km/8m          really "belonged", that we were part of her gang
is truly astounding - high                                                  walk along the breathtaking           of adventurers. We felt her warmth at the dinner
waterfalls shrouded in ferns,                                               Cares Gorge through an area            table or "on the road", a quality that made our
eagles circling above and the                                               accessible only by foot. This         tour all the more memorable and leaving us with
lovely clear salmon and trout                                               is one of the most beautiful                         the desire for more."
laden Río Sella rushing along                                               walks in Spain. It was literally                Ted Hamaan, Cambridge, MA
far below. All too soon this                                                carved out of the mountain
wonderful ride brings us to the                                             wall and follows a broad path
ancient little village of Cangas de Onis, the first   that meanders through short tunnels and behind
capital of Christian Spain, famous for its medieval   waterfalls as it follows the Cares River far below
bridge spanning the Sella River. Our                  while the mountains rise steeply up either side
accommodations are in a small comfortable hotel       providing unbelievable vistas. A well-deserved
right next to the medieval bridge. Dinner tonight     dinner at our secluded hotel.
at a wonderful local restaurant where we’ll get a
demonstration of how the Asturianos drink their       Day 9
favorite brew - hard cider! (71km/44miles)            Alles to Santillana del Mar
                                                      Today we’ll have a short ride along the Deva
                                                      River to its estuary and the seaside town of San
                                                      Vincente de la Barquera where we’ll then transfer
                                                      to one of Spain’s most picturesque villages --
                                                      Santillana del Mar. Frozen in time, Santillana is
                                                      an unbelievably pretty walled town that has lost
                                                      none of its charm and beauty - so pretty, in fact,
                                                      that the whole town has been declared a national
                                                      monument! We’ll arrive in plenty of time for
                                                      sightseeing and a visit to the famous Witchcraft
                                                      Museum after checking into the wonderful stone
                                                      and rough-hewn beamed hotel in the center of
                                                      the village. Tonight we’ll enjoy a special farewell
Day 7                                                 dinner together. (30km/19m)
Cangas de Onis to Alles
Heading east toward Panes, we visit Covadonga
where Pelayo rallied the Christians for the re-
conquest of Spain from the Moors and is now
considered one of the holiest sites in Spain! From
there, we’ll enjoy another fantastic all-day ride
along another lovely gorge -- this one following
first the Río Güeña and then the Río Cares to a
country inn set in a restored mountain village.
And for those wanting a change of mounts, there’ll
even be time in the afternoon to go horseback

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Everything You Need To Know To Enjoy
Cycling Through The Centuries

Pre-Trip CHECKLIST                                  Choosing a Trip
                                                    The daily itineraries will give                                                 • Past guests receive a 5%
Today                                               you an idea of the types of                                                     “Recycling through the
                                                    t e r r a i n , s c e n e r y, d a i l y                                        Centuries” discount.
                                                    mileages, sites and
•   Congratulate yourself on choosing a tour!       accommodations you will
                                                                                                                                    • Join us for 4 tours and receive
•   Complete registration and return form along                                                                                     a 50% discount on your 5th.
                                                    encounter on a specific tour.
    with your deposit of €400 to reserve your       Keep in mind that all of the                                                    • Your 10th tour is on the house.
                                                    tours offer fabulous cycling,                                                   • Groups are cheaper by the
    spot.                                           smashing scenery and lots of                                                    dozen: one free for every
•   As soon as we receive your deposit, we will     old world charm. In order to                                                    eleven paid guests.
    send you your pre-tour packet with detailed     guarantee the tour of your
                                                    choice, it is recommended to
    information about preparing for your tour.      make your reservation as early
•   Dig out your passport and check the date.       as possible. If you are thinking                                                Getting Yourself Ready
    If you don’t already have a passport, apply     ahead, our departure dates
                                                    remain fairly similar from year                                                Conditioning
    for it as early as possible.                    to year.                                                                       • While our pace is relaxed and
•   Make your travel arrangements. Be sure to                                                                                     the support van available, these
    include travel insurance.                       Private Custom Trips
                                                                                                                are cycling vacations best enjoyed from the
                                                                                                                • You should be comfortable covering the average
2 - Months Before                                   In the last few years we have done more and
                                                                                                                daily mileage over terrain similar to the tour. Daily
                                                    more Bespoke Trips for clients. We know that
                                                                                                                mileage averages 25-40 miles, with most guests
                                                    even with our wide selection of tours we can’t be
•   Finalize your travel plans; book hotel nights                                                               spending about 4 to 6 hours “on the road”,
                                                    everything to everybody - but with our Bespoke
                                                                                                                including numerous stops.
    apart from tour.                                Trips, we can come close!
                                                                                                                • Rather than describe Portugal and Spain as
•   Send/fax in your final payment 60 days                                                                      “breathtaking,” we’ll just tell you right out that it’s
                                                    • Your Schedule – if it falls out of what we currently
    before tour departure.                          offer or have reservations for.
                                                                                                                hilly. However, most routes do not have long
                                                                                                                grades, so although hilly, it’s comfortable. Any
•   Start exercising!                               • Your Destination – we’ll use our vast resources           strenuous days are noted in the itinerary. And
                                                    to design your tour.                                        remember, the support van driver always enjoys
2 - Months Before                                   • Your Group – no minimum for a private group!              company!
                                                    We will run a tour exclusively for you if you wish.         • Most roads are in good repair; a very few may
                                                    • Your Budget – just let us know how little or how          be a bit rougher and more patched than at home.
•   Confirm all reservations.                       much you want and we can come up with                       Many village centers are still cobbled (charm has
•   Plan what you are going to pack.                something to suit most people’s budget.                     it’s price...).
•   Your final packet comes out 1 month prior
    to departure.
                                                    How Can We Help You?                                        Pulling Together the Paperwork

                                                    Guest Services                                              Passports
                                                    • Questions are welcome! The U.S. office is very            • A valid U.S. Passport with at least 6 months of
                                                    familiar with the tours and have first hand                 validity is required for all U. S. citizens. Visas
                                                    experience with most of the routes. We’ll be happy          are not required.
                                                    to offer suggestions for additional sightseeing, or         • If you travel on a passport other than U. S., it
                                                    arrange a special tour for your group or family             is your responsibility to check with the appropriate
                                                    (minimum of 10 guests.) Airline ticketing, hotel            consulates and obtain the necessary visas.
                                                    reservations, car rentals and travel insurance are
                                                    also available through this office.                         Travel Insurance
                                                    • Guest requests for bicycle sizes, hotel                   • Travel insurance covering trip cancellation and
                                                    reservations, and travel arrangements should be             interruption, and emergency medical
                                                    received in our office no later than 30 days before         assistance/evacuation is advised for all guests.
                                                    the tour (at which time we can determine tour
                                                    meeting details).
                                                                                                                • If you decline coverage, we require a waiver to
                                                                                                                that effect. Check with your current medical
                                                    • We must have your arrival information at this             provider to verify that they include coverage
                                                    time. Requests are handled as they are received.            outside the U.S.
                                                    While we will be glad to assist at any time,
                                                    requests received within 30 days cannot be                  Trip Documents
                                                    guaranteed and may incur additional charges.
                                                                                                                • Trip documents are issued 21 days prior to the

www.cycling-centuries.com                                   D.G.T License nº 58/2006                         Call us at (00315) 212 424 604
                                                                                                  Imagine the memories you’ll bring home...

tour. They consist of a tour voucher and an             • Other items you may wish to bring: Gel seat              inns, rustic mountain lodges and small family
emergency information form which you will give          covers, fanny pack and an extra handlebar bag              hotels. We select the best “experience” available
to your our leader, plus daily hotel listing, meeting   (we provide rear support bags). Many people                which is a thoughtful marriage of scenery, terrain,
information, list of tour participants, and, airline    find compasses useful too.                                 lodging and local culture. While our 5-star picks
tickets (if we ticketed.)                               • In terms of clothing, cycling togs (especially           are dazzling, even the simplest accommodations
• If you are leaving the country more than 21           padded cycling shorts) are the most comfortable            promise comfort and hospitality.
days before the tour, let us know.                      for most people.
                                                        • Plan on layers you can don or doff as the
                                                        weather changes. A poncho or gain gear should              • If you are traveling alone you may request a
                                                        be included for the occasional rainy day.                  roommate to retain the double occupancy rate.
                                                                                                                   If you would like a private room, a single
                                                                                                                   supplement is applicable (€400). Single
                                                                                                                   occupancy may not be available on all nights on
                                                        What to Expect On The Road                                 all tours.

                                                        Daily Schedule                                             Meals
                                                        • Breakfast is around 8:30AM, and most of the              • Europeans are dedicated to eating well. Whether
                                                        group collects their bikes shortly thereafter.             dining at a renowned establishment or local tasca,
                                                                                                                   the food is always well-prepared and proudly
                                                        • Each morning the staff holds an informal briefing        presented. Fresh regional specialties abound.
                                                        on the day’s route, sights, meals and van
                                                        schedule.                                                  • Daily breakfasts used to be only of the continental
                                                                                                                   variety but now most of the hotels we use provide
                                                        • The route will have been previously chalked              sumptuous buffet breakfasts.            When only
                                                        with arrows on the road making it truly hassle-            continental breakfasts are offered we pad out the
                                                        free –no need to stop at each corner to check              fare with cereal and fruit.
                                                        your maps!
Getting Your Gear Together                                                                                         • Approximately ¾ of the evening meals with
                                                        • The support van leaves the hotel about an hour           wine are included.
                                                        after the cyclists and touches base with them
If You Want to Use One of Our Completely Free           enroute to the evenings accommodations. After              • When it’s a free evening, restaurant suggestions
of Charge Bicycles...                                   checking in and depositing the luggage in                  are offered but, of course, this is a great
                                                        everyone’s rooms the van doubles back to pick              opportunity for exploring on your own.
• Our bikes are all top of the line hybrids, with       up any weary riders and to assist with packages,           • Some of the tours will have 1 or 2 picnics
aluminum frames and high-end Shimano                    provide snacks, picnics etc.                               included.
components.                                             • Lunch may be a picnic, an informal cafe stop,
• There is a choice of frames, in four sizes:           or a pre-arranged restaurant.
S / M / L / XL (16” / 19” / 21” / 23”).                 • The cycle guide will ride sweep toward the rear          Travel
• All of them come equipped with water bottle           of the group to render assistance.
supports and rear support racks. Everyone is            • Drivers are courteous, as these are “people”             Arrivals/Departures
issued a pump, tire irons, and a tube - in the          roads. They are accustomed to oxcart, wheel-
unlikely event that you should get a flat.                                                                         • Plan on arriving at the designated hotel pickup
                                                        barrow, cyclists and foot traffic.                         point by 10:45am the day the tour begins. (If this
• If you will be using one of our bikes, please                                                                    varies at all you will be advised upon booking.)
remember to provide your height and inseam              Group Size/Composition
measurements in the space provided on the                                                                          • On the last morning, we provide a group airport
                                                        • Most tours average 8 to 10 guests and are                transfer.
registration form.                                      limited to a maximum of 18.
If You Want to Bring Your Own Bicycle...                • There’s a pretty even split between couples              Pre and Post Trip Hotels
                                                        and singles. Ages range between late twenties              • As many guests arrive early or stay on after a
• If you choose to bring your own bicycle, please       to mid-sixties, with a sprinkling above and below.
be sure that it is in top-notch mechanical condition.                                                              tour, we will be glad to reserve a reasonably
                                                        • Riders tend to group together according to               priced hotel room for you, normally at the hotel
• Unless you do all your own mechanical work,           interests: market goers, photography, museum               where the tour will meet.
we suggest that you take it to your local cycle         buffs, strong cyclists etc. Longer routes, without
shop for a thorough “physical” prior to the trip        regard for terrain are frequently available for the        Can’t Join the Whole Trip?
and also secure whatever repair/emergency parts         energetic.
that they recommend.                                                                                               • If you must arrive late or leave early, we frequently
                                                                                                                   make a pro-rated rate available. You must stay
• Our mechanic will be glad to help with daily                                                                     at least 75% of the nights, transport is on your
maintenance and minor repairs.
                                                                                                                   own and there is a €100 surcharge.
Cycling Gear
                                                                                                                   Be sure to read the POLICIES, TERMS &
• We ask that you bring your own helmet. Common         Where We Stay                                              CONDITIONS.
sense and a responsibility to encourage safe            • Our tours offer a variety of regional
riding practices dictates that helmets be worn at       accommodations: Portuguese pousadas, Spanish
all times while riding.                                 paradors, private manor houses, elegant hotels,
• Gloves are strongly recommended.                      historic inns and castles---as well as quaint country

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 Bespoke Trips

Create a unique trip,                       Custom Trips                                                          to travel.
designed exclusively for                                                                                          We can help with any pre
                                            In the last few years we                                              or post tour travel needs
you!                                        have done more and more                                               with no added cost.
                                            Custom Trips for clients.                                             You can operate under your
Your Schedule                               We know that even with                                                own schedule.
                                            our wide selection of tours                                           • Your destination – We
                                            we can’t be everything to                                             can provide route maps
If it falls outside our current offers or   everybody but with our                                                throughout Spain, Portugal
reservations, we will organise dates that   CUSTOM TOURS, we can                                                  and France.
                                            come close!                                                           • Your Group – there is no
suit you.                                   • Your Schedule – if it falls                                         minimum number for the
                                            out of what we currently                                              tour.
Your Destinations                           offer or have reservations                                            • Your Budget - just let us
                                            for.                                                                  know how little or how much
                                            • Your Destination – we’ll                                            you want and we can come
We’ll use our vast resources and            use our vast resources to                                            up with something to suit
connections to design a tour that suits     design your tour.                                    most people’s budget.
                                            • Your Group – no minimum for a private              • Your Activities – If you would like any
your requirements.                          group but it’s cheaper by the dozen - put            additional activities other then cycling we
                                            together 11 people and you go FREE .                 can help you select from a range of activities
Your Group                                  • Your Interests – just let us know exactly          depending on the chosen area such as
                                            what your special interests are - archeology,        culinary classes, wine tastings, hikes,
                                            art, wine, music, you name it - and we will          kayaking, sailing and horse-riding.
We have no minimum for a private group      arrange an itinerary rich in all your favourite
 but it’s cheaper by the dozen. Sign up     things.                                              Corporate Incentive Travel
                                            • Your Activities – If you would like any
eleven other people and you tour for        additional activities other than cycling we          As a company whose success depends
free!                                       can help you select from a range of activities       largely on group dynamics between staff
                                            depending on the chosen area such as                 and clients, we understand the importance
Why not get in touch with us to see what    culinary classes, wine tastings, hikes,              of building team spirit.
                                            kayaking, sailing and horse-riding.                  We are now offering on request a series of
we can do for you?                                                                               executive team building vacations ranging
                                            We can help with any pre or post tour travel
                                            needs with no added cost.                            from two to five days.
                                                                                                 You may choose from the regions where
                                            Self-Guided Trips                                    our tours travel and we will adapt it to your
                                                                                                 needs or if you are looking for a slightly
                                            We know that there are people who would              different area we are happy to try and
                                            simply like to take a trip with there family a       accommodate. You set the date, price and
                                            partner or even on there own, free to make           location and we will design a great
                                            your own schedule in the evenings and visit          motivational week-end.
                                            locations in your own time with or without a
                                            guide. We will organize your trip, provide
                                            a support vehicle, bicycles, detailed route
                                            maps and a guide/mechanic to shuttle
                                            luggage and maintain your bikes. The level
                                            of involvement of the guide is up to you.

                                            If you’re feeling very adventurous then we
                                            offer the opportunity to travel completely
                                            solo. We will organize your trip and provide
                                            you with the route maps but then you’re on
                                            your own.
                                            necessary details will be sent 30 days prior

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 Dipping in the Douro

Douro Valley Port Wine tour.                         Douro Port Wine
                                                                                                                         They established English
Our port wine tour has been long overdue but         Separated from the sea by                                           trading companies in
it's finally arrived!                                the Marão mountains and                                             Oporto to ship the wines
                                                     protected from the rainy                                            back to England, but these
                                                     winds of the Atlantic, the                                          wines did not travel well, so
Port wine is produced in the beautiful landscape
                                                     Douro valley has a climate                                          the traders added Brandy
of the Douro Valley in the Alto Douro region, a      of baking, dry summers                                              to "fortify" them against the
region that is now classified has World Heritage     and severe winters. It is a                                         rigours of their Atlantic sea
by UNESCO. The sun drenched terraced hills           land of austere beauty.                                             voyage. Before long pure
of the Douro Valley have produced Port since                                                                             grape spirit was added
the 1600's and was also the first region of wine     The vineyards are                                                   during fermentation and port
to be demarcated in the world.                       dizzyingly steep: the vines                                         as we drink it today was
                                                     must be planted on tiers of                                         created.
Our Port wine tour begins in the city of Oporto      walled terraces, towering
                                                     one above the other like                                            The pioneers of the Port
in the World Heritage "Ribeira" (water front)
                                                     the steps of the Pyramids,                                          trade soon found the
where in the early morning through the mist you      the product of centuries of Herculean labour.      fortifying process did far more than just
can see the rebelo boats coming in with there                                                           protect the wine. It improved it, giving it the
sails up flying the name of the maker, delivering    Needless to say this is a truly remarkable         power to mature into something unique.
the barrels of port to the warehouse. We will        part of the world and there is no better view      Transforming in the cool, peaceful lodges
meet with producers and visit some of the most       of this unique landscape then from the             at Vila Nova de Gaia, across the Douro from
famous warehouses in Oporto.                         saddle of bicycle.                                 Porto (Oporto), into the opulent and complex
                                                                                                        wine that we
Next we will head into the stunning region of                                                           know today as Port.
the Alto Douro one of the most dramatic wine
                                                                                                        The finest Port is produced from grapes
regions in the world. Staying in the small town                                                         grown on the steep and rocky slopes of the
of Pinhao the hub of the production for the Port                                                        Upper Douro and its tributaries. Vines have
wine in the famous Talyor Vintage House,                                                                been grown on these remote hillsides since
engulfed by the beautiful valley of vineyards that                                                      pre-Romans times.
surrounds us.
                                                                                                        The distinctive character of Port does not
Price: Contact Us                                                                                       come only from its method of production.
(For details Please email info@cycling-centuries)    A History of Port.                                 Like that of every great classic wine, it is
                                                                                                        also born of an association of climate, soil
5 nights / 6 days                                    In the past the majority of port wine houses       and grape variety unique in the world.
All breakfasts, 8 dinners with                       (and still today some of the most famous)
wine                                                 - Taylors, Grahams, Warres - were English,         This is a rare opportunity to experience the
                                                     in fact some would argue that Port wine as         scenery, the culture and the climate that
June 5 - 11                                          we know it today only exists due to the            contributed to making one of the world’s
Or any other date as a custom tour!                  English.                                           greatest wines.
Rolling to Hilly terrain.                            In 1678 the British declared war on France
                                                     and blockaded there ports which of course
                                                     lead to an immediate shortage of wine. So
                                                     England turned to Portugal its oldest alley
                                                     for its wine needs and under the Treaty of
                                                     Methuen of 1703, England granted lower
                                                     duties to Portuguese wines than to those
                                                     of France and Germany becoming for over
                                                     a century the principal market for the wines
                                                     of the Douro Valley.
                                                     How Port came to be.

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                                                                             Imagine the memories you’ll bring home...

Trip Policies,
Terms & Conditions


A deposit of €400 and signed reservation form are necessary to confirm a reservation. Full payment is due 60 days prior to
departure. Late reservations will be taken if space is available. The tour price is based upon double occupancy and includes
the services specified in the itineraries, plus optional activities listed. Prices do not include services and meals not listed
specifically in the itineraries.


There is a €50 handling fee for all cancellations. Deposits become non-refundable 60 days prior to the tour date. For cancellations
received within 60 to 21 days prior to the tour date, Cycling Through The Centuries will refund half of the tour price (less the
€400 deposit and €50 handling fee) and the other half will remain on account applicable for travel within a calendar year. There
are no refunds for cancellations made within 21 days of the tour date. No refunds are possible after the tour begins. Cycling
Through The Centuries reserves the right to cancel a tour prior to departure for any reason, in which case, a full refund will
be made. Travel insurance, including cancellation insurance (available from your travel agent) is strongly recommended.


The payment of the deposit or any partial or full payment for a reservation on a tour shall constitute consent to all provisions
listed under “Trip Policies - Terms & Conditions” in this brochure. These provisions are hereby incorporated by reference in
this RESPONSIBILITY notice, and participants are advised to take notice. Cycling Through The Centuries is the principal tour
operator for these tours and is responsible to the participants for all arrangements and for all tour services and accommodations
offered. Cycling Through The Centuries, its agents, servants, and employees shall not be responsible for personal injuries or
property damage, loss or delay, or change of itinerary incurred by any person or tour participant arising out of the act of
negligence of any direct or supplemental carrier, hotel, or other person rendering any of these services or accommodations
being offered in these tours; nor shall Cycling Through The Centuries be responsible for any injuries, death, damage, loss or
delay in any means of transportation or by reasons of any event beyond the actual control of Cycling Through The Centuries,
or of any agent or supplier, or due to force majeure. Trip participants follow the suggested itinerary at their own risk and agree
not to hold Cycling Through The Centuries responsible for injury or death resulting from accidents. Participants must supply
their own helmets which are required to be worn while on the bicycles. The bicycles provided for use during tours are in
satisfactory operating condition and participants agree to use them at their own risk or call deficiencies to the attention of the
tour leader. Instruction in the use of bicycles will not be provided and participants affirm that they are familiar with the use of
a multi-speed bicycle. The tour operator reserves the right to substitute hotels, restaurants, or other services listed in the
itinerary with comparable services if necessary. The right is also reserved to decline to accept or retain any person as a member
of a trip due to circumstances beyond the control of Cycling Through The Centuries.

Revised November 2008.

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CTTC Reservation Form
To reserve your tour please print, fill out and mail, email or fax the following form to the appropriate address below.

Trip Information
Trip Dates:

Group Information If there are sevral people in your party, please fill out a form for each person.
Number of people in party:

Personal Information (Please fill out all fields)
Name:                                                                               Date of Birth:       /       /
Zip / Postcode:
Home phone:
Work phone:

Accomodation Information (Based on two people per room)
  Double - 2 beds
  Double - 1 bed
  Single - I want my own room and agree to pay a €400 single supplement
  Single - I don't mind sharing a room:
  Single - I would like to room with:

Bicycle Information All our bikes are lightweight, 27 speed, aluminium Hybrids. There is no rental fee.
I'll need a bike        Yes               No
My height (please include units, eg. 6ft or 182cm):
My inseam (crotch to floor in cycling shoes - include units):

Toe clips                Yes              No
Side Mirror              Yes              No

Travel Assistance
   I would like assistance with my travel arrangements.
   I will be responsible for own my travel arrangements.

Deposits and Payments
We require a €400 deposit per person. For Credit Card payments, you will receive an email with a link to a PayPal secure
payment prompt. To transfer payment via your bank, please use our account details below:

   Wire Transfer for both Deposit & Final Payment.                                              Bank:
   Credit Card for both Deposit & Final payment via PayPal.                                     Montepio Geral
                                                                                                Account Holder:
Note: Final payment is not required until 60 days prior to departure date.                      Cycling Through the Centuries
For Instant Reservations, Call or Fax (+351) 212 424 604                                        IBAN:
                                                                                                PT50 0036 0050 9910 0286 0176 6
Policies, Terms and Conditions                                                                  SWIFT CODE:
  I have read the CTTC Policies, Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them.               MPIOPTPL

Signed:                                                                                      Date:       /       /

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2009 Official CTTC
Riding Gear

                                                                                                              P edalling
All 100% made in Portugal!

All our equipment is made to order and we do
not stock anything other than water bottles.
If you are interested in our cycle gear please
                                                                         ng since 198
                                                          Pe d a l l i                6
contact us through our website or via email at
info@cycling-centuries.com and let us know
what you’d like!

                                                                                                   w w w. c y c l i n g - c e n t u r i e s . c o m

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Imagine the memories you’ll bring home...

                                       “...Have no trouble recommending your company.
                                             Have been with Backroads, VBT, EasyRider,
                                                       and others and you are the best!”

                                                                       Warren Arnold, CA

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