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									                      Traineeships King George VI, Zimbabwe

Attachment to King George VI (KG6), a special needs school in

1. Location
Country                                      Zimbabwe
Town                                         Bulawayo (second largest city; 430 km from the
                                             capital Harare)
Partner / Institute                          King George VI
Department                                   Primary and/or secondary school

2. Period
  Preferably three months, but can be flexible; based on requirements of the Belgian University /
  Since the VVOB support team is based in Harare, there will not be daily face-to-face contact
 with VVOB staff. Contact with Belgians during this attachment will be limited; therefore we would
 prefer two students who can come during the same period; they do not need to know each other
  Please note that Zimbabwean school holiday periods fall in April, August and December;
 teaching practice is not possible in these months.(see also 6: leave days/days off)

3. Terms of Reference
Objectives of the          King George VI (KG6) is a Special Needs school, located in Bulawayo and
Traineeship                providing rehabilitation and boarding facilities to children from age 3 to 18
                           with physical disabilities, hearing impairments and mental disabilities (but
                           some children with no disabilities also attend the lessons.) It has a primary
                           and secondary school for disabled children. The school offers academic
                           training, preparing children for higher education and also trade-oriented
                           programs for those unprepared to pursue higher education. The school has
                           some rehabilitation technicians that offer physiotherapy, speech therapy,
                           and occupational therapy with mentorship and assistance from international
                           volunteers. KG6 operates 10 independent living houses where graduates
                           live in a group setting with assistance from house parents. The school puts
                           a lot of emphasis on creativity and several forms of expressive and visual
                           During the attachment, the students can work directly with the children. At
                           the same time, they can also build the capacity of staff and volunteers who
                           work with the children at the school. Students can also interact with United
                           College of Education (UCE, the only college in Zimbabwe that offers a
                           teacher training programme in Special Needs Education; also located in
                           Bulawayo), and the Quality Education and Vulnerability Programme
                           supported by VVOB to share experiences with student-teachers and
                           lecturers at the college, VVOB team and other programme partners.
                           Additionally, King George VI is in the process of starting up a SchoolLink
                           (Scholenband) with a school in Flanders; the student(s) could be involved in
                           the thinking and communication around common educational initiatives of
                           both schools.
Expected Results           Interesting learning experience for the student(s) on attachment / Capacity

Attachment KG6, Zimbabwe                                                                             1/3
                           Building of KG6 staff and volunteers / Interaction with teacher education
                           college(s) and VVOB support team to contribute to the Quality Education
                           and Vulnerability Programme/ Strengthening of the SchoolLink.
Planned activities Activity                                                            M1     M2      M3
and time frame
                   Direct work (teaching or therapy) with the pupils of KG6.            v      v       v
                     Interaction with the teachers, technicians, volunteers and         v      v       v
                     para-professionals of KG6; and based upon the student’s
                     strengths and the needs of KG6 community, capacity
                     building of KG6 staff and volunteers.
                     Interaction with lecturers and student teachers of the nearby      v      v       v
                     teacher education colleges; especially UCE
                     Interaction with the partners in the Quality Education and         v              v
                     Vulnerability Programme (running in all teacher education
                     colleges in the country) and the VVOB team that supports
                     this programme.
                     Activities to explore and strengthen the SchoolLink of KG6                v       v
                     with school in Flanders.

4. Support
Working environment                      You will be working in a school for children with hearing
                                         impairments, physical and mental disabilities.
Position in the program/institution      The school is keen to provide a practical learning environment
                                         for students training in education, special needs education,
                                         physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy... The
                                         school has qualified staff that will be able to mentor the
                                         student(s). At the same time, the school hopes that the
                                         student will be able to share his/her knowledge and skills with
                                         other staff and volunteers at the school, in turn building the
                                         capacity of the school.
Name Supervisor                          You will be assigned a mentor by King George VI, who is
                                         qualified in your field. You will also be visited by a VVOB staff
                                         member and you will be able to contact this person with any
                                         challenges you may be facing during your attachment. The
                                         VVOB team in Zimbabwe currently has two Belgian staff
                                         members who can be contacted at all times. They are based
                                         in Harare, and will be able to have face-to-face contact with
                                         the student upon arrival in the country as well as upon
                                         departure. It is, however, unlikely that they will be visiting the
                                         student often during his/her attachment with the school.

5. Minimum requirements
Expertise                                     Students training in education, special needs education,
                                              physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy.
                                              Good conversational knowledge of English is needed.
Profile                                       Socially motivated, eager to work in groups, comfortable
                                              in team-work, interested in and aware of local culture,
                                              honest, open, dynamic, eager to learn, not afraid of
                                              learning sign language
                                              As contact with expatriate VVOB staff will be limited,
                                              students should be relatively independent.
Required / Preferred preparation              Practice in spoken English, as it is the language used in

Attachment KG6, Zimbabwe                                                                               2/3
                                           education, although Ndebele is also spoken regularly.
                                           Contact with the programme is possible beforehand
                                           through e-mail in Dutch or English. Contact details of
                                           students who have been on attachment in previous years
                                           can be made available; take note that it will be only the
                                           second time that VVOB facilitates the placement of
                                           students with KG6.
Duo-attachment possible?                   yes

6. Working conditions
Workload                            Full-time practice at the school. Holidays will need to be taken
                                    during the periods that the school is closed.
Leave days / days off               Leave days need to be taken when the school is closed but,
                                    like all VVOB-staff, students get 2,5 leave days per month + the
                                    local public holidays. We prefer that in as much as possible,
                                    your attachment period falls during the school term. You may
                                    have to find other useful things to do in April (when school is
                                    closed), if your attachment period overlaps with the school
Required language skills            English
Transport                           Public transport.
Possibilities accomodation          King George VI will avail the students fully equipped self-
                                    catering accommodation in a HOSTEL at the school. (1single
                                    bed, 1 lavabo, a build-in closet, a little des.) with shared
                                    bathroom and kitchen facilities. You will have the chance to eat
                                    there for free although there is not much variety. Should the
                                    hostel rooms be occupied, private accommodation can be found
                                    in town.
Estimated general costs             Approximately 10USD per day; 20 $ when private
                                    accommodation is needed. (holiday trips not included)

   The school can accommodate several students at the same time. We find students offer each
   other a lot of support in dealing with new experiences. We therefore prefer that two students
   come in the same period. It is not essential that they know each other from beforehand.

Attachment KG6, Zimbabwe                                                                           3/3

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