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                           HILTON HEAD ISLAND BEACH & TENNIS RESORT
                                             Official Headquarters of Spring Break Tennis
                                            40 Folly Field Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
                                             Office Phone 843-842-0086 • Fax 843-686-0581

                                                                   ray yost
                                                        57 • rman50@
                                        Cell 814-450-01
                                                                               IS 2009
                                              E TO SPRING
                                                              BREAK TENNhave had this year,
                                     WELCOM                    snowy winter we     e
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                                                                                                                        2009. This
                                  Hopefully everyone                    d sunshine at Hilt
                                                  e much anticipate                               e you need assistan
                           and will enjoy som                              e 28 days. Anytim                                         t
                                                   e for about 20 of th                                    on the Island or no
                           year I will be on sit                  814-450-0157, as
                                                                                         weather I am
                                                                                                                          ay Hines,
                                                     my cell at                                 a new assistant, M
                           please do call me on                        one call. I will have                                     m
                            we can solve a    lot with a simple ph                     Beach & Te     nnis Resort daily fro
                                                  next to th  e Pro Shop at The                                 ar wi  ll be Eric
                            in the SBT office                                          ning to help this ye
                                                               4-7 pm. Also retur                                      Findlay, who
                            approxim    ately 8-11 am and                          tions! Un   fortunately, Andy
                                                     mak  ing daily site inspec                           ons an   d will not be
                             Prince, who will be                                  with other obligati
                                                           the past is tied up
                             has be  en a great help in
                                                     this season!                                                       e sure you
                             able to come down                                               llowing; please mak
                                                          ess the im  portance of the fo                                 t, or cap-
                                    I really need to str                                    in (yours, an assistan
                                                    bers to give   us when you check
                              have two cell num                     are to participate in
                                             mandatory if you                                              u are going, as we are
                              tain), this is                    hes, make sure     you know where yo                                   es
                                     Especially for new
                                                           coac                                               o many other chor
                                                                                      ns, (we have way to
                                                      e calls concerning directio                                   s all over the web
                               not answering phon                                          directions and map
                                                                   pages and pages of                         h, so as to prevent
                               to worry   about), and there are                     day before your matc
                                                       ase drive to the site the                 and read! Do you
                                                                                                                           know the
                               site. If uncertain ple                    spend a little time
                                                       ng late. Please                               Royal Plantation?
                                getting lost or arrivi                      uet Club and Port                            d all play in
                                difference betwee    n Port Royal Racq                       e before 7:45 am an
                                                              u do   not arrive at any sit                         ers, and spectators
                                      Please make sure yo                               make sure your play
                                                       idden af  ter 10 pm. Please                                take your trash
                                 the evening is forb                                      after your match,
                                                        behavio  r and clean all sites                       ssible! SBT only ex
                                 exhibit the best of                                  at and clean as po
                                                             ve ever ything as ne                                       eir facilities, SO
                                  with you please an
                                                       d lea                                 o allow us to use th
                                                                   of the many sites wh
                                  becaus e of the cooperation                           ING!
                                                                IN A GOOD TH                        th the complete SB
                                                                                                                              T operation
                                  PLEA   SE DO NOT RU                        iliarize your self wi
                                                               and do fam                           in it’s entirety.
                                        Have a grand week                  reading the website
                                                    ne a lot of grief by                                            Regards, Ray Yost
                                   and save everyo

  SBt cODe OF BeHaViOr                                                                 St. Patrick’S Day ParaDe
  * Do NOT arrive at any site before 7:45 am.                                          Sunday, March 15 • 3 pm
  * NO bad language.
  * Shirts stay ON.
                                                                                                          The parade will cause major traffic
  * Stay OUT of any school.
  * CLEAN all sites before you leave even if that means                                                   alterations on Pope Avenue.
    taking garbage with you.                                                                             You may not be so lucky getting to practices
  * USE only those courts assigned to you.                                                     and matches unless you plan accordingly.
  * We expect all coaches to monitor their teams at all times.

Spring Break Tennis 2009                                                                                                                                3
                                                     Where to Go
                                                               What to Do
                                                     W       elcome to Hilton Head Island! You’ve made it
                                                             to Spring Break Tennis. Your priority is tennis.
                                                             You’re on the court for practices and games,
                                                     but what will you do when you’re off the court? Plenty.
                                                     Check out our advertisers for where to go and what to
                                                     do on this beautiful island while you’re here.

                                                     Aunt Chilada’s            Casey’s Sports Bar & Grille
                                                     Giuseppi’s                Harold’s
                                                     Larry’s Giant Subs        Mall at Shelter Cove
                                                     One Hot Mamas             Piggly Wiggly
                                                     Reilley’s                 Salty Dog Cafe
                                                     Street Meet               The Crazy Crab
                                                     The Frosty Frog Cafe      Yummy House
                                                     Wild Wing Cafe

                                                     Night Life
                                                     Aunt Chilada’s         Mall at Shelter Cove
                                                     Reilley’s              Salty Dog Cafe
                                                     Wild Wing Cafe         The Frosty Frog Cafe
                                                     Casey’s Sports Bar & Grille

                                                     Activities • Services • Shopping
                                                     Mall at Shelter Cove Player’s World of Sports
        • Over 50 tv’s to watch all NBA,             Thrifty Car Rental     Hyperbarics
          NHL and NCAA Basketball.                   Port Royal Racquet Club
                                                     South Beach Racquet Club
          Not a bad seat in the house.
                                                     Professional Tennis Registry
              • Great food. Full menu.               International Academy of Tennis (IAT)
                                                     LeClaire-Young Peak Performance Training Program
          • Karaoke Tuesday and Friday.
    • Live Music - Wednesday and Thursday.           Lodging - Hotels
       • Full bar with a great Happy Hour            Comfort Inn HH            Holiday Inn Oceanfront
      and Special Drink prices every day.

    • Best collection of sports memorabilia.         Lodging - Rental Companies
                 37 New Orleans Rd.                  Hilton Head Beach and Tennis Resort
                   Orleans Plaza          Fa         Hilton Head Rentals and Golf
     Vidmes                              We milies
     Ga           785-2255                 lcom
                                                     Southwind Vacation Rentals
                                                     The Vacation Company
               10% OFF with this ad
4                                                                                       Spring Break Tennis 2009
                                    fficial Lodging Sites
HHI BEACH & TENNIS RESORT                                               COMFORT INN HILTON HEAD
Official Headquarters of Spring Break Tennis                            Great location and walking distance to the beach. 100 yards to super-
This beautiful resort is right on the ocean and is a perfect site for   market, restaurants, Beachwalk Cafe. Heated outdoor pool. Coin
your Spring Break stay.                                                 laundry. Spring Break Tennis rate is $70 for up to 4 persons per
Contact: Carolyn Lee; 1-800-475-2631; local 1-843-842-4402              room. Includes deluxe continental breakfast, daily housekeeping.
40 Folly Field Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928                       Contact: Mike Koker; 800-522-3224 x 1603 or 843-842-6662
www.hhibeachandtennis.com                                               2 Tanglewood Dr., Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

THE VACATION COMPANY                                                    HOLIDAY INN OCEANFRONT
The Vacation Company has condos, homes and villa rentals                Direct oceanfront property, south end location adjacent to
throughout the Island. Offices are located on New Orleans Road          Coligny Plaza featuring over 60 restaurants, shops and attractions.
near Sea Pines Circle.                                                  Centrally located for easy travel to all Island tennis locations.
Contact: Tiffany; 1-800-545-3303 or 843-686-6100                        Outdoor pool on ocean front, with all necessary beach amenities.
43 New Orleans Rd., Hilton Head Island, SC 29928                        Full service Grouper’s restaurant.
www.vacationcompany.com                                                 Contact: Peggy Romeo; 800-423-9897 or 843-785-5126
                                                                        1 South Forest Beach Dr., Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
HILTON HEAD RENTALS & GOLF                                              e-mail: promeo@lodgian.com
Hilton Head Rentals & Golf handles rentals for some properties at
the Hilton Head Beach & Tennis Resort as well 250 additional con-       SOUTHWIND VACATION RENTALS
dos, homes, and other properties on the Island. Offices are located     Southwind Vacation Rentals offers over 300 luxury villas located
one half mile from the Beach & Tennis Resort on Hwy. 278.               on beautiful Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Offices are locat-
Contact: Samantha; 1-800-445-8664 or 843-785-8687                       ed off of Pope Avenue, within walking distance to Coligny Circle.
578 William Hilton Parkway, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928                Contact: Gina Smith; 1-866-273-0553
www.hiltonheadvacation.com                                              www.spinnakerresorts.com/resorts

      Dating Advice.
      Play now …
      Stay & Play again THIS SUMMER.
      or anytime the
      mood hits.

                                                                                                          While you’re here for Spring
                                                                                                         Break Tennis, call us for your
      We have premier homes and villas for tennis teams                                                       summer vacation plans!
      or family vacations.
      Locations throughout Hilton Head Island —
      Many of our properties have their own tennis courts!                                       42 New Orleans Road, Landmark Bldg.
                                                                                                        Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
      843-686-6100 | 800-545-3303                                                                          www.vacationcompany.com

Spring Break Tennis 2009                                                                                                                   5
*               Must-Do
                for Coaches
1.   Make sure all your players bring to each match or prac-     11. All financial transactions on the island must be done by
     tice the following: Rackets, shoes, change of clothes,          using the online Pay Pal service for credit cards, cash,
     sun screen, bug spray, ice bags, water or Gatorade in           or check. Absolutely no billing or invoicing is done, all
     an insulated container, spending money, towel, medical          services must be paid in advance.
     needs, and sunglasses.                                      12. Stay strictly to your schedule and arrive at all match
2. All coaches are REQUIRED (before your first match or              and practice sites at least one half hour in advance of
   practice) to check in at the HHIB&T Resort between                your scheduled time. There is no such thing as playing
   8 am - 6 pm, at the SBT office next to the Tennis Pro             over unless both of the other coaches have given per-
   Shop. If you have not already done so, you will need              mission for you to use their match time. If you are play-
   to fill out the Coaches Information Sheet and sign your           ing a match of major importance, please notify Ray in
   Liability Waiver. All of this information is available on         advance so special considerations, if any, can be given.
   the SBT website on the “Registration” page.                   13. The official match schedule is on the website –
3.   Do not make your own reservations or go to any sites            it is the match schedule that all coaches should
     under the name of Spring Break Tennis unless you are            use. All times on this match schedule indicate
     scheduled to play there.                                        when your warm-up is to begin. Get your warm-
                                                                     ups done, lineups and bathroom visits and start
4.   Please report your scores before 6 pm daily, to have
                                                                     all matches no later than one half hour after
     them appear in the local Newspaper and on the
                                                                     your scheduled start time that is indicated on
     SBT website. Please call 843-842-0086 or email
                                                                     the website.
     rman50@aol.com with your team scores, not the
     individual matches.                                         14. If you are not going to use the practice time that has
                                                                     been booked for your team, please notify us!
5.   Bring rackets to the pro shop for restringing before
     6 pm if you need the rackets before 10 am the next day.     15. The times that your matches are booked for are the
                                                                     maximum amount of time you have to complete your
6.   Make sure all coaches contact the opposing coach the
                                                                     match. The time scheduled is not the time you have to
     day before to check on all details and what your bad
                                                                     use the courts, it is the time to play your match. If no
     weather plans will be.
                                                                     one is waiting, teams may continue to use the courts,
7.   Keep all the sites clean and neat, especially when              but please do not drill your teams or do fitness exer-
     you leave the site! Make sure all trash is picked               cises after a match, and state, “We still have the courts
     up, all chairs are put back where you found them,               for 15 more minutes.”
     and flip all scorecards back to 0-0. Please leave
                                                                 16. Arrivals at any site before 7:45 am are strictly
     the site in better shape than it was in when you
                                                                     prohibited. Lights go off automatically at all sites
     arrived. Thanks.
                                                                     at 10 pm.
8.   Use only the courts that you have been assigned. If a
                                                                 17. Call or communicate with all coaches directly! Please
     site has five courts and the instructions are to use only
                                                                     do not ask Ray or another coach to speak to another
     four courts, that is exactly what it means. Under no cir-
                                                                     coach for you!
     cumstances are any players permitted to ever touch that
     other court. Thanks.
9.   Shirts stay on! All coaches are responsible for proper

     tennis attire and proper behavior! Thanks.
10. If your team is traveling to the sites in a large bus or
    with a large contingent of spectators, please make Ray                    Please leave sites neat and clean
    aware of this as some sites can’t accommodate much                           and make sure you and your
    parking or large buses. Thanks.
                                                                              players have all their belongings!

6                                                                                                     Spring Break Tennis 2009
                                                             PORT ROYAL
                                                             RACQUET CLUB

                                                           20%Off Private Lessons, Drill Clinics, Round Robins
                                                           15% Off Pro Shop Merchandise
                                                                             (racquets and sale items excluded)

                                                                        Clay & Hard Courts … $12 per hour
                                                               We also offer Weekly SBT Specials!

                                                                                                         Spring Break Tennis
           Catering                                                                                         to cashier for
           Available                                                                                           10% OFF
                                                                                                                     Entire Bill
                                                                                                        Not good with any other offer.
                                                                                                            Offer expires 4/3/08.

                                                                                                                               Folly Field Rd.
         Cheeses                                                                                                                    Beach &
                teaks                                                                                                                Tennis
                                                                                                                        Hwy. 278
                                                                                                               Piggly Wiggly

                           Choose from Over 80 Different
                                                                                                     Shelter Cove
                                                                                                       Plaza at

                                Subs and Salads!
                                                                                                               TJ Maxx

                                 Serving Lunch & Dinner
             Reubens       Monday-Saturday 10-8 • Sunday 11-4
                                                                                                            Shelter Cove
                                                                                                             The Mall at

                              Call ahead 843-785-2488
                              Fax ahead 843-785-2588
                             Located between TJ Maxx and Piggly Wiggly on Hwy 278

Spring Break Tennis 2009                                                                                                                         7
                               Match Sites                                            Info & Directions

   Please follow these driving instructions along with the           BROAD CREEK LANDING
map, and you should have no trouble finding any of the               • 4 hard courts. SBT uses courts 1 through 4. Please, only
sites. Spring Break Tennis couldn’t exist without the cooperation      use the 4 courts. Violators will be subject to a $1,000 fine
of all the sites. Treat these facilities well, and please clean up     if they use the 5th court.
after your match or practice.                                        • Bathrooms and water on site.
                                                                     • Directions - As you leave the island on the Cross Island
HILTON HEAD ISLAND BEACH & TENNIS RESORT                               Expressway, take the last exit before the toll booth, turn
Official Headquarters of SPRING BREAK TENNIS                           left onto Point Comfort Road, go about 1/2 mile, and on
Office Phone 843-842-0086 | Fax 843-686-0581                           your right you will see the entrance to Broad Creek. The
                                                                       courts are to your immediate right.
• 9 hard courts with lights. SBT uses only courts 2 through 10.
• One match starts with 3 doubles, other match starts with
  6 singles.                                                         CHAPLIN PARK COURTS
• Can be reserved for those coaches who coach both teams             • 6 hard courts. Match times vary. Please check the onsite
  and want to play both teams at the same time. This needs             schedule for court assignments.
  to be done early in the year.                                      • Lights come on automatically at dusk and turn off
• All courts have lights (off promptly at 10 pm). Bathrooms            automatically at 10 pm sharp.
  on site. Water and ice on site.                                    • Bathrooms on site. Water on site.
• Directions - As you come onto the island on Route 278,             • Directions - On Route 278, about 1/4 mile after you pass
  1/2 mile past Port Royal Plantation entrance, turn left on           Folly Field Road, where the Beach & Tennis Resort is (as
  Folly Field Road. Resort is 1/2 mile on the right. Pro shop          you drive onto the island), turn left toward the ocean on
  and SBT headquarters are to the far right of the tennis              Singleton Beach Road (where the Exxon gas station and
  courts as you approach from the security gate.                       Harold’s Diner are). Go about 100 yards on Singleton
                                                                       Beach Road and take the first left onto Castnet Drive. The
                                                                       courts are immediately to your right.
•   6 brand new hard courts.
•   One-hour drive from Hilton Head Island.                          EVIAN
•   Bathrooms and water on site.                                     • Use only the four back courts that have score cards.
•   Match times: 10 am - 2 pm.                                       • See Ray for directions and all other information.
•   Directions - Will be given out at check-in.
                                                                     HILTON HEAD HIGH SCHOOL
BLUFFTON HIGH SCHOOL                                                 ATTENTION COACHES: Please alert all your players and spec-
• 4 hard courts with lights. Lights off promptly at 10 pm            tators that no one is allowed in or around the school buildings for
• Bathrooms and water on site.                                       any reason whatsoever. Violators will be subject to a $1,000 fine.
• Directions - About 20 minutes from the Beach & Tennis
                                                                     • 6 hard courts.
  Headquarters. Take 278 off the Island. Go past the green
                                                                     • Bathrooms and water available next to courts at the recre-
  sign on your right at Bluffton Road and Highway 46 West.
                                                                       ation center. Water on site.
  Continue on 278 past the Golf Clubs: Belfair, Rose Hill,
                                                                     • Directions - As you drive off the island on Route 278, you
  Eagles Point and when you get to Berkeley Hall on your
                                                                       will pass a sign on the right side of the highway before you
  right, take a left at the traffic light onto Buckwalter
                                                                       reach Wilborn Road. Turn right at Wilborn, the intermedi-
  Parkway. On Buckwalter Parkway, go 2 miles to McCracken
                                                                       ate school is immediately on your left, and then you will
  Road and turn left. Go .4 mile to Bobcat Road and turn
                                                                       quickly approach a fork in the road with an entrance sign
  right. Go about 25 yards past the courts and take the
                                                                       to the high school. Follow the road to the left before this
  entrance to the large parking lot behind the pond.
                                                                       sign, and the courts are 100 yards on your right.

8                                                                                                             Spring Break Tennis 2009
                               Match Sites                                            Info & Directions

HILTON HEAD MIDDLE SCHOOL                                             PORT ROYAL RACQUET CLUB
                                                                      • 4 hard courts. Full-service Pro Shop with all onsite ameni-
ATTENTION COACHES: Please alert all your players and spec-
                                                                        ties available. Please check in at Pro Shop for court
tators that no one is allowed in or around the school buildings for
any reason whatsoever. Violators will be subject to a $1,000 fine.    • Please inquire about special SBT parent programs.
• 4 hard courts. Each match gets 4 hours minimum court                • Directions - NO BUSES! As you drive into the resort, turn
  time.                                                                 left before the security gate (it is well marked). Follow the
• Port-A-John available next to courts or two-minute walk to            road to the end to the stop sign. Turn right under the
  recreation center for bathrooms. No water at the site.                tunnel and proceed down the road about 1/4 mile to the
• Please park away from the tennis court at the far end of              Tennis Center entrance on the right side. Follow the road
  the visitors parking lot - not near the schoool.                      another 200 yards to the courts.
• Directions - Follow Route 278 off the island. Watch for a
  sign on the right hand side for the high school and mid-            SCOTT STELL PARK, SAVANNAH, GA.
  dle school before Wilborn Road, then turn right on                  • 8 newly surfaced hard courts
  Wilborn. Follow the road past the intermediate school               • Please contact the SBT office for all other information.
  and the high school. The middle school is on the right.
  Please proceed to the parking lot on the right, and the             SOUTH BEACH RACQUET CLUB (Har-Tru)
  courts are directly at the end of the road. Please don’t            • By request only.
  park on the circle drive in front of the school.                    • Match times: Noon to 4 pm. Match gets all 6 courts.
                                                                      • A premier tennis site for those coaches and teams looking
LAKE FOREST                                                             for an extravagant afternoon of soft court tennis.
•   3 match courts.                                                   • All on-site amenities are available.
•   No bathrooms or water on site.                                    • Special parent rates and pro shop discounts available for
•   No buses.                                                           SBT teams only!
•   Directions - One mile on your left after passing                  • Located at the far end of Sea Pines Plantation.
    through security into Sea Pines ($5 cost per vehicle).            • Directions - Go to Sea Pines entrance. Each vehicle will
                                                                        need to pay a $5 gate pass. Continue on Greenwood
PORT ROYAL PLANTATION                                                   Drive for 2.4 miles to Greenwood Circle. Enter the circle
• 4 hard courts. Match times: Noon to 4 pm.                             and take the second right turn and continue on
• Bathrooms and water on site.                                          Greenwood Drive. Follow Greenwood Drive 1.2 miles to
• ABSOLUTELY NO BUSES! In the middle of a private plan-                 the dead end. Turn right on S. Sea Pines Drive. Go 1.7
  tation, court entrance is restricted to only team van/vehi-           miles and take a right just before the tennis club or park
  cles. Very limited parking prevents admittance of parents             on the left and walk across the bridge to the Pro Shop.
  and/or spectators. Spectators must park in golf club park-
  ing lot and team van can drop team off at the courts and
  then come back to the parking lot to transport spectators
  to the courts. Plantation security is under strict orders to
  follow these policies. We follow these rules or we don’t
  use the courts. We appreciate your cooperation.
• Directions - After passing through security, go to the first
  stop sign and turn left onto Fort Walker Road. About 1/2
  mile down the road on the right side there is a small sign
  about two feet off the ground pointing toward the tennis
  courts to your left. Take this small lane that looks like a
  golf path all the way back to the courts.

Spring Break Tennis 2009                                                                                                           9
10   Spring Break Tennis 2009
   A TOUCH O’                             THE CRAZY   YOUR
    THE IRISH                               CRAB    BEST SHOT!
    TOAST THE TOWN at                     FILL YOUR PLATE with                 FIND OUT WHY Aunt
    Hilton Head Island’s very own         perfectly-prepared fresh sea-        Chilada’s has fast become one
    intimate Irish pubs. Two              food. Then add family fun and        of the Island’s favorite restau-
    favorite island watering holes        games and marvelous views.           rants and 19th holes. Featuring
    that include a bit of leprechaun      That’s what you’ll find at the       a great happy hour with re-
    magic (the Little People are          Crazy Crab in the Harbour            duced-priced drinks and food
    seated right above you) and           Town Yacht Basin or on beauti-       specials, 4-7 pm everyday.
    complete lunch and dinner             ful Jarvis Creek at the North           Try the best steaks, burgers,
    menus as only an Irishman can         End. Come dressed as you             authentic homemade Italian
    dish up. Our customers’               are … with a hearty appetite!        food and homestyle lunches,
    favorites include:                    • Steamed Seafood Pot—               and we were voted “Best Mex-
                                                                               ican Food on Hilton Head
    • Cottage Pie                           lobster, crab, mussels, shrimp
    • Fish ’n Chips                         and oysters fill this Islander’s       Now featuring all-you-can-
    • Lobster Special                       favorite to the brim.              eat crab legs.
      (Monday nights)                     • Crazy Crab Boil—
    • Corned Beef & Cabbage                 succulent Alaskan crabs             • Southwestern • Mexican
      (Thursday nights)                     steamed with sausage and               • Italian • American
    • Prime Rib Special                     sweet corn make up this                      • Seafood
      (Friday & Saturday nights)            Lowcountry treat.                     One of the Island’s largest
    • Brunch with complimentary           • Broiled Seafood Platter—             non-smoking dining rooms.
      champagne or Mimosa                   shrimp, scallops, flounder,
      (Saturday & Sunday)                   deviled crab and stuffed            All new lunch menu featuring
                                            clams broiled to perfection.              Sunday Brunch.
                                          • and much more

    All SBT Customers receive             All SBT Customers receive            All SBT Customers receive
    10% Discount on entire bill           10% Discount on entire bill          10% Discount on entire bill
         Coaches eat free                      Coaches eat free                     Coaches eat free
          with party of 8                       with party of 8                      with party of 8
          HILTON HEAD PLAZA                HARBOUR TOWN (South End)                  69 POPE AVENUE
          (Off Sea Pines Circle)                    363-2722                    11:30 am-Midnight/7 Days Weekly
                842-4414                   HWY. 278 ON JARVIS CREEK                  Reservations accepted
                                                   (North End)                         Take-out available
                681-4153                            681-5021                              785-7700
        Open Daily 11:30 am until …             Serving Lunch & Dinner            Home Delivery Available via
                                                    in both locations             Express Restaurant Delivery
      MOBIL TRAVEL GUIDE ## /2        1
                                            MOBIL TRAVEL GUIDE ##                         785-7155

Spring Break Tennis 2009                                                                                          11
                                                                              Rain Policies
                                                                              In Case of Inclement Weather

                                                                         Ray is not an official weatherman. Please
                                                                     check newspaper, TV, computers, radio for a
                                                                     weather report. Your guess is as good as his.
                                                                         Matches have priority over practice when
                                                                     it rains.

                                                                     PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS VERY
                                                                     CAREFULLY AND IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION,
                                                                     PLEASE ASK! If the weather looks at all questionable
                                                                     for the following day. PLEASE contact the other
                                                                     Coach and go over your plans in case of rain,
                                                                     and exchange phone numbers, etc.
                                                                     1. Both teams or coaches go to the site at the
                                                                        scheduled time.
                                                                     2. Coaches will decide if they wish to play, wait to
                                                                        see if the weather changes, or cancel the
                                                                        match. Please call SBT Headquarters immedi-
                                                                        ately if canceling.
                                                                     3. If you wish to dry the courts and then play, do
                                                                        so! All sites are equipped with Rol Dris. Teams
                                                                        are to dry the courts! SBT or site personnel
                                                                        have absolutely no responsibility to dry courts.

           The LeClaire-Young                                        4. If you don’t have equipment to dry the courts,
                                                                        please call SBT immediately. Please do not
 PEAK PERFORMANCE                                                       remove any court drying equipment from
            Training Program                                            any site.
                                                                     5. The teams that dry the courts are then permitted
                                                                        to play as much of their match as possible, but
                                                                        must relinquish the courts no more than 1-1/2
                                                                        hours past the scheduled ending time.
                  Dr. Bryce Young   Linda LeClaire

          Spring Break Tennis is happy to offer
                                                                     6. If your match is stopped by a brief shower, you
           two of the world’s most respected
                                                                        may dry the courts and continue play as much
           Sport Psychologists to both College
                                                                        as possible up to the amount of time that you
                 and High School teams.
                                                                        lost the courts due to the rain and drying time.
                                                                        In no case may you go over your scheduled
           Peak Performance Training will help you:
                                                                        ending time of more than 1-1/2 hours.
     • Go to the next level • Manage stress and recovery
     • Sustain concentration • Focus your energy & talent
                                                                     7. If you are rained out in an earlier match dur-
       • Strengthen your self image and self confidence.                ing the day, there may be a chance to finish
                                                                        the match in the evening. Sometimes it may
                                                                        even be possible to reschedule matches on
               For additional information contact: Dr. Bryce Young      another day. Saturday and Sunday are usually
               DrBryceYoung@aol.com or call 843-681-7171
                                                                        good days to reschedule any rain outs!
12                                                                                                   Spring Break Tennis 2009
                               Practice Sites                                           (2 Hard Courts)
                               Info & Directions
   Please follow these driving instructions along with the           SEACREST
map, and you should have no trouble finding any of the               • Bathrooms and water on site.
sites. Spring Break Tennis couldn’t exist without the cooperation    • The gate combination is 1-3-5, top down.
of all the sites. Treat these facilities well, and please clean up
                                                                     • Practice times booked from 8 am to 6 pm in two-
after your match or practice.
                                                                       hour intervals.
                                                                     • You may use all 4 courts.
                                                                     • Directions - Take 278 to Pope Avenue toward the
                                                                       ocean. Before Coligny Plaza, turn left onto Lagoon
• Practice times booked from 8 am to 6 pm in two-
                                                                       Road, go 1/4 mile, turn left at the Water Side sign.
  hour intervals.
• Directions - As you are going off the Island on 278,
  100 yards after you cross the “Cross Island Toll
  Road” you will see Wild Horse Road on the right—
  take an immediate left onto the dirt trail into
  Hilton Head Park—courts are behind Aunt Ida's.
                                                                        Practice & Match
  Port-a-Johns are there—no water.                                             Info.
             Attention                                                _____________________
            All Coaches                                               _____________________
  There are two things you absolutely cannot do                       _____________________
  while here at Hilton Head Island or during Spring
  Break Tennis!
  #1. No one may enter the High School or
      Middle School or Bluffton High School or
      get close to any of the school buildings                        _____________________
      for any reason whatsoever. You may use
      the bathroom at the Recreation Center                           _____________________
      next to the High School Courts or the
      port-a-john at the Middle School Courts.                        _____________________
      Coaches are responsible for informing all
      players, spectators, parents, groupies, etc.
  #2. Coaches, players, parents, etc., should                         _____________________
      never call for court time reservations
      at ANY tennis facility on Hilton Head
      Island using the name "Spring Break
      Tennis" or use any tennis facility
      unless you have been scheduled there                            _____________________
      by "Spring Break Tennis."
Spring Break Tennis 2009                                                                                                  13
     Men’s & Women’s All-Star
       Doubles Exhibitions
     Coaches are invited to nominate a regional or nationally ranked male
      and/or female from their team for an 8-game pro set doubles match.
          All matches will be umpired, with light refreshments served.

                 Monday, March 9
                          5:30 pm
           at Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center (Har-Tru)
                 Monday, March 16
                           5:30 pm
              at South Beach Racquet Club (Har-Tru)

     Purchasing Balls & Clothes
       The Gamma Ball is the official ball for Spring Break
        Tennis. We’ll be selling a case (24 cans) for $65.

      Official SPRING BREAK TENNIS clothing for sale
        (clothing does not have any dates on the logo)
     Short Sleeve T-Shirt Blue with SBT Logo …… $16 ea
               Other merchandise will be available.

14                                            Spring Break Tennis 2009
Spring Break Tennis 2009   15
                                          Emergency Numbers
                                            Area Code 843
                                     Hilton Head Medical Center            681-6122
                                     Emergency Room                        689-8281
                                     Carolina Sports                       521-1970
           Gamma wishes all          Vehicle
       Spring Break Tennis teams     Midas Auto Service Experts            681-2332
                                     Island Tire                           785-3841
            a great stay on          Tommy’s Towing                        842-3334
           Hilton Head Island
          and success during
                                     Mini Med
                                     Parkway Medical Center                785-7515
             your seasons.           Dentist
                                     Dr. Elizabeth Galloway                341-3900
     Proud to be the official ball   Chiropractor
            for SBT 2009.            Dr. Joseph Haven                      342-3333
                                     Dr. Anthony Mattis                    681-2847

16                                                                Spring Break Tennis 2009
                                           SBT Exhibition
                                         Monday, March 16
                                             5:30 pm

                        20% Off ALL
                Pro Shop Merchandise                        Serving Up Black Angus Burgers

                        75% Off Sale Items
                                    excludes Sale items
                                                            Prime Rib Sandwiches
                up to

                        Bike Rentals
                                                                                                                 White Russian

                        25% Off
                                                            Wings and Salads                                da •
                                                                                                  a   C
                                                            Hu                             P
                                                              rri                       h•

   are clay
                                                                       e • Sex on a Peac

                              must have ad
   2 lighted               offers expire 4/15/07
                        Located in Sea Pines
                        next to Salty Dog Cafe
                                                             NTN Trivia
   $12/hr                                                                                             Island’s only
   add $8/hr                                                    686-3764
   for lights           southbeachracquetclub.com              Coligny Plaza

Spring Break Tennis 2009                                                                                                     17
     1                                                                                                  11:43 AM                     Page 1

          You’ll “love” our
             low rates!

                                                                                       444 Airways Ave.
                                                                                       Savanna, GA
            For special savings mention                                                912-966-2277
            promo code #SBTN
            when making reservations.                                                  120 Beach City Rd.
                                                                                       Hilton Head, SC
                          Official car rental company
                           for Spring Break Tennis.
                                  Thrifty features quality products of DaimlerChrysler and other fine cars.
                                                 A licensee of Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

            The Island’s Friendliest Supermarket
           wishes you the best in all your matches.
              Featuring: Fresh Flowers • Fruit and Gourmet Baskets
         • Fresh Produce • A Great Selection of Fresh Meats, Poultry &
          Seafood • Boar’s Head Deli Meats, also Certified Angus Beef
         • Domestic & Imported Wine & Cheese • Deli & Party Trays
               Mastercard, Visa & Discover Accepted, ATM inside stores

                                                        2 Locations
                      The Plaza at Shelter Cove 842-4090
                      Coligny Plaza             785-3881
                                     The Mall at
                                    Shelter Cove
                                                               Piggly Wiggly at the

                                                                                                        Hwy. 278
                                                               Plaza at Shelter Cove
                                                                                                                   Folly Field Rd.
          Pope Ave.

                      Lagoon Rd.                                                                        Beach &
                           Piggly Wiggly at
                            Coligny Plaza

                                       Locally Owned and Operated by
          Tony Poythress at Shelter Cove and Gene Martin at Coligny Plaza

18                                                                                      Spring Break Tennis 2009
Spring Break Tennis 2008   19
               Students - A career teaching tennis or summer job
                    Coaches - Help your players get started

Professional Tennis Registry’s pro-
gram, PTR on Campus, encourages
students to consider a career in ten-
nis teaching and coaching. PTR on
Campus makes PTR certification and
membership affordable to full time
students who are playing for their
school, competing in USA Team
Tennis on Campus, or are majoring in

Now is a wonderful time to consider a
career in teaching tennis. Through
the education provided by PTR on
Campus, students who teach tennis
can help pay their tuition, supplement
their income or save for the future.
Take advantage of this great, low cost

For further information on scheduled
places and dates, student discounts,
or to host a PTR on Campus
Workshop, contact PTR at 800-421-
6289, email ptr@ptrtennis.org or visit

             Stop by PTR Headquarters at Shipyard Racquet Club

                                      Professional Tennis Registry
                                 Van der Meer Shipyard Racquet Club
                             116 Shipyard Dr, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
                       843-785-7244 or 800-421-6289 • www.ptrtennis.org/poc.htm

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