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Welcome to fifth edition of The Deluxe Collection from Dream Homes in Italy Real
Estate Guide. Whether you are thinking of getting married in Italy, buying a property or
just visiting for a holiday, you will find the crème de la crème in this handy directory.

The guide is divided into sections for easy reference. The design section includes archi-
tects, interior designers, garden designers, swimming pool installation and garden lighting
and suppliers of top quality luxurious materials for use in property restoration and design.

The lifestyle section is a must if you are planning a wedding in il bel paese - and what could
be more romantic? There are also stunning locations for any kind of special event you may
have in mind, such as a special anniversary or birthday.

In the real estate section you will find the pick of the country’s real estate for sale. We have
real estate agents represented from all over Italy. In this edition we have also got properties
available for sale direct from the owners.

In luxury rentals there are details of some of the most prestigious holiday rental proper-
ties available while the holiday rentals section covers all kinds of holiday property from
agriturismi to bed and breakfasts and villas to let.

We hope you enjoy browsing through The Deluxe Collection. When you find something
you like then get in touch with the agents, private sellers or other professionals direct, via
their websites or using the contact details given inside.

                                                                  Buon divertimento!
Don’t forget - if you are looking for a unique masseria property to buy in the south of Italy
then visit and There
are also over 3000 properties to rent direct from the owners at

                         LANDSCAPE PROPERTIES GROUP
                             Via delle Terme, 4 - 53100 Siena - Italy
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  Piedmont                        17

 Veneto                           18



 Umbria                           36

 Le Marche                        41

 Lazio                            44

 Abruzzo                          49

 Puglia                           51

 Calabria                         62

 Sicily                           67

 Sardinia                         70

Graphic designer   Elisa Carrai
millionaire fair edition

luxury rentals


holiday rentals

Graphic designer   Elisa Carrai
Beauty is no longer subjective.
          An expression of good taste and of refined,
            Italian exclusivity of ebony creations
4   ::       proportioned to their surroundings.

                  Courtesy Line 0422 461425
kitchen italian style

             ::   5
6   ::
::   7
    DESIGN : : Swimming Pool

                                  SWIMMING POOLS BUILDING
For your relax and to make unique your house turn to Sicilpiscine. There’s nothing better than a pool or a Spa,
dispensers of fun and serenity, to make Your house an oasis of peace and wellness. We are and have been the
leaders of this sector in Sicily for nearly 20 years thanks to our quality and professionalism, given us by the
partnership we have with best businesses in the world like Jean Desjoyaux (for pool sector) and PASSION SPAS
(for hot tubs and spas) of which we are exclusive importer for Italy. We will be glad to accompany from simple
idea to last realization of your relax point, harmonizing it with the natural scenery and architecture of your home,
making it all the more special. Sicilpiscine, our clients are our best friends.

                                                   Viale Stefano Candura, 18/d - 93100 Caltanissetta (CL)
                                                            EXPÒ: C.da Favarella S.S.640 CL - AG
                                                       Phone +39 0934 569179 - Fax +39 0934 569384
                                                                    Mobile +39 338 5418433

      8    ::
    LIFESTYLE : : Piedmont

Welcome to Italy, Welcome to Gastara,
A journey in the hills of Piedmont,
through the wines and a selection of
                                               Un mondo di bontà...
local specialties. A careful selection of
big names and research of many small
producers, maybe not famous but share the
care in their work. Wines, Krumiri Casale,
Amaretti, Torrone, Honey, we will bring
between scents and tastes of Piedmont.
Gastarea    represents    an    important
collection of wines, cakes, sauces, and
many other specialities, to be sure we?ll
offer you a valuable selection, fruits of a
meticulous and keen research, we visited
cellars, laboratories and stores; we met
people in the vineyards, in the stocks of
vintage wines, and in the gastronomies;
we attended libraries, consulted books and
specialized reviews. We went to markets
and fairs and everywhere we could find
genuine and characteristic products.
We made use of some experts? advice
in the different field. We ask ONAV
(Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori
Vino) (the national organization of wine
tasters) estimation for several wines. In
our seat, wines are subject to the judge
of wine-tasting commission, which is
strictly anonymous. We consider only
wines, which take a score of 80/100.

                                                   Visit our web or please conctact to:
                                              Phone +39 011 9853900 - Fax +39 011 9853039

WWW.GASTAREA.EU                                                                           ::   9
    LIFESTYLE : : Emilia Romagna

castello di

MAGICAL EVENTS - Perched on           the Medieval Tavern you can          TASTING - We invite you to learn
a rocky crag of unrivalled beauty,    book an unforgettable medieval       about and sample Italian cuisine.
Gropparello Castle remains perhaps    costume banquet. Welcomed by         You will learn how to cook medieval
one of the most complex that retain   costumed figures from a bygone        italian dishes. It’s possible to visit a
the charm of a medieval fortress.     age, our Guests will discover how    Grana Padano cheese factory and

      10   ::                         in medieval times food appealed to   wine tastings in a cellar.
                                      all five senses.
ROMANTIC         NIGHTS      IN   A
                                              Via Roma 82/1 - 29025 Gropparello (PC) Italy
Torre del Borgo retains its historic
                                             Phone +39 0523 855814 - Fax +39 0523 855818
memories in close contact with
nature and the countryside. A 15th-
century manor house, it has been
converted into a fascinating histo-                                                    ::   11
rical estate.
LIFESTYLE : : Wedding Planner

                                Far from agency cliché, Très Chik is committed to create for all its clients a
                                personalized creative project for their wedding day, ensuring a final perfect
                                result: the “Pret-à-Marier” service follows all the details of both the cere-
                                mony and the reception, as well as of the whole staying in Italy, assisting
                                couples from the choice of the most exclusive venue to the selection of
                                bespoke gifts for their guests, devoting a particular attention to the wishes
                                of the bride-to-be... at her disposal the best fashion stylists and make-up ar-
                                tists, as well as exclusive beauty treatments to get prepared for the wedding
                                day with serenity. French allure, couture creativity, exclusivity and persona-
                                lization: this is the Très Chik style.

                                                                         Corso Garibaldi - 20121 Milano
                                                                            Phone +39 02 36536991
                                                                             Fax +39 02 36537208

 12   ::
LIFESTYLE : : Wedding Planner
                                                         LE BLANC - ALL THE COLOURS OF LOVE
                                Wedding planning requires the cooperation of specialists. For this reason,
                                Le Blanc selects the most skilled specialists and puts them at your disposal
                                guaranteeing the perfect realization of your wedding. We can provide you
                                with a high level organisation of the whole event or only of some aspects,
                                advising on wedding etiquette and making sure that costs stay within
                                budget. We can turn your project into reality, offering our enthusiastic and
                                professional advice; thanks to our suggestions, you will be the protagonist
                                of a unique, refined and elegant event. Image accuracy, refined dressing and
                                love for details are only some of the elements characterising our services.
                                LE BLANC will give you the precious memory of an unforgettable day.

                                            Wedding design and coordination - Luxury events
                                 Via Duca degli Abruzzi, 65/A - Nardò (LE) - Phone +39 0833 836114
                                Mobile +39 349 2509445 - -

                                                                                               ::   13
    LIFESTYLE : : Wedding Planner

  La Cerimonia

Planning, coordination and accom-
plishment of special events. The                Via dei Rossi, 2 - 53100 Siena
widespread knowledge of          the    Phone +39 0577 287727 - Fax +39 0577 271686
territory and a staff rich of talents             Mobile +39 340 6920220
satisfies the expectations of quality -
of who has a dream.
     14 : :
LIFESTYLE : : Wedding Planner

                                The Amalfi Coast is perfect choice to suit the mood of your wedding.
                                We offer a bespoke service so you can be sure your special day is like no
                                other and will be a totally unique exsperience for you and your guests.

                                OUR SERVICES :
                                - Accomodation - Bar Services - Bridal Beauty - Car Hire - Catering
                                - Cakes - Flowers - Hairdressing - Live Music - Photography and Video
                                - Reception - Reception Decoration - Sightseeing Inthe Region
                                - Transfer by Car, Streetch Limo, Boat, Minivan or Bus.

                                              Positano Weddings
                                                  Via Laurito, 62 - 84017 Positano (SA)
                                                     Phone & Fax +39 089 811148
                                                        Mobile +39 335 1593177

                                                                                              ::   15
LIFESTYLE : : Wedding Planner

                                M. R. HOUSE EVENTI - wedding and catering designers

                                M.R. House is able to arrange for the direction of any events. Thanks to a
                                professional team, in fact, we assure the realization of weddings, and public or
                                private events, managing the complete organization. Floreal designs, scenery
                                designs, catering, beverages, music, will be at your disposal to guarantee the
                                realization of events under the banner of elegance and luxury. We can also
                                completely manage the wedding organization for foreigners who’d like to
                                marry in Italy. M.R. House: Maria Rosaria and Maria are waiting for you!

                                                                            M.R. HOUSE EVENTI
                                                                   Elle.Ci.Pì. srl - Via Carulli 14 - 70121 Bari
                                                                           Phone + 39 080 5249978

 16   ::
    REAL ESTATE : : Piemonte

People living in the Monferrato love simple and genuine
things; they are proud of having a refined food-and-
wine culture, which is appreciated in Italy and abroad.     will be the site specialized in the     Via Pio Corsi 57 - 14049 Nizza Monferrato (Asti)
transfer of real estates, cottages and farmhouses, situated             Phone +39 0141 702121
in the Monferrato. It even offers you, for free, a qualified    Mobile +39 347 4939799 / +39 335 7381777
technical advice from professionals with a vast experience            Phone 00353 85 1010836
in the field of renovation and upgrading of any real estates.  

                                                                                                 ::   17
     REAL ESTATE : : Veneto - Venezia - Treviso

Veneto based English real estate agent offers a selection of exclusive 16th century venetian villas transformed into hotels and private
residences for sale or hire. Luxury and grandeur in an authentic historical setting with landscaped grounds and thermal spas. For more
details see Veneto - Padova - Vicenza - Treviso

 Near the exclusive Chia beaches, Villa on hill top
 location with landscaped gardens and 40,000 m2
 rural land. Ideal b&b resort. Euro 1.2 mil

                                                   MEDIA IMMOBILIARE2
Via Garibaldi, 80 - 30027 San Donà di Piave (VE) - Phone & Fax +39 0421 330635 - Mobile +39 335 7090006
       18    ::
                                                                    DO YOU HAVE A PRESTIGIOUS PROPERTY?
                                                               DO YOU WANT TO SELL OR RENT IT? LEAVE IT TO US!!
                                                           WE CAN PRESENT IT WORLDWIDE, FROM LONDON TO MOSCOW,
                                                                         FROM DUBAI TO SHANGHAI!


HISTORIC RESIDENCE OF EARLY 20TH-CENTURY ITALIAN NOBILITY - A three-storey property located at the gates of
Casciana right next to the spa complex, with both interior and exterior decorations. The property has an outdoor
heated swimming pool with Roman-style steps and automatic locking, a solarium area with garden furniture. In the
centre of the garden is a massive fountain with plays of water surrounded by box hedges in the Italian style. The
parkland contains lofty trees: Firs, Cedars of Lebanon, Maple, Cypresses, Olive and ornamental shrubs.

close to the centre of S.Urbano (PADUA). Together with the neighbouring “VILLA REZZONICO”, it forms the
historic centre on the embankment of the River Adige. On the east flank is the so-called “Rotta Sabbadina” of the
Sabbaudi, in times gone by a canalised river with a port and wharves, which flowed into the Adige and was used
by merchants to reach Venice. The property has a total floor area of 310 sq m, fully restored, of which 260 sq m
comprises the usable living space. The Barchessa area covers 190 sq m and comprises four 8-metre tall arches with
an atrium with period beams. There are further outbuildings, one of which is 165 sq m, the other covering 131.50
sq m on each of two floors, making a total of 620 sq m to be restored and adapted subject to planning permis-
sion. The total volume of the property is approximately 4900 cubic metres and there are plans for extending the
property by a further 2000 cubic metres. The property is surrounded by 11,400 sq m. of land, with the possibility
of acquiring a further 60,000 sq m adjacent to the property.
                     DUBAI MARINA, U.S.A. - MIAMI, FLORIDA.
                     Head office: Via Contrada Grande 25 - Casnate con Bernate (Como)                ::   19
                 Phone +39 031 564377 - Mobile +39 347 9251680 -
    REAL ESTATE : : Lombardy

TOSCOLANO MADERNO GARDA LAKE                                       PADENGHE (BS)
Residence in a panoramic position above the town of Tosco-         Detached two-storey villa plus basement of re-
lano Maderno in a prestigious location and built to a very high    cent construction. In a lovely setting. Exposed
standard. Each apartment has a living room communicating           stonework, spacious porticos, large swimming
with large covered terrace with space for a possible barbecue      pool with Jacuzzi and boules court. Land of
and beautiful lake views.                                          about 1,600 sq m planted with mature trees.

                                           MANERBA DEL GARDA
On a hill overlooking the lake, spectacular villa with spacious floor area, with caretaker’s cottage adjoining. 10,000
sq m of land with swimming pool and tennis court

                                                                     AT home s.a.s.
                                                                  Via G. di Vittorio, 102/a
                                                           25015 Desenzano Del Garda (BS)
                                   - - skype: athome61

     20 : :
     REAL ESTATE : : Lombardy


very sunny independent villa with        in a very sunny area, large size villa   for lovers of tranquillity. In a
1.800 sq.m of land. Fantastic            surrounded by 1.700 sq.m of land,        peaceful residential area, very sunny
view of the lake. For lover’s of         big covered terrace and garage.          little independent villa surrounded
tranquillity.                            Lake view. Informations in our           by 1.200 sq.m of flat land. Amazing
                                         office.                                   view of the lake. € 700,000.

LAKE COMO MENAGGIO:                      LAKE COMO MENAGGIO:                      LAKE COMO MENAGGIO:
a walking distance from the lake and     directly on the lake, in an old villa    in a high quality new development
centre, fantastic new independent        renovated with care with swimming        with   heated    swimming        pool,
villa with swimming pool with            pool, very nice apartment with           fantastic portion of stone’s villa
wonderful view of the lake and           terrace: living room with kitchen,       with big terrace and private garden:
2.000 sq.m of private garden.            2 bedrooms, bathroom. Fantastic          living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms,
Information in our office.                view of the lake. € 322,000.             bathroom and 2 garages.

E-mail: - Sito:

                       Via Mazzini, 1/3 - 22017 Menaggio (CO)                                            ::   21
                      Phone +39 0344 30167 - Fax +39 0344 30181
    REAL ESTATE : : Lombardy

Luna Immobiliare was founded in 2000 and is the ideal choice for your real estate on lake Garda. The owner,
Patrizia Chimini, con stantly searches out the best properties on the market in every category, in order to satisfy
her clients requirements.

                                                               Via Cavalle, 2 - 25080 Manerba del Garda (BS)
                                                                      Phone & Fax +39 0365 552576
                                                                          Mobile +39 340 8518476

     22 : :
: : 23
REAL ESTATE : : Lombardy

24 : :
                                                                              ITALY BERGAMO

Bergamo, litte and wonderful city, 20 minutes from Milano.
Very luxuriuos apartment in Città Alta,
in front of the Venetian wall:
in an historic and noble building,
fantastic apartment 800 square meters
on entire floor.
Majestic living rooms painted with frescos,
and panelled ceiling.
You can breathe in every room the
typical charm of the Italian Renaissance.
The location offers exciting overviews and a
dazzling sun exposition.
Terrace and private garden: 600 square meters total.
5 boxes.

Rizzetti Immobiliare S.r.l.
via Piccinini, 2 24121 Bergamo                                                      : : 25
tel. +39 035 21 25 62 fax +39 035 23 34 29
    REAL ESTATE : : Tuscany
                                                                     APARTMENTS        IN ANCIENT VILLAGES,
                                                                     COUNTRY         HOUSES,      VILLAS,     OLD
                                                                     FARMHOUSES,        FARMS,      APARTMENTS
                                                                     IN    THE    HISTORICAL       CENTER       OF
                                                                     FLORENCE AND SIENA… WE SEARCH
                                                                     FOR     YOU     THE     MOST      BEAUTIFUL
                                                                     TUSCANY’S PLACES!
REF. C26       - Close to Florence, typical tuscany stone old house: it was a sight tower in the middle ages.It has
been recently restored by an International Architect and transformed in an exclusive home for about 600 square
metres and divided on four apartments. Accurately and elegantly restored, paying particular attention to the typical
characteristics of a Tuscan old home. The property is surrounded by about 6 hectares of land.

REF. C10
In the Chianti Classico area, near Florence, a beautifull Farm
consist of 20 hectares of land, perfectly restored whit two
prestigious and typical farmhouses, looking once of the most
beatiful Chianti valley!About 5 hectares of vineyard, and about
1200 s.m. of ancient country-houses transformed in two charming
and majestic villas, with park and a panoramic swimming-pool.
For more information please call us!

REF. C07       - Only 10 Km from Florence, situated near the famous club, “Golf Club Ugolino”, is a beautiful
typical Tuscany stone old house. It has been recently transformed into an exclusive villa after an important and
excellent restoration carried out with precious and valuable materials for about 350 square metres. Adjacent to the
villa there is a recently restored building with the internal features transformed, for about 270 s.m. The property
is surrounded by a beautiful park with a splendid panoramic pool in the middle of the old olive grove. For more
informations please call us!

                                                 Via Montefioralle centro, 113 - 50022 Greve in Chianti (FI)
                                                 Phone & Fax +39 055 8546039 - Mobile +39 338 6746723

     26 : :
: : 27
    REAL ESTATE : : Farmhouse in Tuscany

                                                                           Sale&Rent Office
                                                                        Via di Bucciano - Loc. La Serra
                                                                        56027 San Miniato (PI) - Italy
                                                                           Phone +39 055 640910
                                                                           Mobile +39 338 8635082

Borgo di Bucciano is a fascinating old middle Age – village in the heart of the Tuscan countryside whose ori-
gin dates back to the XII century and where the old architecture stills reminds you the spirit of a simpler and
traditional life. A short ride on a romantic cypress – bordered road takes you to Borgo di Bucciano. The hamlet
surrounded from green woods and olive trees, lies on a hill top which offers a lovely panoramic view from the
Siena and Florence hills to the Appennini and the Tirrenian sea, and close to the charming rock of old town San
Miniato. The breathtaking view, the peaceful location, the lovely park with swimmig pool and the comfort of the
living area make of Borgo di Bucciano a unique place in the heart of the Tuscany countryside.

     28 : :
    REAL ESTATE : : Tuscany

                  Architects Balestri-Rombi
Studio Balestri Rombi has been involved in the architectural design of buildings and the restoration of luxury
property since 1988. Thanks to their intimate knowledge of the local area they can also offer residential and
business real estate opportunities to all those who dream of living or investing in Tuscany. The images show some
restored buildings as well as those at the planning stage.

                                                                                  PROPERTY FOR SALE

                                                                     TUSCANY COUNTRY HOUSE IN THE PLANNING STAGE

                                                                               PHONE & FAX +39 050 650360
                              ARCH. DARIO BALESTRI : : MOBILE +39 339 3282666 - MOBILE +39 393 9861134
                             ARCH. EMANUELA ROMBI : : MOBILE +39 349/6104583 - MOBILE +39 331 4261682

WWW.IMMOBILIDASOGNO.IT                                   -   INFO@IMMOBILIDASOGNO.IT
                                                                              : : 29
 REAL ESTATE : : Tuscany

 Arcadia is the door which opens to welcome
  you to an entire life style in Tuscany.
 Arcadia is an English and Italian speaking li-
 censed company, offering a friendly, persona-
 lised property consultancy and house-finding
 service from our exclusive portfolio, as well as
 access to a vast selection of properties by con-
 nection with qualified agencies. Based South of
 Siena, with long experience in this area, we are
 specialised in Period Town and Country Ho-
 mes, Estates and Hotels in magnificent rural
 locations and charming villages, making real
 the essence of your Tuscan dream. With our
 network of qualified legal, financial and tech-
 nical professionals we can support our clients
 in every step of the process of purchasing
 their perfect home abroad, guaranteeing di-
 scretion and security. We offer a full after sale
 service: project management, contacts with ar-
 chitects, surveyors and expert builders. Using
 the skills of selected local artisans, we can
 help you give your home that special touch
 which will make it truly your own.                             Country Houses: Il Giardino e l’Oliveto

      Hotels: La Locanda                  Country Houses: Il Glicine            Town Houses: La Porta

                                                     Period Town & Country Houses - Hotels B&B - Estates -

            Arcadia                                      Property Consultancy - Restoration & Decoration
                                                                   Summer Leases & Sabbaticals

Property in Tuscany                                                    Mobile +39 335 8413699

   30 : :


                  Unimmobiliare snc di V. Semboloni & C.

                         Via de Rossi, 71 - 53100 Siena

                 Phone +39 0577 564766 - Fax +39 0577 286640

                                                        ::   31
    REAL ESTATE : : Tuscany

Tuscany Real Estate provides a complete range of personalized services designed to facilitate home ownership.
• Local native English speaking & multilingual experts
• Individually selected & regularly updated property inventory
• Offerings pertinent to customer’s needs
• After sales consulting services from translation, renovation, decoration, maintenance, taxes & residency permits
• Offices available by e-mail, telephone or fax, all correspondence in English

              A PIECE OF                                                                        ARE A SIMPLE

                                                                            VALERIE BOTTAZZI
                                                              Phone +39 0577 355 255 - Fax +39 0577 189 2070
                                                                           Mobile +39 348 154 3810

     32 : :
    REAL ESTATE : : Tuscany

The stylish and one of a kind
apartment    is   in   a   medieval
tower located in the city centre
of San Gimignano. The well-
known windows (a bi-for a and
a tri-for a) overlook “la Rocca di
San Gimignano” and the main
pedestrian street. 240 sqm of top-
standard restoration and furnishing,
the perfect contrast of old and new
is seen and felt throughout original
cotto and travertine tiles, rich
leathers, high-tech solution and
much more.                                                                      PRIVATE NEGOTIATIONS

                                        SAN GIMIGNANO - SIENA
                                        The 17th century farmhouse has been restored to the highest standars
                                        and divided in four self-contained apartments and a dependance,
                                        all finely furnished. The 500 sqm farmhouse is surrounded by 1 ha
                                        park, swimmingpool, olive and fruit trees. Where admire the beautiful
                                        countryside and San Gimignano Towers. Private negotiations.

Stunning 11 th century tower in the heart of the medieval
town. An private lift will bring you through the history up         Via Trento, 4 - 53036 Poggibonsi (SI)
to the top, over 50 meters high, to admire the beauty of the          Phone & Fax +39 0577 985798
town centre and countryside from the panoramic terrace.                   Mobile +39 338 6947287
The 65 smq apartment, served by the same lift, is located on 
two floors beside tower, composed by a bright living-room,    
kichen, one bedroom and bathroom. Private negotiations.
                                                                                                  : : 33
    REAL ESTATE : : Tuscany

For sale in the stunning Sienese countryside, about 15 minutes from the city and away from the hustle and
bustle of modern life, a complete medieval hamlet surrounded by 5 hectares of parkland with age-old trees. The
property comprises altogether 700 hectares of land, of which 200 are used for organic agriculture. There are
20 impressive farm buildings of great architectural interest, covering a total of 20,000 sq m. A fascinating and
impressive investment opportunity. Price negotiable. Ref. R/2041

     34 : :
About 25 km to the south of San
Gimignano, in the Comune of
Casole d’Elsa (SI), set in a truly
beautiful landscape, a fabulous
farmhouse of more than 500 sq.m
requiring   restoration.     Approx.
13,000 sq.m of land laid out as
gardens with long-established trees.
Price: € 850,000. Ref. R/1991

MULINO MILL IN                  THE
On one of the most stunning
routes in the Florentine Chianti
classico are, a period mill covering
more than 500 sq m. A top quality
restoration which highlights the
unmistakable Tuscan style to be
seen in farmhouses and other
buildings of the area. 6 bedrooms,
6 bathrooms, pool, independance.
Price: € 1,700,000. Ref. R/1968

        Via G. Galilei 6/8 - 53036 Poggibonsi (SI) - Office +39 0577 982006 - Mobile +39 339 7111750
                  - -

                                                                                              : : 35
    REAL ESTATE : : Tuscany

IL FIENILE    DI   SCARPERIA      - On the outskirts of
delightful Scarperia, in the Mugellan hills, a prestigious
barn for sale, restored to a high standard, 200 mq.
comprising: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, dining room,
large living room with fireplace, kitchen and laundry;
surrounding garden, lovely views and private parking.
Ideal for a family and also for B&B.

                                                                       IL FIENILE DI SCARPERIA
                                                                          Phone +39 055 8430578
                                                                         Mobile +39 339 3324877

    REAL ESTATE : : Holiday Apartments inUmbria

UMBRIA - LOC. SERRE             DI   PARRANO - NOCERA UMBRA (PG)                    Located on top of a hill with
marvellous views over the Natural Park of Mount Subasio. In this delightful environment you can buy comfortable
and panoramic apartments of various sizes (45 sqm – 140 sqm) with garden in beautiful umbrian country houses
with pool. Wooden beams and cotto pavements. Completely restored and ready for use. Sat-TV, table tennis,
Mountain bikes, little football ground, childrens play area, hay
                                                                            HOLIDAY APARTMENTS
barn with stone barbecue. Tennis 1 km. Horse riding 2 km.
                                                                            “SERRE DI PARRANO”
Peaceful Umbrian countryside. Wonderful location on the hill.
                                                                   Via Martiri dei Lager, 58 - 06128 Perugia (PG)
Numerous footpaths and cycletracks extending as far as Assisi.
                                                                   Phone +39 335 6270955 - Fax +39 075 5003602
Ideal for sightseing: Assisi, Gubbio, Foligno, Montefalco,
Perugia, Spoleto. Airport Perugia: 30 minutes by car. Ryanair
flights from London
REAL ESTATE : : Umbria

                         IL CASTELLO DI IZZALINI
                         Exclusive apartments and holiday homes located in the quiet location of
                         Izzalini Castle - Todi (PG) for rent and for sale... They offer comfortable
                         accommodation, furnished with care and elegance to make your stay
                         pleasant and exclusive. 16 apartments two and three roomed on ground
                         and first level, with independent and programmable heating system, satellite
                         system, telephone, television and many other comforts to make the stay
                         more enjoyable and an equipped area with parking lot and pathways in the
                         green where different sports can be practiced, such as trekking.


                                       Vico della Fontanella 18
                                          05100 Terni (TR)
                           Phone +39 0744 406743 - Fax +39 0744 420678
                                      Mobile + 39 346 9736946

                                                                                       : : 37
    REAL ESTATE : : Umbria

As you approach Orvieto, whether by train or by car, you can spot the town perched upon a tuforock crag between
vineyards and fields rising like a fortress above the valley of the river paglia.
Orvieto is unique and particular interest not only for its caracter or position but mostly for its etruscan remains
medieval layout and, hallmark of gothic art, its cathedral.

ORVIETO:         This prestigious complex is situated just 3 km from Orvieto, not far from the gates of this
beautiful Umbrian town known al over the world. It is composed of a restored 460 sq m period villa with an age
- old park and a panoramic swimming pool looking out towards the town. More specifically, this is a 1,300 sq m
farmhouse which has been divided into 5 perfectly renovated homes, with another 5 to be completed, a 200 sq
m farmhouse in need of restoration and 2 farm outhouses. This property also contains 9 ha of Dop olive trees.
Currently the property is being run as a receptive activity.

                               Immobiliare TIRSENA
                                               Prestigious Houses

         ORVIETO SCALO : : Viale 1° Maggio, 5 - Phone & Fax +39 0763 305389 -
           ORVIETO : : Via della Costituente, 2 - Phone & Fax +39 0763 343733 -

     38 : :
    REAL ESTATE : : Umbria

Nestling in the hills in the heart of Umbria, a 17th-century property covering 600 sq m with 5000 sq m of land.
The property comprises a main residence with a tower/dovecote and a further building, formerly a farmworkers
house. The whole property has been tastefully restored, respecting the original architectural features such as
floors with handmade terracotta tiles, interior walls with exposed stonework, stone arches, etc. At present the
property serves as a hotel and offers a wide range of possibilities, with 4 apartments and 2 bedrooms with en suite
bathrooms, plus the second house.                                                               Price: € 1,300,000

                                      STUDIO TODI 2000 SRL
        Via G. Matteotti 99/101 - Todi (PG) - Phone +39 075 8948161 - Phone & Fax +39 075 8948767

                                                                                                      : : 39
     REAL ESTATE : : Building and restoration Company in Umbria

Building company specialising in
rebuilding, stabilising, conservation       Via del Lavoro, 14 - 06069 Tuoro sul Trasimeno (Perugia)
and restoration work. Sale of reclai-            Phone +39 075 825309 - Fax +39 075 8258035
med building materials: bricks, flo-     -
ors, roof tiles, pantiles.                              

      40 : :
                                  ,PPRELO &RPSDQ\ LV D \RXQJ HVWDWH DJHQF\ UXQ E\
                                  DQG ZKR KDYH WKH GHVLUH WR UHGLVFRYHU WKH WUXH PDJLF
                                  RI 0DUFKH V DUFKLWHFWXUH WUDGLWLRQV FXOWXUH DQG
                                  KLVWRU\ :H ZLOO EH DW \RXU VLGH DV H[SHUWV LQ WKH
                                  \RX WRS TXDOLW\ VHUYLFH DQG WR JXDUDQWHH WKH
                                  UHDOLVDWLRQ RI \RXU GUHDPV LQ WKH EHDXWLIXO 0DUFKH
                                  ,I \RX ZLVK ZH FDQ DOVR JLYH \RX UHOLDEOH WHFKQLFDO
                                  WKDW \RX ILQG WKH EHVW VROXWLRQV IRU \RX IURP
                                  EDQNV DQG LQVXUDQFH FRPSDQLHV


                        ZZZ PDUFKH KRPHV FRP
                                   ,PPRELO &RPSDQ\
                9LD )DELR )LO]L     ²     $PDQGROD $3 0DUFKH ,WDO\                     ::   41
                 PRELOH                     WHO I[D     #
                                  LQ[R/PDUFKH KRPHV FRP
    REAL ESTATE : : Le Marche - Pergola

                                                                  EREMO DI FONTE
                                                                      place of peace             NATURE
CASA MANIA real estate agency you can find in the historical centre of Pergola. Pergola is a lovely village
which is surrounded by the hill sides of the Apennines and gives in exceptual cases a splendid view on the Adriatic
sea. CASA MANIA real estate agency offers a full service for the real estate market in Italy, our clients can be
sure we provide them with the guidance that is needed. We are a young and dynamic real estate agency with
a great purpose. The real estate we offer is always double checked, and because we know the local law there will
be no unpleasant surprises. Within our specialized team we have the availability of a technician so we can realize
all of your ideas through the restoration process when that is wanted. We will lead you through the whole process
of buying property in Italy, from the search of the proper object to the signing of the contract at the notary, and
beyond, because buying a house in a foreign country should be a pleasant experience. Within our office
we also offer an administration service so an accountant can help you to fill in your tax forms and other causes,
which are needed for every owner of real estate. Furthermore we can assist you during matters with the official
authorities, for example the community. VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

                                           OUR PROPOSAL

                                                                                    di Paola Ragni
                                                                      Via Don Minzoni, 2 - 61045 Pergola (PU)
                                                                           Phone & Fax +39 0721 778885

     42 : :
  REAL ESTATE : : Le Marche
                                                                                Phone +39 334 9903867

                  Property Sales - Marketing - Rentals - Project Management

                     VILLA CASTELLANA                                            VILLA SORGENTE         DEI    SALI
                     A villa of 500 square metres                                A villa of three buildings
                     with 8000 square metres of                                  with 8 bedrooms, a guest
                     land for sale at € 1,500,000.                               house, swimming pool, and
                                                                                 outbuildings with land of 10000
                                                                                 sq.m. for sale at € 2,000,000.
                     AGR. FONTANELLA                                             CASOLARE LAMBRETTA
                     A complex of 4 buildings                                    A   restored     farmhouse,      5
                     including the main villa, 2 guest                           bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
                     houses and an outbuilings with                              with land of 3000 sq.m. for
                     land planted with olive and fruit                           sale at € 695,000.
                     trees for sale at € 800,000.
                     FARMHOUSE COLLI                                             CASOLARE PETTOVALLONE
                     A disused farmhouse and                                     A Farmhouse in need of total
                     outbuildings     in    need     of                          restoration of       280 square
                     restoration of        310 square                            metres and land of 5,000
                     metres with 24 hectares of                                  square metres for sale at €
                     land for sale at € 350,000.                                 145,000.
                     URBISGLIA MONASTERY                                         VILLA BOSCO
                     A disused monastery in need                                 A villa of 479 square metres
                     of total restoration of 1200                                with land of 11,700 square
                     square metre of area with                                   metres for sale of € 900,000.
                     10,000 square metres of land
                     for sale at € 650,000.

MarcheRustico provides turnkey solutions and                       San Severino Marche (MC) - Italy
property sales. In the heart of Le Marche Italy.
          We create homes from ruins.                                 Telephone: +39 0733 645233
  Visit our website                Cellular English & Italian Language: +39 334 9903867
                                                              Cellular Dutch & German +39 338 2980919

                                                                                                      : : 43
    REAL ESTATE : : Lazio

THE HOUSE&HOUSE              - Real Estate Services, operates from approximately 15 years on the territory of the
province of Frosinone, especially within the Ciociaria and Comino Valley - behind the Parco Nazionale del Lazio,
Abruzzo and Molise, always assuring its customers the peace of mind when, with a constant technical assistance,
legal and financial, throughout the process of buying. Tranquil medieval villages perched on the hilltops, where
life still runs slowly..; ruins of ancient Roman roads and imposing megalithic acropolis, benedictine monasteries,
all surrounded by rolling hills. And then lakes, sea and mountains in less than an hour’s drive. All far from Rome
and Naples only approximately 120 Km.

ATINA                                 ALVITO                                   ALVITO
House campaign, elegantly reno-       Located on a hill, a typical house       In   ancient   aristocratic   palace,
vated,   320 sqm residential area,    of stone campaign on two levels,         flat surface sqm. 200 approx.,
basement sqm. about 150. Large and    the total square meters. 210,            located on the ground floor, with
well-kept garden with fruit plants,   surrounded by a well-kept garden         independent entrance. Suitable for
with surrounding land sqm. 30,000     square meters. 6000. Excellent           anybodoy who wants to savour the
approx. Of particular honor to the    location, with views over the Valley     typical leisure of the country in an
finish, both internal and external.    of Comino.                               elegant atmosphere.

                                                                             Via Roma, 5 - Sora (FR)
                                                               Phone +39 0776 825671 - Fax +39 0776 825667

     44 : :
    REAL ESTATE : : Lazio
                                                             LAZIO - VITERBO PROVINCE (VT)
                                                             Nestling in the green countryside of the Monti
                                                             Cimini, in a commanding position with panoramic
                                                             views, about 50 km from Rome and very close
                                                             to Lake Vico, a delightful spacious two-storey
                                                             farmhouse dating from the 18th century, with
                                                             traditional cantina. The building is surrounded by
                                                             3500 sq m. of well-tended garden with gazebo,

LAZIO - VITERBO (VT) In the medieval centre                  long-established trees and orchard.

of Viterbo in a palazzo dating back to the 13th
century with 19th-century additions, a fabulous
residence of about 800 sq m on three floors, in a
perfect state of preservation and of great artistic
interest. Rooms frescoed by pupils of Tiepolo,
fireplaces, period floors and a n impressive cantina
make this property unique of its type. Antique
furnishings also available for purchase.                     TOSCANA - MONTALCINO (SI)
                                                             An important wine-producing estate comprising a
                                                             farmhouse of 400 sq m with a 17th-century tower
                                                             dominating the Val D’Orcia with wonderful views
                                                             over Siena. The property covers 35 hectares, of
                                                             which 2 hectares are given over to the cultivation of
                                                             Sangiovese grapes for the production of Brunello
                                                             red wine. The farmhouse is on several floors and
                                                             has been fully restored with period materials.
On Sant’Angelo hillside, few minutes far from
the seaside, scenic villa built in the XVI century
and renovated with luxury materials. The property
is in the middle of a citrus orchard, where are
located studios and 2 rooms aprtement completely
independent from the villa, the thermal swimming
pool, the gymnasium with a massage area.
                                                                  di Casodi Paola
                                                       Via Polidori, 26 - 01010 Viterbo (VT)
                                              Phone & Fax +39 0761 324859 - Mobile +39 347 1159076

                                                                                                    : : 45
    REAL ESTATE : : Lazio

                                                            On the edge of Braccia-no’s lake unique old
                                                            style mansion, living room with fireplace,
                                                            kitchen, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, lakeside
                                                            porches, 2 ectares of well-groomed land,
                                                            swimming pool, exclusive beach with wonderful
                                                            view of the ancient Bracciano’s castle and
                                                            historical centers of Trevignano and Anguillara.

                                  Studio Ramacci & Co
              Viale G. Garibaldi, 20                                Corso V. Emanuele, 73
           Trevignano Romano (RM)                                Campagnano di Roma (RM)
Phone +39 06 99919951 - Phone +39 06 99910056           Phone +39 06 90154626 - Phone +39 06 90159217

     46 : :
    REAL ESTATE : : Lazio


                                                                                   Luxury real estate in Italy
                                                                              Properties for sale and rent in Rome
                                                                              Tuscany, Umbria and Italian vacation
                                                                                       exclusive Locations.

                                                                                    Phone +39 06 69135740

FOR SALE         - La Villa Reale di Marlia has always been the residence
of noble families. From 1805 Napoleon’s sister, Elisa Baciocchi, sovereign
of Lucca remodelled the villa in his actual style and furnishing. Architect
Jaques Greber reatored the huge park in 1920’. Park of 20 hectars, building
sq 5000.

                                                                              Live In It srl is an Italian real
                                                                              estate     agency      established
                                                                              by Letizia Bucci Casari and
                                                                              Matilde Cartoni.

                                                                              Our initial goal was to rent
                                                                              to foreign visitors our family
                                                                              homes and those of our

                                                                              Live In It has now become a
                                                                              fully fledge agency speciali-
                                                                              sed in prestigious properties
                                                                              all over Italy.
FOR SALE         - In the heart of Rome. Top floor, mq 220, 2 terraces, 3
bedrooms, needs to be restoured, € 2,950,000.

                                                                                                      : : 47
   REAL ESTATE : : Building Company in Lazio

Building                            firm Milani Gianni, performer of public

works since 1980, specialized in: Civil and industrial buildings, repairs,

roads, motorways, bridges, railways, underground railways, airports’

runways, water main, sewers, electrical and technological installations.

                                                          MILANI GIANNI
                                               Via Fontana Rosa, 35 - 03022 Boville Ernica (FR)
                                                Phone +39 0775 356634 - Fax +39 0775 358226

    48 : :
    REAL ESTATE : : Abruzzo


One of a kind villa, in the heart of Abruzzo, in betwe-     Wonderful single house, open concept area, sur-
en sea and mountains. The 650 sq metres villa is sur-       rounded by Nature. This 365 sq metres villa is on two
rounded by 4500 sq metres land, with a fabulous out-        levels, composed by two units with separate indepen-
door pool and a garden. Prestigious finishings.              dent entrances. Excellent finishings.

Beautiful villa with a breathtaking view of the sea, clo-   Exceptional property with a picturesque view of the
se to the Adriatic Coast. The 270 sq metres villa is on     sea, in Vasto (Ch). This 18th Century villa, has a great
three levels with a garden of 4500 sq metres and a          historic value, as it was the residence of a noble family
relaxing outdoor pool.                                      called “D’Avalos”.
For further information about our properties and other great bargains, please visit our web sites.
                                 Corso Italia, 10 - Vasto - Phone +39 0873 378883 - -

                                                                                                       : : 49
       REAL ESTATE : : Abruzzo

                                        Agency is located in M n
                                            c           d Mon-
                                 Estate Agency i located in Mon-
                                     o al               wonderful
                                 torio al Vomano in the wonderful
                                 Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga
                                 Gran        nd
                                             nd                a
                                 Park, in a privileged position with
                                 P ,
                                 Park,       rivi e       ition it
                                                            ion th
                                            privileged position with
                                   short distance fro highway and
                                    hor diis ce from ghwa
                                               c         gh
                                 a short distance f om highway and
                                 Rome d escara p rt, e w
                                 Rome and Pescara airport, betwe-
                                 Rome and Pescara airport, betwe-
REF. 431                                      i
                                 en the Adriati sea and highest
                                  n the Adriatic sea and highest
                                         driati e n
                                             tic           gh
                                                           gh                                       REF. 054
MONTORIO AL VOMANO (TE)          moun n
                                 moun ains of Abruzzo and near
                                 mountains    Abr uzzo and
                                               br        d                                   TOSSICIA (TE)
                                 the most b    if l d di i l
                                          beautiful and traditional
                                 towns of the area, including Castel-
                                 li, Colledara, Pietracamela, Mon-
                                 torio al Vomano, Isola del Gran
                                 Sasso, Tossicia and Fano Adriano.
                                 In respect of the winter and summer
                                 tourist market, the agency specilises
                                 in the sale and rental of properties
REF. 527                                                                                            REF. 426
                                 near the ski resorts and the main se-
CAMPOTOSTO (AQ)                                                                      PIETRACAMEL A (TE)
                                 aside towns on the Adriatic coast.

                                             Orsini, 14 - 64046 Montorio al Vomano (TE)
                                                                   Phone +39 0861 592102

           50 : :
    REAL ESTATE : : Puglia

                                                                            This “trullo” have been completely
                                                                            restored, and painstakingly looked
                                                                            after. Inside, they are subdivided
                                                                            into 7rooms: 2kitchens, 3bedro-
                                                                            oms and 3bathrooms. Nearby,
                                                                            there are some lamia adjoining
                                                                            the “trullo”. The property boasts
                                                                            all mod cons and can be lived in
                                                                            all year round. Even the exteriors,
                                                                            with a large swimming-pool, have
                                                                            been finely restored. The “trullo”
                                                                            houses are sourrounded by about
                                                                            20.000 sq m land planted.
                                                                                               Price: € 400,000

The villa of 460sq m with 4.600sq   This trullo consists of 5 cones the-    Bedsitter of 30sq m all restored
m of    land, is on 2levels; the    re is a little lamia attached with a    consisting of 1room with a typical
first comprises dining-area with     courtyard in stone that needs to        alcove, kitchenette and 1bathro-
kitchen, 3bedrooms, 2bathrooms,     be restored; there is a plan to cre-    om. It has been restored with ta-
storeroom, laundry; the second:     ate a dining room, kitchen, 2 be-       ste. The floor is on “chianche”, a
dining-room, kitchen, 3bedrooms,    drooms and a bathroom. Land of          typical stone of the area.
1bathroom.       Price: € 320,000   16,000m².          Price: € 100,000                         Price: € 41,000

                                                      Viale Aldo Moro 23 - 72013 Ceglie Messapica (BR)
                                                                 Phone & Fax +39 0831 380432

                                                                                                  ::     51

An artisan-built, traditional-style stone four-six bedroom masseria (farmhouse) with
swimming pool, set in at least two hectares (5 acres) with its own olive grove or on its own
hill. Located in Puglia, near Lecce (10 mins from Otranto and the beaches) or in up-and-
coming Matera, Basilicata (a UNESCO World Heritage site) this offers a great investment
opportunity in two of the fastest growing regions in Italy. Prices start from Euro 600,000.
Unique Bespoke Masseria
                                                               Puglia and Basilicata

For more details, pictures, videos and floorplans visit: and
UK Phones: +44(0) 207 3528158 / +44(0) 782 5717758
Italy Phone: +39 339 8921018 Email:

LA VACANZA IMMOBILIARE SRL operates with professionalism, competence and
reliability in the Castellaneta Marina area of the province of Taranto. Our agency deals
with properties such as: homes, villas, commercial premises, hotels, tourist villages,
building land, farm properties and rentals. We operate mainly in the Ionian Sea area
but also in the rest of Italy.

Thanks to the support of the Geometra              VACANZA IMMOBILIARE SRL
Cristella Francesco, who has operated an           di Geom. Francesco Cristella e
estate agency and technical studio in the              Leyla e Luana Cristella
area for around thirty years, we are able                Viale dei Pini, 102
to provide a technical and commercial             74011 Castellaneta Marina (TA)
consultancy, and planning for every type              Phone +39 099 8430431
of investment..                                       Mobile +39 392 07 33731
    54 : :
REAL ESTATE : : Puglia

                         : : 55
     REAL ESTATE : : Puglia

The Tecnocasa Group, Europe’s primary Real Estate franchise, was founded in Milan in the 1980s and now has
around 5000 affiliated agencies. The Tecnocasa Group set up in Puglia in 1992 and at present has around 200
affiliated offices, including those which operate primarily in the tourism sector. Before listing all the services and
advantages which the Tecnocasa Group offers to those wishing to sell or purchase a property, it seems appropriate
to provide a more detailed picture of the delightful tourist area of Puglia, together with its special features.

Puglia welcomes visitors with sun and sea, the scents of Nature and the art treasures of its cities and its history..
The cultural heritage is rich and varied and is seen at its best in the archaeological finds, art and ancient traditions.
Some of the most ancient proofs of human habitation are the famous Dolmen di Bisceglie, the atmospheric caves
at   Castellana e Zinzulusa and the typical “trulli”, conical-roofed houses mostly concentrated in Alberobello.
Seeing these works sculpted by the hand of Man and Nature, it is easy to fall under the spell of the magnificence
of these survivors from times long past.

      56 : :
The most significant buildings are, without doubt, the cathedrals,
sanctuaries and country churches, mostly dating from the
Romanesque and Baroque periods. The cathedral at Lecce is the
finest example, simple in layout but with lavish Baroque decoration.
The oldest and finest example of the Romanesque style is the
Basilica of San Nicola in Bari, a true architectural masterpiece,
superb and austere as a fortress. Due above all to the carstic
nature of the underlying rocks, Puglia boasts the largest number
of stonebuilt churches and crypts in the whole of Italy. Military
fortresses, castles and fortified villages abound throughout the
region, some perched on the summit of a hill, others along the
topmost ridge of tall cliffs. All have remained for the most part
intact and today form part of the special historical and artistic
features of the region. An outstanding example is the spectacular
Castel del Monte, standing loftily between the Murge and the sea,
on a hilltop at an altitude of 600 metres. It is considered the finest
example of a castle used as a hunting lodge in Europe. It was
built on the orders of Frederick II of Swabia, who spent a large
part of his life in Puglia. With its imposing octagonal form, the
castle on its hilltop seems to dominate the whole of Puglia. Its
architect is unknown but legend has it that it was Frederick II
himself who designed the building. Another important aspect
of Puglia is its culture of eating well. The scents and flavours of
the sea, combined with those of the earth, such as extra virgin
olive oil, vegetables, durum wheat flour, dairy products, grapes,
wine, etc, are used to create dishes which cannot fail to delight.
There are many Masserie (walled farms) and agriturismi (farms
with holiday accommodation) where it is possible to sample the
wonderful Pugliese cuisine. There are also many farms proud of
their high quality products, produced by traditional methods.

                                       SERVICES OF THE TECNOCASA GROUP
                                       The services which the Tecnocasa Group offers to its clients are both numerous and of the highest
                                       standard. The following are just a few examples:
                                       - Free property valuations
                                       - Financial services for both sellers and purchasers
                                       - Data bank, with more than 600,000 potential clients
                                       - Website:, a portal which boasts more than 57,000 unique visitors per day
                                       - Promotional magazines of properties for sale with a monthly circulation of more than 534,000
                                       - Regular updates for clients of any developments regarding the management of their commission

                                                                                                                       : : 57
      REAL ESTATE : : Puglia

Affiliato: STUDIO LEUCA S.A.S. - Iscr. ruolo società BA 116 - Via Gobetti, 56 - Ang. Piazza Ariosto - 73100 Lecce
             Phone +39 0832 453666 - - e-mail:

      REAL ESTATE : : Puglia

  UNIQUE MASSERIA                                         of land, partly surrounded by traditional drystone
  Dating from the late Middle Ages with approximately     walls. Planning approval for restoration, extension
  1000 sq m of covered space. Standing in 4000 sq m       and the creation of a desirable hotel/B&B complex.

    Affiliato: STUDIO GIORGILORIO - Iscr. ruolo mediatori LE 532 - Via De Giorgi, 5 - 73010 Surbo (LE)
  Phone +39 0832 361388 - Fax +390832 365686 - - e-mail:

       58 : :
REAL ESTATE : : Puglia

                         For sale on the outskirts of Gallipoli, a luxury detached villa with 8000 sq
                         m of land. Light and airy lounge of 80 sq m with many large windows,
                         imposing fireplace in Lecce stone, brickbuilt kitchen corner, 2 bedrooms by
                         Cavalli, bathroom with Versace fittings and hydromassage bath. Outbuilding
                         with 2 bedrooms, each with en suite bathroom. Fabulous outdoor swimming
                         pool with waterfall, accessible from the lounge via a broad flight of steps
                         leading straight into the water. The property stands in a lovely garden with
                         lawn, surrounded by traditional drystone walls. The garden contains many
                         ornamental trees, imposing olive trees, stone statues and a large fountain. This
                         wonderful property is equipped with electric gates and CCTV surveillance.

                                           Affiliato: STUDIO GALLIPOLI S.R.L.
                                           Corso Roma, 56 - 73014 Gallipoli (LE)
                                                Phone & Fax +39 0833 261310
                      - e-mail:

                                                                                           : : 59
     REAL ESTATE : : Puglia

CORSO ITALIA:                                                                                    and        swimming
a wide choice of                                                                                 pools; commercial
properties in a wide                                                                             premises      facing
range of styles and                                                                              onto porticos in
sizes:     prestigious                                                                           Lecce stone. All set
apartments         with                                                                          among lovely green
terraces with sea                                                                                areas with tropical
views; classic villas                                                                            plants, squares and
with private gardens                                                                             fountains.

                  Affiliato: STUDIO SAN SEBASTIANO SAS - Corso Italia, 37 - 73014 Gallipoli (LE)
           Phone & Fax +39 0833 201318 - - e-mail:

     REAL ESTATE : : Puglia

Small peninsula of 6500 mq.c.a. which insists on a         Alla structure have a private sandy beach. This peninsula
structure, with destination hotel, 500 mq.coperti, with    is the port of prospicente Tricase.
6500 square meters of giardino.

   Affiliato: STUDIO SANTA MARIA - Iscr. ruolo società n.753 CCIAA Le - Via G. Toma, 24 - Tricase (LE)
                              Phone & Fax +39 0833 541673 - Mobile +39 347 6820971
                   - e-mail:

         60 : :
       REAL ESTATE : : Puglia

Just 3 km (5 min) from the main local, in the Arnesano region in 7000 sq.m. of land and surrounded by trees, a
fabulous villa restored to a very high standard with vaulted ceilings. Many typical features which would make it a
perfect B&B establishment. The property comprises: Main residence of 500 sq m; a second building of 220 sq
m with lounge, sauna and large hydromassage tub; solarium of more than 160 sq m; 4 garages totalling 130 sq.m.

Semi-olympic size swimming
pool (22.00x10.00x3.00 metres),
complete with hydromassage                 Affiliato: STUDIO MONTERONI SAS di Santoro Alessandro
tub,    outside   showers   and              Iscr. ruolo societ LE n. 679 - Iscr. ruolo mediatori LE n.729
changing rooms.                                Via A. De Gasperi, 74 - 73047 Monteroni di Lecce (LE)
                                             Phone & Fax +39 0832 326572 - e-mail:

                                                                                                     ::   61
    REAL ESTATE : : Puglia - Alberobello
                                                   L’Agenzia dei Trulli owned by Gabriella Dragone is located in
                                                   Alberobello in the centre of the wonderful region of Puglia. The
                                                   agency specialises in locating and selling “Trulli” those charming
                                                   traditional local houses built entirely of stone on a square base
                                                   with conical roofs and finished externally in the traditional
                                                   ‘chiancarelle’ (local stone). We offer all our clients a wide range
                                                   of trulli both restored and unrestored from just€ 40,000. With
                                                   over ten years of experience in the sector we guarantee a totally
                                                   professional before and after sales service and we also oversee
                                                   all the relevant procedures necessary when overseas clients buy
                                                   property in Italy.

                                                               Largo Martellotta, 28 - Alberobello (BA)
                                                     Phone & Fax +39 080 4322796 - Mobile +39 333 4351965

     62 : :

    international law firm : : Calabria

“QUATTRONE” is a law firm , founded by Giuseppina and Antonino Quattrone has two offices in Reggio Calabria.
Members of the Firm have achieved master specialization high quality in tax law, Community law and Labour law.
The “ Firm” offer a complete and professional advice in every area of law. Activities in the Real Estate are among
the most important of the professional services offered. In particular, the “ Quattrone Law Firm” assures assistance
in: A. Construction procedures for real estate, shopping malls and other real estate multi-purpose complexes; B.
Real estate renovations; C. Real estate sale and management of related negotiations on bank and credit institute’s
financing. The training of its members are treated with great care by participating, even in the quality of teachers,
courses, master and conferences. Aiming at providing Clients always with more and more efficient services, all the
firm’s attorneys are provided with the most advanced technologies to perform their professional tasks. The Firm
assures assistance, through a network of collaborators, in Calabria and Sicily.

                                   AVVOCATO ANTONINO QUATTRONE
                                    Via Longitudinale 57 - 83134 Pellaro (RC)
                                          Phone & Fax +39 0965 359274

     62 : :
REAL ESTATE : : Calabria

                                                 real estate and B&B sybaris

                           Ambrogio welcome you to their villa surrounded by a lovely garden where
                           breakfast is served. Very convenient for visiting the historie site of Ancient
                           Sybari. A short walk vill take you to a big white sandy beach. Restaurants
                           and night life activities and amusements are close by.
                           The Sybaris Property specializes in vacation homes throughout the area
                           Sibari Marina where in green are comfortable villas and apartments of va-
                           rious types and sizes. Our mission is the fairness in relations with the custo-
                           mer: our seriousness and the skills demonstrated in all aspects of the pro-
                           cesses of buying, are our best business card. Villas starting from € 70,000
                           to € 130,000.

                                              Contrada Salicetta - 87070 Sibari (CS)
                                   Phone +39 0981 784230 - Fax +39 0981 784020 - Mobile

                                                                                            : : 63
For sale period property in the
historic centre of the town of
Briatico, 100 metres from the
sea. The total area is 10,000
square metres and part of
the restoration work could be
funded by money available
from the local C.E.E. Price on

                                                               COMPLESSO TORALDO
                                                               Building land of 55,000 square
                                                               metres on the seaside at
                                                               Tropea with permission for
                                                               hotel or tourist complex - level
                                                               land - 300 metres of private
                                                               beach - plans approved for
                                                               405 bedrooms + restaurant -
                                                               swimming pool - tennis court
                                                               - Building permissions ready
                                                               to pick up from the Comune
                                                               of Parghelia - Ideally suited
                                                               for a top quality hotel complex
                                                               with option of building a small
                                                               private harbour for yachts etc.

      64 : :
                                  please contact us by email
    REAL ESTATE : : Calabria

The project foresees the construction of
high status apartments, a shared area with
swimming pool, shops and modern offices.
The complex is situated just a few yards
from the sea surrounded by greenery in the
Comune of Belvedere Marittimo close to all
attractions and the tourist port.

                                             PIANETA BELMONTE
                                             In the stunning hill country of Belmonte Calabro, half an hour
                                             from the airport at Lamezia Terme, a newly-built complex with
                                             various types of property all finished to a very high standard, with
                                             gardens on the ground floor and terrace on the first floor. Sea

Semi-detached villa with garden on three sides, situated in the
Comune of Bonifati in Cosenza province.

                                             PARCO MONTEA
                                             Situated in the Santa Litterata area in the Comune di Belvedere
                                             Marittimo. The park comprises apartments with private entrance,
                                             garden on the ground floor and terrace on the first floor. Shared
                                             areas and swimming pool.

                   Visit our website to see our park complex in Calabria.

  Agenzia di Belvedere Marittimo - Phone +39 0985 849853 - -

                                                                                                   : : 65
   REAL ESTATE : : Calabria

                                                                    real estate la mela

                              SCALEA -      I would submit Scalea, a country north of Calabria, and I
                              would invite you to visit and to see the beauty, enjoy the friendly atmos-
                              phere of our people and comparing the cost of our stay.


                              The agency “Mela” work for over 25 years in the real estate market with
                              seriousness and competence in the field, with a qualified staff and spe-
Scalea villas                 cialized in the estimation of the buildings. Our agency, which is based in
                              Scalea, over the years has expanded its powers, acquiring know - how that
                              allows him to be one of the most popular, in real estate, across the Riviera
                              dei Cedri. Moreover, guarantees loans and financing for the purchase and
                              renovation of buildings.

Maierà VillAS
                                             Via Lungomare Ajnella - 87029 Scalea (CS)
                                                    Phone & Fax +39 0985 20794

   66 : :
    REAL ESTATE : : Sicily

SCIACCA (AG) -                         nearest Sovareto, to little distance      pieces of maiolica dated between
          LOC. SOVARETO                from     the   hotel   complex     of     ‘600, ‘700 and ‘800 Sicilian and
In an ancient city located on the      Sciaccamare and to east of Sciacca        Neapolitan style, inner doors with
Mediterraneo Sea (Canale of Sicilia)   approximatelly 1.5Km far, we sale         wall painting of ‘700. Connected
between Agrigento and Selinunte,       a prestigious villa of approximately      Garden of 2000 sm. It is located
center of    a famous Thermal          400 sm covered with large verandas        in an exclusive tourist receptive
center and historic-architectonic      and terraces. From the villa is           context. No possibility of new
testimonies, from the always mild      possible to see at 360 degrees the        residential building in the zone.
climate, interested from numerous      Channel of Sicily and the Kronio
tourist-receptive buildings between    Mount.     Between     the    finishes
two Golf Resort under construction     of prestige approximately 4000                                     € 1,350,000

                                                               Estate Agent’s
                                                                      Via delle Azalee, 52 - 92019 Sciacca (AG)
                                                                               Phone & Fax +39 092585842

                                                                                                         : : 67
    REAL ESTATE : : Sicily

FOR SALE in Campofelice di Roccella (PA) - Sicily - appartement in villa of about smq 70, constituted by: living
room-kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, with outside veranda and porch, garden, car place, whole furnished. Near
the sea, not far from Cefalù and Palermo, it’s situated into Residence “MARE LUNA VILLAGE” which offer
swimming-pool, pizzeria, restaurant, mini-market, inside parking.

                                                                        Giuseppe Melilli +39 338 5418433
                                                                       Tiziana Sorrentino +39 389 4740882

     68 : :
REAL ESTATE : : Sicily

                         : : 69
    REAL ESTATE : : Sardinia - Porto Cervo - Costa Smeralda

Prestigious villa newly built of 500
sq m commercial in splendid posi-
tion and 300 meters distance from
the beach. The entire property is
surrounded by a beautiful garden
of 3000 square meters with fanta-
stic see view. Covered patios and
parking for 3 cars. The interior is
as follows: large living room, dining
room, kitchen super-equipped, pan-
try, master with large living room, 4
double bedrooms with bathrooms.
Attached to the main body there is
the guest area which is composed
of three separate suites each with
separate entrances. Complete ow-
nership, barbecue area, swimming
pool, solarium, laundry-room, lar-
ge terrace with outdoor spaces for                   IMMOBILIARE LE ROSEMARINE
fitness. Air conditioning.                            07020 - Porto Cervo - Liscia di Vacca
                                                Phone +39 0789 906003 - Fax +39 0789 906009

     70 : :
    REAL ESTATE : : Sardinia

                      Euro Invest Agenzia Immobiliare
              Sardinia the Emerald sea in the center of the Mediterranean

                 Real estate broker higly qualified in selected properties
               in the north est area of the Island and in the Emerald Coast

Strada Aeroporto Olbia Costa Smeralda 6 C.P. 326 - 07026 Olbia (SS) - Phone +39 337 817121 - Fax +39 0789 66576

    luxury rentals : : Veneto - Friuli Venezia Giulia

                                    SPIGHE     AND       DUNE AGRITURISMO          - A unique, comfortable oasis
                                    close to Venice. The beach is a few steps away, the swimming pool unusually
                                    large. Great is the on-site restaurant. The original buildings were the typical
                                    old farmhouses, which in the early ‘900 housed the dependents of the Farm,
                                    their animals and the storage of grain. The affable owners, add immeasurably
                                    to the attractiveness of the place: wide use of terracotta floors, wooden beam,
                                    tasteful and comfortable furnishings, offer a somewhat rustic but elegant and
                                    easy living style.

TENUTA REGINA - Agriturismo Tenuta Regina is made up by 4 “Casali”, where 10 apartments are spread. The
reception and the breakfast room, with its beautiful panoramic terrace, are in the main farmhouse, surrounded by
a big courtyard where also the swimmingpool is.

                                                    ADRIABELLA RELAX EXPERIENCE
                              Dune Relais Agriturismo - Le Spighe Country House - Tenuta Regina Agriturismo
                                                  Via Santa Croce, 8 - 30020 Eraclea Mare (VE)
                                                 Phone +39 0421 66171 - Fax +39 0421 66156

     72 : :
Il vostro ADLER nel cuore delle Dolomiti.
Ihr ADLER im Herzen der Dolomiten.

Ihre Wellness-Oase zwischen den sanften Hügeln der Toskana.

                                                                   : : 73
   luxury rentals : : Campania and       Emilia Romagna

                                                               GRAND HOTEL OSMAN
                                                               The newly GHO is elegantly located in the
                                                               “Vallo of Diano” that is a peaceful para-
                                                               dise of natural beauty. It rises inside the
                                                               splendid setting of the Cilento National
                                                               Park, in order to go through the will of the
                                                               Cimino’s Family.

                                                               THE HOTEL VIENNA OSTENDA
                                                                    OTEL IENNA   STENDA
                                                               is situated in the centre of Rimini Sea Side
                                                               to 40 meters from the sea, to 1 kilometre
                                                               from the Historical Centre with the Railway
                                                               station. It is equipped of video-controlled
                                                               parking, elevator, two american bars, well
                                                               equipped conference rooms, television
                                                               room, restaurant, terrace.

Grand Hotel Osman - Via Nazionale San Giuseppe, 25 - 84030 Atena Lucana (SA)
                 Phone +39 0975 511164 - Fax +39 0975 779129
        Hotel Vienna Ostenda - Viale Regina Elena, 11 - 47900 Rimini
                 Phone +39 0541 391744 - Fax +39 0541 391032

    74 : :
    luxury rentals : : Liguria

Situated in a very central position,
overlooking the sea and the bea-
ches, the Residence disposes of
one, two and three-roomed apart-
ments, with a single block kitche-
nette provided with all the neces-
sary equipment, fridge and electric
cooker, direct line telephone, fire
detecting system, WiFi and DSL
internet connections, Sat TV, safe-
air conditioning, children’s bed and
chair, balconies with armchairs.
Daily cleaning. Bath and kitchen
laundry every two days. Bed, bath
and kitchen linen are provided.
Conciergery 24 hours. Parking and

                                              RESIDENCE DEI DUE PORTI
                              Trento e Trieste 21/23 - 18038 Sanremo (IM)
                                        Phone +39 0184 506506 - Fax +39 0184 530700

                                                                                      : : 75
    luxury rentals : : Tuscany

IL GIARDINO      E L’OLIVETO       - SLEEPS 8 -           ful landscape, the Castle and the surrounding undulating
Four bedrooms, three bathrooms. Il Giardino e             “Crete” hills. It stands in its own grounds, 1.2 km from a
l’Oliveto is a charming 250 year old villa-farmhouse      medieval village, at the head of a secluded valley of cor-
40 minutes south of Siena, which has been beautiful-      nfields, Mediterranean pines and poplar woods. Near-
ly restored by the anglo-irish artist/owner, decorated    by are historical Abbeys with their celebrated frescoes...
and furnished as a lived-in family home. The house        Monte Oliveto Maggiore and Sant’Anna in Camprena,
and its gardens, olive groves and pool form a harmo-      and the famous towns of Pienza, Montalcino and San
nious and nurturing environment for a relaxing stay in    Quirico d’Orcia. Independent guest house. All modern
Tuscany, with panoramic views of a uniquely beauti-       comforts. Romantic homely atmosphere.

                                                         Period Town & Country Houses - Hotels B&B - Estates -

              Arcadia                                       Property Consultancy - Restoration & Decoration
                                                                      Summer Leases & Sabbaticals

Property in Tuscany                                                     Mobile +39 335 8413699

     76 : :
    luxury rentals : : Tuscany
A “Home” for a relaxed holiday, your “Villa” for an
evening party, a “Banquet-Hall” for a formal event, a
“Corner” for a cozy dinner, a range of “Meeting-halls”
for high class conventions. All this and more is Villa
le Rondini: stilish bedrooms, swimming-pool, tennis-
court, jogging facilities, large parking areas, heliport
and... genuine products of the family farm. City Bus
at the gate entrance every 15 min. to and from the
Railway Station.

                                                            VILLA LE RONDINI - HOTEL**** RESTAURANT
                                                                Via Bolognese Vecchia, 224 - 50139 Firenze
                                                               Phone +39 055 400081 - Fax +39 055 268212

    luxury rentals : : Tuscany

RELAIS VILLA CARUSO             - Owned once by the
famous opera singer Enrico Caruso, is the ideal place
to spend a pleasant holiday between culture and life
in the country. On a hill overlooking Florence, at 25
min. drive from the city center it has 5 selfcatering
apartments elegantly furnished and with all kind of
comforts: satellite tv, swimming - pool, and the best
view over the tuscan hills. City bus at the gate entrance
several times a day. Pets admitted.

                                                                        RELAIS VILLA CARUSO
                                                               Via Dante da Castiglione 18 - Loc. CERCINA
                                                                    50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FIRENZE)
                                                              Phone +39 055 40 00 81 - Fax +39 055 268212

                                                                                                       : : 77
    luxury rentals : : Tuscany

THE GLOBAL WELLBEING EXPERIENCE… Magnificent villas and historical residences set in natural
Paradises: the perfect equilibrium between man and nature. Endless panoramas, immense and fabulous spas and
thermal grottos to recover exterior and internal harmony. Mineral spring waters, oriental therapies and… Italian
gourmet and spa cuisine for a complete emotional experience.

member of Virtuoso, Small Leading Hotels
and Leading Spas of the World is located
amidst the splendid scenery of the Siena hills,
in San Casciano dei Bagni – TUSCANY. The
exclusive resort was built in the 17th century by
the Grand Duke Ferdinando I de’ Medici amid
precious hot springs whose therapeutic proper-
ties were known since ancient times. The resort
is ideal as starting point for sightseeing to the
charming medieval villages of the nearby area,
for visits to the prestigious
wineries of Brunello di Mon-
talcino and for shopping at fa-
mous Italian stylists outlets.

                                                             FONTEVERDE NATURAL SPA RESORT
                                                            Località Terme 1 - 53040 San Casciano dei Bagni
                                                             Phone +39 0578 57241 - Fax +39 0578 572200

      78 : :
                                                          GROTTA GIUSTI GOLF & SPA RESORT
                                                        Via Grotta Giusti 1411 - 51015 Monsummano Terme
                                                          Phone +39 0572 90771 - Fax +39 0572 9077200

GROTTA GIUSTI GOLF & SPA RESORT, member of                         Small Luxury Hotels, ideally
located between Florence and Pisa is a true testament to the elegance and sophistication of
Italian styling and the fine art of hospitality. Grotta Giusti benefits from its very unique thermal
grotta, a fascinating natural cave with a hot water underground lake in which guests can enjoy a
relaxing and detoxifying steam bath. The spa offers a new therapeutic thermal pool in the park fed by spa water
with waterfalls and underwater hydrojets. Health & beauty programmes ,oriental therapies, spa diet, anti-aging but
also alternative treatments like chocolate and bio-energetic therapies are run regularly.            : : 79
    luxury rentals : : Tuscany

BAGNI    DI   PISA NATURAL SPA RESORT, recent member of                    the Small Leading Hotels and Leading
Spas of the World, is set amid the gentle hills of Tuscany and just ten minutes from Pisa Airport. This magni-
ficent historical building was recently reopened after complete renovation. An authentic immersion into history
with its splendid frescoed rooms dating back to the 17th century and precious hot springs already known by the
Romans and Etruscans. An incomparable position between Pisa, Lucca and the Versilia Coast, giving clients the
possibility to unwind by the sea or enjoy relaxing Italian nightlife.

                                                                                   BAGNI DI PISA
                                                                                NATURAL SPA RESORT
                                                                        Largo Shelley 18 - 56017 San Giuliano Terme
                                                                        Phone +39 050 885011 - Fax +39 050 8850401

     80 : :
    luxury rentals : : Relais in Umbria - Perugia
                                                            in a unique position dominating the valley of Tevere,
                                                            which provide our guests with a spectacular view and
                                                            exceptional sensory impressions. “Palazzetta del Ve-
                                                            scovo” is recommended by “Guida Michelin”, “Karen
                                                            Brown” and “Special Places to stay”.
The Palazzetta del Vescovo is a luxury and charming hi-
storical relais, close to the wonderful town of Todi, lo-
cated in a special place that allows panoramic views of
the beautiful Umbrian countryside. It’s the ideal point
of departure to visit Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto, Spole-
to, Montefalco, the Trasimeno lake, Siena, Cortona e
Arezzo in Tuscany. The luxury house is surrounded by                  LA PALAZZETTA DEL VESCOVO
olive groves and wine vineyards, with blooming gar-                     Via Clausura, 17 - Frazione Spineta
dens enchanted by Mediterranean scents. Among its                           06054 Fratta Todina (PG)
features there is the infinity swimming pool situated             Phone + 39 075 8745183 - Fax +39 075 8745042
   luxury rentals : : Umbria

                     ex - convent

 di costantinopoli
                                                             historical dwelling

    82 : :
This is an ancient Franciscan
convent immersed in one of the
most beautiful naturalistic sites
in central Italy; it is just a short
distance away from the national
park of the Sibillini Mountains
located in theValley of the Nera
and at present the area is an
Italian candidate as a Heritage of
Humanity for Unesco; it represents
a concentration of        spirituality,
nature, art and history. Today the
convent offers discreet and elegant
hospitality, in an atmosphere of
silence and simplicity; the structure
is unique of its kindand it is only
15 minutes away from Spoleto, 30
minutes away from Perugia, Assisi
and Norcia and about two hours
away from Rome and Florence. The
elegance of the reception rooms and
the libraries, the silence of thepark,
the suggestive swimming pool in
stone, full immersed in the park,
the spa inside the suite dell’angolo
tagliato and the red earth tennis
court, all create a background for
a unique and memorabre stay.. The
restaurant, with typical dishes of the
umbrian cooking style is available
either for guests of the ex convent
or for the external ones, looking                                                            Surrou
                                            Residenza d’Epoca Madonna Costantinopoli di Rome Surroundings srl
for a particularly romantic dinner.             Loc. Madonna di Costantinopoli - 06040 Cerreto di Spoleto (PG)
The wine tasting shop, with several                         Phone +39 0743 91204 - Fax +39 0743 923154
selected wine labels, of umbrian and -
italian wines, also offer the choice      MASTERS  OF THE HOUSE FOR ONE DAY. YOU CAN OR     GANISE YOUR IDEAL RECEPTION OR
                                                      TY                                                                OOMS,
                                                                                                                                  : : 83
    luxury rentals : : Le Marche

RESIDENCE BORGO DA MARE has its origins in the restoration of two 16th century buildings in the historic
centre of Monteprandone, a small medieval fortress town overlooking the seaside resort of S. Benedetto del Tronto.
The residence consists of 8 holiday apartments of various sizes with kitchenettes plus two double rooms with
bathrooms. The frescoes, the ancient vaulting, the original floors, the wooden beams, the courtesy of the local people
and the tranquillity of this small fortress town will all combine to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

You can see our best real estate proposals on

We build mansions, terraced houses, blocks of flats with
independent entrances and small buildings. We use only top
notch materials, and choose only the best locations. We offer
personalized payments, also with warranty. Riviera costruzioni
has renovated fabulous country cottages with sea view on the hills
                                                                     Phone +39 0735 62717 - Fax +39 0735 362043
rising up behind the Sambenedetto coast and medieval palaces
in the old burgs of Monteprandone and Acquaviva Picena.
     84 : :
    luxury rentals : : Campania

Coemy is a luxury tourist services agency, specialized in luxury
real estate and villa rentals in Sorrento and Massa Lubrense area.     Coemy Sas di Amalia De Maria
If you choose one of our luxury accommodations it is possible Via Filangieri, 30 - 80061 Massa Lubrense (NA)
to have your personal concierge who looks after you throughout        Phone & Fax +39 081 8089672
your holiday. He can arrange private transfers from/to the main -
airports, private cooking class, guided tours, boat rentals, wine
tasting, restaurants, events and concerts reservations. We are at
                                                                                              : : 85
your disposal to arrange a taylor made holiday.
    luxury rentals : : Puglia

Masseria Appidè is an 18th centu-
ry rural estate, once belonging to
a rich local family, who lived here
seasonally; today it’s an original
tourist complex of particular ar-
chitectural and historical interest,
unique in the field of rural hospita-
lity, comfortable and well-equipped
as a modern hotel and restaurant.
The original mansion, the old farm
buildings and the outhouses have
been completely restored and tran-
sformed into different lovely house
solutions. Masseria Appidè has a
swimming pool and a jacuzzi basin
in the open, a small Putting Green
and a car parking in the open and a
restaurant with a garden where you
could taste the best of both local
traditional and national Italian cui-
sine. The Masseria is plunged into
Salento’s countryside, only few mi-
                                                    MASSERIA APPIDÈ
les from the best beaches and hi-
                                                  Corigliano d’Otranto (LE)
storic towns of interest. Masseria
                                         Phone +39 0836 427969 - Fax +39 0836 427968
Appidè is a relaxing and tranquil
destination where you could have a
special holiday in respect for nature.
      86 : :
    luxury rentals : : Sicily

HOTEL    - The Baia di Ulisse Beach hotel is located in one of the most evocative places in Sicily, in the popular
seaside resort of San Leone, Agrigento at a very short distance from the Valley of Temples. This hotel, entirely
renewed in 2008, is surrounded with a magnificent pinewood that gently slopes down to a delicious private beach
fully serviced with sunshades and deckchairs. This hotel the ideal place to organize meetings and events with its
congress room for up to 200 people, well equipped with the newest technology. You can also arrange all kinds of
parties thanks to the three restaurant lounges. From April 2009 there will be a modern fitness centre.

Agrigento was defined by pindaro “the most beautiful fown of
mortals because of its cultural and historical sack ground. Not
                                                                      Via A.G. Alaimo, 2 - 92100 Agrigento (AG)
far from Agrigento, its also possible to reach Realmonte, a small
                                                                    Phone +39 0922 417638 - Phone +39 0922 417639
centre near the coast, wise its famous beach “ Scala dei Turchi”;
                                                                     Phone +39 0922 416121 - Fax +39 0922 416121
Eraclea Minoa, with its Roman remains; Naro, with its well
known Chiaramonte Castle, Palma di Montechiaro, the Castle
built by Federico Chiaramonte. Where you can visit.                                                  : : 87
   Holiday in italia Guide

88 : :
     podere sant’ egidio : : Farmhouse

                                                                                                                                              HOLIDAY RENTALS : : Tuscany
                                                                    The Casentino is the valley where the Arno is born. Our struc-
                                                                    ture is found in privileged position, a little far Capolona. It is the
                                                                    correct place to relax to contact with the nature.
Welcome in your house vacations of country                          Equestrian activity
Are you looking for a place for vacations in Tuscany comfor-        We collaborate with the The Small Ulivo Ranch in the place Bib-
table, with all the comforts and neighbor to Arezzo, Siena and      biano Ortelli where you can frequent lessons of approach to the
Florence but at the absorbed at the same time in the green?         horse for you, for your family and for your children.
We think you find it: our farm
We are to few kilometers from Arezzo in the country of the
Casentino, one of the most beautiful valleys to make vacations
in Tuscany, and we have seven apartments that we weekly rent
to couples, families and groups of friends.
All the Apartments are endowed with maximum comfort and
swimming pool had opened since May in October

                                                                           Podere Sant’Egidio - La tua casa di campagna
                                                                                        Loc. Zenna, 19 - 52016 Castel Focognano (Arezzo)
                                                                                       Phone +39 0575 591720 - Mobile +39 338 4907715

     podere casanova : : B & B

                                                                                                                                              HOLIDAY RENTALS : : Tuscany
                                                                    pool. Guest will be able to take long walks on network of paths
                                                                    developed between olive trees inside the great property which
                                                                    is completely fenced. Double communication doors between
                                                                    some rooms, can transform the rooms in apartments/suite or
The fascination of a stay in the country side less than 8 km from
                                                                    in double suites.
the center of the city of Florence. The piece of real estate fine
restructured is situated a couple of hundred meters from the
famous field of the Golf Club Ugolino and to the road that le-
ads in the heart of the Chianti. The inner furnishings have been
studied to realize one perfect atmosphere of Tuscany tradition
and modern comfort. The rooms are placed on two levels, all
equipped with private bathrooms with shower or bathtub. One
the ground flour every room has its little garden space gracefully
furnished; on the upper level there is lovely room with veran-
da and a fully furnished apartment suite. The scenario of the
building is surrounded by an immense garden with swimming

                                                                                                                 PODERE CASANOVA

                                                                          Via Chiantigiana, 379 - Bagno a Ripoli - 50015 Grassina (Firenze)
                                                                                             Phone +39 055 643164 - Fax +39 055 645584
                                   villa sant’andrea : : Farmhouse

                                                                                                     Pericato and Montelodoli have been divided into apartments
                                                                                                     while Zobi is an independent villa with its own private pool.

                                                                                                     All the apartments have characteristic oak beam ceilings and ter-
                                                                                                     racotta tiled floors. They are furnished with traditional Tuscan
                                                                                                     rustic pieces and are fully equipped with modern comforts.

                                                                                                     The farm produces Chianti Classico wines, IGT wines, extra-
                              Villa S. Andrea offers the possibility of spending a dream holi-       virgin and DOP olive oil, Grappa and Vinsanto.
                              day, immersed in the countryside, in one of three farmhouses on
                              the estate - Podere Perticato, Podere Montelodoli or Villa Zobi.

                              Each farmhouse has been lovingly restored and is surrounded
                              by gardens with a swimming pool.

                                                                                                                                                  VILLA SANT’ANDREA
                                                                                                           Via Di Fabbrica, 63 - 50020 San Casciano in Val di Pesa (Firenze)
                                                                                                                           Phone +39 055 8244254 - Fax +39 055 8244255

                                   agriturismo san pietro : : Farmhouse                                   Residenza d’Epoca Villa Ulivi : : Relais

                                                                                                                                       Villa Ulivi bed and breakfast
                                                                                                                                       in Florence is a remarkably be-
                                                                                                                                       autiful and luxurious fifteenth
                                                                                                                                       century Florentine Villa located
                                                                                                                                       few minutes away from Flo-
                                                                                                                                       rence’s historic city centre and
                                                                                                                                       from its main monuments, as
                                                                                                                                       well as from the shopping area,
                                                                                                     up towards the wonderful landscape of an ideal Tuscan hill. The
                                                                                                     villa grounds are surrounded and beautified by magnificent vi-
                                                                                                     neyards and olive orchards, as
                                                                                                     well as an array of local flowers
                                                                                                     and blossoming trees. In spi-
                                                                                                     te of its central location, Villa
                                                                                                     Ulivi is immersed in a garden
                              The city of art, Montepulciano, is of great cultural interest due      planted with fragrant roses and
                              to its Renaissance treasures which make it one of the most             lavender, at the end of a shady
                              interesting towns in the south of the province of Siena, and           horse-chestnuts’ lane. Double
                              also thanks to its wine, that has made it famous throughout the        and Triple Rooms at Villa Ulivi are spacious and comfortable
                              world. These are all very good reason to spend your holiday at                                           retreats that are furnished with
                              the farmhouse San Pietro, a typical Tuscan stone farmhouse si-                                           local antiques that add charm
                              tuated a few minutes from the old town of Montepulciano.                                                 to the pleasant atmosphere that
                              The house, completely reflects an old Tuscan country house,                                               guests experience.Villa Ulivi
                              with an avenue lined with cypress trees leading up to the house                                          also has five suites: Alloro, Gel-
                              and a small outside loggia where you can enjoy beautiful views                                           somino, Glicine, Melograno
                              over the surrouding coutryside.                                                                          and Magnolia. On request, the en-
                                                                  AGRITURISMO SAN PIETRO                                               tire Villa can be rented.
                                                   Loc. Valardegna - 53045 Montepulciano (Siena)     VILLA ULIVI - Via Bolognese, 163 - 50139 Firenze
                          Phone +39 0577 280660 - Fax +39 0577 271822 - Mobile +39 349 7507120       Phone +39 055 400777 - Fax +39 055 0515820
                               - -
     tenuta di paganico : : Farmhouse

                                                                                                                                                   HOLIDAY RENTALS : : Tuscany
                                                                         Our animals are fed exclusively with organic farm produce. The
                                                                         organic products we sell directly on the farm are: fresh meat,
                                                                         salami and ham, red wine Montecucco DOC “I Bandi”, extra
                                                                         virgin olive oil, chick peas, spelt, wheat and barley, honey and
In the heart of Maremma where the marvellous natural environ-            soaps.
ment still preserves traces of Etruscan and Roman civilizations,
the “Tenuta di Paganico” is an extensive and characteristic orga-
nic farm. Situated nearby the medieval village Paganico, founded
by Siena as a defense against the Saracen army, during the midd-
le ages the Tenuta was feud of the powerful Aldobrandeschi fa-
mily. Until the beginning of the twentieth century it was part of
the Patrizi Marquisate and then purchased by the Uzielli family
in 1924. Still today our main activity is the breeding of traditio-
nal cattle, horses and pigs that live in the over 1100 hectars of
woods and pastures.

                                                                                                                    TENUTA DI PAGANICO
                                                                                    Via della Stazione, 10 - 58045 Civitella Paganico (Grosseto)
                                                                      Phone +39 0564 905008 - Fax +39 0564 905669 - Mobile +39 334 6296798

     fattoria di cinciano : : Farmhouse

                                                                                                                                                   HOLIDAY RENTALS : : Tuscany
                                                                         This setting provides a splendid and uncontamined reality, in
                                                                         which advanced production techniques are combined with the
                                                                         antique, cultural traditions of Tuscany. After a visit to the wine
                                                                         cellars, guests can sample wines produced at the farm while sa-
                                                                         vouring bruschetta (toasted bread seasoned with garlic, olive oil,
Cinciano is situated on one of the most beautiful hills of the           and salt), the best way to appreciate the quality of the extra vir-
Chianti Classico district, between Barberino Val d’Elsa and Pog-         gin olive oil. Nearby, there are riding schools and golf courses.
gibonsi. It occupies 133 hectares in a valley that was once inha-        Cinciano provides the perfect environment for dinner parties,
bited by the ancient “gens cincia.” Dating back to the Middle            get-togethers, and small business meetings.
Ages, the ownership of the land was disputed for years between
Florence and Siena. In fact, today the boundary line dividing the
two provinces crosses Cinciano territory.
For centuries, the village has been known for its exceptional
agricultural qualities. The vineyards produce high quality, inten-
se and harmonic wines, and the olive groves produce a DOP
(Protected Designation of Origin) extra virgin olive oil.

                                                                                                                  FATTORIA DI CINCIANO
                                                                                                                    53036 Poggibonsi (Siena)
                                                                                                Phone +39 0577 936588 - Fax +39 0577 989198
                                   agriturismo san gallo : : Farmhouse

                                                                                                        The farm produces its own Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Docg
                                                                                                        and Rosso di Montepulciano Doc and an excellent Extra-Virgin
                                                                                                        Olive Oil.

                              In an area steeped in history, where you can choose from walks and
                              escursions to discover the old Medioeval towns and villages, wine
                              and food trails and bicycle rides, your home from home will be two
                              kilometres from Montepulciano, set among the olive groves and vi-
                              neyards of the Sienese hills, in the peace and tranquillity of a 14th
                              century estate, traditional and elegant, in rooms and apartments
                              with an old Tuscan décor, carefully furnished with local traditional
                              materials and equipped with all modern comforts.

                                                                                                                                                AGRITURISMO SAN GALLO
                                                                                                                         Vie delle Colombelle, 7 - 53045 Montepulciano (Siena)
                                                                                                      Ph. & Fax +39 0578 758330 - Mobile +39 339 7769444 / +39 339 6927234

                                   Radi Farmhouse Tuscany Siena : : Farmhouse

                                                                                                        All apartments are supplied with an equipped kitchen or kitche-
                                                                                                        nette, independent entrance, outdoor reserved area and parking.
                                                                                                        Apartments are rented weekly, from Saturday to Saturday, (who-
                                                                                                        le year round) or for shorter periods in certain times of the year.
                              The Villa and the medieval Village of Radi, that belongs to the           The swimming pool, only 20 meters from the houses, has a ma-
                              Bichi Ruspoli Forteguerri family from 1500, set in a splendid             gnificent view on the hills all around (“Crete Senesi”) and on
                              panoramic and sunny position. The estate dominates the hilly              Siena is open from June to September.
                              landscape of the “Crete Senesi”, and is only 10 km from Siena.            THE FARM: The village of Radi is characterized of an ancient
                              The Radi farm holiday house, is situated in a large farm (1000            Villa set in a dominating position, built in the 16th century on
                              hectares) an ideal place for a relaxing holiday in the ancient heart      the ruins of a stone castle. There are also two medieval watchto-
                              of Tuscany surrounded by a beautiful natural setting. Guests              wers situated in the southern and in the northern part of the
                              are immersed in peace and tranquillity in an uncontaminated               village. Typical tuscany Restaurant open in the Village.
                              landscape, near the most beautiful and renowned cultural and
                              artistic cities of Tuscany (Siena, Florence, Arezzo, Pisa). Guests
                              are welcomed in single apartments, elegantly furnished, situated
                              in the medieval stone built farm setting, of Cerreto.

                                                                                                                                                          Fattoria di Radi
                                                                                                         Via della Fattoria, 93c - Località Radi - 53014 Monteroni d’Arbia (Siena)
                                                                                                                                  Fax +39 0577 373276 - Mobile +39 333 1920130
     bella magione : : B & B in villa

                                                                                                                                                   HOLIDAY RENTALS : : Umbria
                                                                        • Excursions every week to Roma and Firenze by bus during
                                                                        summer season
                                                                        • Cruises on Trasimeno, visit to Polvese and Maggiore Islands
                                                                        • Walking: horses, mountain bike and on foot
                                                                        • Local products: tastings and possibility to buy directly
                                                                        • Wine and gastronomy: personal tours all around Umbria
                                                                        Bella magione has more comforts:
                                                                        Elegantly Furnished Rooms - Air conditioned - Telephone - Sa-
                                                                        tellite TV - Conference Room - Ample Parking - Gardens - Park
                                                                        - Swimming Pool - Solarium - Fitness Center - But above all ...

Umbria Villa between Perugia and Trasimeno lake in central Ma-
gione. B&B in Villa in Umbria and Italy center. Villa with hotels
and farmhouses comfort. Homely atmosphere. Pool. Umbria
and Tuscany tradition.
Bella Magione, placed in an exceptional area give you the chance
to visit in not much time the most interesting places in Umbria,
Tuscany, from Firenze to Roma, to know the culture, art, history
and flavours of our products and meet our helpful people.
                                                           Bella Magione
                                           Viale Cavalieri di Malta, 22 - 06063 Magione (Perugia)
                                                      Phone & Fax +39 075 8473088

     villa trentova : : B & B in villa

                                                                                                                                                   HOLIDAY RENTALS : : Campania
                                                                        All to Villa Trentova is at the sign of the welcome and the quali-
                                                                        ty, and in the morning you will be able to decide if to receive the
                                                                        breakfast in bedroom or in the refreshing room supplied. Also
                                                                        while slept, there it is someone that hung to your vacation.
Near marvellous Trentova bay in Agropoli, in the Cilento and
Vallo di Diano Park, it was born Villa Trentova bed and break-
fast. This country house, completely managed in family, offers
his customers the possibility of staying in relax and comfort.
Then, its position makes bed and breakfast Villa Trentova the
ideal stage for who wants to enjoy fully Agropoli and others
touristic places in Cilento.
Bedrooms are furnished with taste according to all structure st-
yle and in each room there is television, air conditioning and ba-
throom. They allow customers to feel at home with all comfort
and to experience a high quality stay.

                                                                                                                          VILLA TRENTOVA
                                                                                              Via Isca Longa Ctr. Moio - 84043 Agropoli (SA)
                                                                     Phone +39 0974 829382 - Fax +39 0974 827800 - Mobile +39 335 1275996
                                  consorzio puglia doc : : Resort

                                                                                                                                   CONSORZIO PUGLIA DOC
                                                                                                                         Viale Ugo Foscolo, 51 - 73100 Lecce (LE)
                                                                                                                                    Phone & Fax +39 0832 398887

                                  nescA vacanze : : Residence

                             In the Salento, to Torre Vado, in this last splendid line of Ionian
                             sea, the houses of Nesca Vacanze will be your point of referen-
                             ce in every period of the year. If what looks for is a clear sea, a
                             simple and genuine kitchen a vacation of sun, sea, culture, fun
                             allowed to drive...             

                                                                    NESCA VACANZE - Torre Vado - Morciano di Leuca (Lecce)
                                                                     Phone & Fax +39 0833 532007 - Mobile +39 348 5962345
     adler dolomiti : : Spa and sport resort

                                                                                                                                              HOLIDAY RENTALS : : Trentino Alto Adige
                                                                       Spend magical summers in the hiking paradise of Val Garde-
                                                                       na and enchanted winters in the incredible Dolomite Superski
                                                                       skiing resort - the largest in the world. Get into shape with the
                                                                       “AdlerFit” World of Fitness sports programmes and outdoor
THE BEST SPA AND SPORTS RESORT IN THE DOLOMITES.                       activities in the stunning surrounding countryside. And last but
                                                                       not least, let yourself be seduced by the temptations of the deli-
Right in the sunny heart of Val Gardena the fabulous ADLER             cious and healthy dishes that ADLER is delighted to offer you.
DOLOMITI awaits you with its great “Aguana Water World”,
indoor and outdoor water features covering an area of 500 squa-
re metres and a great variety of saunas, perfumed baths as well
as airy relaxation areas. An overall area of 3500 square metres
devoted just to your health and wellbeing. You’ll be in good han-
ds at the exclusive and innovative ADLER SPA “Dolasilla”, one
of the most well-known beauty farms in the Alps. It’s a veritable
fountain of wellbeing and vitality.

                                                                                                                     ADLER DOLOMITI
                                                                                                      39046 Ortisei - Val Gardena (Bolzano)
                                                                                          Phone +39 0471 775 001 - Fax - +39 0471 775 555

     FARM - OSPITALITà DI CAMPAGNA : : Villa                                FARM - OSPITALITà AL MARE : : Villa

                                                                                                                                              HOLIDAY RENTALS : : Sicily

Magnificent Sicilian ‘Baglio’ (farmhouse) dating back to the 17th       The sensation you feel when you approach the house is to be in a
century with a large internal courtyard and surrounded by ap-          magical and solitary place. Standing in front of a golden beach, a
proximately 200 hectares of farmland planted out mainly with           deep blue sky and a cobalt blue sea will make you wish you could
olives and vines which are particularly well-adapted to this part      spend here more than just a few days here but we can guarantee
of Sicily. In the nearby areas of Mazzarino and Riesi the best         you that these few days will be unique and unrepeatable.
Trebbiano and Insolia vines, greatly appreciated by wine aficio-        From these old warehouses, recently transformed into a simple
nados, are cultivated.                                                 but comfortable residence, you have a marvellous view which
The outside of the ‘Baglio’ maintains its original, traditional sty-   alone makes the whole vacation worthwhile!
le, however, the inside has recently been tastefully and creatively
transformed by a number of international artists who have lent
their names to some of the themed rooms.
                                    FARM - OSPITALITÀ DI CAMPAGNA & OSPITALITÀ AL MARE
                                                    C/da Strada Butera (Caltanissetta)
                       Phone +39 0922 403091 - Farm +39 0934 346600 - Fax +39 0922 24028 - Mobile +39 335 5972601
                                    PICCOLA UNIV. ITALIANA : : Holiday language                                Residenza I Gioielli : : Farmhouse

                               ITALIAN LANGUAGE COURSES :: Since 1993
                               :: Recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University
                                  and Research.                                                          The residence “I GIOIELLI”, a recent construction, offers his
                               :: Approved by the Swedish National Agency for higher                     guests the possibility to live a inique vacation, enjoying to the
                                  Education (CSN).                                                       fullest the natural rhythm and daily life of a small seaside town
                               :: Recognized by the German Federal States for Bildungsurlaub.            like Tropea. The privileged position of the residence allows the
                               :: Italian language courses in Mini-groups with 3 to max. 6 pax.          tourist to explore without any means of transport the alleys and
                               :: Specialized courses: Italian literature, arts, history, culture,       streets of Tropea. The terracotta floor tiles, the wood roofs and
                                  opera, economics, medicine, tourism, law.                              stone arches give the furnishings the elegance and the typical
                               :: Italian + painting, Italian + diving, Italian + sailing, Italian +     Mediterranean style. The Suites are composed of two,four and
                                  surfing.                                                                five beds, a steaming shower, living room with armchair bed,
                               :: USA Study abroad program.                                              bed room with double bed, fully equipped kitchen, air conditio-
                               :: Accommodation in beautiful apartments situated by the sea.             ning (hot/cold),satellite television, dvd-player, wireless internet
                                                                                                         access, terrace with panoramic view and garage.
                                                               PICCOLA UNIVERSITÀ ITALIANA               RESIDENZA I GIOIELLI
                                           Largo Antonio Pandullo, 5 - 89861 Tropea (Vibo Valentia)      Via Carmine, 3 - 89861 Tropea (Vibo Valentia)
                                                       Phone +39 0963 603284 - Fax +39 0963 61786        Phone +39 0963 62528 - Mobile +39 347 3027225
                       - -

                                    l’ arcobaleno resort : : Hotel

                                                                                    Where we are:
                                                                                    the residence was built in 2005 and is only a short distance from “Belvedere” a magi-
                                                                                    cal spot where one may admire the most spectacular views of the coastline, with the
                                                                                    Strait of Messina right in front of you and the Aeolian Islands in the background.

                                                                                    The apartments are set in lovely well-kept garden, and the tranquillity desired by
                                                                                    clients is respected at all times in this very peaceful spot.

                                                                                         L’ ARCOBALENO RESORT

                                                                                   89866 Capo Vaticano (Vibo Valentia)
                                                                   Phone +39 0963 665232 - Phone +39 0963 665787 - Fax+39 0963 665978

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